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WolfMoonSky's Characters


Known as: Wolfie, Moonsky, Wolfmoonsky
Given name: Darkwhisper (by the Go-backs), wolfmoonsky (birthname by Dart)
Cub name: softwhisper. They had trouble making come up with a name for her. Because of her soft voice and that she never talked, instead she whispered, Dart thought about the name Softwhisper.
nicknames: Wolfie (by everyone and it became her normal name), Wolf, whisper, Spiritdemon (by a human called Benorek from the avagreen), kindness and shyness.
Age: unknown.
Appearance: golden tan skin, green eyes, and brown curly hair (when she was an young teeneger, she cut of her long hair and it went from long too short curly hair), has many different hairs styles.
Past: kind of white dress with a brown top and two brown bracelets at the shoulders. Before kinseeker story, she wears blue pants with the same brown top and bracelets, but without the dress.
In the now:
Role: Warrior, huntress, protector of some human tribes, leader, fisher, traveler, scout, sniper, The wise one.
Skills: hunting, fishing, protecting, animal bonding and strong sending.
Personality: Shy, sweet, kind and quiet. She can be can be quite sarcastic and witty. She is rather serious/mysterious and despite her personality, she can be a very cold one. She also is sometimes emotionless. She's not someone who will tell what she experienced in her adventures and specially not about her past and what she has lost in her life.
Birth-tribe: River Forest Holt. First years raised by sun villagers (jackwolf-riders)

Time as jack-wolfrider.
- It's known that when she was born, Dart gived her the name Wolfmoonsky because she was born outside in the night with a bright moon and sky and a new born wolf called catcher, her wolffriend. She and Dart were very close with each other.
- She grew up as a very young and shy jackwolfrider. She learned many stories from Dart about the wolfriders and there adventures. She wanted to learn much so that she could be useful in the tribe, but Dart and the others didn't want to her to learn those skills..
- She grew up togeter with Jethel. They became best friends. Dart is like a big brother to her, so was Kimo in a way. Maleen, Newstar and Ruffel took most care about her that time. Savah acted like a grandmother to her and the two became close.
- After Dart and the others where on a quest, she became sad that she wasn't allowed to go with them while Suntop and jethel were. Dart promised her that he will be back again soon and that they both will be on a quest together. When they came back, dart, kimo and the others went living with the wolfriders and forgot wolfie. She became very upset and angry. She has the feeling that Dart didn't care about her at all and now that all her friends were gone, she has only Savah, who she regarded as her grandmother.
- After dart and the others were gone, she realized that she wasn't accepted as a sunvilleger. After she went to Savah, she was told she was no longer welcome and that she should leave. This has brought her into a depression. Not much later she found out that she comes from another tribe, a tribe of forest.

With the forest/mountain tribe, River Forest Holt
- She was shocked when she met her father and her mother for the first time. After meeting her parents, she met her older and a younger sisters. This caused much confusion with her. *Was she also banished by her own tribe?*. After that, she met the whole tribe and her chief.
- She learned the lifestyle and customs of the tribe, but found it difficult to lean and to deal with. She didn't understand her tribe, but neither the sunvillegers. There were to many rules and she had a strict chief.
- To her owns suprise, she discovered that she has two different names, she actually has another name: Softwhisper. This made her on the top of confusing after many of her tribe calls her by two different names. Wolfie doesn't know who she really was and is, and doesn't know what to do. Later, she accepted her two names but calls herself by her nickname, wolfie.
- She finally learned some skills from her father. Her father is a fisher and the soulbrother of her chief, called Nightstriker. He learned her fishing and hunting skills. She became official an fisher after a while.
- Has quite a bad relationship with her sisters, especially the youngest. She is hated by them for no special reason. She hates both her sister and there lifemates, specially Chaoswalker. Thought she hates the parents of Darkfall, the two do get along and accept each other but nothing more. She is one of the few tribemates who was not surprised that her younger sister became pregnant, but she already felt sorry for the unborn cub. The relationship with her parents were kinda rocky. She got along with them but they coudn't understand each other, wich caused a lot of drama. The relation with her chief was interesting. He was like an elder to her and they likes each other a lot, but when the tribemates were around, he was kinda cold toward her. Despite that, they were very close.
- The tribe got attacked by different kinds of creatures. Her mother was to first to die. Wolfie found her in her bed, dying, and hearing her last words. A few seconds later, she was fighting by her fathers side and sa how her fathers head was ripped of right in the front of her and her chief. when she looks around herself, see sees the burnt body of her sister and impaired darkfall. She also sees her younger sister giving birth. She saw then a wolf coming toward the baby, licking it clean, and the wolf ran off with it. Wolfie tried to ran after it but she was too late. She looked at her younger sister and knew she died by giving birth. When she came back, half of the tribemates were still fighting for there lifes, and wolfie came to fight with them. When her chiefand ironheart *a good friend* her get brutally murdered right in the front of her, she goes insane and kills everyone around her. She is the only survivor. A troll tribe found her. Because she got insane and dangerous, they beated her unconscious.

