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RedheadEmber said: Just out of curiosity; how could not talking spoilers affect the "broadcasting" of Elfquest? It's still being talked about, even if the direct talk about what happens in a specific issue doesn't happen.
On the other hand, how does Dark Horse know what's being talked about in the EQ group?
Being overly militant/fearful about posting spoilers essentially dampens the conversation immediately after an issue comes out. I know I personally have on more than one occasion started to post something but stopped because of potential spoilers and thought "I'll just wait 'til next week." As Rob pointed out, every comic company, TV network, etc. is on high alert for the buzz about their latest product. In media terms, the publicity cycle happens immediately and only lasts a few hours to a day or two at most. Even if Dark Horse isn't actively participating, following every thread, and reading every message here in the forums or on Facebook, you can bet that they are tracking social media generally on their products, and periodically checking in on EQ forums/FB pages to see if there's a buzz about the new issues and books. Even if there's active conversation going on about EQ in general, if it's not about the new product, the message it sends is that there's not interest in that new product. And that's a dangerous message to send if we want to keep the buzz going for EQ with Dark Horse and other potential publishers or producers of new EQ products.