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MrsGrizzley's Characters


These are the characters that I have which are ElfQuest derived or influenced.


Born of a mixed blood pairing (still being mysterious about the nature of the two bloods) HalfElven has some Elfin features and some Human features. Namely, her ears are pointed like Elves, though not as dramatically, and she has five-fingered hands. She is only a little taller than the average Wolfrider, though nowhere near as tall as the High Ones or the Gliders (unless she's somewhere other than Abode, which is something else ENTIRELY).

Her hair is in the red-gold shades, with a circle of white hair on the right side, about an inch or so back from the hairline, that she parts right through the middle of, so she's got twin streaks going through her hair. She wears her hair long-ish and generally loose. Her eyes are a brilliant deep green and they seem to glow slightly. (It's odd to those who aren't Elves because all Elves' eyes seem to glow)

Her clothing is simple, but does change over time as she experiments with styles. Most recently she has leather leggings in a brown patchwork that looks like leaves all stitched together and a similar short vest in green patchwork. The vest is open in front. Her blouse is white and reaches mid-thigh, with sleeves that are gathered at the wrists by cuffs. Her boots are brown and buckle up the sides with bone fasteners.

Use: Main character of the long running fanfiction series named after her. (Also shows up in NUMEROUS other original fiction projects of mine.)

She has four, known, living children. Archer (by Strongbow), Wolfsong and Starsong (by Skywise), and Riordan (by Minstrel Wind, don't worry about him, he's Original Works). A fifth known child, a daughter, was born from her relationship with a Dryad man. The girl ultimately transformed into a tree and from the tree was born Valerie Dreamsail.

Archer's hair runs a touch towards the brown shades but more red than his father's and his eyes are greenish.

Wolfsong and Starsong are identical twins with shock white hair, Skywise's nose, and their mother's green eyes.

I'm still working on Riordan. And his micro is in DIRE need of updating...

Valerie Dreamsail, HalfElven's dryad granddaughter, has very long dark red hair and deep blue eyes. She tends to prefer clothing of a steampunk/Gothic Victorian feel, though she has a level of audacity to her look sometimes that is the result of seeing worlds other than the one of her birth.

The white streak that HalfElven has is genetic, her children also have white streaks, though it's not like it matters for the twins because their hair is ALL white. The location of the white streak, though, is negotiable on the others.


Sunspark -

Sunspark is a Wolfrider from Arrowfall's tribe, though that may change slightly with the development of Artegal as an ElfQuest inspired world setting. She uses a spear and she is one of the tribe's hunters.

Sunspark doesn't smile and there is always an aura of melancholy about her. She is plainly grief-stricken and barely holding it together only through severe despair. Her features are average, of a sort, though her sadness is striking and it lends her a certain severe attractiveness. Her eyes are brown as is her hair, which is medium-long and hangs loose. She does have bangs, though.

Her clothing tends to have all the brightness that Sunspark herself does not. She has a brief top in yellows and oranges and golds, and a matching skirt that leaves her legs largely unfettered. She has a cape, sometimes, of a rich brown to match the forest.

Use: Main character of a Fanfiction story and the subject of numerous dolls and other artwork thus far. She must be fun to work with visually.



Lei'Ahree is a descendant of a group of High Ones who settled for good on a world called Artegal. Their choice to become part of the world has influenced their descendants and created several matters that make them very different from their Abodean kin. Lei'Ahree is from a group of elves who settled in the Nation of Ula-Ronat, an island group that resembles Hawaii and Florida in temperature and climate. Her skin tone is close to that of the Sun Villagers, though her habits and environment more closely mimic the Wavedancers.

Lei'Ahree is a pearl-diver and maker of jewelry, mostly using shell or stone or bone, or pearls. Anything that is of the sea can make an appearance in her jewelry. Her clothing also tends towards the colors of the sea, greens, and blues, and lately purples to match her eyes.

Lei'Ahree's hair is black and very long, and wavy. She wears it in a variety of styles depending on circumstance and personal whim. Her eyes are a brilliant violet color and are her most startling feature. She is fully as tall as any average human, though not as tall as some individuals. The elves of Artegal never had to shrink their size to fit in, so they are all as tall as High Ones, which is to say, only slightly shorter than humans.

