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Now this latest dream should be rated "adult" or something... it was really weird but totally ElfQuest... and definitely wet - here's a censored version:

Cutter left on a quest like in Book Two, but alone and before the twins were born. Somehow he ended up in the modern house of a human woman. This lady promised to take him where he was going (by car or something), but not just yet... they played a game of cards, the bet being a certain sexual favour. Cutter lost. Afterwards, he got drunk and let the woman tattoo some weird symbol on him.

Then he somehow contacted Skywise by sending (it was more like a long-distance phonecall really), and as it happens, Leetah was just giving birth to the twins and Skywise was present as some sort of stand-in for Cutter... he was sharing part of Leetah's pain but for some inexplicable reason didn't want Cutter to know what was happening... so it went something like this:

'Fahr? Can you hear me?'
'What is it?'
'AAAAA! nothing, Tam!'
'We seem to have a poor connection - you sure you're not too busy right now?'
'Eeegh... no, it's all right!'
'What are you doing?'
'Not what you think I am! Everything OK with you?'
'Yes, well... I got a ride to Forbidden Grove... and I also got a tattoo... and, er, and I got laid...'
'Don't ask. Just - don't ask.'
They broke connection.

the dream went on and I remember the wolfriders gathered in a tent somewhere, waiting for Cutter to return, and some oriental-looking human comes by and names Leetah's babies Ember and Suntop...

Later, the elves were building wings for Dewshine - like the ones Windkin built for himself, but bigger and more clumsy - they vere fastened so that she couldn't remove them herself. My dream ended before I saw if she could fly.