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Just learning ... slowly ...


Just to make sure I've my place for silly experiments back ...



Finally, a question I can answer!!!!!

You select the post link you want, choose Copy Link Location or something similar, go over to the message that you wanna create the link in and type

[ link = '

Only without the spaces, then Paste the copied link. And follow up with closing the tags.

' ]

Write your cool little words for the clicky thing and then close the link tag.

[ / link ]

I went through and fixed all the links in my Fanfiction Table of Contents that way.

Mrs. Grizzley







Avatars are not supposed to be bigger then 100x100. I think you can get away with them being 125x125 but 100x100 seems to be the norm.
Also, the banners aren't supposed to be bigger then 500x75. Richard's rules.


[quote:a329cfcb87="Willowspring"]now how do i have the banner become the link to the site *ponders* me stupid![/quote:a329cfcb87][quote:a329cfcb87="WiseShaman"]Willow,

You need to use the anchor tab, like this:

a href="http://s43.photobucket.com/albums/e368/Wiseshaman1969/EQ/?action=view&current=" target="_blank">aniew

Only use the link to your banner here...not mine. Grin[/quote:a329cfcb87]



Posted: Fri May 15, 2009 2:23 am Post subject:


[quote:b0f8a49783="ElfTanner"]Joselle dear - you need to update your first page again. I went looking for Moonshade art that you have done to ask your permission to post it on my Moonshade site and ended up searching through all 130 some odd pages to find them all. I knew you had done a Moonshade card for your series, and one of her as a chibi, but Ifound others as well. May I use them on my Moonshade site?

Yeah, I do. I'm less sure of how to organize it since after the crash I've finished some of the requests...and gah! It's frustrating. I may be moved to just delete the entire list and start from scratch.

But yes, you (and anyone) can always repost my work on any site you'd like. Just give credit and link to this thread, or my dA account, whichever you feel is best.

And I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I don't need to be asked if you guys want to use my work for wallpapers, avatars banners or anything like that. It's the web. I expect art to be distributed. And since I don't own any of the EQ characters myself and can't do anything with them really.. I don't care. :D




Learning: [b:326e7ccace]not higher than 600 - not wider than 800[/b:326e7ccace] !


still pretty


To remember - FQ poll "Vojira-style"


Why have you sent me a friend request? (multiple answers possible)
o Wave2 I looked on your profile and we seem to fit well together!
o Your avatar has hypnotic abilities ... @_@
o I lurked quite a while and like what you did/said in the threads.
o Not my idea - My Muse made friends with The Muse Deal
o You were online.
o I'm in need of some friends! Puppy_eyes
o You are the friend of a friend.
o I want to break the record of having 1 Million friends! You are # 999.983 Yay
o Why do you ask?
o By accident Eek! - Thought you are the cool guy I've talked to yesterday - - -
o ... don't know ... Can YOU tell me?
o Bow_down Your art is adorable!
o You? Again?! :/
o A scary elf is sitting on my back and makes me do weird things! OMG!!
o FQ...? ... ?_? ... I simply tried out buttons ...
o HELP! My comp has taken over - Smash

Spruch von Stormcatcher:

Ich seh dich schon im Elektronik bestellen: "Ich kann nicht mehr tippen und benötige eine Software zur Spracheingabe am PC." - "Verstehe... kranke Gelenke..." - "Nee, gelenkige Katze..." Wink


[quote:b54a3a4200="Embala"]DART’S DECISION

just a trick to make krwordgazer's story readable for me <img src="/social/file/pic/emoticon/default/wink.png" alt="Wink" title="Wink" title="v_middle" /> [/quote:b54a3a4200]

The original bursts my screen :x

... and when I try to copy it in a normal text program I'll lose the layout ... unreadable mess again :roll:

... so THIS was the easiest way.



