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Character/Tribe Switching


This actually occurred to me as a new topic for discussion/writing/drawing.

I think I'll post it on "All the Many Colors," too.

Picture one of the characters as they might be if they were raised in a different tribe. For example, what if Leetah had been born a Go-Back? What if Rayek had been a glider?

Suppose Tyldak had been a Wolfrider? Or Brill a Sun Villager?

This is difficult, because who these characters are is so directly related to the culture they were raised in. But I'd like to see stories about little Cutter's struggles with life inside Blue Mountain, about Leetah trying to suppress her healing gift among the Go-Backs, and so on. I'd like to see drawings of the characters in another tribe's costume. I'd like discussion on what changes people think might take place in their favorite characters if they were raised differently.

How about it? :) Can the writers do some stories, and the artists do some matching illustrations? Or alternatively, can artists do drawings, and writers write stories inspired by them?


sweetness...I'm in. (like I need an excuse to draw more!) I choose....hmmmmmm..... Vaya as a Sunvillager!

(picture soon to follow.....) awesome idea kwordgazer! I promote more colaboration tween artists and writers!


Wowsers! I love that idea! Just had a mental pic of swapping Leetah & Kahvi ... will post soon ......

I'm looking forward to the stories on this one too! :D


Okay - ehm - here's my five cents then.

I've swapped Kahvi and Leetah because for either of them it's just about the biggest change on dry land as both are not that unfamiliar to the Wolfriders' lifestyle.

Go-Back Leetah
Leetah would have fitted in quite okay I believe. Whilst she is gentle in nature she has a certain kind of fierceness about here and a spark in her temper that would have developed to be stronger if she were to have been raised differently. Though she probably would have still been the gentlest Go-Back and not quite as suicidal as the rest of them ... I don’t think she would have had to suppress her healing powers too greatly as she would have never seen a need to develop them if she would have found out she had those powers. I also think there would not have been a mentor to teach and train her in the old ways of magic like in the sun village. I wonder how she would have coped with the infamous Go-Back fertility ”“ she loves her children, no doubt about that but she’s not the overly motherly kind and quite likes her independence so she might not have taken too well to getting preggers every couple of years ”¦

She looks a little odd but being raised in the cold mountains she would not have had the chance to develop her beautiful tan. Wink

Sunvillage Kahvi
Now there’s an interesting one. Though she's actually quite pretty in those clothes and with that tan (and her parents surely would have taught her about the need of using a hairbrush once in a while) I believe that Kahvi would have always felt the outsider and probably have been in some competition with Rayek a lot of the time. She’s very dominant and that’s more a character trait not so much how she’s been raised. Probably she would have been a little less war-like and certainly not as skilled with the sword but I just cannot imagine her embroidering cushions or planting a vegie patch ”¦ she’d have been out there trying to tame a zwoot or stalking Rayek trying to learn to hunt ”¦

Well, and now she won't talk to me for a while I think. Her look tells pretty much what she thinks about that exercise *That Leetah a Go-Back???? Baaaah!*

Got a lovely idea for Redlance but that might take a while ...


Oh my goodness! That's so gorgeous, Redshine!


Lovely job! Especially with Kahvi, I never would have thought that would work but you did it!


Fantastic art - and fantastic characterizations, too. Very believable - although I think a Sun Village Kahvi wouldn't try to imitate Rayek - she'd challenge him...

I'll leave the art to those who have the gift, here's my two cents of characterizations:

Glider Skywise

Skywise without the sky? If he wasn't one of the Chosen Eight, he'd go mad. I mean, you think the Palace was bad with no windows? Blue Mountain would be hell for him... either he'd suffer from being separated from his beloved stars... or he'd never even develop a strong affection for them, just some faint, inexplicaple longing inherited from his mother... he might put all his energies into chasing maidens... and unless he had a Glider Tam, he'd be very lonely at heart... no, he wouldn't be happy - but then, who in Blue Mountain ever was?

Wolfrider Aroree

I'm not sure how much of Aroree's sadness is in herself and how much is in her history... I think that born a wolfrider, she would be capable of living in the Now, but she would still be a serious maiden, a bit more shyer than others... her playful, carefree side would be stronger, but she'd weep freely at the loss of a wolf-friend or a tribemate, and mourn longer than the others, perhaps... if she had a chief like Bearclaw she might be at odds with his personality - and despite her shyness, she would speak her disapproval aloud.


Funnily enough, I think a Sun Maiden Kahvi would be Rayek's best friend. She might not have magic, but if she were a huntress, she and he would be together a lot, and be quite affectionate to each other.

Well, here's my go!

Frost In The Desert, Sun Over Snow

I put a Sun Villager accent on Kahvi's name, and a Go Back Accent on Leetah's

Willowgreen felt the heat eating her, and grabbed the elf by the hand. Her vision, her heart, her body, all had gone to the baby. Two Spear's baby.

She remembered the pool where she had lain, child growing in her womb. She remembered the humans who had dragged her out. Remembered running, the plains, the empty waste beyond them.

How she had gotten here. A place where her child could forget Two Spear's madness and live, forever happy, peaceful and free.

**I have one last gift for her. Kahvi. Her name is Kahvi.**

She let herself fall back. The deed was done. A rest crept in on her.

Yes. It was finally time.

The she elf fled, up the hill and found a hollow, too small for her, but tiny enough for her precious bundle. She drew back the edge of the bundle and smiled at the baby nestled inside.

**Be safe, my baby. I'll be back.**

Tucked into the cave, the baby was hidden.

The she-elf turned to face the humans, and raised her spear.

The maiden had lived only to get her baby into the world and name her, “Kahvee.”

She rested in the hollow behind the huts.

Toorah tried to quiet the little one, who cried and cried. Food wouldn't still her, cradling her just made her cry more. It was as though whatever her mother had fled still had her.

Finally, young Rayek came to see her.

“She cries too much!”

“All babies cry. You cried.” Toorah reminded him.

“Not as much as her. Can I try?”

Well, it wouldn't hurt. It might even do some good.

“Hello, Kahvee. Why are you crying?”

He leaned over the baby, who was almost too big for his arms. He looked so much like a dust owl inspecting a curiosity that Toorah had to hide her smile.

Kahvee was entranced. It occurred to Toorah that she had never met Rayek. Or any of the Villagers, for that matter.


Rayek turned, a triumphant grin on proud little face. “See, Toorah? I made her stop.”

“They never had a chance, Sharf.” Kirin shook her heavy bangs out of her eyes. “The humans caught them on three sides. It's sad, but we haven't-eh?”

Sharf had made his way to the top of the hill, frowning.

“Thought I heard something, Kirin. It's probably nothing, but if one of those humans made it, I don't want to be caught unawares.”

**Funny old cat. Fine, go chase your rainbows.**

Kirin looked out over the steppes. The wind brought a chill and shiver. Frost on it's way, snow to come after. The family of elves was dressed in woven grass, and wouldn't have lasted the winter, anyways. It was too bad, but probably for the-

**Kirin, get up here!**

What had he found now?

