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When the heck were the Go Backs ever at peace for an extended period of time? They fought a ninety-six year war with the trolls to get palace, then had three years of peace before Picknose was overthrown and his replacement(s?) attacked the Go Backs again. Then the Rayek Incident, which could be considered a kind of conflict. Now, we know some Go Backs left, probably small groups over the centuries, and some remained in their ancestral homeland, the Frozen Mountains. This was probably the group that stayed "Go Back". They don't seem to have been at peace for as long as they've been there. (TBH, though, I don't blame the for eating troll meat. It's a quick, easy source of protein, the trolls are attacking them, they're far enough apart species wise that prion disease isn't a huge concern. Why not eat them?) Anyhow, we know that, at least for the most part, the Go Backs that remained would have continued to tangle with trolls, because, let's face it, trolls and elves tend to be creatures of habit. Also, Go Backs do make beautiful things. Their clothes are all well made, decorated with buckles, braid and embroidery, their spearshafts are carved, and they decorate their lodges as well. They don't make giant bridges, or huge eggs, no, but neither do the Wolfriders, who don't have the excuse of being in a war for their very survival. They're not philosophical in the way that Sun Villagers are, but they're more pragmatic, and also generations of people who have PTSD don't tend to have the time and energy to devote to discovering the soul. They don't have magic, no, but that's a cultural bias more than anything else.