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Marvelous Minyah!


Who couldn't love this Martha Stewart of the Sunfolk?

Stylish, sophisticated and smooth. I love her, and hope all of you do, too.


I want to know more about her! Were there any other sun-villagers that were as tall as her and Savah?


[color=blue:52e50322df]Erm...could someone post pictures? I don't quite know who she is... :oops: [/color:52e50322df]


[color=indigo:02fca7696a]i dont have pictures of her..but if you have Book one handy..she is the one telling redlance you cant grow a plant simply by staring at it...which redlance proves her wrong of course Wink !!![/color:02fca7696a]


[quote:d6a2a0bcb3="emerald"][color=blue:d6a2a0bcb3]Erm...could someone post pictures? I don't quite know who she is... :oops: [/color:d6a2a0bcb3][/quote:d6a2a0bcb3]
she smacks redlances butt


Grin Who wouldn't?


Heh, heh !


I would wear a basket hat like that one if I could find one somewhere! :D


*laughing* Yeah, it's interesting that they mentioned her by name Wink


Maybe she has a part to play later in the story... :?


She seems to pop up all the time. I thought that she maybe represents the "common" Sun Villager... sort of. It was so cute to see her and Ekuar sitting close together in the Sun Village in KoBW :D . I was kind of hoping he would get some "love" Grin .




[quote:5a790a560f="Kathleen"]Who couldn't love this Martha Stewart of the Sunfolk?

Stylish, sophisticated and smooth. I love her, and hope all of you do, too.[/quote:5a790a560f]

I think she's terrific, but I never really saw her as stylish or sophisticated. More along the lines of earthy and centered in what's most important.

I can't relate to or understand Martha Stewart, but Minyah makes a lot of sense to me. :)


The elves we see a lot of are those that are moved to adventure, whether by choice or happenstance. Minyah seems like the elf who'd rather stay put, she's the elven homebody. She may get adventurous if adventure knocks down her front door, but otherwise...not so much.


I love Minyah too. I was happy to see her make an appearance in Discovery. I was also happy to see that she does indeed appear to be slightly taller than most Sun Folk, Wolfriders and Go-Backs - which is how she was depicted in her original appearance, along with Sun-Toucher. I always thought that little detail was great, indicating that these elves were part of the gradual shortening of the elves. These elves might be third or fourth generation - not a tall as Savah or the Gliders, but taller than younger generations.

See what I mean here, where she is almost a head taller than Shenshen and Redlance (even minus the hat):


Oh, and having recently appeared on Martha Stewart's daytime talk show, I can tell you that Martha isn't the type to hang in the background like Minyah. :) But she's really nice in person!


When you look carefully, you can spot Minyah again and again at different places in the Sunvillage. The hat model changes slightly with time passing Wink That's how she was seen the first time - her moment in the spot light:


Forgot to bring this here... I was going to draw Minyah for the pin up Calendar. But after the exam, I was more or less struck out. Energy was low, couldn't do anything.

It was sent in for bonus art but not used.

When approaching the "sexy pose" I had a bit of trouble... didn't want to make it obvious that I was hiding her boobs or anything. Because I hate it when it is that obvious, especially with elves whom doesn't have our hangups.

So, what I chose was this... after a long day of pulling weeds and working in the garden, it surely must feel good to sink down in the hot springs.


Clever slution, Startear!

Minyah really looks like she is enjoying her bath ... and sexy. I can imagine her inviting someone for company - look at her eyes Wink


I actually like this one, it is cute and boy, I've come far... that was done in December! But it doesn't really look like Minyah to me. Without her hat, hoe and characteristic clothes, I can't really see her... hell, if I lied and said this is me character Alshenek, I don't think anyone would disbelieve me!


Quick sketch of Minyah with sunflowers. Laugh


Where else would there be sun flowers? Happy

I love how lively the lines are. And the background.


That's the problem with minor characters who have a VERY characteristic style. When you skip the clothing there's not much left to work with. don't be too hard with yourself, Startear.
And keep in mind - this was considered to be one of three scene shots - Minyah would have been recognizable in the right context.

Pretty take on Minyah, jeb Happy- absolutely agree with Startear! Great to have you around and post again.


Hey everyone - Minyah finally has a character profile! Check it out here.