As she trotted up the hill, ears and eyes still pricked for trouble, a thin, keening noise made it's way to her. Sharf, when she reached him, was crouched over a little bundle. He grinned excitedly at her.

**Look! She was just hidden away in the earth. Poor little thing.**

Kirin looked down at the baby. Warm, big green eyes, and rich, blood brown hair. Lovely.

She looked at Sharf, who seemed entranced. He was smiling for the first time since his lifemate and child had died.

**What are you going to call her?**

**Eh? Oh, Leeta. It suits. She looks like a Leeta.**

Kirin sent for Dashi, with the deer. **She does, at that.**


:D Aww, so cute. I hope you're planning to continue those, Kathleen.


Sunvillager Khavi is beautiful! :D



:D Aww, so cute. I hope you're planning to continue those, Kathleen.

I don't know. I have a lot of ther stuff on my plate, too. I might continue it, but if someone else wants to play, that's cool, too.


I for one would love to see that Rayek/Kahvee thing continued... man it'd be interesting to see how they'd get along. Though without little Leetah to heal the nerve damage from that jackal attack, Rayek would be one-armed.

BOY would that be interesting to see... it was, in part, the loss of his arm that made him focus so much on magic. And Kahvee is being raised now in a culture that reveres instead of spits on magic... what a great twist on their interactions that'll be!

Speaking of tribe switching, I've already got a Rayek-raised-as-a-Wolfrider story. Will one of you wonderful artists draw us a picture of Sandcat? (That being his new name.)


This was already in the All The Many Colors thread, but was requested here.




I for one would love to see that Rayek/Kahvee thing continued... man it'd be interesting to see how they'd get along. Though without little Leetah to heal the nerve damage from that jackal attack, Rayek would be one-armed.

BOY would that be interesting to see... it was, in part, the loss of his arm that made him focus so much on magic. And Kahvee is being raised now in a culture that reveres instead of spits on magic... what a great twist on their interactions that'll be!

If they would've met before Rayek had had his accident, than there's a big chance he wouldn't have the accident. Kahvi seems like the prototype of a Go-back. It's her blood, it's her soul, it's her history. So if she were raised as a Sun-villager, she would still be rather hot-headed, stubborn and she would clash with Rayek, because of that. But I think they would be drawn to eachother as well and be friends. She would soften because of Savah and maybe her whole vision on magic would be differently. Maybe she would be jealous because Rayek could use magic and she couldn't. I think Kahvi would have quite a lot lovemates, and it would really piss Rayek off. But if he considered magic to be important, it's possible he doesn't think she's worthy for him ofcourse. Even though she would be different from the other girls.


Or, she could push it into his face that not all worth is in magic- I can see her dragging him out on hunting expeditions, will-he, nill-he, and them having a blast.


[quote:29838f0045]If they would've met before Rayek had had his accident, than there's a big chance he wouldn't have the accident. [/quote:29838f0045]

Well Kathleen didn't specify just how old Rayek was, just that he was young, but if Kahvee is supposed to have come into his life at about the same time that Leetah did, then his right arm had already been paralyzed for two years.



If they would've met before Rayek had had his accident, than there's a big chance he wouldn't have the accident. Kahvi seems like the prototype of a Go-back. It's her blood, it's her soul, it's her history. So if she were raised as a Sun-villager, she would still be rather hot-headed, stubborn and she would clash with Rayek, because of that. But I think they would be drawn to eachother as well and be friends.

Hmm. Why do you think Rayek wouldn't have had the accident to his arm, Innie? Would Kahvi have prevented it somehow? I can see that happening, if they went hunting together. :)

Redshine, Weirdlet-- your pictures are wonderful!

Kathleen, the story is great-- very intriguing. I love the way you changed their names! I hadn't thought of doing it that way-- having them still be of their own tribes by blood and birth, but raised in another tribe. I like it! I also like Redshine's idea of just keeping the personality and general appearance, but making the character entirely of the other tribe.

So here's my question: I'm strongly leaning towards doing a "Rayek-the-Glider" story. Should he be a real Glider (in which case I'd probably make him as ancient as the rest of them, and set the story back when Winnowill was still young) or should he be a transplanted Sun Villager (in which case he would be adopted by the Gliders about 600 years before Cutter's tribe reaches the Sun Village)?


Mmm- I'd like to see him as a transplant, meself.


while the transplant would be interesting, I'd love to see how his being an actual glider would have affected Winnie's development as a character... I believe that she couldn't help but be a little different with Rayek around (he's definitely one of those characters that can't help but affect his surroundings)


He has to be a transplant... "Brownskin" with out the brown skin??? Sacrilige! ;)

Proof that there are indeed other elves out there would certainly shake up the Mountain something fierce, especially if a disaffected teen Rayek leaves the Sun Village and finds the Mountain. A baby Rayek showing up gives us the fun of watching Gliders dig through thousands of years of memories to remember how to properly burp an infant. *lol* If it's baby Rayek... who's going to raise him? Voll DID want children... What would the Winni-and-Rayek relationship be like if it were familial? Would she go all "Mommie Dearest" on him as she did on Two-Edge or would she be able to recognize him as her soul's sibling even when he was young and how would that affect her treatment of him?

I really have no idea how he'd fit in as a born Glider. He didn't learn to float himself until he was under Ekuar's tutelage... since he'd be genetically a Glider, would he be born with that ability? Or would he be a Glider with unusual powers-- like that stunning stare-- who felt he didn't fit in because he couldn't float?

This kind of thing is hard... if you pull out so much of a character's origin, you're essentially unravelling them and creating someone new. For example, would Rayek be the attention-loving sponge that he is if he hadn't been ignored as a child? If his hunting and magic hadn't saved the Sun Village, would he still need to be needed? Those kinds of questions are hard to answer. :)


Okay- I'm taking up the challenge. Here's a tribal switch- see if you can figure out who it is before the ending... (tho I'd think the title should give it away. Wink) For your fanfic-reading pleasure:

Something to Prove

“Treestump, I’m scared.”

“There, there lass, you’ll be just fine. We all have faith in you.” The kindly elder patted her shoulder.

“But Longreach says”¦ sometimes they don’t come back.” The young girl, Slimbark, gazed up at him with her large, doe-brown eyes, fear glimmering in their liquid depths. Her dark hair, long and jaggedly cut, partially eclipsed her face. To Treestump, she seemed more a cub than her two eights seasons implied.

He frowned. What was their storyteller doing relating frightening tales to a young cub about to venture out alone on her soul quest? Treestump resolved to have a word or two with his old friend! But, he couldn’t lie to Slimbark. He decided to send, to assure her of the truth as he knew it. *Longreach speaks true. He carries within him all the stories we have, passed down from our ancient ancestors, the high ones. There have been those elves who didn’t come back- but that was in the early days, when the wolf and the high blood fought. Not in my own lifetime has any tribe member failed. And Freefoot tie me, if you’re going to be the first!*

Slimbark giggled. She relaxed, and shouldered her carry-sack, feeling more secure.

