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katcombs/Tynami Character thread - new info pg 11



Information on Tynami:

Name: Tynami 

Former Names: Jeweleyes (future name) 

Meaning of Name: Gift of the Sea 

Position: Chief 

Secondary Position: Huntess 

Tribe: Raft at Dancer Beach, World of Two Moons 

Race: Elf 

Sex: Female 

Age: 2780 

Soulname Katja 

Height: 3 ft 9 in 

Weight: 38 lbs. 

Hair color: Coppery 

Hair style: Top pulled back in a crest with sea greens, while the rest is freeflowing, bangs center ceperated with parts hanging in front of her ears. Seaweed headband. 

Eyes: Blue-green, 'multicolored' 

Skin Tone: Lightly tanned 

Magical Abilities: Water healing 

Relations:Change (mother), StormCurrent (sire), Ribbon (grandmother), Shelldust (grandsire), Rhymer (uncle), Marcenia (aunt-in-law), Ravendusk (uncle), Goldfawn/Jeweleyes (aunt), Nightflash (step-dad), Flight (youngest half-brother), Aero & Fireshade (twins, step-siblings), Ilyian (human, adopted sister), Daran (Ilyian's adopted son), Blomstre (Marcenia & Ravendusk's daughter), Calmwaves (Recognized Mate), Tywaves (daughter, bonded to wavedancer Fin) 

Marks: Webbed fingers and toes (varies) 

Weapons: Dagger on leg and spear 

Possessions: Tynami has a seagull that likes to follow her around 

Bond Creature: Sea birds

Official History: Tynami is often seen running away from her mother's past. Along time ago, her mother ran into an underwater group of sea creatures, she calls "sharp fins". When her mother had her brother, Flight, he had been taken to Ravenholt for safe keeping and he has never been heard from since. Soon after lifemating her father, StormCurrent, Change had what you now see as Tynami (Gift from the Sea). When Tynami grew up, she was sometimes nicknamed Jeweleyes by tribe members, that is until she became an adult. Since the huge wave hit Dancer Beach, Tynami has been searching for her lost tribe with little avail. As she changed to an older age, she lost much of her sight by what her mother used to call a curse of the waters. Since then, she was healed by one called Petal and much of her vision and crystalline eye structure have been restored. During this time, Tynami met Calmwaves, recognized him and has had Tywaves. Now Tynami leads the Rafts as best as she can.

Character History: I created Tynami in 1993 to be my character on TwoMoons MUSH, an ElfQuest based RPG. Since then I've also played her on Danen and she's my favorite character of all the ones I have. Her outfit has changed very little over the years, but her character is now so permenant it's written in stone (instead of her homes sand). She started out as blond with purple eyes, see the Jeweleyes link, but she eventually became this.

Temperment: Very crazy, but when real work needs to be done calm, collected and a very good leader. She tends to have a flash temper and pounces on people when she's happy. When she was young, Tynami was very clumsy and took longer than normal to grow into her limbs.

Powers & Abilities: Sea shaping and telepathy, she's excellent and hand to hand combat as well as netting and spear hunting. She's a water and flesh shaper.

Bond Creatures:


Shadowcrest, Pridemark (old)

My Versions:

Tynami micros



Minecraft (skin only avail to me)

Character Name: Tynami (World of Danen version)

Name: Tynami 

Position: Chief 

Secondary Position: Net-making and catching fish with nets 

Tribe: Deep Dwellers 

Age: 2780 

Soulname Skya 

Height: 5 ft 9 in 

Weight: 42 lbs. 

Hair color: Dark red, coppery 

Hair style: Top pulled back with sea greens, while the rest is freeflowing 

Eyes: Blue-green, with some purple 

Mates: None 

Skin Tone: Pale 

Magical Abilities: Water Shaping 

Known Relatives:

Mother: Change

Father: Splash

Sibling (If any): Tale (half-brother)

Marks: Webbed fingers and toes, spine fins on calfs and elbows 

Weapons: Dagger on leg and spear 

Posessions: Tynami has a seagull that likes to follow her around 

Bond Creature: Sea birds

Garments and Accessories (Describe color and design to best of ability. Include jewelry and trinkets.): 

Red top that slings low on her chest and over her left shoulder shoulder, showing her belly and rough cut at the bottom, trimmed on top with deep green ivy. Black bikini bottom. On her upper right arm and shoulder she wears crosscrossed leather strips for protection from birds, she wears similar bands on her left hand and wrist, nearly to her elbow. On her right wrist and left ankle, she wears several dozen gleaming bright metal bangles. Legs are bare otherwise. She wears a silver falcon necklace.

