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I had one this night.( Probably because I have been spending so much time in here.)

I was watching a movie, when I suddenly found myself being chased by a giant moose in a scary swamp. This moose was enormus!! (zwoot size at least.)

I ran as fast as I could, but it kept coming closer. I started looking for something to throw at it, to scare it away. I could not find anything, so I took off my rubber boot and hurled it toward the raging animal. It hit him right in the mouth!

Then the animal started coughing and gulping for air. The boot was stuck in it's throat. I started to feel sorry for it and approached it to try to help. Then Strongbow came and shot it... When I asked him why, he told me that it was one of Winnowills shapechaned beasts. She had sent it to get rid of me. I could not understand why Winnowill wanted to get rid of me. Strongbow told me that I was destined to recognise his son Dart, and that she would do anything to stop it. :oops:

Then he took me to meet Dart and the rest of the tribe. I was so happy that I finally would find out what recognition feels like that I could not wait. I started to run against them, and then I woke up :x .

I was so angry. I tried to go back to sleep and dream more, but of course I didn't :roll: