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I don't disagree with you on any of your points. *chuckles* And I certainly understand the potential for alarm if buzz around the latest GoT or Walking Dead episodes was nil. I just don't know what can be done. Either we keep the week long spoiler warning window, shorten it, task the FB page mods with monitoring the page for spoilers while trying to keep them confined to a single post, or remove the spoiler window altogether. I can say, from my experience, I appreciate when a page refrains from posting about their latest episode for a day or two...especially for things like reality shows. I don't have cable at all, so I, at the very least, have to wait for Hulu to get something, or for the network to upload an episode themselves. I have definitely unfollowed pages for spoiling their own content within 24-48 hours. But I don't expect them to remain silent forever. Past that point, I think it's the job of the viewer/reader to avoid spoilers; a week-long spoiler window is quite the luxury, though one I find unnecessary. Also, I dunno if anyone else on Facebook has noticed, but the VAST majority of the posts that pop up in my news feed for the past few days pop up with the comments collapsed. That could seriously help people avoid spoilers from the EQ page posts. People can also always turn off notifications until they can get ahold of their own copies.