Her clothing styles vary drastically depending on which Nation she is in or which climate environment. She prefers the less-confining clothing of her native Ula-Ronat, though that is blatantly unsuited to some of the other Nations, like oriental Eremaki for instance. The world setting tends towards Steampunk in technology and clothing, 1800's on Earth or thereabouts, which would be somewhere in Rogue's Curse I believe. She is showing some fondness for the styling that is available to her.

Use: Original Fiction character of Elven descent. I'm still figuring out what to do with her and with Artegal in general, but it will likely be added to the Grizzyverse as a world where there are Elves in addition to the Fey of FaerieEarth and of Fahri.

Secondary characters:

Emperor Masurao

The Emperor of Eremaki, he is of mixed Elven and Merrow ancestry from the time of the first landing of the High Ones.


He is a Samurai in service to the Emperor and apparently quite a humorous fellow to watch in action because he's so earnest in everything he does. The first image is his sun-faded version after a LONG time in the desert, training.


A Geisha of Eremaki, she has a highly unusual ability to stand her ground and say what she thinks, though admittedly that's not always a positive feature in such a culture. The Emperor seems to find her outspokenness worthwhile, though, and values her judgment.

Tiernan Nathair

Something of a villain and something of a pawn in the plots going on, Tiernan Nathair is the Keeper of Glaisne and he is ultimately commanded to do something horrific that would likely condemn his soul forever.



Wavedancer/MerElf from no world in particular just yet, though that might change. She has fins and rather ornate lion-fish ones at that, though sometimes she is shown is a more simple coloration.

Her scales tend towards white with pink accents or simply pink to match her hair and her star-shaped brassiere. Her hair is long and loose and her eyes are a sea-green with blue shades.

She uses a trident. And has a pet sea-dinosaur named Blubble.


Wavedancer/MerElf lovemate to Dawnfish. His scales tend more towards the Orca coloration with white and black. His hair is also black, as are his eyes. He has a more draconic friend than the oversized Blubble that is white and silver in color.

Use: Developed in the TekTek Dream Avatar Maker on a whim, neither has been used in any stories or have been developed further than this. Dawnfish has appeared in some doll forms since then, but nothing is really set in stone. They might be imported to Artegal, they might not.



Updates!!!! *chuckle*

Lei'Ahree is still FIRMLY elfin, but she's halfblood with a water-based race called the Merrow. Yeah, it's a peculiarity of the world where that "Palace" landed that there aren't really any "true" humans except the few Malan remnants left in Astraea and they're all pureblood. Mixing the lineage doesn't make a halfblood, it makes a full other-than-Malan.

ANYWAY, it means that she's a smidge lighter than in my siggie banner, though I *think* the Merrow like to have the ears like Dawnfish does in there, the fin-like ones. They've got gils behind their ears and slightly webbed fingers and hands.

I'm still considering pulling Sunspark into the setting as a fullblood elf, but since she's a warrior it'd run a slight bit counter to the magic-heavy emphasis that elves have there.

But ya know how the Palace had Elves, Preservers, and Diggers? Yeah, there were FOUR races on the Palace that landed in Artegal. The Elves, the Dullahan (who were elfin souls that chose bodiless form to make their magic stronger and so are wrapped in armor to give them shape), the Moogles (kinda like Preserver meets Bunny), and the Cravat (kinda like Preserver meets Bat).

Anyway, Leia's friend, the Emperor of Eremaki, is Masurao and he's of mixed Elf and Merrow bloodlines too. I've also got a full-blood Merrow character that I've been dolling lately (Geisha).

OH!!! And I just started building a Moogle based off PETALWING!!!! *giggles* Her name's Miuka. I just don't know if I wanna go as far as giving her green fur or not. *chuckle*

Other than that . . . I haven't been dolling much that relates to EQ much. But at least I have THAT original world setting to put Elves into.



Sounds like you have fun! Happy *wanna see Miuka*

Dawnfish question:
-she has fin-like ears
does she have
-armfins? (the kind Jeedai uses / OWD style)
-webbed fingers?


Ya know, I've never asked her that before.

