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(So, Final Quest is happening and thus a heap of questions are being answered - and even more asked - there I will go through each dream to see which ones have come true. Well, which ones I think have come true) :x I think this dream has come true in the reverse order, so that the first part - the forest growing back - came true when the Wolfriders resettled at Goodtree's rest. And the second part - humans cutting down the forest - happened when Grohmul Djun destroyed Thorny Mountain Holt. Of course it could also be a reference to what's about to happen, with Angrif cutting down forests to get wood. !Treestump The part about learning to forge metal has come true. I certainly hope the part of his weapons hurting those he love won't actually come true. 8-> Think some of it refers back to things that had already happened before the Long Sleep; his "following Rayek" and daring to go out into the unknown. The wave-part came true when he saved Leetah, and "jumping through Leetah" when he died, same for entering the Palace. !Venka First of all; I think she has always had the balance between the fire of Rayek and the ice of Kahvi. She is chieftess of the Go-Backs so in a way she has "raised above them", also with Aroree - and Windkin - with her it could literally happen. She has that shield Two-Edge made for her, and who knows? He could cover it in something that would actually make it flamey. !Nightfall Not so sure about this one. It classifies Kahvi, Rayek and Two-Edge as 'Dark Ones', but all three of those have - at least partly - shown themselves to be allies since the Wolfriders woke up. Of course the inclussion of Kahvi could simply have been a foreshadowing of the Whole 'attempting to get a fawn with Cutter' thing. If it happened... and of course we know that Rayek (and Winnowill) will turn up soon. @-) As Someone (I forgot who, sorry!) mentioned in the issue 9 thread, this is probably a reference to solving problems by unconvential Means, rather than foreshadowing that Pike will actually get turned into a dreamberry. :-\" + >:D Definitely thing this one has come true. They had their fawn (Sust) and were able to stop. I especially think this is true because I'm convinced Sust was sired under that blanket during 'Shards', and even if he weren't and Pike is his sire, it wouldn't matter to Skot (or Pike or Krim or Sust or anybody) :( + !Moonshade Now, why couldn't they just dream in normal words and pictures like the rest of them? The birth of Freetouch/Chitter, and the separation between them? :-* Reaching out to the humans. Five fingers, (Shenshen) transformed into human (dream shared with Shenshen). :-O Has found a way to 'Shine where you love' via Tyleet's (dream) five fingers. Pregnant Tyleet foreshadowing Pool. !Clearbrook Pretty sure this dream was referring back to what happened during SaBM. Though it could also foreshadow events during which her actions will be as rash as in the dream. :(( Didn't have any dreams of her own. ;) Got to fly among the stars, though in the Palace/a Palace Pod rather than hanging from a star. X( Think this refers back to when Rayek stole his family.