Abilities and Skills (Please put stars next to specialties, delete those not used. Some are tribe specific)

Acrobatics (water)

Animal training (birds)

Carving - Wood or Stone

Cord/Rope making

Climbing - Rock



Dancing (on land)

First Aid - Elf or Animal





Mimicry (birds)


Self defence





Weaving: Nets

History and Personality of your Elf:

Tynami, which means 'gift of the sea', and her mother Change had been wandering the world for many years, but were once of the Deep Dwellers. One day, all of a sudden Change decided to leave Tynami and the girl has been looking for her mother ever since. Once she tracked her mother to the shore, she fashioned a raft and took off into the ocean to try and track her that way, but so far has failed. 

Tynami is a very spunky elf. She's usually followed by birds and thinks she's talking to them when she mimics them (which they seem to like). She's a fierce huntress, both under water and above, but is terrified of sharks. She's almost never caught with a frown and always smiling or giggling.


Name: Change 

Other Names: StormBreeze (in RavenHolt), Ravenshade (young), Wolvesfire (in RavenHolt) 

Meaning of Name: She always changes her mind, in everything 

Position: Shaman & Elder 

Secondary Position: Storyteller (Mother to Memory) 

Tribe: SeaGlade, born to Island, then Raft at Dancer Beach 

Race: Elf 

Sex: Female 

Age: 3578

Soulname Kaia 

Height: 3 ft 9 in 

Weight: 38 lbs. 

Hair color: Black 

Hair style: Hundreds of little braids, some beading & leaves at the ends 

Eyes: Blue-green, 'multicolored' 

Skin Tone: Tanned 

Family Members: StormCurrent (recognized mate), Ribbon (mother), Shelldust (sire), Rhymer (brother), Marcenia (sister-in-law), Ravendusk (twin brother), Goldfawn/Jeweleyes (sister), Nightflash (lifemate), Tynami (daughter), Flight (youngest son), Aero & Fireshade (twins, children), Ilyian (human, adopted daughter), Daran (Ilyian's adopted son), Blomstre (Marcenia & Ravendusk's daughter), Calmwaves (Tynami's Recognized Mate), Tywaves (granddaughter, through Tynami) 

Magical Abilities: Flesh-shaping and bird speech 

Marks: Webbed fingers and toes (sometimes) 

Weapons: Dagger attatched to back of belt 

Posessions: Golden falcon necklace passed down for generations, Netted belt of four shark teeth (later added more when she changed her belt) 

Bond Creature: Heartdeep (WaveDancers), Tetrick (falcon) & Redhaze (wolf)

Information on Change:

Change is Tynami's mother and is also a Sea Elf, but she wanders the lands in search of shards of the Palace of the High Ones.

Official History: Change is a mysterious elf. Her dark complexion and her silent face tell you that she hides much in her age. For a long while she lived with her parents and her older brothers Ravendusk & Rhymer at the Island. A long time ago, she ran into an underwater group of sea creatures, she called sharp fins, known to elves as a cross between a manytooth and a wavedancer. The attacked her and she was taken from the islands for many years. Change then went back to the Island and said good-bye to her brother Rhymer and roamed around in order to get away from her enemies. Soon she found the Raft and recognized StormCurrent. Many turns later, after having Tynami, Change was swept into the Vastdeep again and was not heard from for turns...

Across the sea, Change was washed ashore near a human city. A young human castaway named Ilyian found her and took her to SeaGlade to recover. Once able to move, she was still cared for continuely by an elf named Nightflash, who watched her every move and eventually the two fell in love. She had Flight first, then her twins Aero and Fireshade. As the cubs grew she also adopted Ilyian, watching the children grow together. Change had warned all of her children to avoid the water, but not why, so they were all taken (so she thought) by the sharp fins. Eventually, she gave into grief and went in search of Tynami with Nightflash at her side.

So far, that's where her story ends...

Character History: I created Change in 1993 to be my FIRST character on TwoMoons MUSH, an ElfQuest based RPG. When I first got there I ran into Rhymer and together we went through alot of names for me until we came up with Change cause I kept changing my mind on things. He volunteered to my my brother and we went from there. I met StormCurrent and we agreed the mating of them. From there I created Tynami and led off from there. Since then I've added her to the World of Danen and love the look that ElfTanner made for her there and adopted it as her main look now. She'll probably change again soon.

Original SeaGlade History: Change was born on a small island in the middle of the ocean, during a huge storm she was swept away and was slammed into rocks on the far shore. With no memory of who she was or where she was, she soon wandered into SeaGlade. They gave her the name StormBreeze because of her appearance and that she appeared just after the huge storm. While she was there she fell in love with Nightflash and had many children with him. Most of them did not last past early adulthood because of what humans called sharks. Most of the children were called to the water, but knew nothing of the dangers there. This all happened after Tynami was born. Change left when she regained her memory, not realizing Nightflash was her mate. Nightflash thought StormBreeze was killed at sea like the children.

Temperment: Change is a very calm, quiet, collected and peace loving elf. Often you do not even know she is there unless she speaks. She is wise beyond her years and is a very good teacher. Somewhat withdrawn from others. She is very patient with everyone, but does have her off days, like everyone. Sometimes she seems distracted because she is listening to the birds. There's something in her that always wants change and she brightens when it happens, especially during the fall. She adores the color black because it reminds her of the stars at night. She's quiet and always watching everything. She'll often make surprising observations in conversations. Often you do not even know she is there unless she speaks. She is wise beyond her years and is a very good teacher.