Treestump spoke again. “It is the elf in you which will show you your name, lass. But the wolf will keep you alive.” Slimbark nodded solemnly. Treestump took a deep breath, and continued, “Your mother, lass- she was a fierce one! Your father, he knows the value of caution- and in her absence, he raised you well. But it’s time to let your other half howl- it’s time to find the fierceness in yourself.”

Slimbark smiled. “Thank you Treestump.” She hesitated a moment, then threw herself into his arms. “I’ll prove myself!” she whispered. “I’ll make her proud.”

“Ah lass”¦” His burly hands ruffled her hair. She pushed away.

“Guess I should go say goodbye to father!” With a wave, she took off.

Treestump watched her fondly. Prove yourself to yourself, cub, he thought, that’s all anyone asks. With a sigh, he sat down on a stump and commenced sharpening his axe.

A short time passed. The blade grew honed. Treestump glanced up at a rustling in the brush. He chuckled to himself, recognizing the scent. A beat later, a shaggy red mop emerged from the undergrowth. Pike had his eye to the ground, his nose sniffing”¦. He nearly tripped over Treestump as he passed.

“Ho there, lad-- watch your step!”

“Sorry, ”˜stump. Gotta find Slimbark before she leaves!” Pike paused and turned, his expression part hopeful, part desperate. “Have you seen her?”

With amusement, Treestump pointed toward the holt. “She’s run back to her den. But you’d better hurry. She’s like to take off any moment now.”

Pike gulped. He sent a quick thanks, and bolted in the direction of the father tree. Watching him go, the elder stroked his beard sagely, It seemed that love was brewing!


“”¦ Pike?” She turned to see the red-haired healer’s son jogging toward her. His round cheeks were flushed from exertion, thistles and twigs clung to his leathers””he’d clearly run the whole way, Slimbark hid her giggle behind her hand.

Pike paused for a few beats to recover, hands on knees, breathing hard. Finally he straightened and grinned, *I had to catch you,* he sent, *had to give you this!*
He dug into his pocket at pulled out a grubby, folded cloth. With an embarrassed shrug, he placed it in her hands.

She sniffed it carefully, “Smells like”¦. dreamberries!” she exclaimed happily. “But Pike, they’re out of season. How did you ever”¦?”

He winked. “Just gotta know the right place to look!” Suddenly self-conscious, Pike looked down, he shrugged, scuffed his toe in the dirt.

“Thank you,” Slimbark took his hand. “They’ll come in handy when it’s time for me to”¦.”

He lifted his eyes to hers. Berry-round and deep-water blue met tree-bark brown. Slimbark gasped as what was in her, buried deep, came tumbling out- like the dark earth of a riverbank crumbling and plunging into water. And Pike stiffened in shock- as he received the gift, which was more precious than any dreamberries he could collect””and when that secret part of her came spiraling into him, he felt himself bleed out, slip away- pulled up into her.

Slimbark dropped his hand in alarm and stepped back. Pike opened his mouth to speak”¦

“No!” she cried, “don’t say it- don’t!

*But”¦ * Pike began. And she could feel the knowledge pulsing behind his thoughts- his understanding of her suddenly so much deeper than her own knowing of herself.

*I have to find it for myself! Please understand”¦*

*I do.* He smiled. *You have something to prove.* It was all that needed to be said. He knew.

Pike pulled her suddenly into a close embrace. His nearness, his scent aroused her body in ways she was unprepared for. Her heart raced. “Be careful,” he whispered against her ear. “I need to be able to say it when you get back”¦ beloved.”

Somehow, she tore herself away, “I must go”¦. “ Turned and pelted into the forest. She didn’t stop running until she’d cleared the boundaries of the holt”¦ until her body’s need for rest overwhelmed her other senses, and his name pulsed only softly in the back of her mind. Pausing for breath, she took a moment to center herself. Then, gauging her location by the moons, began searching for a suitable location to begin her inner search.

A full eight of days passed.

The young huntress who strode boldly thoroughly the woods was much changed from the wide-eyed cub who’d set out into the unknown. No longer insecure, she had found her center. No longer a cub, she had proven herself.

Ah mother, she thought, I know your spirit watched over me. I know that you were proud. She wanted to find Treestump and thank him for his kind words. She wanted to find Longreach, to show him that she was one of those who had returned. She wanted to go to her father, to tell him she now knew what he had always known”¦

But most of all, she wanted to find”¦

“Ayooah!” Pike’s welcoming howl split the air a moment before the youth himself came barreling through the bushes. Pike- who had never needed to prove anything to anyone. A huge grin lit his face when he finally caught sight of her. “You’re back!” he exclaimed. “You’re back! You’re back! You’re back!” He gave a whoop of pure glee.

Hands on hips, she stood still, studying him. With a toss of her head, she shook her brown, shaggy mane from her face, and laughed. “Yes, I am. I am.”

*And do you know?* he asked in all seriousness. *Can I call you”¦*

*Yes, I know,* her eyes met his, sparkling with challenge. *There’s nothing more to prove. I am”¦*

Her lifemate smiled. *Vaya.*




Cool! I got it at "prove yourself to yourself." :)


Wonderful! I love those! :D

I really like Vaya as a Wolfrider! Beautiful story, lunakat!

Kathleen - I love your line of thought with the Rayek/Khavi thing! I'd like to follow them more along their way as they grow up ...

krwordgazer - I personally would like Rayek as an original glider rather than a transplanted one ... but I'm looking forward to the story no matter which way you choose!


Lunakat, that was wonderful, as yours always are. Such a sweet moment, when Pike did not speak her soulname. He's so considerate. . .

I think I know which way I'm going to go-- some of the comments in the discussion thread really resonated with me-- but right now I'm in the middle of an important scene in the novel I'm writing, and as I said in another thread, I don't multi-task well . . .

Anyway, give me a few more days, and I'll have "Rayek, the angry young Glider"! Grin


Yay, I can finally respond to this! :o Sure, it sounds like fun Wink And the stuff I've seen so far is really creative! :o Love it!


Rayek and Kahvee.

Makes for an interesting combination. Ya know? I think with her around, he wouldn't have focused so much on his magic being important above all else. The two of them do have something else in common. They are both hunters born.

With Kahvee around Rayek might have focused his need for supremacy in his hunting, but then he'd have Kahvee right there learning every trick as he developed them and coming up with a few of her own. They'd have challenged each other constantly, but in a good way. The whole "anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better" thing. It probably would have developed into a lovemate relationship, but Kahvee wouldn't have manipulated him for centuries as a delaying tactic. She'd have been up front with her disintrest in lifemating, but that she enjoyed having him for a lovemate.

I like these ideas, and I really, really, really like Vaya as a Wolfrider. That is so sweet.