I don't see her with the armfins, really, but I do like the webbed fingers idea. If I were to build her in Artegal she'd likely be an Elf who Shaped herself to more resemble the Merrow or an actual Elf/Merrow cross, like Lei'Ahree. Although Lei'Ahree favors the elfin side of her heritage rather strongly.

Yeah, Shaping magic is real popular in Artegal.

I'd LOVE to see Miuka myself but finding a humanoid bunny doll with droopy ears that I can slap wings on . . . not so easy.

On the other hand, there's a Simplicity Pattern for Angel Bunnies that looks almost exactly like them. *chuckle*

Finally got Miuka built, she's actually got cream-colored fur. Most of the similarity to Petalwing is in her personality, and the fact that her name is "beautiful" "feather" "flower". *chuckle* She also loves to play dress-up and her favorite bonnet looks like Rosie's cap from The Rebels.



Must Show Miuka !!!

Webbed ears and finger ... got it! Now I have to redo my doll once more ...


Well, considering that "humanoid bunny" is closer to "anthropomorphic bunny a la Wind in the Willows or Disney" . . . and seriously heavy on the Puss in Boots CUTE factor from Shrek . . .

Yeah, I wanna be able to show Miuka off too.

She'd be adorable as a doll. Or anything. Heck, she's just adorable. Here, from her character template for the site . . .

Appearance: Miuka is an adorable Moogle. And that's adorable by *their* standards, which is higher than for mere mortals. She's the most beautiful and the most appealing of their number, if you listen to her tell it. Her long ears fall on either side of her perfectly proportioned face and she likes to make sure that her short cream-colored fur falls perfectly smooth over her whole body. She likes playing dress-up of various sorts, experimenting with clothing styles and accessories, looking for the best combination to compliment her overwhelming cuteness. Her favorite bonnet, in fact, is one that looks like a rose bloom given shape as a head adornment. She has showed something of a preference for natural themes in her choices, flowers or blooms or vines and smooth stones.

Personality: Miuka is somewhat self-absorbed. Okay, more than somewhat. She really does believe herself to be the epitome of Moogle beauty, a standard she interprets as just how Ubercute she can be. In point of fact, she has made a point of cultivating this particular standard of beauty over . . . well, several years. Yeah, don't ask how old she is. She claims two hundred ninety and nine, and not a day older, but she's been claiming that for several lifetimes at LEAST. Most men known for wisdom don't question her claims. She is cute, but she has a temper and a deviousness that is positively magnificent for its depth and creativity. She has no sense of shame and no sense of boundaries. She is quite the little voyeur, in point of fact. And she has the magical prowess to ensure that most people don't argue with her.

Gah, is that not ADORABLE? *chuckle*



Alright, description of Tsukiko

Merrow Geisha from Eremaki, which means she'll favor kimonos and such, but I fully anticipate that she'll experiment *some* in the clothing styles of other nations, she just will always prefer feminine clothing at all times. She has blue hair and purple eyes, and a pale complexion. Her hair is straight and very long as is expected because she's a Geisha.

Tsukiko is biologically male and yet, because of the active prevalence of Shapers in Artegal, she has a female's breasts. She identifies as female and can fool almost anyone who doesn't pay more attention to bone structure than behavior.

Merrow males are androgynous to begin with, in Tsukiko's case that was taken to the feminine extreme. There's a story behind it, but it's complicated and edges towards dark territory in places.


Other Characters from Artegal

Masurao, Emperor of Eremaki - descended from a line of Merrow/Elven mixed blood he has most of the appearance of the Merrow with the magical prowess of the Elven. He's dark haired and favors royal clothing. He is also trained to fight like the Samurai who serve him so he's no pushover. Sixteen years old.

Oh, Lei'Ahree's seventeen. Tsukiko's twenty-three.

Tiernan Nathair - scoundrel and thief, charming one at that, the lying sack of sheep dung. He has brown hair and green eyes.

I'm still developing a "look" for him but whatever it is, he likes to dress well. He's also one of the bad guys.



Tiernan Nathair ... interesting name - obviously bad character - winning look! Wink He seems very fitting in this outfit and environment.