Powers & Abilities: She is a huntress and gatherer, but mostly she tells tales and watches. Far-seeing, huntress and climbing. Flesh-shaper and can speak to all birds.

Special Marks: She has a scar on her left shoulder where her bird caught her too hard one time, it's about 3 inches long and still red as it is recent.

Bond Creature:

Heartdeep (Wavedancer)

Tetrick (3 year old hawk) - He's a little edgy around anything that has four paws. Tetrick pays very close attention and is very alert to everything that happens around him. Change often uses him for message delivery and scouting.

Redhaze - wolf, given to her as a gift by her lifemate

How she'd look now

Her necklace

My Versions:

Change micros (of various costumes of her)






Character Name: Change (World of Danen version)

* Name: Change 

* Position: Storyteller & gatherer 

* Tribe: Wanderers, originally of Deep Dwellers 

* Age: 3578

* Soulname Kian 

* Height: 5 ft 9 in 

* Weight: 42 lbs. 

* Hair color: Black 

* Hair style: In hundreds of tiny braids, with beads and a shell above one ear 

* Eyes: Blue-green, with some purple 

* Mates: Recognized mate: Splash (deceased) 

* Skin Tone: Deep tanned 

* Magical Abilities: None 

* Known Relatives:

Mother: Flickerfish (deceased)

Father: Starwave (deceased)

Children: Tynami

* Marks: Webbed fingers and toes, spine fins were shaped off 

* Weapons: Small dagger 

* Posessions: a water skin she uses to keep wet on long journeys away from the water 

* Bond Creature: Dolphin, deceased

Garments and Accessories :

She is wearing brown hot pants with strips that tie around her legs own to her feet. A short brown strapless halter top with tassels and a dark green woven belt with shark teeth and shells woven into it, and tassels hanging from that as well. There is a shell by her left ear. She wears brown leather shoes and a patched brown travel cloak. She wears a silver falcon necklace.

Abilities and Skills:

Acrobatics (water)


Cord/Rope making

Climbing - Rock and Tree

Direction Sense



History Keeping


Jewelry/Trinket making (leather and plant)

Lore - plants






History and Personality of your Elf:

Change is a very calm and peace loving elf. She's quiet and always watching everything. She'll often make surprising observations in conversations. She was named Change because she was always Changing her mind, doing things differently than the rest of the tribe.

When still in the Deep Dwellers tribe, Change and her daughter Tynami were almost impossible to separate, but were total opposites of each other. Once old Tynami was old enough and taught enough to survive on her own, Change decided that the life at sea was no longer what she wanted, leaving late while the tribe was asleep. She wandered on land for a while, but soon realized just how much she needed the water. She fashioned herself a water skin that she now carries with her always to keep her from drying out, stealing a cloak from outside a humans home to protect her from the scorching sun. After crossing the sea by diving through the waves, she wanders a while and finally encounters the wandering tribe.


SeaGlade Tribe

This tribe is a basically all of Change and Tynami's family...

Ribbon (Change's mother)

Shelldust (Change's father)


Change (Tynami's mother) 

Rhymer (Change's older brother)

Ravendusk (Change's twin brother)

Goldfawn (Also known as Jeweleyes, Change's younger sister) - Tynami originally named after her


StormCurrent (Change's recognized mate)

Tynami (Change's daughter by StormCurrent) 

Nightflash Change's (lifemate)

Flight (Change's son by Nightflash)

Aero (Change's twins by Nightflash)

Fireshade (Change's twins by Nightflash)

Ilyian (Change's adopted human daughter)

Daran (Ilyian's adopted human son)

Calmwaves (Tynami's Recognized mate)

Tywaves (Tynami's daughter)

Marcenia is a fire elemental with her tiger Marcus. She is the wife of Ravendusk and adopted mother of Blomstre.

Blomstre the Dragonrider. Her dragon is called Kryso. She was originally a color match gift for my online sis. Now she's the adopted daughter of Ravendusk and Marcenia.


Dreamworld is a world of the elements. Earth, Air, Fire, Water as well as Night and Day. I was originally going to make this an RPG, but it kinda didn't work out. This is a world that I made even before I was online. Dreamworld is from a story I started when I was in elementary school. Daranya and the people of her world live in a fantasy world of magic and mystery... I never did finish that story. I recently, jokingly, added some Hogwarts type elements cause of a forum I was on a few years ago... I think they're cute. Dreamworld has 6 different realms in it. Each distinctively different than the other. If I get enough interest in this group, I may rewrite the story.

Empress Daranya (who wears mostly blue, sometimes green - from AEA, a hogwarts kind of board). She's from a story I started in high school. She's an air elemental and if she wears jewelry it's silver with blue gems. She's also got a Slytherin type outfit from Harry Potter because when I reinvented her she was part of the AEA and her house was green. Skyea (sister), Darius (husband), Koehthar (brother-in-law).