[quote:03eb36b61b="spiritofthewater"]In case anyone want bigger versions of the Leetah and Dewshine picture you can use these links:

Warning. The rules of the Scroll (and of Elfquest.com generally) prohibit the republication (reposting) of high quality images of any Elfquest art. 72 dpi is the maximum. If you want to make high resolution scans of artwork you own, or have found, for your own use, that's fine. But please do not put high resolution images on your site or any site where others can get them.[/quote:03eb36b61b]




[color=red:461302c59b]EMBALA! I FREAKING [i:461302c59b]LOVE[/i:461302c59b] YOU! where did you find those?[/color:461302c59b]


Surprised What are YOU doing here? Bringing a Broccoli in to make matters worse!
I hoped to get rid of all this hyper eatables in the "Tree and Lobster"! :roll:

Oh ... you want to take them with you and care for them? :D Thankies! :hug:


Found Strawberry, Orange, Onion, Tomato and ... perhaps more, but you must catch them yourself!


These are Icemoon's ... and for Icemoon Wink

... all but one - this I'd like to keep myself Wink


woaaaaaw !
thankiiies embala !!!!!!!

you 're so sweet
:hug: :hug2:


Okay ... let's count + and -

+ Elfqurest is back

+ lots of people are back (as far as I've seen so far)

+ I'm back - successfully logged in

+ I have a face again (and a signature)

+ the Forum looks familiar and my threads are still there

+ faeriegirl asked to be my friend

- there's so much new I don't know where to begin with

- will have to rebuild my threads (Why is a big part of my collages not showing? All are loaded the same way *scratches head*Wink

- will have to learn how to upload pics without photobucket ... should be easy tho!

- no idea how to answer faeriegirl's offer Unhappy

ElfQuest is back!!!

... and I have much to learn!

EDIT - learned:

+ How to edit a post

- most of my collages are too big ... must go on hosting on Photobucket

Richard Pini wrote:

Perhaps I can expand a bit on Faerydae's post.

1) Go into your album and call up that very photo you want to use

2) When it shows in your browser, select the entire URL from the address bar and copy it

3) Go to the forum and create a new post

4) Write whatever (or not) and then position the cursor where you want the photo to appear in the post

5) Click on the little picture frame icon at the top of the window where you're composing your post (after the bold, italic, smilies, etc. icons)

6) When the "image" window opens up, paste the URL that you copied into the field. You may have to backspace/delete the existing "http://" that they provide for you as you dont want to have two of those in the field

7) Click "submit" and that should be it.

I have to admit, however, I don't know if that will post the link, or the actual photo image into your post, as I haven't tried it yet. Can anyone clarify?


(to answer fairigirl's offer, look on the dashboard, I think, then, click on "you've a friend request", then, one I accept", I think it's that)



Thank you, Icemoon! Very glad to see you too Happy


Just spamming your thread here Embala! Smile My own testing site has been eated...

Right... let's see...



You are welcome here, Redhead Smile

New size test: width 620 = maximum!

LINK to EQ galley with "increase" function

Must learn to built this kind of LINK


It took me quite some time to find the subject (well, one of them anyway) back, but it's here.

I've made a familly tree, that you can see here

right here!


Like the pic! Happy


quoting multiple posts: Just click on that symbol on all the posts you want to quote, then click on "Go Advanced" under the reply field and you will get a text editor with all the posts you want to quote in it.

<_img src="http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e364/Etumla/Banner/BA_EDA-gold1_trophy.png" alt="" />


Folks, this thread is for testing, not for posting - if you're happy with the results of the test, there are other threads where you can post and ooh and ahh (in fan art, perhaps). Thanks!


Right... size-code-testing....

size 7

size 9

size 11

size 18

size 32

Edit: Doesn't quite work like the old one...


Nuuh-uh ... not a good idea, Redhead. You shouldn't play around with size codes!

When I cleaned one of my threads I missed to delete one of the old size codes properly - and the remains messed up the thread completely.

And I mean - completely - totally - disastrous !!!

*shock of the month*

It was only luck that I managed to jump back and delete the source of chaos

*deep sight of relief*


I see what you mean... looks like there are two options here; normal... or... big!


And if you don't end it properly everything that follows will be infected - not only the post but the whole layout - starting with the user name and ending with the Quick Post aera. You even won't find the icons for editing or delete anymore.

So - LET.IT.BE - please!



I see what you mean... looks like there are two options here; normal... or... big!

At the risk of cheesing off someone (surely there will be one person), the styles were designed for only two sizes. Even the "big" doesn't have to be so very big, if someone wants to emphasize. (And using the "bold" tag does that very nicely anyway.) But the very tiny type was totally irritating to try to read, especially if it was in a color that was itself hard to see.


