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WOW ... you are eager, Wolfrider! :D You need not catch up within a week, you know? ... wouldn't complain, tho ... ^^ Shenshen was the last post I've seen before bed last night. A welcome bedtime candy! :-O It's really can be called "Shenshen throught the ages"! It illustrates the differences in style during almost 40 years - and the constancy and beauty of Wendy's artwork. Shenshen's headshot from the most recent cover fits in like made for it! Centerfold and back cover ... not real idea about her last teasing self. You gave Ekuar love ... the humble elder shines! The headshot is so perfect - a very famiiar sight I cannot sort in, tho. The expected ones from centerfold and back cover ... and from the cover of OQ #20 again? Harmonic variance! Woodlock with baby Wing is so lovely, so in character *loves* - caring for the family first and always. No clue about the left and right ones. Havn't expected there would be such an emotional headshot for Woodlock. And he stands proud in the last one. There are not much missing from the availabel back covers anymore ... good chance I will see a Troll banner soon! ;)