Raven Whitelighter, aka White Raven was originally written to be a part of the Legion of Super-Heroes Message Boards (LMBP). Originally she was a mix of a cat, Mysa Nal, Dawnstar and Raven from the Teen Titans. She grew into so much more. Eventually she grew to become the only person living in the realm of light. She is the Goddess of Light. White Raven has the powers to heal, track and to create blinding white light among many other powers. She will disguise herself in other realms as various people so she can watch over others or dig up information that she needs. She's extremely devious, but does not try to hurt anyone if she can help it. She's very much a sorceress with many talents. Whitelighter is a very lonely person, that's why she travels in the mundane worlds to be around others. She's very calming and collected, usually able to be the calmness in the storm of others. White hair (long flowing or Roman style), Yellow eyes, Wears white and gold, usually lots of jewelry and gold sandals. She's a sun goddess. White angel wings. Sister to Countess.

In a realm of endless night, Countess is the perfect fit. She's a vampire that is bent on overturning the other realms to make them hers. At one point she had red hair and another she had yellow eyes, but the final version has black hair and red eyes. She was originally created to be the villian in a modern world superhero type story. As soon as I find her bio, I will put it below. White skinned vamp with red eyes and black hair. Lots of black and blood red, dangerous looking. She'll wear almost anything. Goddess of the Night and sister to Whitelighter of the Light Realm.

Darius/Darion is the husband of Empress Darius/Darion and King of the Sea.

Skyea is sister to Daranya, wife to Koehthar.

Cherisea is the guardian of air and protector of Daranya. She is a tracker.

Koehthar is the captain of the King's Royal Guard.

Miakiana is Countess's witch and betrayer of Daranya.

Emevol the suductress (sister to Revol, now owned by Arianstar) Mistress of Fire

Foxx the bounty hunter & Lady Earth

My Other Characters

Lisa Amai is my very first character. She was part of the Legion of Super-Heroes as Science Police Liason when Shvaughn Erin got married and retired from the force.

Miss Kitty is a mad scientist and loves to rollerskate everywhere she goes, usually crawling with talking mice.


Farangel is my writing muse.

This is the original version of Kat, called Kathrin on TinyTim. She was a stripper on Bourbon Street.

Mack (Government Pilot) - this is Mack's identity on early 21st Century Earth, she goes here on her time off.

Real Name: Makenzie "Mack" O'Connel

Aliases: Macgyver, Keeper

Proper Name (what the time lords call her): The Keeper

Identity: As Mack, known, as a Time Lord, hidden

Species: Time Lord

Place of Birth: Baton Rouge, LA (according to Earth), Gallifrey

Age: Appears 17, but is MUCH older

Occupation: Pilot, Spy, Mechanic, Time Lord

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Ace O'Connell (father, MIA), Chrystalia O'Connell (mother) - according to Earth, Ginessa the Matron (sister, Time Lord)

Group Affiliation: FAA, U.S. Air Force Reserves, (former) U.S. Air Force, (former) Thieves, SHIELD, Time Lords

Base of Operations: Mobile

Rank: Major

Physical Attributes

Height: 5'4"

Eyes: Everchanging Hazel

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Sunsteaked Brown

Other Attributes: Usually covered in grease when working

History - According to the SHIELD Database:

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Michelle grew up with only her mother around, her dad went overseas while her mother was pregnant and has never been heard from since. As she was growing up, Mack had to steal to make sure that she and her mother had food and had great powers that she used for thieving. Oddly, she flew through her grade schools and college before the age of sixteen. As she grew older, she discovered the truth about her 'family' and left them. Before she left, she willed her power dormant and hasn't used them since. After being inspired by a plane passing over, she joined the Air Force. There Michelle had learned how to be an expert pilot with advanced tactical training, she has the latest craft, gunnary, and weapons knowledge. Currently, she is in the reserves while enjoying a tour as a private pilot. She is not in a military base, but she does still hold high contacts in the government. Not a mutant hater or supporter, because she doesn't judge people. She speaks English, French and German fluently, and others not as well. She is a computer specialist, but mostly in repair. If one can catch her, every now and then she slides back to her old ways of being a thief.

TraitsShy and sweet, almost like a kid at times. Very adult and mature when she's on the line though. Her mind wanders, and she doesn't keep still much. She is the 'best at what she does', which is taking care and flying aircraft. She is also a pilot in the Air Force. Mack is known for flying high government officials everywhere and for her excellent knowledge of aircraft workings and flight. She also has contacts in the high governments. Sadly, she has an explosive temper.

Abilities/Skills: Martial Arts, Gadgetry, Scientist, Vehicles, Artist, Detective, excellent at hand to hand combat

Powers: (dormant) Mack has the ability to sense hidden objects on people, able to tell exactly what it is to the tiniest detail. She also has super speed. 

