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manga said: Well, these humans aren't "our" humans. Maybe it won't be so bad. And maybe it's not as bad for us as we think it is. Yeah, when things go wrong it can be really wrong, but there are 7 billion people on the planet so I don't think it goes wrong very often. (And before anyone jumps in with horror stories, please keep in mind that I didn't say it rarely went wrong, and your harrowing story is only one data point, same as my very, very easy one.)
I'm not saying that every single child (or even the majority) she helps bring into the world will die, just that it will happen. Even in our modern world with modern medicine and what-have-you children and/or mothers sometimes die during childborn (or are stillborn, or die from complications shortly after the birth), so in the relatively "primitive" culture like those humans living around the Father Tree Holt it's very likely to happen. Just a thought: We know that by the time of FutureQuest Abode will be a Matriarcharcy (sp?), maybe Shenshen will have something to do with that.