Yeah, I went with the clockwork background for him because it's a Steampunk environment technology-wise so it fit. What frustrates me so much with him is that he wouldn't be NEARLY that awful a character if it weren't that he's working for the wrong side. He's strong willed and willing to do what he has to in order to meet his goals, the problem is that the methods he's being ordered to use involve crossing several uncrossable boundaries that pretty much mean no matter WHAT he manages to finagle, he is NOT going to survive the story.

And in his case "just desserts" involves more pain and agony than he really knows that he signed up for.

But yeah, I'm going to enjoy punching holes in his body to string chains through. *whistles innocently* Well, trust me, he'll deserve it if he succeeds at what he's trying to do.



Who knows ... may be he will surprise you and cheat himself out of this trap!


Not likely. *chuckle*

He recently informed me as to his methods for separating the target from the rest of the group so that there would be no interruptions when he had to pull a Black Snake on her and . . . well, he had better pray that Odin saves him 'cause none of the other Spirits will and neither will Odin if he has a say in the matter.

It's a twisted situation but as part of the plans of the cabal of evil mages who are behind everything he has to completely break a woman's mind and will . . . and there aren't really any methods to do that which DON'T cross the uncrossable boundaries.

So yeah.

But it'll make for one heckuva fun fight to watch when we finally get the story to that point.



Heck if I know where else to show this off . . .

But here's Tiraleen and Steel Deer, characters from another place.

And yes, that's about the accurate size difference between them.

Yippeeee!!! I'm figuring this stuff out!!!



Here's great, Grizz. You can also show them in the
non-Elfquest dollz thread that kat runs in Off-Topics.

I'm so glad you are having fun with the microheros.

Keep up the good work!


They look fine!

Great to see you having so much fun with your newly discovered possibilities (and abilities) Happy


Well, I'll add them there as soon as I get up the courage.

Okay,this one has something of an idiot-story to go with it. I spent ALL DAY on this thing. I wanted Samurai armor for my Steel Deer doll, that I still don't have a prehensile tail for but oh well. So I went through ALL the sheets of things that I've got and I found one set that looked sorta right. It was mostly an outline so I could use it as a guide since, well, I was going to have to hand draw this one.

Yeah, premade pieces for the Hulk base are few and far between.

So I laboriously copied this armor onto the base that I'd recolored to use for Steel. I got it all set up. I got it ready for bragging.

And then my brother in law informs me that the armor came from DragonBall Z.

I just about DIED.

I know to stay away from the Harry Potter stuff. I know to stay away from the Organization 13 robes, however cool they look. WHY don't these things come with warnings?????

*sigh* So rather than scrap the whole thing, which I seriously considered doing, I edited it some more and hopefully it's not QUITE so maddeningly stupid.

But it sure was enough to make me wish I'd never started this whole thing for a while there.



Alright, I got to playing around with stuff for Tira. Hopefully this one isn't too wide for the Site. Three are fairly standard, playing with clothing. The fourth takes some explanation.

Normally Tira has tattoos, but I can't draw those on her right now. Go figure. The color of her magic, though, is Blue-Green, and her armor for the site is a collar, a diadem, wristcuffs, anklets, and a cloak. The ninjato is Dragon Shard, the katana is Cutting Light. The boots normally have wheels on them (rollerskates). So that one was me trying to get all her equipment shown. I still didn't get the bandoleer of throwing knives, though.



Steal's armor looks fine for me. You did a good job with transfering it.

Good choices for Tiraleen - she looks good in each variation. I love the color of the last one.


Your characters are looking awesome MrsGrizzley!! Happy


Thank you. *smile*

I love the Blue Green of Dragon magic, too. Part of my tendency to give Elemental alignments specific colors and all that.

Now if only I can get the prehensile tail for the Galka and a good set of cat-ears for the Mithra and I can actually have a set of the Five Peoples of Vana'diel. *chuckle*



katcombs' char "Kat" has cat-ears ... maybe she can help? The doll is in the "Tynami - Character Info" thread here at the group if you want to take a look.


I might take a look at that. I'm kinda distracted right now by those adorable little Cubys though.



Your Sunspark as a High One - sort of - and in two moods Smile



I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






WOW!! Very nice embala!!Smile


*happy laugh*

Want more? An unusual Dawnfish ...

... High One style - the missing (hidden) tail is intentional Wink


OMG!!....how beautifull Luvlove



*huggles the doll*

I love it!




