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HEy all, I wanted to know how you think these "irritations" come into the Elfquest universe? Is it the same problem that develops in so many other projects ie. the inclusion of too many varied ideas baffles what was originally direct, and vital about the idea, and makes it, well...confused. What I mean is, do you think that these "frostings" are because some of the stories are not written by Wendy and Richard? :(
ps. I am not a stick in the mud EQ purist by any stretch, just developing a thread here.... Wink

No...and yes. Damn I can't make up my mind. Hmmm, okay this was originally my thread and it was about being frosted off about an odd number of things, definitly one of them was unfinished stories. But Heathcliff has definitly raised a good point, could we in general be frosted off because Wendy and Richard didnt write the stories?

Who wrote which stories? What are some favorite story arcs (least favorite arc)? Did we miss Wendy and Richard writing as much as we did Wendy drawing? Is it a matter of continuity and how does one seemingly unrelated story arc relate to another? :roll: I have no answers, plenty of speculation but I'm to tired to try tonight. Maybe others will be able to figure out where I'm going with this thread and carry it. Others..?