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Embala said: Even if she was born much closer to Leetah we talk about an age difference of a few hundred yers and not of 10,000 years.
Was not the time from when Rayek stole the Palace and it returned 10,000 years? I thought that was the time frame. That is what I am talking about. Shenshen might have been born 300 years after Leetah, but she has been alive a lot longer (wrapstuff or not) Also, in 300 years, she did not have many opportunities to be a midwife. Leetah's own words on the subject. But regardless about her healing power or no healing power, that is not the point of this discussion. It was about the fact that Shenshen is now the older sister and that look on Leetah's face might be her realization that her baby sister is so mach older. This was my point of the discussion: "Leetah returned and it would seem that Shenshen would dutifully take the place that Leetah was so used to her being in, but Shenshen lived such a long time in that brief instant in Leetah's life. When I see the picture on the upcoming issue of EQ, I see the face of Leetah, finally realizing that her baby sister is now older than her."