So no tiny writing?


Is this better?
Or maybe this?


Just... have to try it... :banana:



The blue has the greatest impact! every things in harmony in that one.


WOW Beautiful Embala!!! Disaster image!!! Amazing!! Surprised


Have a Happy New Year !

my banner including sig

Thanks so much, ElfTanner - for the banner and more!


There is a little variability in size, but not like there used to be. The code I've found to work is
[ size = ? ] text [ / size ] (no spaces, of course)






The old code was for standard font sizes, usually 9, 10 or 11. So anywhere someone put in the old code "size=9" it's going to be huge now.


Code waiting for Lonetree Smile

<a h?ref="insert your picture URL from the album, ending with _500"?>[im?g]insert your picture URL again, this time change the ending to _150[/im?g]</?a>

You have to remove the 5 ? I put into the code to make it show this way.


Voll so far.


The Blood of Ten Chiefs
Coming of Age
Plague of Allos
Tale of the Snowbeast*
The Deer Hunters
Tanner's Dream
The Spirit Quest*
Lessons in Passing*
Night Hunt

Love and Memory
The Search
Dreamsinger's Tale
Summer Tag
Stormlight's Way
A Very Good Year for Dreamberries

Winds of Change
Wind Warning
A Friend in Need
Song's End
The Flood
At the Oak's Root*
The Fire Song
The Phantom of the Berry Patch*

Against the Wind
The Good Summer
Court and Chase
Ties That Bind
Season of Sorrows
Howl for Eldolil*
The Changeling
Hero Worship*

Dark Hours
In Memory Green
Starting Over
Personal Challenge
Riders of the Storm
The Naming of Stonefist
The Long Hunt
Five-Finger Exercise


Useful thread: A Breakdown of What's What

Try of a Reader's Guide:

It's not "the ultimative reader's guide" but good enough for a smooth read. I'll try to give you some information about the different series so you can decide by yourself.

Original Quest
Siege at Blue Montain
King of te Broken Wheel
Dreamtime - happens shortly after the return of the Palace ... awesome Wendy art
Hidden Years #4, #8, #9,5 and #10-15 - single issues filling gaps and giving background information for the time from the return of the Palace until the main story lines SHARDS and HIDDEN YEARS start. Read before starting with Shards and the rest of HY!

Main storyline - Shards (#1 til #15) and Hidden Years (from #16 til the end) - run parallel and influence each other. Shards #10 / HY #24 and Shards #12 / HY #25 are directly connected - read the Shards issue before you look in the corresponding HY issue - spoiler warning!

About same time as Shards and Ember's Hidden Years storyline
New Blood #14-35 - Forevergreen Arc ... no direct connections with Shards/HY but it has necessary informations about the Sunvillager's and Windkin's fate.
Would be no fault to read New Blood #11, #12, #13 before you start the Forevergreen Arc with NB #14.

Shards #16 gathers both the three story lines and the scattered elves.

Here you should read In All But Blood - it starts with Cutter's youth, a story about his early time in the Sun Village, a story centering on Skywise somewhen after the return of the Palace. The last is the important one: Full Circle closes a time and knowledge gap between the end of SHARDS and the two (so far) final stories ...

Searcher and the Sword - following Cutter's tribe after Shards
Discovery - follows directly SatS

NOT in Digital EQ: The Final Quest Special ... the brand now issue that introduces the new FINAL QUEST story arc

... that's what would make most sense for me to read in row from EQ1 until "present time" (= The Final Quest Special) ... waiting for the Final Quest to start in January Wink

more or less parallel with SatS / Discovery
Wild Hunt - following Ember's tribe after the Shards War
Mender's Tale (unfinished) - following Wild Huntprobablymaybe concluded in the Final Quest

The Forevergreen Story arc is more or less followed by
Worldpool - following some chars from the Forevergreen Arc, followed by
Fire-Eye ... unfinished
both probably "non-canon"

Other series and single issues:

Tales from the elves' wild past:
Blood of Ten Chiefs
Wolfrider! - read it!
By any other name (RC "In all but Blood")
Hidden Years #5, #6, #7, #9
5 Starfall, Starrise - pre-EQ1 (story about Skywise and his parents' fate)
6+ 7 How Shall I keep from Singing - High Ones' arrival and first years
9 The Enemy's Face - story from Leetah's birth and youth
Homespun (RC "In all but Blood")