Other Notes / Misc Information

"I may be small, but i'm STILL worth more than you!!" 

Mack is my first X-Men related character. She works for S.H.I.E.L.D. and the US Government as a private pilot. She's also one of the most prestigious pilots in the world. She is a master craftswoman and mechanic. Behind every thing else she's a Time Lord and travels back and forth through time correcting what has gone wrong elsewhere and saving worlds. Mix Macgyver, with Audry from Disney's Atlantis and throw in some Forge and Lucius Fox (from Batman).

By me

The Keeper's regenerations - The Texan, The Russian, The New Yorker, The Posh Brit, The Queens Guard, The Bubblegum Fairy, The Irish Lover, The Hipster Skater and The Fiery Business Woman.



Me, Kat & Kit

My Little Pony



Mack's Dr. Who world




Dollz on Emby base


ElfQuestFanart Elves

ElfQuest Forum

World of Danen

My Player characters

Adopted out OCs

Dollz on micro base

Dollz on Wayuki base & Oh-My-Stars

Dollz on Netbelle base

World of Danen (I didn't create um, just play um): Raven, Jewel, O'Mynn, Mist, Brin, Trisley, Raintouch, Raithlyn, Freeskin and Onah

Other characters I've played that were made up by others... Sunflower from Shadow Wolf Holt, Coral and Kit from Shadow Paw Pride

Ran out of room, see more below


I originally made this one to be Tywaves, but then I saw you created her image already and so I scrapped this elf. But now that you are asking for designs on other sea elves, I thought I'd plunk this here and see if you like her. If not, no worries.



Since I ran out of room on the other giftie post, here are some more that I've made for others.

My tekteks of members here

For Nightsea: Nightsea

For Nightsea: Vytha

For Embala

For elfeneyes: Firesong

For Jeedai: Moonsoon & Sparklespray

For Moonmoss: Moonmoss & Teartail

For MrsGrizzley: Sunspark & Dawnfish

Everyone else


Ok, so because the Tywaves you have on your page

has this coloring, I offer a base for Fireshade or Wolvesfire...(maybe)


Other ideas (roliava):



PS: The other pic of Tywaves you have already (golden haired)

which is why I did the menewsha line above in purple with shells:


-Removed by Ty-


Here's a bit of info in a family tree....


Change + StormCurrent

(Original StormCurrent description by Ken -

StormCurrent stands just under four feet tall, and has few characteristics common among sea-elves. His eyes are the color of emaralds, and set in a smiling, friendly face. On top of his head is thick, wavy blonde hair that is cut short in the tradition of sea elves. One of the first things you notice is the amaziing ability he has to become instantly lost in thought.Stormy (as he likes to be called) is wearing a blue linen vest and matching short shorts)



Tynami + Calmwaves

(Original Calmwaves desc by his player - Calmwaves is a calm quiet young elf, who seems to take time and care in everything he does, wether it be singing or something as simple as walking. His bleach blond hair, is kept very short and well groomed. He peers back at you with his twinkling emerald green eyes. Calmwaves is wearing a pair of small sea green trunks. His build is rather athletic and he appears to be in good shape. His skin is only slightly tanned and slightly weathered. About his neck hangs a necklace made of shiny white teeth.)




- removed by Ty -


Cool! I like that you've made looks for them all now.

Here's a try at Flight:



PS: Not going to update the Elven Holt anymore? Too much work?



PS: Not going to update the Elven Holt anymore? Too much work?

Flight turned out fantastic! I was looking for a merfin for him and the orange one was just too good to resist! All the mers were female so I just had to add a male Smile

It won't be updated near as often... things are getting seriously hectic here so it'll be a while. I want to stop updating, but I doubt I'll be able to. This stuff is just way too good Smile


I like them collected here. All these dollz are great to look at!

btw: Sadly there are broken links ... only for me?


*grmpfl* ... my stupid system shows me too much broken links once more Smash

Must return tomorrow!


These all were made for me by Embala!!







More gifties from others

By sgnaana

By Nightsea

By Delhya

By Icemoon

By Jeedai

By Kerewin/Moonmoss

By Mirror

By DestinysGift

By Emberra

By Startear

By Wildfire

By Foxeye

By Sweetwater

By Tenderfoot

By Beryl





Artwork by ElfTanner

All of these were drawn and colored by ElfTanner/High One, World of Danen by Elftanner. Change and Tynami are mine.

My Girls by Elftanner

The original images



The new Change's colors are based off this!


All of these are things I made for my RL children (all by me, unless noted)



Rayvne - micro by Dave


Two-Wolves - he has two wolves, one black, one white



Rainbow Girl - she has two ponies, Harmony and Princess Lovealot

Lhathron - means 'eavesdropper'


They look fine, katcombs Smile

Purple and light redblonde hair suits her well - Tywaves is very pretty.
Flight's look is much more plausble without this shirt - more streamlined Wink thanks for the nice words on my try :D
I like Ribbon - mostly practical with a touch of playfulness.
Nightflash seems rather undecided about his clothes - or does he simply not care? Laugh

Seeing him nude like this I had a vision of him with black (or VERY dark) skin color for at least half lenght of his legs and arms. And as you seem to prefer short pants for this bunch - a dark (black or blue) pants fixed around the neck by a flash-shaped, glittering string.


