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I've had a bunch ~ although they weren't my most elaborate or best-remembered dreams.

In one of them I was Leetah, waiting in line with Picknose and a whole lot of other surly trolls. He had to get a certificate of ownership - ownership of me, that is! The very concept was alien to me. I was at least as amused as I was confused and intimidated. I was above them - it felt good to be me. Their paperwork couldn't possibly affect me. I might play along - I might even have to play along - but as long as I could remain me, I would be alright.

In another, I was -- I'm not sure, actually. Part Nightfall, part Krim? I'm sitting on a fallen tree in a peaceful clearing in the midst of a lush forest. Sitting next to me is Dewshine. It is a wonderful hideout, away from noisy humans and their incomprehensible, hive-like towns. I feel serene, timeless and free.

I notice that the right leg of my pants (orange jeans) has a long tear. I get worried, because I think I need some sort of "rivet" to repair it - and only humans know how to work with metals. I ask my tribesmate: "have you got any of these ...things... left? - Oh, isn't that SILLY! Here we are hiding from icky humans and have to steal our stuff from them!"

I want to lean on to her shoulder, but she just smiles and gives me a heavenly kiss.

Heh. Those were a long, long time ago, though.

And like some of you I've had dreams of reading new EQ books.

I've also seen the EQ animated movie, by the way. :p

And had a quite amazing Rainsong experience... I actually emailed Richard Pini about it. lol

Oh, I'm back, maybe.