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Thank you! The teasing Shenshen on the far right of the banner is a costume sketch by Wendy for The Discovery I think, maybe Searcher. Same deal in Newstar's and Treestump's. As for the headshot of Ekuar, it comes from Siege at Blue Mountain, at the beginning when he's talking to Rayek about the High One's choice about staying in their bodies. The last one of Ekuar smiling on the right is from the cover of Kings of the Broken Wheel #2. Woodlock's headshot comes from EQ#20 which I found online at very large size. There's not a lot of Woodlock images out there in color to use. The one on the far right is from the EQ #13 or Book 3, where he's talking with Sun-Toucher. Yeah, soon Picknose will be up. It's really tough because there are really no color images of him that will work for the headshot...except for the pic of him on the back of EQ #7 which of course will be used in the background with the name scroll and all, like all the rest. So I dunno yet. Guttlekraw is gonna be even tougher. We'll see.