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Do you love Trinket?


Trinket snotty braty but we all love her. She is actully alot like me. I'm trying to upload my trinket avatar but I'm not doing so well.


Trinket is funny, and annoying, and adorable. :D


hummmm, yeah i dont hate her or love her so i picked liked. she is spoiled as a child and quite the fiter as an adult....shes alright in my book. :D


I didn't vote, cause I don't really like her much. But I don't dislike her much
either Wink .

Anyway, here's some pics of the green little troublemaker for you Sunmark :D .



Has Trinket actually been shown as an adult anywhere?


[quote:5b63f4b740="xenophile80"]Has Trinket actually been shown as an adult anywhere?[/quote:5b63f4b740]
yep... in ShadowStalker... or Wildhunt... one of the two she's an adult...


Yes - she grew up to be quite the spoiled diva.... just like Mommy Oddbit! :D

I picked "like". I'm glad she's a part of the stories and I'm glad she's not a large part of the stories.


Well.. I don't like her, but I don't dispise her.. But I don't hate her either. I just voted for hate her, just because it was closest to my feelings about her.

Personally, I just find her very annoying.. She's not that bad I guess, but I don't like her.



shes a spoiled little troll. But I love that Picknose named her his little Trinket.


[color=blue:b36dc05dbf]I thought it was so funny that she was always after Mender!!![/color:b36dc05dbf] Grin


Yeah, the parts with Mender were hilarious!! Grin

Oh yeah, here's the banner I once made you, Sunmark, just in case ya missed it...
(I thought pink would be a perfect color for Trinket.... Wink )


Nice banner! I like how she's flanked by her parents.


[size=9:8934459629](That's actually coz' had some trouble finding some pictures of herself.... :oops: )[/size:8934459629]


I love it. I love Trinket 'cause she is just like me Heeeeeeeeeheeeeee.
But if we are talking about her being a adult I hate her.


I adore Trinket as a little girl. I'm not sure why Trinket likes Mender, except that she likes him only because Ember likes him too. I'd say he doesn't have much meat on his bones, but he doesn't have much bone on his bones, either.

Nevertheless, if a Troll from my family wanted to spend the rest of her life with an Elf, I'd have no personal objections. I just don't know what type of accomodations we could offer. It was probably easier for the Wolfriders to live among the Sun Folk than it would be for an Elf to live underground. Nor do Trolls slip deftly between the branches of a tree.


Trinket's okay with me - it's just that I don't like the way trolls were depicted throughout KOTBW - at the whim of and patronised by superior-in-every-way elves.


Okay, I would so adopt Trinket even as an Elf, of course I would be a silver haired elf by the end of it and have a set of nerves that were wire snapped, but hey, she's adoreable. *lol*


Nowth, writes " .... I don't like the way trolls were depicted throughout KOTBW - at the whim of and patronised by superior-in-every-way elves."

They just act that way because they have their own comic titles.


Yes I love Trinket:)


They just act that way because they have their own comic titles.[/quote:508ee6a193]

Uh, uh ! And [b:508ee6a193]they[/b:508ee6a193] can write and read,
unlike those ignorant pink-skinned elves !


Trinket...I love her to bits but kids like her are why I gave up babysitting. I think Drub gets the award for greatest Troll gal, but a young Trinket is right behind her.


Wind walker writes: "I think Drub gets the award for greatest Troll gal"

Okay, I guess I will have to be the one to start a "Drub" thread.

I like her brother, but he seemed to change too drastically in character when he was married.


Did anyone else think of Trinket when they heard about The Donald's new baby?


Oh yes, certainly, the most spoiled baby in NY


We all love her.....Do we?Obnoxious little Beast, in my opinion.
Occasionally VAGUEly amusing.

[size=7:12504cb7e7][/size:12504cb7e7]I probably gave away my vote.

[size=12:12504cb7e7][/size:12504cb7e7]Sorry for being vicious,SUNMARK.She just Doesnt sit well with me.


Have not read everything yet published by WaRP, but it would be intersting to see a mature Trinket. Will she be like her mother, her father, her grandmother, her something-sister Drub, or entirely different?


I feel like we've seen a grown-up Trinket, but I can't for the life of me remember where...


We have. In the Wild Hunt series. Its after Ember's tribe leaves Howling rock cuz of the humans watching them, and live with the trolls for a bit. Trinket is deffinatly grown. "Mature" is another question.


Of course I do. She is more human than all the EQ humans put together. I've met her at least a dozen times in all the little bratty cousins I grew up with (and whom I hated then) as well as their daughters, whom I love for unwittingly giving me such a sweet revenge on their Moms (or Dads: boys can be just like that too). Wink
Oh, and Trollbabe, I think my avatar already published my agreement with you of Drub.


Trinket is a spoiled brat, yeah, but I can't help but love her. Maybe it's because she resembles a human toddler so MUCH! XD And as an adult she's so ladylike and prissy it's funny. But she did grow up to be quite pretty for a troll ^^



What to say about her... I think she's a good part of the story. I like it that cutter and Piknose lost their most precious at the same time. They could really understand each other more than any elf/troll before or maybe even after.