Nightflash is from Ravenholt which was a wolfrider holt, so he's going to look TOTALLY different. I have NO idea what to put him in...

The Island and Raft tribes didn't wear much cause they were almost always in the water. Change was and still is a wanderer. Poor girl :D



Nightflash is from Ravenholt which was a wolfrider holt, so he's going to look TOTALLY different. I have NO idea what to put him in..

Still dark (blues and maybe sort of "blackwood green" and still with a light flash-shaped ornament across the chest - one border of a assymetric vest most probably. Wink


Like the pictured family tree ... wonders how Stormcurrent owned his name Wink



Like the pictured family tree ... wonders how Stormcurrent owned his name Wink

I'd ask Ken, but we don't speak to each other anymore. Been years and years.


It was a rhetorical question ... his character doesn't sound stormy at all, tho Wink


lol, he was very layed back, lol... followed the current

Had to tease a little :D


Went through and thought I'd add some missing gifties for me that are Tynami and Change.

By my friend on MIB named Patronus

This one is by my dearest friend Darkphyre

Ty and Change by SelenaEda

By Jeedai

By MrsGrizzley

By CorpseArmy

By Arianstar (with pony version Equestria Girls)

By Elfeneyes

More from my DeviantArt friends of Ty and Change

Pony Change and Tynami - Posted are ones done by me and others, the big ones are by me though

kat-iconpixel-change.gif kat-equestriangirl-change.gif  change_by_unicorngirl1-d73jf68.gifchangec_by_unicorngirl1-d73zq1g.gif





Adding Nightflash:


Is this Tywaves good? The design you have is really cute. : )


- removed by Ty -


-Removed by Ty-


Cute little Tywaves, Tynami. I love the "mother and cub" ones.

Very dark, with a moon emblem and a mysterious shining headpiece - me likes Nightflash.

Your Tywaves toddler is adorable, Chama - pose and expression are just too cute!

OOPS, cross posting!

The Marcenias look gorgeous, especially the very detailed tektek and the beautiful fire element. Love the added kittie ... tho I love cats anyway Wink


I'm pretty sure there are some new dollz added
... the first Change - looks great with one single braid, too!
... this armored male - devinitely love his look ... gorgeous armor and chain mail!

Not quite sure about all the barbies ...


The braided Change is one of my first ideas for her costume... She has one more costume which doesn't have that much to it that was her very first costume :D Not including her kid costumes.

I did add the water realm boys :D Darius looks much better now Smile Ravendusk is on the back burner... I should have him sometime soon. If I have time, I may post an adult Tywaves too here soon, but I haven't even started her yet.

I may add my 'progression of Tynami' micros, so ya'll can see what she started as to what she is now :D


I took another look at Darius - he was very bully in the previous version ... now he looks really fine! You should show them in a "new post" as well ... or at least give a hint!


- removed by Ty -


Ravendusk is great!

EDIT: See you added more Happy

interesting to see Tynami's first (?) look! Is there a difference between #2 and #3 ... ah, the hair color - no, you changed hair and top color ... like bothe equally. Standing in a row like this I finally realized that the EDA letters on the T-shirt "imitate" the green of her usual leaves Clap ! I love the bird necklace on her current look - and the more covering clothes seem to be more practical and comfortable ... just my impression.

... and I like Change's torn skirt Wink




She is adorable!! *hugs* I love her! I'll add this, I didn't do it at all, I took it from a google search. This is Kathrin's other form (but brown) Smile


It just occurred to me that Kathrin's eyes are the wrong color, eep! All fixed now Smile


Thankies! *hugs*

Mrrooooaarrrr for Kathrin Wink


Removed by Ty


Removed by Ty


Fiesty Kat Wink
Beautiful Stormbreeze and Change (wonders how this dress up functions, tho Wink)

Joffre's Tynami looks great ... the hair-do reminds me of Leetah.


Tywaves and Fireshade:





Tywaves looks so cute and Fireshade's costume design is great. Like them, Nightsea!


I love how these two turned out... it's Fireshade is actually Tynami's sister, not Tywaves, but I love how they turned out. I need to write out mini bios on the Ravenholt siblings.


Ok, I just got confused there a bit about who was who.

Anyway, made you some more Wolvesfire tonight to make
up for it...
(I listed the bases in the regular forum)

Also gonna post a Marcenia I made you on the new "anthro"
maker at dolldivine in the group photos. Don't see a tail in
your versions, but I liked it so added one.



