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Hey everyone! Here again to introduce some adoptables, and officially welcome Willow and Skyring to our game! I think that's everyone. O.O Overflow spots are officially open for all tribes! We recently tried to adopt out Wolfdancer, but it didn't work out. So we're trying one more time! Our ex-chief's had a hard time in the game, but the players are supportive and will do their best to help out whoever adopts him, so if his story intrigues you, please consider him! This is Wolfdancer with his mate Sonia, Chieftess of the Go-Backs. He's very young (only 35!) and still trying to find his place in the world...is it with the Go-Backs? Should he have stayed with the Wolfriders? Or is his place somewhere else? He's very proud of his heritage as the son of Ember and Teir, and has even inherited his father's magic, though with the Go-Backs, he's had little cause to use it. He's a skilled hunter, proud to a fault, can be selfish, and though he's often overzealous in his actions, truly has the best of intentions at heart. By the time of the beginning of our next plot (which is very close!), he's been with the Go-Backs for two full turns of the seasons and has a son born just three seasons ago. The young Wolfrider has striven to fit in with his new tribe, but he still feels like he's walking on thin ice with some. He learned quickly that his place in the tribe was not by Sonia's side; at least, not in a leadership capacity. During her pregnancy, he did his best to trust her to tell him when she needed him, and he often escaped outside to his two wolf-friends to keep himself from gawking at whatever the latest thing Sonia did that showed the slightest risk to her or the cub. When his child was born healthy, he was relieved, and slowly started to realize that his mate truly did know what she was talking about! He revels in his role as a father, and harbors secret fantasies that his son will succeed as a leader where he failed...but he has to remind himself that such lofty aspirations shouldn't be thrust on a fawn so young. X-Girl-Candys-World-Doll-Divine-portrait Shell is our second adoptable, a Wavedancer rockshaper! This blue-skinned beauty is well-grown, though she never grew out of her playful and flirty nature. Though she can come off a bit vain and unable to take things seriously, she's a talented magic user, can easily climb the cliffs, and isn't too shabby with a spear. With the recent births of Fin and Fairstar, Shell's had pips on the mind...but only as something for the future, she doesn't quite hunger for them the way some of the other females do. She has an on-again, off-again playmate sort of arrangement with Lotan, but her real interest right now lies in the caves just off the beach. What could she be hiding?