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Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 6.46.53 PM Leetah said that Shenshen had very little chances of being a midwife. Births were few for the Sun Folk. Remember what Rainsong said to Dewshine in KotBW? "Wing and Mender like your decision. There are no other young cubs here." Her midwifery skills were not at zero, but they sure weren't many, either. I am saying that her 'power' was limited due to the fact that her sister was there. Maybe Leetah stepped aside from the midwifery aspect of being a healer to let her sister shine. But, even then, and by Leetah's own words, it was extremely rare. I never said that the look had to do with her becoming a healer. I said that it had to do with her living 10,000 years more than Leetah. She is coming into her own right. She is not the 'little sister' that Leetah remembered. One thing that we need to remember about Shenshen is that she is a pure-blooded elf. Recognition among the pure-blooded is very different than those that are not...