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Tam said: 'm suggesting a single post for all spoilers to go for that first week.
In theory that make sense, but the nature of social media like Facebook makes it almost impossible from a practical point of view. We CAN post one spoiler thread, but there are over 3,000 people in that particular group and there's no guarantee that everyone will see that particular thread before posting something (with or without a spoiler warning). Then it becomes a whole bunch of work to monitor and remind and reprimand and it's really like Sisyphean task since that's not how FB is supposed to work in the first place. It's not linear, it's relational, with the FB algorithm showing some participants some posts, and not others, and friends of friends some posts, etc. There's really no way around it. It's just the nature of the beast.
Tam said: how much does a week-long mandated spoiler alert period REALLY hurt Elfquest if people don't post a ton about the latest issues on Facebook anyway? Is that because of the spoiler alert period, or is it because people prefer the forums, or some other reason?
There's really no way to know for sure or measure it. But think about this: when an episode of the Walking Dead or Game of Thrones airs, or a new issue of any mainstream comic comes out, there's an immediate and huge surge of social media discussion and chatter. Networks and publishers --and industry media--very definitely watch for that and use it as a gauge of success for their products. Imagine if there was quiet for an entire week for one of these other properties? As for people posting on FB vs. the forum, it's pretty clear FB continues to be favored by more fans, as it has for the last several years, which is in line with general trends. In fact, the EQ FB Fan Group that I moderate actually feels a lot like this forum did ten years ago, with a lot more people reading, commenting, interacting and posting, at a much higher volume, than here (and that's just one of several active FB groups). But, clearly the forum still enjoys popularity with a core group and has even gotten a good number of new members since its relaunch a year ago, and at least here, it's a lot easier to find and participate in--or avoid--spoiler conversations.