Removed by Ty


Nice..I would like a link to the bases for the last one (evil countess) and
for the one you used to make the Ty that is between the sailormoons and
also the change (they look like the same base). Linkies please?


the Tynami is azalea and the last one is dolldivine... lemmi find the exacts...

The last one:


The Ty is an older one, I've gotta search more...

thesse two are new, haven't made um, but they look promising:




removed by Ty


removed by Ty


This collection is growing! Guess I've meet and commented on most of them in one of the dollz threads ...
- Wolvesfire in her awesome sparkling suit with her constant companion
- Flight with the pretty fishtail (*lol* ... seeing my try among them)
- Fireshade with the firey hair and her various costume designs
... great job on them all!
Marcenia looks fab in her different appearances,
- starting with cute but detailed tekteks,
- the unusual anthro one contrasting the elegant, fierce fire base
- ending with your absolutely gorgeous micro versions.
Young Rainthorwen is enchanting. Smile


Beautiful, impressive collection again! Many well known ones ... and some new, it seems Smile

Your Kat looks great on this unusual, chubby base - her expression matches her pose.

I tried to pick my favorite among "Tynami throught the seasons" ... impossible! Each one is unique. The green "Irish Spirit", the funny easter bunny and the surprising February outfit might have caught my eyes a bit longer.

I love Daranya's look on the Korean base and the goth one seems perfect for the Countess.


I'm not too happy with the Rainthorwen micro yet, but it's close... I think I missed a layer on her outfit. I found a better tiger for Marcenia Smile Will try to get to that soon.

Thank you so much for your comments, Embala... they really help keep me going when I'm making so many different elves :D

On Fireshade, she'll be like an early Change and constantly change outfits and hair. Anything with seagreen eyes, red hair and blue/white outfits would be perfect for her :D Making a multi-tektek set for her now

Will probably make some changed to Aero and post him tonight too... their twins so they're going to do alot together.

Talk about a remake... this is the new Aero!!

And Flight before the change


Happy to be helpful, katcombs ... makes more pretties to look at for me Wink
A better Surprised tiger ...!?

Pretty new fireshades -like the costume of the last one. ... always falling for turquoise shades!
Now Aero is a wood spirit ... can't help but seeing blues (with much less cloth) for him. But that would make him sort of lookalike of his twin.
Flight looks so timid with legs ...


Latest (edited the face of the microhero a bit...I always

forget to change the defaults to something I like better, so

I did that now):




Wolvesfire with Redhaze turned out awesome looking! That wolf looks great! The head kinda looks like Hrimhari... I love how the wolf turned out! Looks just like him!


Simply joining katcombs Clap


Removed by Ty


They still/again look great for me!
Would have to put them in a row with the former ones (and on a better screen most probably) to be able to point out the changes Wink


I was already thinking of doing that :D Posted...

It's amazing what little changes can do to make it better... one of these days I'll redo Tynami's hair again so this time I'll like it


Face editing! No general base face anymore - new change is an individual with soft chin, tempting lips and expressive eyes.


The new base I use is a little taller, more delicate face and her feet are flat on the ground. Never did like the heels up base much... I may work with other poses... if I can get my muse to make some. I have plans to micro Firesong, Embala, Sparklespray (as a human) and Nightsea :D If I can get those on my list I'll probably work on Tenderfoot next, then go from there.


Like your plans! Happy


It took me going through my history and matching up dates to find it :D

This is the base for the other one.


Removed by Ty


Bow_down You are a master of this small bases, katcombs. The details on Marcenia ... sparkling Wolvesfire ... the delicate shading of Rainthorwen ... Tywaves being a total cutie - and the sprites are adorable as always.



Re-edited... I think I'm finally happy with this version! (til 6 months from now, lol)

Tynami crossworlds as a Na'vi

Change crossworlds as a Na'vi, also in her wedding gown

This is IMVU Kat with the help of Dave, who made my suit! She turned out so cool looking! I need to make a more feline face for her.


WOW! The new hairstyle for Tynami turned out fantastic! Clap Know what? The older versions can count as wet hair (straight cuz heavy).

Crossworld change looks totally awesome ... the new ivory color scheme beats her "original" one on blue skin. Pretty Tynami ... when I took the time to take a longer look I discovered all her characteristic details!

Kat is fab! Looks like pouting a bit. A more catlike face? Is curious ... Wink










My World of Danen Characters - all created by ElfTanner

Brin (with her son, Jade)

(dollz by me, base by Sephora)

Age: Brin - 300 Jade - Newborn male

Position in tribe: cook of the Rainforest Elves - Crescent Caves

Secondary Position: sister of the chief

Bonding powers: Monkeys

Main shape she changes into: Reddish fox with small black stripes on it's chest.

What's she doing now: Right now Brin is very confused, she's forced into a situation where she has to chose her recognized mate, Boneplayer or her real family that she hasn't seen in three years, and in many ways she doesn't trust now that she's been away so long. She's a bit stressed and is still breastfeeding her young son.


