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NEWS FLASH! There is so much exciting stuff in upcoming issues of Elfquest - Final Quest that readers will be howling about it everywhere. To allow you to discuss all the dramatic developments, we are changing our spoiler policy. The wait period for talking about the current issue is now gone. Instead, we will create any spoiler threads with a "warning picture" that will make it crystal clear the comments below contain spoilers from the Final Quest and that you read at your own risk. We know some fans won't get their hands on each new issue the same day but it's unfair to those who want to explore, not to be allowed to. The new warnings will say loud and clear - if you haven't yet read the most current issue and want to stay unspoiled, steer clear of this thread and allow others to howl until you're ready to join in! You can get each new issue of Final Quest the day it comes out on Dark Horse Digital. Shade and Sweet Water, The EQ Admin tribe EQ spoiler 0