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I have had oh about a dozen in my time, the most memrable one is the first one I had not to long after I started reading elfquest.
In my dream I was in the holt with joyleaf and she was showing me around the holt and some where by the water fall we came across Bearclaw and strongbow, bearclaw walked up to me and checked me out for a long moment and then smiled and gave me a kiss on the forhead and turned and walked off with strongbow to go hunt. then I was met by nightfall and shown the father tree and around the rest of the holt.
that was my first one and let me tell you it felt real....he,he, ofcorse I was 11.

I have another dream that is special to me infact sera-elftanner on here just drew me a picture of it a few days ago I poasted it on eq fan art.com in my photo gallery under joyleaf25.
that was one of my reacuring dreams.

sigh I miss thoes days of staying up for as long as we could and hanging out and hehehe well dewsine and moonshade im sure u remember too.