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Tips and Links on Dollmaking


Here are some tips when making dollz.

Here are a TON of tutorials on making dollz.


Some tips:

* Never save a doll as a JPG and if you can avoid it, not as a BMP. PNG and GIF are the most acceptable ways to save them 'cause they have the cleanest colors. JPG tends to rob a doll of colors or blur them.

* It helps to tag your work, ex: kat- (for me)

* For the most part, taking parts off of other peoples micros is okay, NOT the whole micro. Credit the person if you use over 50% of the micro. Also, for the most part, doll makers do not like it if you take parts of their dolls.

* Always credit when posting someone elses micros somewhere else.


Pages of Our Members:

katcombs/Tynami @: http://kat.of-the-night.com/EQ/

Apogee @: http://www.geocities.com/abode_elf_dollz/abode-dollz.htm

elfeneyes @: http://trappedartist.weebly.com/

Moonmoss @: http://moonglowdollz.weebly.com/


So, ehm, for a total beginner without any skill or software (except Paint), what would be the best thing to start practicing with?


What I normally use is an out of date version of Animation Shop before it was grabbed by adobe. I'm so used to it I don't think I'd be able to use much else. When I want transparent in the colors or c-through shading I use Photoshop. I don't know alot about Paint so I'm not much help there. Only think I use paint for is to save my print-screen doll grabs into PNGs.


Well, I've just used Paint to edit a tailed doll (change tail color, add top), and I'd like some feedback on it. It's in the dollz thread. I just put my example-pic next to it, and colored the right pixels in the wanted color. No separate file for the top, and then combine them, or so... I guess you need layers for that, or something?


Layers would make it alot easier cause you have to take out the background of one so you have just the top and no background at all, transparent it then paste it into the other file.

On the tail:
Looks great so far Smile Quick tips I always forget, don't forget the eyes (I ALWAYS forget the eyes) and on clothes you want one pixel line around it of the shade slightly darker for shading...

You may be able to see what I mean here:

If not, I'll make a zoomed image of the one I'm working on now.


oooohhh, shiny! Looks great!!

And Paint doesn't have layers, which (simple) program does?
I haven't done anything with the eyes, they're just the eyes from the base XD but thanks for the tip! I'll remember it! Smile


I've heard Gimp is good, it takes some time to learn to use though. I don't know what freeware would have layers besides Gimp.


is Photoshop easy to learn? I think I can borrow my sisters copy, hopefully ^.^


There are tutorials all over the web that can help if you get stuck in photoshop. Heck knows I had to use a few when I fist got it. It's pretty easy.


yay Smile I'll go get photoshop, then Smile


Ty, as Group Mod I deleted the posts you wished deleted.

faeriegirl, Yay! Better software makes worlds of difference.

I use Paint Shop Pro version 7 (which you can no longer find
free on the web). But I can give advice for "how to" do many
of the edits dollz require (your exact buttons and tools may
differ, but the process will be much the same).

This thread is the perfect spot to ask questions when you have them!

Viva EQ dollz!

PS: Also, don't forget I have software as well as dollz links in our
normal thread first post:


one question that pops into my mind when looking at all those pretty new Elmireth dollz...

How/where do all you guys get the clothes/hair/jewelry from?? There must be some kind of database with templates... you're probably not doing them from scratch all the time, right? or are ya?


If you mean on the microheros, often folks can find items already
made. Hair, clothing, jewlery, weapons, etc.
are often called "Accessory Templates" on many micorhero sites.
Some links:

Your own searches should take you from there. (Type in a query for
microhero in your browser..you'll be clicking away in no time.)

However, one of the main joys in making dollz is creating your own art
which completes or creates a character. Pixeling from scratch or
otherwise drawing or designing the image is a challenge you can
accept or reject, but getting praised for your efforts can be quite

Have fun,


Yessss, that's exactly what I meant Smile

You guys probably have more then enough experience to make all that beautiful stuff from scratch... I need templates to get started Smile


Templates are a great way to start.

I found a message board tonight that also lists a
megaload of dolling base links:

Later when I have time I'll cross reference their list with mine
from the main forum first post. I'm sure there's major overlap,
but even one new site is just more fun to explore for us all!



Also posting a link here to a place where "Name Generators" are collected
on the Scroll of Colors. Useful for creating a name for your character
(elf, troll, preserver, human, wolf, whatever!):


This site is mainly for those who make microheroes and dollz....


Feel free to join up! Be sure to post an introduction. Then you can make your own gallery Smile If you do join up please PM me, I'm Kat over there :D


Just found this dollmaker through the forum I'm on, I LOVE it!


This may have already been said, but I figured I'd add it.

Dollmaker Tip
Always save images as PNG (NOT JPG) or you'll lose alot of the detail and coloring. In GIF you can lose alot too, doll creators call it the 'GIF monster'.


Hair tutorial for Paint Users. Personally this has helped me a lot.


Okay, sometime I have struggled with editing skin properly. Sometimes the base doesn't have the skin edit as dark as you'd like. That or it is too dark, while you're aiming for a middle tone. I've gathered some different skin tones. Remember, these are more guidelines than rules.


I haven't gotten into dollmaking, but I like Jeedai's work.