As the base offers this outfit it was inevitable to do Aurora


*laugh* Of course it was inevitable.

I love it!



Laugh Honestly, I had FUN with your chars!

She refused to wear a long skirt ... and I had to use this crown for your jewel maker.



I love it!!!!! And I can DEFINITELY see why you had to use that crown. That's a PERFECT crown for her!!!




Embala those dollz are beautifullLuvlove

and nice characters MrsGrizzley!Smile



Two more for a good ending ... I made them elves /High Ones tho I'm not quite sure about one of them at least

Tiraleen and Tsukiko

(HalfElfen is not cooperative so far ...)


..OMG!! *falls from chair*

You make so many beautifull dollz!!Smile


*picks Wolfie up* Be careful, sweetie ... cannot risk to loose a fan! Wink *orders armchair*



I love it!!!! Tsukiko's adorable!! And yeah, Tiraleen has Elf-variant alts so she works. *grin* I'm still debating whether or not she'll show in Spirits of the Crystals.

And, in the spirit of "I have too many characters and don't know what to do with them all . . ."

No name, but there wasn't a Pink tail or I'd have done Dawnfish.



She's cute ... love her Dandelion tail Smile

That's the best I could do for HalfElven ...



It works for HalfElven. *grin* Very nice, in fact.



Thank you! Why "grin*? *is curious*

...and a "special" for her twins - Starsong and Wolfsong



I love the twins!!!!!!!!

and I was grinning because I always grin like a madwoman whenever someone makes a doll or an image of one of my characters.



*lol* then someone must have feared for your sanity the last days ...

No more kidding ... I'm happier than I can tell that my little gifts were welcomed so dearly.

btw: tried to give her a wolf pendant Shh



*tries not to fall from her chair*


Thought I should give Mairi some love ...

She wants long wavy hair - she got long wavy hair Wink and I simply wanted to use this gown so I convinced her that it's just right for her.

Couldn't help to try Goldeneyes as well - seems there is strong variety in her clothing so I just followed my whim.

Hopefully you'll find a fitting incarnation Smile

btw: the whole batch is in the Elfquest Dollz thread and the Dollhouse now


Mairi LOVES the dress.

I'm still cackling over the scales in Goldeneyes' hand. That was SUCH a stroke of genius!!

I love them ALL!!!




That are some beautifull dollz Embala!!Happy


Glad you are happy with them, Grizz! Yay

Thankies, Wolfie!


You're very welcome EmbalaSmile


Maracae Galanel, formerly Ne-Omi.

After the birth and loss of her daughter (Kendra), Ne-Omi transformed into a valkyrie of vengeance against her brother Zephyron for the attack and wounding that led to her daughter's (apparent) death as well as for having crossed the boundaries that meant there was no redeeming him any longer. She also walks the path of vendetta against the company which held her captive for two years and conspired to steal her infant from her.

Yeah, really PEEVED Momma Bear. She's Not Happy and she's Vicious.

And Kenshin Wasterider, the father of the child which Ne-Omi bore, and the one man in all the Wastelands who aches for the loss of their daughter as much as she does.



Very nice dolls MrsGrizzley Smile


Hey guys, remember Dawnfish and her lovemate, Darkpond?

Well, I finally figured out who they are.

See, Dawnfish and Darkpond went to some version of the World of Two Moons to become Wavedancers in an attempt to hide from an enemy. I'm not sure WHEN it happens, but I'm reasonably certain that it was during one of the timeframes when HalfElven is there.

Again, I'm not certain that HalfElven even knew that the two were there or she'd have taken steps to protect them.

What I do know is that they were attacked by that enemy and that Darkpond sacrificed his life to give Dawnfish the escape she needed to survive. I almost suspect that HalfElven found his body later and figured out some of what happened.

But Dawnfish traded her tail for a pair of wings and became Mairi, whether it's Mairi Sanura of the Kids,

or Mairi-chan of the FF RP sites,

or Mairi Shinju who is still in development for the world where Lei'Ahree is.

So yeah... pink hair for the win, I guess. Dawnfish is Mairi and Darkpond is her fallen mate, Tiran. Mairi is a Traveler like HalfElven, and in fact is distantly related to her. The Traveler that HalfElven's mother was cloned from was actually Mairi's earliest incarnation. They've both changed to an extreme degree since then, but the old kinship of spirit remains.

