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About the unfinished stories…

I belong to the EQUEST-L MAILING LIST, and one of us (Yngvar) wrote to Bob Greenberger (from DC comics) about the unfinished stories. As I'm not sure many of you subscribed to the list, this is Bob Greenberger's answer:

Bob Greenberger

Right now our plan is to slowly grow the ElfQuest Library here at DC.
This year we have the six Grand Quest volumes plus the second volume
in the Archives series. In July, The Searcher and the Sword will
come out as the first new work in years.

Wendy, Richard and I are just now talking about 2005. One thing we
have discussed was what to do about Recognition and Mender's Tale.
They certainly haven't been forgotten but we want to be careful about
stories that Wendy is not directly involved in since part of the re-
introduction of the material was to present Wendy and Richard's
vision to a new audience. Certainly the people who started these
projects will be invited back to complete them which is just another
element in the equation.

So I guess the bottom line for right now is patience.

Then, after a few debate about the meaning of this answer, and the "quantity of patience" needed, Richard Pini sent this email to the list, about the "schedule":

Richard Pini

DC wants a minimum of 6 compact editions (manga) plus one archive per year. Wendy wants a minimum of 6 months to devote exclusively to any new project such as "Searcher and the Sword" - each manga takes about 6 weeks and each archive takes at least two months. Now, if one does the math...

Well… maybe the youngest among us (daidai) will be still alive when the unfinished stories will be finished!

PS: if I wasn't supposed to post the email from the mailing list, I apologize for the offence, and Tim can delete this post; but I thought it was interesting for everyone here to know.