Mrs. Grizzley


I wanted to say something about these:


Glider Skywise

Skywise without the sky? If he wasn't one of the Chosen Eight, he'd go mad. I mean, you think the Palace was bad with no windows? Blue Mountain would be hell for him... either he'd suffer from being separated from his beloved stars... or he'd never even develop a strong affection for them, just some faint, inexplicaple longing inherited from his mother... he might put all his energies into chasing maidens... and unless he had a Glider Tam, he'd be very lonely at heart... no, he wouldn't be happy - but then, who in Blue Mountain ever was?

Wolfrider Aroree

I'm not sure how much of Aroree's sadness is in herself and how much is in her history... I think that born a wolfrider, she would be capable of living in the Now, but she would still be a serious maiden, a bit more shyer than others... her playful, carefree side would be stronger, but she'd weep freely at the loss of a wolf-friend or a tribemate, and mourn longer than the others, perhaps... if she had a chief like Bearclaw she might be at odds with his personality - and despite her shyness, she would speak her disapproval aloud.

I think, Leanan, that as a Glider Skywise's tendencies to be a dreamer would have had full rein, untempered by the necessities of survival. I can see him sitting up in the Aerie, looking up at the stars, forgetting to eat or drink unless someone brings him food. . .

As for Aroree, I can really picture her as a child being completely tongue-tied and terrified around Bearclaw. Even as an adult, she'd find him intimidating. Which makes me wonder whether Bearclaw would make the effort to draw her out of herself, or would he ignore her, or would he be irritated by her?


Intriguing and unusual adaptations all around. And it makes you wonder how much 'Biology is Destiny'. Sorry, I don't really have any swaps that come to mind that should be explored.

Great pic, redshine! More pix, folks, more pix! :D


Whisper Of Snow

The sword landed in the snow with a metallic hiss.

The elf who had thrown it was tall and fierce. His mouth was thin and firm above a small goatee and his eyes were both wild and glittering with purpose. If one looked closely, one could see a thin scar across his cheek. He was clearly rough, and, in spite of his agelessness, elderly in a way that few could understand in his wild and war-weary tribe.

“Pick it up.”

The boy who had lost the sword set his mouth sullenly for a moment, then took it and got back on his feet. Long wheaten hair had escaped his hood and some fell haphazardly in his eyes. They were blue eyes, pure and deep and even the pupils were a deep indigo.

He stood and waited.


He stood, young and fair and serene.


He stood.

“Trolls take you, boy!”

The elder moved.

The lad sidestepped him, neatly and brought up his foot in a sort of understated kick. The elder ended up on his back in the snow, the boy's sword at his throat.

“Better now, Father?”

The elder glared at him, teeth barely showing in a snarl. His mouth twitched.

He laughed.

“Good enough!”

He leaped up, and clapped a hand on the boy's shoulder. The two of them went back to a low, cosy lodge, hidden in the shadow of the mountain.

It had been difficult. The trolls had been prepared and the miners they had brought were used as shields. They had just barely managed to get to the warriors, leaving maimed and wounded trolls in their wake. The boy was the more merciful, being sure to kill on the first blow, before going to worthier prey, but his mother was the wiser and knelt over a wounded miner after the battle was over.

“I'll end it quick,” Her voice was like the lake's first thaw, a crack and splinter. “But tell me why Guttlekraw chains his miners now.”

The troll cracked a vague grin and sneered. “Guttlekraw's miners? Hah! His slaves, elf-wench. We were captured in the warm lands and dragged here, so he could train his warriors to fight against you. You elves! Always so hard to-to”

He twisted and spat blood. His voice grew more kindly, and more weak.

“She's there, isn't she? Stormrider...I Think I see her. Best elf-wench to grace the caverns...Stormrider, where're the die?”


The boy grabbed the troll.

“Other elves?”

The troll died smiling.

The boy's mother tucked some golden hair behind her ear.

“Come, fawn. Let's go home.”

The sun would be up in a few hours. The boy had sat by the fire all night, ignoring pretty lads and lasses who invited them to their furs.

As the first light began to show over the mountain, his mother woke up and sat by him.


He looked away from her, letting his hair fall in his face.

**He thinks I'm crazy.**

**He does not.** She pulled him close. **He's worried for you, that's all.**

**We aren't enough, Mother. If there are other elves, well, if there are, we could fight together, maybe even beat the trolls, instead of- instead of just-**

He couldn't finish and she drew him into her arms.

**We'll get them. Not today, maybe not even in your lifetime. But we will beat them.**

He pulled away. **We'll all die first.**

She saw the bundle at his feet. He stooped and picked it up.

“Where are you going?”

A hiss, fierce and angry. A mother's voice, deep with possession and love intertwined.

He smiled at her beneath his bangs.

**I'm going to find them.**


Outside, the air was stiff and chill, the wind was a hand pushing them back and forth. She followed his swaying walk to the pens, barely heard his whistle above the call of the wind.

The deer was a big doe, with a star on her forehead. She was absolutely still in the wind as he saddled her and tied the bundle behind the seat. She had been his since he nursed her after her mother died. His mother knew she would die for him.

He leaped up and suddenly his mother was no longer afraid. She was sure, instead, of his mission, his success, his return. As he leaned down and embraced her, she wrapped around him, sent him all her love.

**When will you...**

**A turn of the seasons, no more.**

**Here.** It wasn't much, just a little bracelet, stones stolen from a troll, thongs of leather, but it should have been able to keep loneliness at bay and memory in mind.

He smiled down at her. Then he was a figure, a bundle of furs atop a deer, a shadow in the wind and snow, a blur, barely blocking the new dawn.

She heard the hide being ripped aside, and turned to face the chief, the father, the lovemate, who came down in a ripple of snow and fur and anger.

“Where is-”

**He's gone** As ever, her words were a snowfall on a fire.

“He's gone, Grenn, but he'll be back. In one year's time.” She smiled through her tears, and swallowed her sobs.

His eyes, his cold, wild eyes were frozen, open, frightened.

**Dehl, I-**

Suddenly his arms were around her. She settled against him.

**He'll be back, Grenn. He's meant for great things, our fawn.**

**Our fawn, Tam, High Ones, Dehl, what if-**

**Hush up, old bear, and help me feed these deer. There's work to do.**

The wind sang higher, and drew clouds up to block the sun.


I like it, Kathleen! Bearclaw, Joyleaf, and Cutter aren't that much different as Go-Backs. But I wonder if they feel the Palace's call, too? I can't imagine the ol' badger sitting arond the lodge if he knew his people's birthplace was right over the next ridge.


I think he does hear the call, and like I said, they are fighting, but as with most Go Backs, it's become second nature. The call of the Palace may mean something, but without help, like the Go Backs, they just fight, nothing else. Fighting has become their nature, and their way of life. Grenn is just a war chief, well, maybe not just a warchief, but still, he has only today and tomorrow, this fight and the next fight.

The Palace's call may only become apparent when Tam returns with help.


(speechless with admiration)

(finds voice) Well. Um. Wow. That was amazing, Kathleen.

That's exactly the way they would be if they were Go-Backs! The war-scarred old chief, fighting so long he's almost lost sight of why. The wise, fierce mother. The young visionary, trying to find another way.


