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the night before last, I dreamed an almost-EQ dream... I was trying to find my way with some guy through the cellears of a huge building, when we encountered people (humans) chasing each other with sticks. I immediately realized they were playing 'Taal'. So I turned to my friend quickly and asked: 'what is the offgame sign for Taal?' but he didn't know either, so we got 'counted'. It was a pretty nasty version they played, for everyone who lost was taken into a big room and hung on the wall from their hands with ropes. I thought whatever our mission had been was doomed. They hung my friend and made to seize me, when someone already on the wall thought aloud: 'If only we had the power of the planets and the elements!' and I recalled someone had given me a ring and spoken those words about it. I took the ring from my pocket and called for the power of the planet Mars and the element earth (dunno how I knew those were the ones to call) and apparently I was some kind of chosen one, because the ring broke all the ropes and blasted the captors far from the captives.

Weird humans, weird Taal.