Spotlights on the time of the Long Wait (disappearance of the Palace until Big Sleep)
Hidden Years #1, #2, #3
1 Wolfwood - during Long Wait (centering on Strongbow - I love it)
2 Going Back - during Long Wait (Kahvi "visits" Sorrow's End again)
3 Little Patch - during Long Wait (Tyleet's "cub")
The Jury (?)
New Blood #11, #12, #13

Background Story of the Wavedancers
Wavedancers Issue #1
Wavedancers - lost chapters (unfinished)
... it might be less puzzeling to read it after Discovery (some inconsistencies and retconning)


Somewhen in not too far future
Rogue's Curse - following Rayek's journey after Shards

Far future
The Rebles
Futurequest (unfinished)


Havn't listed all Wink

The rest of New Blood is a mix of Wild Past, Long Wait, various Misc stuff ... many of it considered non-canon

same for Bedtime Stories

Elfquest Volume 2 - containes stories that are mostly listed and reposted in collections (ask if you want to know more ... same for stories I missed to mention)

Kings Cross - a "What-If" / alternative universe story ...

Xanth - something totally different

There is no easy way to read through - you'll have to pic when you want to follow the time line.

As you will notice some of the stories can be found in several topics. The Elfquest Vol. 2 issues have several ongoing stories in each issue - and then and now a single one. Many of these stories are gathered in collections:

Dreamtime, Wild Hunt, Wavedancers, Rogue's Curse, Wolfrider to mention just a few.

You can stick with the gatherings to follow my suggestions ... Elfquest Vol. 2 is a read for "completation" when everything else is done in my opinion.

Don't hesitate to ask in case you need more information - or help to find some issues/collections.

Welcome to the pack Happy Enjoy and have fun! Good read!



silvery eyes, long black hair, a sword of some kind, dragon as a pet, long coat, pants, boots, goatee style beard and mustache,
my favorite colors are red, black, gold, silver, dark blue

dragon color red and black



How to post links?


Yay! It worked!

Eeeh... how do I put text in?


How to post links?


Yay! It worked!

Eeeh... how do I put text in?

This way <- quote it



Posting these here by Embala's request so she can quote the code and better see the differences in getting image-based links to work in the new site setup...

The first image is from her photo archive here at the scroll, the second is from my Photobucket account.

EDIT: Y'know, the ability to preview posts to check for coding errors would be really nice...


Jeedai said

Posting these here by Embala's request so she can quote the code and better see the differences in getting image-based links to work in the new site setup...

The first image is from her photo archive here at the scroll, the second is from my Photobucket account.

EDIT: Y'know, the ability to preview posts to check for coding errors would be really nice...

(link=http://www.elfquest.com/social/file/pic/photo/2012/07/8d519ad08e8790327e0588c697fe216f_500.jpg)(img ]http://www.elfquest.com/social/file/pic/photo/2012/07/8d519ad08e8790327e0588c697fe216f_150.jpg(/img)(/link)

Comet, take this coding:


from PCoquelin:

Insuring neatness is a delicate matter.
For most of my avatar pictures, it asked me for some efforts, and I had to abandon, for many of them, not able to get a correct effect.
Mainly, the technical approach consists in reducing step by step the picture, with mainly a division by 2 or by 1.5 of its size, in order to NOT create more binary blurring.
1. prefer basic sizes like 256, 512, 768, 1024
2. Reduce the size with NEATNESS already in mind: check each result at a very small preview
3. Increase luminosity and contrast, SLIGHTLY, the more reduced the picture is
4. Beware of the JPG format and set the compression ratio (if you can) precisely.
I followed all of this for most of the pictures I worked on, and it pays.

and another thing: very often,the Web navigator ADAPTS BY ITSELF the size of a picture, thus creating binary blurring when the size is either not very clean or not easy to resize (ie not at sizes worth 2^n). Keep all this in mind.

Happy New Year!



führt zur pb Seite

führt zum großen Bild

image - image - image - image


(remove _ )

<_img src="(direkt link)"height_="250"_> or <_img src="(direkt link)"width_="250"_>