(I loved the way Cutter bested Bearclaw in the training fight! That could so easily have happened, whether they were Go-Backs or Wolfriders! Grin )


I wasn't sure I could do it. Everyone's been so "more Kahvee/Leeta" at me. But I was doen with that, so I wanted to do this.

It was fun.


Kathleen, that was great! They were still so recognisable, but still very Go-Back :o ...


This story was inspired by speculations of Jade-Owl, and is loosely based upon those speculations. Thanks for the inspiration, Jade Owl!


Part 1

Winnowill sat in the chamber of silence, flowers in her hair. Before her the ancient memories revolved in stone, one within another, within another. She watched.

She had nothing else to do.

Blue Mountain, recreation of the High Ones’ home, shaped by her people””Lord Voll’s people””out of the living rock, surrounded and sheltered them all. Here, in Voll’s vision fulfilled, she should have been happy. After all, it had been her vision, too . . .

Winnowill sat in the chamber of silence and contemplated the Egg. Somewhere deep within her, her soul’s most potent need stirred restlessly. She was Blue Mountain’s healer”” and she had no one, nothing, to heal.

On the other side of the chamber a rock-shaper flitted towards the dark ceiling, his finger tracing a path across the stone as he flew. Where his hand carelessly touched, whorls and curlicues sprang into being. Winnowill looked up at the casually created decoration, and her smile twisted.

Without her conscious will, her mind reached out. It would be so easy to cause him to fall . . .

She stopped, shocked at herself. A healer healed wounds””she did not cause them! Her stomach turned at the thought of what she had been about to do. Turning away from the Egg, she left the chamber and set her face towards the quarters she shared with Voll.

It was then that the cry came.

“Healer! Oh, Winnowill, you must come!”

“What?” Winnowill looked up at the Glider maiden who rushed forward through the air of the passage, waving her hands.

“Healer! It is young Rayek. He has injured himself!”

Winnowill followed Yeyeen. Rayek was lying crumpled on the floor of the Aerie, his long, blue-black hair trailing across his face. Eresir, crouched over the tall elf’s form, looked up at her, his face stricken.

“My hawk and I found him in the woods. He had insisted on going hunting again, alone. What will Lord Voll say?”

“He would say he expressly ordered that only his Chosen Eight are to hunt, from the safety of bird-back,” Winnowill answered briskly, bending over Rayek. “He would say Rayek ought to be old enough by now to know better . . .” She trailed off, turning the tall, slender elf over onto his back. Blood gushed from a deep wound in his belly.

“I would guess he has been gored by a wild boar,” she said. “It is good that you found him when you did, Eresir. Now, let me do my work.”

Winnowill knelt and placed both hands on Rayek’s abdomen. Power tingled through her arms, her fingertips. The healing trance, as she entered it, felt good. Very, very good. It had been too long . . .

Later, as she sat again in Egg’s chamber, she felt the young Glider’s presence behind her. Rayek inclined his head as Winnowill turned towards him. “I owe you my thanks,” he said gravely.

She could not scold him. It was because of his escapade that she felt better than she had in a very long time.

Winnowill said only, “You are the youngest of us, Rayek, and only lately grown to adulthood. Why can you not stay in the Mountain, where you are safe?”

He shifted restlessly, looked up at the revolving Egg, then began to pace back and forth in front of her. “Because this place is too””closed! I am stifled here! Encouraged only to look within, within, within””I want to grow! I want to test myself, see what I am truly capable of, not just inside Blue Mountain, but outside, too!” He plunged his fist into his palm, his eyes aflame. “Tell me the truth, Winnowill, Lord Voll’s lovemate. Do you not feel the same?”

She stared at him, at his face alive with longing and desire. “Yes,” she found herself saying. “Yes.”

She took his shoulders, turned him to face the slowly spinning Egg. “You are the youngest of us, Rayek,” she repeated. “There have been no others since””perhaps you are the last of us who will be born.” She leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “But you are grown now. Old enough to see the truth I have seen in the Egg. The truth I tried to tell Voll, but he would not listen.”

She took his hand, led him forward, closer to the Egg. “Rayek, look deeply. Follow my thoughts, and I will show you . . .”

He looked with her””looked deep, deep, into the innermost shell. And he saw.

“No!” Rayek gasped, his eyes wide, horror-struck.

“Yes. Oh yes, Rayek.” Winnowill placed her slender hands on each side of his face and turned his head so that he was looking into her eyes. “Even worlds die. This one will die, one day, and then what will become of all we have created here?” She spoke sincerely, urgently, willing him to listen as no one else had. “We must”””

“We must leave this world,” Rayek whispered. “We must seek the stars again.”


Oh my! I'm intrigued! Will this be Winnowill's saving, or a further undoing?


o.O Please tell me that's not just a snippet! Please tell me there will be more!

World of Two Moons watch out! Winnowill and Rayek united in purpose. You don't stand a chance...


Heh. Don't know if I know how to do a "snippet." This is a full story-- though a short one. :)

More tomorrow. :)


Wordgazer, this is amazing. What a treat!

Rayek as a Glider! And Winnowill's vision... Wow.


Whee! Yay for speculations!

This is wonderful, Boardma. I'm proud to have inspired it. :D


Interesting to see where this will lead... :D


You should do a switch MEDEA!


I did already! See here.




I *love* the Bearclaw/Joyleaf/Cutter as Go-Backs story!!! That is so wonderfully in character!!

Anyone want to cast Winnie in another tribe? How would she have turned out as a Sun Villager?

Mrs. Grizzley



Part 2

But Lord Voll would not listen to Rayek, either. In vain the young Glider stormed and pleaded””Voll knew, knew the Gliders had everything they needed, here in Blue Mountain. Even when Rayek pointed to the Preservers, urging Voll to let the small creatures show the way back to the Palace, the Lord of Blue Mountain stubbornly refused. “The Palace is lost to us,” he said sternly. “This is our place now.”

And Rayek, angry and frustrated, would find ways to slip outside, again and again breaking Voll’s law, secretly testing his prowess as a hunter””alone, with no great bird to protect and aid him. And from time to time he would come back injured, bleeding or with broken bones.

Winnowill would heal him, never saying a word to Voll of this rule-breaking. The Chosen Eight, following her lead, remained silent as well, and were pleased to be able to take credit for Rayek’s kills. And so it was that because of these healings, because of this one Glider who was willing to see the joke they had all played on themselves, this one Glider who understood””she did not again feel tempted to cause hurt just so that she could heal it.

Time passed. One day a member of the Chosen Eight brought Rayek back wounded again””this time a blow to the head from a buck’s kick as it died. Winnowill healed him in his quarters, pressing a cloth to his brow to staunch the flow of blood, stroking his hair back from his face and wiping it clean with a wet cloth.

Rayek’s eyes opened as she finished, and his hand came up to grip hers. “I have, perhaps,” he said with a slight smile, “been more careless, lately, than I should. You see, I love to feel your hands upon me . . .” His eyes held hers in an intense gaze.