After all, souls are like fires, even in separate containers they're still from the same source.



Awwww ... Dawnfish and Darkpond were so cute together in your last micros. And now you tell me he is dead ... sacrificed his life for hos lovemate. Boohoo Being in love seems to be a good chance for a short life in your stories, Grizz.

... thinking of Jhira and Galen ... beautiful couple, difficult circumstances ... very unhappy ending ... Unhappy

Looking at your recent micros I could easily see her as Mairi Shinju. Well, I know how volatile your stories and characters can develope Wink I'm sure we will learn more about her now.

In case I havn't said it already ... it's always joy to remeet some of your dolls!


Luckily for Mairi, it takes a HECK of a lot to kill a Wight, so when she finds Raphael, ain't nothing short of HER dying is going to end him. (Seriously, there's this song, "Follow You Into the Dark"... DANG... that's Raph if something killed Mairi. Uriel would likely die of a broken heart if his soulmate died, but he certainly wouldn't suicide and Samael... well, he knows full well that HIS intended would kick his rump from one side of the Afterlife to the other if he pulled something like that...)

But because she's a Healer, killing her would be a neat trick... especially since the REST of the group would have to already be down for the count FIRST since she's the one they put with the babies in the escape pod so to speak...

But yeah, you have no idea how many lifetimes Kenshin has gone through to try to seal things with Goldeneyes. They always seem to get sooo close... and then something rotten happens.


In other news... Jhira and Galen get a second chance, you know. They're reborn, later, and get another chance for everything that was denied to them the first time around. Kendra and Samael. If he can just get past her warrior tendencies... seriously, she WILL fight to the bitter end. Goodness knows she's done it before.

Oh, and a groupshot from Faerie...

And one from Ardelis...



You allow that I quote myself:

The "incarnation row" you started is an excellent idea - it's a chance to understand at least to some degree how your characters are connected. I love the colorful pictures they make. And it's cryptic enough to work as a teaser.

Archaic Huntsman - reminds me of a celtic(?) God I once read about - and beautiful ladies. Cearnach looks very handsome in the gold and purple armor - and I really like this hair-do. Group pictures are always a win Happy You did great with making Huntsman/Gwendolen overlap in different layers.

I like how different the heroes turned out. Pretty little fairy going with Djibril - the delicate wings are great. Lok Cul is obviously a cheerful nature, but honestly ... his outfit looks ... irritating for me. He looks like he has grabbed something from his aunt's wardrobe - very female and somehow fixed at the wrong place. I figure it must be intentional for reason I cannot know. The golden collar/chain on GE Lei's chest is a nice touch. Sol is handsome in purple again.


Lok's outfit is *supposed* to be a Kilt with a sleeveless shirt that he ties loosely...

I'll see what I can do about that...

I'm glad you like the groupsets.



Aaaand in the big editing spree going on... for future reference you need to leave the line break tags *in*. Just sayin.

I did a LOT of rearranging of stuff in my Photobucket so I'm going to be editing pictures back in, but I need to reconfigure a LOT anyway 'cause, you know, stories change. *rolls her eyes* Also, in the above groupset from Ardelis, I used the edited version that was made following Embala's comments... so it doesn't look *quite* so fail.

In any event, instead of Mairi Sanura of the Sakura School, she's High Princess Mairead ap Niann'Ailis and instead of Raphael, she gets Uriel himself. Samael still gets Kendra, though she disguises herself as a boy for a while by the name of Kendrick. And Raphael ends up with Valerie Dreamsail, who happens to be HalfElven's granddaughter.

Gah, these characters will not stop changing things up on me. More edits and alterations to come as I reconfigure the descriptions, but my current elves are:

HalfElven (Destiny Dreamsail)
Lei'Ahree (still figuring out which world to put her on)
Dawnfish (in multiple forms, no less)
Sunspark (yes, I still claim her... I just haven't been able to do anything with her in stories in a while)
And assorted family members and offspring...

I swear I'll get it all figured out eventually.


Don't try to show the "big picture" all together at onec, Grizz - give us a glimppse on the spotlights. :)