(dollz by me)

Position in tribe: Thief of the Gypsy Elves

What's she doing now: Raven is distracted by shiny objects so she's looking over the newcomers of the wandering tribe for things to steal. She's actually sitting on her hands so she won't take all their shinys Smile


(dollz by me)

Position in tribe: Healer of the Gypsy Elves

What's she doing now: Sleeping, poor girl is exhausted


(dollz by me)

Position in tribe: Healer of Dragon Mountain

Dragon: Rainbow colored water type dragon, female (by Jeedai, sprite by me)

What's she doing now: She's sitting, watching her dragon rub herself in the grass.






Blank since I moved it


Farangel is my muse... I made a set for her that I call 'a girl for all seasons'

Farangel is a muse of course as well as part angel and demon. She's nice wearing mostly red and gold all the time, but when she's being very good she wears blue. Almost always she wears short black gloves with the fingers out. When she's angry she grows horns, her skin turns reddish with black stripes. Also her wings turn black. She does have long elf ears and sharp teeth. She has blue to sea green eyes that turn yellow when she's in her demon form. She's partial to elves, vampires and fairies (though I'm not sure if it's for lunch or not).


Times are Changing is my fan fiction that I'm writing...

This is a quick writeup of the story so far (which is in the preamble of the last chapter I finished). None of these characters are mine, just the storyline I put them in.

Bella was born as Isabella Pulcheria, sometimes she goes by the name of Isebeau to hide her identity. She was born in 385 to the Italian royal family. She was hidden shortly after birth to protect her from her family’s enemies. Just after she turned 17 she was attacked by one of those enemies and left for dead. A vampire found her and made her what she is today; his name… Marcus of the Volturi. She befriended Godric soon after she was turned and his ‘son’ Eric later in 1066. Around 1534 she turned Damon and Stefan Salvatore after they had tried to kill each other. Several years later she met Angus McKay and also travelled with him and his family. Sometime near 1690 she ran into Connor McLeod and nearly killed him when the highlander attacked her and her boys. In current times she works at Merlotte’s bar and goes to high school. She meets Edward Cullen (human) and his family (also all human). Edward was kidnapped by the homicidal nomad Victoria, who worked for the Volturi (mainly Aro). After Edward was gone the vampires revealed themselves to everyone. Bella, Damon and Stefan travelled to Italy to Edward back. They were captured in battle. Soon after, Alice and Jasper followed, also getting captured. Bella turned both Alice and Edward, making herself very weak. Unknowingly, Damon had turned Jasper, making it look like he had killed Jasper in the process. Now all vampires, they defied Aro and he is forced to release them to prevent a war among vampires.


* Isabella "Bella" Pulcheria

* Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

* Stefan & Damon Salvatore

* Mary Alice Cullen

* The rest of the Cullens - Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett

* Eric & Godric

* Jessica, Bonnie, Meredith, Elena

* Pam

* Victoria

* Sookie & Bill

* Sam

* Jacob & Taylor

* The Volturi (Marcus, Aro & Caius)

* The Volturi Guard (Jane, Alec, Demetri)

* Ian MacPhie

Will add pictures soon... I think that's all the characters in the story so far.. the Highlander part has not even been written yet.


Start of portrait base (hair and ears, eye color edits) for



Great locks and ears in right shape and place - looks perfectly natural.




Not sure about this one... may make her skirt shorter

Raven from World of Danen


Ahh - sparkling Wolvesfire! Raven is a sassy one - interesting color contrasts and a funny hair-do. Nice detail with the frings. The pose seems VERY fitting for her!

You once said you like "What-If's" of your chars ... hope it's true Wink

Tynami as a High One

(part of an EDA series)


Oh my goodness, I love her! Indeed, I do like what ifs, they are so fun and fascinating what another world can turn people into. She turned out so beautiful! I think my favorite part is the gold curl up her arm Smile it adds just the right touch.


Great! Yay *must admit that my aim is to use the doll maker items as much as possible*

... want to see more, then?


I'd love to! *HUGGLES*


Happy A rather unusual Change ...



Oooh, I love how she turned out. I think of her like this, standing before the group as she weaves her tales to the young ones. Gotta love that picture.


Happy ohhh ... the young ones! That would include Tywaves, right?

She looks like not quite grown up yet ...


Beautifully done, she looks so darling here. Right now I'm working on her regular suit but so far have come up with nothing.


WOW very beautifull dollz Embala!!Smile


Thank you for welcoming them so kindly, katcombs! There's one more Happy

(the wolf is from the pixelwolfpack Nightsea posted lately)

... and thanks to Wolfie, too Smile


Very ncie doll Embala!!Smile

..gotta love that wolfTongue


Wolvesfire and Redhaze turned out wonderfully! I love the headdress on her. I completely forgot about that wolf pack :D She kinda a Sefra meets Moonshade type so this style is perfect for her! Working on her bio offline, hope to have it up today.




Over in my bio thread I've updated everyone's bio except Tynami and Change, I'll get to them soon... I've got alot to add!