His eyes. . .


**No,** she sent gently, as those eyes grew wide in shock, **no, this is not Recognition. Not the union of two souls to give life and breath to a third. There is only one soul here, shared by two forms, yours and mine. You know this, as do I.**

**I . . . know it.** Wonder was in his sending. **Winnowill, my soul . . .**

Suddenly he sat up, his grip on her hand growing tighter. Much tighter. “But it can be more than this, can it not? As a healer, you have the power, and I am certain you have the skill.” His face was alight. “I want you to give me””us””that which you have never given anyone else. I want . . . to be a father.”

His desire, his need, was beautiful.

And after all, why not? She had for a long time been wondering what it might be like, to bear a child. To give more than just healing””to give life itself. And there was room, in the Mountain, for one more . . .

Winnowill allowed Rayek to draw her down onto the couch beside him.

(to be concluded . . .)


I am in awe. This is amazing! How perfectly logical, how wonderously different.


Mrs. Grizzley


This is really good, but, Even if Winnowill's bloodlust is slaked for now, I still see some chilly stuff in here.



The child of Winnowill and Rayek...

The world shivers.




The moons are low in the sky by the time he finds her, small and curled in the glen by the Tallest Tree. Red hair that has leaped forward from some ancestor shines quietly, blackly in the twin lights. She is shaking a little with sobs.

He sits by her, and doesn't move, watching her two little top knots shake. Finally, unable to stand it anymore, he pulls her into his arms.

To his surprise, she wraps strong, skinny little arms around him and sobs against his neck.

**I thought you were dead! I thought you were dead like father and mother and all the rest! I thought you were dead, and I wanted to die, too.**

He rocked her, thinking of the stink of Madcoil's cave, and the sticky sap left on his trousers after the fight. He thinks of the sun and sky full of clouds and wants to cry. He thinks of Blackfell, not seen since that night, that night when Bearclaw ran with the wolves one last time. Of the sister who called the Wolfriders.

**I'm okay. I was scared, too, little sister, but I couldn't leave you.** He let his arms tighten around her. **I'll never leave you, Shenshen.**

**I was so afraid, Tam, I was so scared!**

“Sh.” He soothes her and rocks her until she sleeps. Then he carries her home, twelve turns of the seasons, plump and round, and little.

Skywise meets them there. He wraps his arms around both of them and whispers things about the stars until all three of them fall asleep. Then the stars peep in, and smile.



Cutter and ShenShen as siblings?! Boy, that should shake the Father Tree. :D Way more interesting than even the Cutter-Leetah dynamic.


I'm glad you liked it. I was thinking of tribal switches, and I decided to go with a different one.


WHOA! It's been too long that I visited this topic! Surprised Surprised

krwordgazer - I absolutely love that story of Rayek at Blue Mountain. Very intriguing! Can't wait for the conclusion! :D

Same for Kathleen's story -beautiful - you've got me curious now how it will continue! :D


Kathleen, that's adorable. Sweet, and poignant, and adorable. I love Shenshen as Cutter's little sister!

About mine-- thanks, everyone! Glad you like it! But don't read too much into it, ok? Don't expect mind-shattering chills and thrills. :) It's really a simple story. What I've tried to do is imagine how Rayek might be if he was born in Blue Mountain-- without his early hardships, but living as just one magic-user among many. He's much the same, except with less ego, less need to be first.

And Winnowill-- what if, at the point where she first began to go mad, someone was there for her, to turn her mind and heart outward instead of inward? She's still herself, she still likes to be in control-- but she travels a different path.

And the Gliders, of course, are still the same, and Rayek and Winnowill have to deal with them as they are-- but they have each other. I'm just exploring what difference that might make. (And a lot of the ideas are Jade Owl's. :D )

Anyway, I'll have the conclusion tomorrow. :)


:oops: Thanks, guys. I loved the idea of Cutter having someone like my little sister, who makes gun jokes while watching "Supernatural", then has to cover her eyes for the scary bits.




Later, while Rayek slept, Winnowill sat beside him, staring up at the cavernous ceiling. She could feel the changes she had so carefully engendered beginning within herself. She thought about Lord Voll, and how happy he would be that new life, however formed, was coming to his people. She thought about the Mountain, and what the child would be born into.

She did not realize Rayek was awake until he put his arms around her.

“Rayek,” Winnowill said, her voice low and urgent with what she all at once knew, with a knowing deeper than words, “Rayek, we must find the true Palace. For Voll.”

He stared at her. “You would leave the Mountain””now? Just when we at last have a good reason to stay?”

She was firm. “Now, Rayek.”

“Very well.” He smiled. “High Ones know I have been wanting this. And our child will have all the protection I am able to give.” The glint in his eyes told her he did not think his abilities to protect were negligible.

They slipped out at dawn, through a little-known opening Rayek had been using for his hunting escapades. With them were two Preservers, Petalwing and Berrybuzz. It had been difficult to find just two of the creatures by themselves to summon””but if the other Preservers had known, Winnowill and Rayek would have found themselves traveling in a cloud of colorful wings.

“It is time, Preservers,” Winnowill told them as they all emerged into daylight. “Take us home.”

At that moment a clumsy form leapt at them from behind a rock. “Elves! At last!” roared a coarse voice. “Rockshapers!”

Rayek staggered as bulky green arms wrapped themselves around his chest. He squirmed and tried to levitate, but the creature was heavy and strong.

“Bad dig-dig! Bad!” Petalwing and Berrybuzz shrieked, winging rapidly around them.

“Upon my word!” Winnowill said, amused. “This must one of the trolls the Egg tells of.” She reached out, gripped the burly arms, and the creature released Rayek with a yell of pain. “How dare you attack us, troll?” she asked sternly.

“King Greymung sent me,” the troll growled, rubbing his arms. “Name’s Smelt.”

“King Greymung?” Rayeked echoed. “Who is that? Where do you come from, troll?”

But Smelt, instead of answering, pulled a huge sword from his belt and brandished it at Rayek. “Come quietly, rockshaper, and you’ll keep your life.”

Rayek stared at the troll, then laughed. “You are mistaken. I am not a rockshaper. And if you came to capture a rockshaper, you cannot have one!” He lifted his hand as he spoke, and power flashed out, bright as the sun, knocking Smelt sprawling. With a cry the troll picked himself up and fled.

Winnowill watched in amusement. “What was that you did?” she asked Rayek. “I do not believe I have seen magic used in quite that way before.”

Rayek dusted a bit of dirt off his sleeve. “It is. . . a hunting skill I have been honing,” he said with a slight, satisfied smirk. He reached down and picked up an object the troll had left lying among the rocks. “Look. A waterskin””almost empty,” he said.

“The troll must have been trying to find his way in for some time,” Winnowill mused. “It is fortunate””for him””that he did not.”

Rayek levitated the waterskin and sent it flying back down the Mountain, towards the fleeing form they could still see below. It hit Smelt squarely on the head, and they both laughed as he glanced back at them in fear and hurried on, clutching the skin.