But a grown up Trinket? Well, havent seen or read any of it, but i would have been suprised if she would NOT have grown up to be a diva like her mother.

Does anyone have a picture of grown up Trinket to share?

...A nother troll/elf like Two Edge would not bother me, btw. A child of Mender and Trinket might be fun!




But she did grow up to be quite pretty for a troll ^^

I and my underground sisters take mortal offense! Wink


allura posted this in the requested pictures thread:

i hope she dosnt mind me putting it up here. after all, this is little Trinket all grown up!



i like her better as a child she seems so overly stuck-up as adult and to reluctant to learn


Ah - the eternal child then. :P


yea,... yea


Trying to bring these pictures back:

I didn't vote, cause I don't really like her much. But I don't dislike her much
either Wink .

Anyway, here's some pics of the green little troublemaker for you Sunmark :D .

Trinket grown up:

- not a warrior at all! XD


A little fun with the "competing" girls:

Mender is Mine Wink

With many thanks to Nightsea for the dollz of Leetah and Mender Happy


How old is Trinket when she first appears? We know the Elves are pregnant for two years, but I am not sure about Trolls. If it is also two years, I believe Trinket is a contemporary of Venka and Yun.


It's a pity that there are no informations at all.

I remember another discussion about elfin gestation period. There was an agreement, that the long time and not showing belly during the first half has to do with the developement of the magic abilities.

When this is true, Troll should have a clearly shorter pregnancy.

On the other hand - Trolls are big. Trolls live very long. Bigger size and longer life normally mean longer gestation periods for animals on earth. Can have an influence on Troll pregnancy, too.
Trinket looks like three to five years for me when we meet her first. Well, she's walking and speaking without difficulty - at least four years, I guess.

Easter EggQuest 2012 found


Speaking of which, I am wondering about troll children's grow rate. My conjecture was that Trinket is three and a half years old, considering that the twins was five when the real Quest started. Three years later they are living in the Groove, effectively leaving Trinket about 3 and a half years old.

Then we get to my problem. First time we see Trinket again is when Rayek challenges Cutter. Ember is 14 now, leaving Trinket to be nine. One and a half years later, she is ten.

Now the problem I have is that Trinket doesn't look one bit older. Not her face, her height... hell she is wearing the same damn dress!

So the question is how quickly does trolls grow? (Or just toss this out when I get to designing older "wolfrider-raised Trinket?")


When the real quest started - this would be when Cutter and Skywise were captured by Picknose. I doubt that Trinket was even conceived at this time. I bet Picknose got granted "his dearest wish" not before he became King after the Troll War.

No idea how long a Troll's pregnancy will take.


Damn, I didn't think about that! So Trinket would be 2-3 years old, depending on the cooking time of mups?


I think so. Must admit that I have not looked up the references so no bet on any exact age.


To my knowledge, the first time Trinket shows up is in... Kings of the Broken Wheel, I think, Ekuar is with the Trolls and Rayek has to rescue him and Picknose and his family... so I would guess that she was born sometime after Picknose became King but shortly before he then LOST that kingship.

Gotta give it to Oddbit... she wasn't gonna settle for anything less than a King, but she didn't then LEAVE him when he lost the throne.

So at the time that Rayek destroyed the Go-Back settlement she was probably very young, depending on cooking time and maturation rates. Time gap for availability is... 18 months to 2 years to Windkin's birth, then maybe 3 months or so to the Blue Mountain stuff... maybe six months afterwards for Kings 'cause Windkin is still a baby...

And Oddbit wouldn't have conceived Trinket until after Picknose became king.

So she'd be... maybe 2 years old depending on maturation rate and gestation?


Embala said: Mender is Mine Wink

Ok, this is totally hilarious @Embala!


MrsGrizzley said: And Oddbit wouldn't have conceived Trinket until after Picknose became king.

Yeah, three years passed between the end of the Original Quest and the events of Kings of the Broken Wheel (which happen just days after Siege, which itself happened in a matter of days). So if you give trolls 9-12 months gestation, that makes Trinket around 2 years old when she's introduced.


Thank you , Thornbrake. It was fun to make. :)


Embala said: Trinket grown up:

- not a warrior at all! XD

Hmm... this just made me realise something:
Strange that she didn't figure out that holding a sword like that bloody Hurts!
Or maybe she did. Maybe the very next (unseen) scene was her dropping the sword with a high-pitched scream...


I recall this picture, and assumed she was holding the flat sides of the point.
If Trinket were living near Ember's tribe, would she still want Mender, or would she go after Teir?


Startear said: =P~ I like how we now have a Trinket emoticon.

Because, relevant. XD


I have a question about grow-rate of little mups. Again. ;) When Rayek challenged Cutter, 7 years have passed, according to the timeline. Considering our last conversation, Trinket should be around 9-10 now. Yet little Trinket is seen with the same dress, and doesn't seem to have grown an inch since we saw her in Kings. How come?