“Sharpdark Highthing and Softhair Highthing ready to follow, now?” Petalwing inquired.

Rayek nodded and took Winnowill’s arm. “Let’s be on our way.”

Sometimes walking, sometimes gliding, they headed toward the top of the world, following Berrybuzz and Petalwing. It grew colder and colder as they went, and Winnowill found herself grateful for the heat young Rayek could produce to warm the air. She herself was able to increase his strength so that the warmth would not fade as he tired. But though they expected any day to begin feeling the Palace’s aura, to their surprise they continued to feel nothing. Neither did they encounter any humans or trolls””and soon it was as though they traveled through a lifeless land of frozen white. Not a creature stirred.

“Our food will run out soon, Preserver,” Rayek told Petalwing one day. “How close are we?”

“Is close, close! Is there!” Petalwing cried, pointing. “Just there!”

Rayek and Winnowill sped over the next rise””but there before them lay nothing more than another mountain of ice.

Winnowill could have screamed with frustration. “Where, Preserver? Where is it?”

Berrybuzz and Petalwing hovered overhead, their faces sad.

”Is here!” Berrybuzz said.

“Bad white hardstuff cover homeplace deep!” Petalwing said. It paused, while Rayek and Winnowill stared at one another. “But white hardstuff begin meltsoft,” it said. “Long, long meltsoft. Highthings wait? Wait for homeplace come out of hardstuff?”

Winnowill stared deep into the ice, to where she thought she could make out colored, crystalline shapes. “We will wait,” she said. “But not here. There is the child to consider. We will return to Blue Mountain.”

“Yes,” Rayek said, his jaw set. He threw back his head. “We will keep the dream””the reality””of the Palace alive in the Gliders!”

Winnowill nodded. “We will keep it alive in the Gliders””and in our child. And one day, when the time is right, we will return.”

“And then,” Rayek finished, holding her hand tightly, “then we will be all we were meant to be.”

The End.



*applaudes Wordgazer*

With Rayek as a Glider in Blue Mountain, Winnowill would have had a positive focus like that.

I liked this switch.

And Kathleen, yours too. Shen Shen as Cutter's little sister, and Skywise comforting the both of them was a very touching scene. Can't wait to see more.


*claps hands* I liked that very much Wordgazer!

Thank you Mynx!


Wonderful, Wordgazer! A very nice ending. You articulated my speculations just how I imagined them! Plus, of course, there's a lot of your own invention in there. :D


Nice twist, Wordgazer! I'd forgottn about the glacier. Couldn't Rayek have melted his way down, though? They could have returned to Blue Mountain and gotten the others to come help them free and restore it. :)

Don't mind my nit-picking, I'm just enjoying the idea of the Palace found and freed without all the crazyness and bloodshed. It is a very nice story. One wonders if their child would be Two-Edge only this time born into a full bloodline and without a crazy mom.


I hadn't thought of that, Manga. :oops: I suppose my response would be that though Rayek can warm the air and send bolts of energy, his magic isn't sufficient to melt through an Ice-Age glacier. :)

(Problem is, knowing Rayek, I think he would try! :roll: Grin But perhaps this version of him is a bit more sensible.)

Thanks, everyone! Glad you liked it! And thanks again to Jade Owl! You can be my muse anytime you want. :D


Fantastic krwordgazer! Absolutely love it! :D


I'm officially putting the Kahvee/Leeta story up for adoption. Have at her, folks. :P


Nice, very nice! I like the idea of the Palace being stuck in a glacier. A question: is Winnie actually gliding or is Rayek carrying her?



Nice, very nice! I like the idea of the Palace being stuck in a glacier. A question: is Winnie actually gliding or is Rayek carrying her?

Thanks, Medea! Well, I deliberately left that ambiguous. I've heard it said that Winnowill can't glide because the darkness in her soul weighs her down-- but I'm not sure if that's "official" or not. So if you think she could glide before she turned evil, you can read it that she glided in this story. If you think she never did glide, that she just couldn't glide because that wasn't her gift, or because she focused completely on healing, you can read it that Rayek carried her. :)



From the minute he was born, the cub’s eyes were old. And it made everyone in the tribe uneasy. He could not speak yet; he could not send yet. But you could tell, in the way his eyes flickered from person to person when adults held conversations in his presence, in the way he would withdraw, sometimes, into himself and stare blankly at the inside walls of the Father Tree, you could tell that he knew, and understood, far more than any newborn cub should.

It only became more frightening as he grew. Once he had mastered the basics of speech, he would come forth with words, words he couldn’t possibly know, words that only the eldest of the elders knew, and then only from their cubhoods. At a howl, when he was just six turns of the seasons old, he told a story of how Rahnee the She-Wolf, second chief of the Wolfriders, had in fact not died in the allo attack as legend said, but had been found and cared for by a whole new group of elves, one the Wolfriders had never heard of. At the end of his story, the whole tribe stared. Uncomfortably, the cub sat down again and firmly shut his mouth, hoping the howl would resume as normal. But it did not. Instead, whispers broke out.

“It’s just a cub not wanting to believe his heroes have died.”

“But how could he have known she was attacked by allos? We have not told that story in more than an eight of turns.”

The storyteller walked up to the cub, knelt by him, and looked into his eyes.

“Who told you that story, cub?”

“No one did. I just”¦knew.”

After that, he was shunned by his agemates and whispered about by his tribemates. An elf with such powers had never been known to them, and it was hard, so hard, for them to accept. For a tribe that strove, always, to live in the Now, a magic teller of the past was strange and unnatural. He learned not to speak, to cloak himself in silence as he went about the daily activities of living. And it hurt.

He took to moping in the deepwoods, sometimes for entire nights. He found some solace in his wolf-friend, who could not speak or think beyond the Now to see the strangeness in him. It was during these times of solitude that he discovered his other gift: rock-shaping.

But try as he might, he could not bring himself to do anything useful with it. He had thought, initially, that he might redeem himself in the eyes of his tribe by making them stone bowls, or magically crafting arrowheads. But he found no pleasure in this, and discovered that this second gift was not opposite to his first, but a part of it. He could draw on all the countless memories within him””of people he did not know and had never seen””and form symbols on the surface of rock to preserve and tell those stories, without words.

He began, starting with the first, the landing of the High Ones on this world of Two Moons, scribing their history on an egg-shaped rock. Next, the stories of Timmorn Yellow-Eyes, and all the other children of the High Ones who lived in his time but oceans and histories apart. These symbols he wrapped around the original story, and the stories of Timmorn’s daughter around those. When he was finished, he brought his work into the center of the Holt, right by the Father Tree.

“This is the Egg of Ten Spheres,” he announced, “It tells the history of our tribe, and other tribes, back to the time of the High Ones. I, too, am Egg,” he looked around at his assembled tribemates, unafraid, for once, of speaking. “And I tell the stories that everyone else has forgotten.”


Oh, *wow*.


Thanks, Weirdlet! That comment says enough just by itself :D



Not being strange for the Gliders, he definitely would have made the Wolfriders uneasy with this special gift! That's really good, Kchaiya! :D


Wow...I REALLY liked that. What a cool idea.



More Aurek stories! Yippie! He's not being forgotten. Now, Suzene's got to take a turn at it.



Oh, *wow*.

Weirdlet took the words right out of my mouth.



Fabulous, Kathleen. Your ideas about how Egg would be received by the Wolfriders seem exactly right to me-- and so profoundly moving.

My only question is how the Wolfriders would react to the Egg of Ten Spheres. Does it win Egg acceptance at last?

Or are you planning to continue this story?


Thanks, guys! I'm glad you liked it.
I am not planning to continue the story, although if anyone feels inspired to extend it, they may. I was thinking more that by the end, Egg was at peace with himself and his gift, and that was more important than whether the tribe accepted it.


Oh, K'chaiya, I called you Kathleen! So sorry! :oops:

I think the only thing the story really needs is one more sentence/paragraph explaining what you just explained. That Egg realizes it doesn't matter to him what the others think-- that Egg now feels secure in himself and at peace with his gift, and that he's happy with his creation. :)

That would wrap it up very nicely.



Oh, K'chaiya, I called you Kathleen! So sorry! :oops:

Aw. I'm always on your mind*preens*

Great job, K'chaiya.


What about Strongbow as um.... a um.......Glider or a Go-back anyone any takers????

Don't shoot me Strongbow please STAY DOWN!!!!!!!!!


Heh, heh. I've been thinking about this. It's very hard to see Strongbow as anything other than a Wolfrider. He sort of defines what a Wolfrider is, in many ways.

But I'll think about it. . . (though I'm not sure he'll let me!)


.....I still have to do mine.... Unhappy but I've gotten very busy.....


I've got an idea going around in my head for this, but at the moment I can't really pin it down, so it will need some more time :? .


Two Edge, having been smuggled out of Blue Mountain and raised as a troll. Trinket raised as a Wolfrider or something after being lost to her parents.

Strongbow as a Go-Back, would probably challenge whoever's in charge and take over as chief, though I don't know how well that would work out. He seems more advisor than chief material to me.

Hm. Savah as a Wolfrider, or at least back in the days before the Sun Village existed and she was a vital young huntress.


There are 3 reasons I won't write my idea

1. I'm too lazy

2.I don't have time with my other story

I'DON'T WANNA BE SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Which is making me wonder, what kind of Wolfrider would Kureel be?


One very attached to his wolf, I would say. Another Strongbow, almost. Only with a sourer (is that a word? It is now...) face.


Maybe a little less sour. I think Kureel was really depressed about a lot of things, so maybe he would be a bir softer. I think a lot like Strongbow, too, but more young, more rebellious against rebellion.


I don't know


*performs CPR on thread*


I just had a really interesting/horrible vision.

Kahvi born in Blue Mountain.

Egg would never have gone catatonic, not after having to repair the egg every time it got smashed in some sort of aerial combat-game. Or perhaps he would have done so in self-defense...

"She's looking for a partner! Quick, hold really still, and maybe she'll think you're busy!"

And people would go outside of Blue Mountain just to get some peace and quiet.


That's hysterical, Wierdlet!

I wonder what Winnowill would have done to Kahvi. Or Kahvi to her. Surprised


Kahvi would definitely be one of the Chosen. She'd have Aroree for a best friend, and probably be somewhat sweeter than she is in the real world.

Could any of our wonderful artists draw a picture of Kahvi the Glider?


:roflmao: Weirdlet - that's hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!


[b:1ccc9b490b]Between The Dawning And The Day [/b:1ccc9b490b]



Cutter looked back. Summersong and Skywise were running after him, along with an extra zwoot. Both wore traveling cloaks and had smug expressions on their faces.

He was having none of that.

“Where do you two think you’re going?”

“With you, of course!” Skywise grunted as he climbed up. “Quite the-“

“Did you think we’d let you go off by yourself?”

Summersong had taken advantage of his distraction to climb up behind him. She tied her things to his, and smiled. “Ready?”

“Yes. Once you get down, that is.”

She just wrapped her arms around him. Suddenly the night air, which had seemed so very vast and silent only moments ago, was filled with her breathing and soft little scent. It was like coming home again. Being a cub again.


The ponderous zwoots made their way into the night. Once, mistakenly, Cutter asked Skywise what he was thinking.

“From famine, to feast, back to famine again.” The stargazer cast a glance back at the Village and the slowly shrinking little family behind them. “I won’t see such pretty maidens for a whole turn of the seasons- Ow! What was that for?”

“If you don’t know I’m not going to tell you!”

“Cutter, are you just going to let her kick me?”

“If you two don’t stop, you can both go back to the Sun Village right now!”



And utter pleasecontinuethisness!

So, since this is tribe-switching... who is Cutter's little sister?
(Surprised Shen shen...? Wink )


*grins* SO Shen-Shen.


Yep! Shenshen!

Thanks guys!


Completely delightful, Kathleen.

Please continue! :D


I will. Sometime. :? Kind of tired right now.


[b:09a48c70b2]Thou Minds Me Of The Dear Old Days[/b:09a48c70b2]

The arms weren’t Mother’s arms, but he hadn’t been in Mother’s arms for quite some time, so he supposed it didn’t matter. There were the strong arms and the thick arms and the little arms, but none of them were mother’s arms, so he had decided looking for Mother was useless.

Besides, these arms belonged to someone who smelled nice and had purple-y eyes, so he wasn’t going to complain.

Moonshade watched the tiny cub yawn, as well as any year old cub would, after such a journey, and blink up at her. Over her shoulder she could feel Strongbow, watching with the same intensity she did.

The cub wasn’t pretty, not as pretty as most elf cubs, had a pointed nose and queer, bright eyes.

Moonshade, though, was twice deprived motherhood, first by hatred and violence, next by duty and honour. She opened her mind, shyly, reaching for her lifemate.

Strongbow wasn’t as hopeful as she, didn’t dare let himself hope, wasn’t sure about taking in a strange cub. He was melting, though, when the boy-cub glared, so like Bearclaw and he was soft in her grasp.

“You want him?”

Moonshade stared at Kahvi, uncertain whether or not she had heard correctly. The Go Back grinned and spoke again.

“He’s an orphan. I can’t care for him. Aroree hasn’t the hands for it. You’ve had a cub, haven’t you? Take him.”

[i:09a48c70b2]”Had a cub.”[/i:09a48c70b2] As if that were all it took to simply open one’s heart to another.

Moonshade felt her arms tighten. The baby protested, loudly.

Strongbow took him, bouncing him gently.

**Hush, Chot.**


Oh God that's terrible! Chot w/ Moonshade and Strongbow?!! Poor things! How would they ever deal with the smelliest elf in the abode?! I feel really, really bad for them. But seriously Kathleen, you pack alot of power into a very small amount of words. Bravo!!