The Cave trolls
- Wolfie wake up in a cave and is seriously injured. Around her are trolls who try to cure her. Her hands and feet are tied. She doesn't know where she is and who they are and start te get panicked. A troll, named Astek, explains to her what happened. She gets a huge mental breakdown after it. She doesn't know where she should go or what she should do. Suddenly, she thinks about her wolfriend, Catcher. The troll says she is outside and unharmed. after a few days of healing, she discovered that she has become a prisoner.
- She has to do many things for the trolls, like clean. A few weeks later, she got to meet the king of the trolls. He want to make her a guardian of the caves and of his daughter, Maliba. Tuble is the one who's going to make her into an protecter, and the result is succesfull. She became the protecter of all trolls.
- She got metally and psychically abused by almost all trolls, specially the agressive king. Astek is the one who tries to keep her save. Even when she got almost beaten up to death, she keeps protecting them, cause that's her job.
- after the whole story of Torro, Wolfie got almost beaten to death cause of demending the trolls and not following orders and doing things without premission.
- Wolfie and Maliba are best friends and after Maliba finds otu that she got horriblely abused by her father, she got at her rage level and instead of wolfie protecting her, it was the other way around. The friendship between the two became uber close. Maliba is kinda angry at Astro, caus ehe knew all this time that she got abused. Astro tell both of them that there was nothing he could do about it and that he always will be there her for her and always will. Wolfie knew this and appreciates that. The tree of them share a close bond with each other.
- The trolls meet another tribe, also composed of trolls. These trolls are different than the others, these are real party animals and happy. Everyone can get along great with each other but their own king doesn't want anything to do with them.
Thanks wolfie, which ensures peace between two tribes, has arranged a feast which brings the two tribes together.
- Wolfie meets every troll form the other tribe and gets a task from their king to also protect their tribe. Wolfie protects both tribes and gets very well treated by the second tribe.
- Only a few days after that, when they have a great party, they get atacked by the humans, the same way as wolfie's birth tribe got atacked. Many died. Their own king died in the battle, so did her two best friends Maliba and Astro, she coudn't protect them. Almost every troll died. the only ones who didn't die were: Tumble, Astek, Maree, Perp, Otone, Nys, Rief and wolfie self.
- The survivers leave the caves and go traveling with each other for a new land to live. After many weeks, they found a place to live, somewhere close by avagreen nation. The trolls continue to live there but they must recognize their environment, and that's up to wolfie. Wolfie goes traveling and exploring the Ava nation. The trolls wish her ​​good luck in her journey and tell her that, even if she finds a new place to live, that she will always belong with them even though she is an elf. This does her much good. She bids farewell to the others and they will keep in touch.

The half human and half troll, Torro.
- There is a human tribe near the Trollcaves. Wolfie has to learn the human language and learn about the humans itself. She has to crossdress as a human to go in the village. One time she got there, She found a half human- half troll at the pillory. It was horrible to see the crying thing getting trowed things at. When the humans were done and gone, she was planning to release the poor creature, but he got already freed by a handsome young woman. Wolfie sarted to folow the poor thing. When she found him, the poor thing was in a tower, crying after he got slapped by an old man for being dumb. she went to him and hold him till he cries.
- She find out that his name is torro. He almost can't talk correctly, so Wolfie teached him how to send. After a while, He started to tell his story about his past, his parents past, abotu himself, and the woman he is in love with. This caused the friendship to grow and became extremely close.
- She knows that he is in danger and ask her tribe to make of him a tribemate. she got rejected and beaten after that. She meeted Maria, the woman who freed Torro, who he is in love with. Wolfie knows that Maria knows him personaly and she ask her why she abandoned him. After Maria told the real reason, wolfie got disgousted by her and told her to leave. When wolfie came to the tower, something terrible happened to Toro, which made hime behave like a wild animal. Torro found out that wolfie is not what he though she was, cause she's not a human, but something else. He shouted at wolfie that she used him and that their friendship was all but fake, and starts atacking her. The battle is very tight and ends up with wolfie, getting thrown through the window. While wolfie lays injured on the floor, she quickly tells him about her conversation with Maria, and after that she told him softly that their friendship is the best thing that ever happened to her and that she cares about him very much, then she passed out. She ends waking up in Torro's bed. Wolfie sees Toro crying and feeling guilty about what happened between them. they both settle things and Wolfie forgives him.
- There last moment together as friends consisted of bonding, laughing and having fun, before the war arrived. They had a very personaly conversation and gave each other wise words. They were talking about that Wolfie was not human but something else, while wolfie told him about the differences between humans, trolls, elves and animals and the things they have in common. They both gave ech other a letter, before wolfie left to prepare herself for the battle.
- The war in the village has arrived. When maria is about to be hanged, she released her. Mary doesn't understand why she saved her, but Wolfie answered: ''because Torro love you. No one can love you so much as he does''. This made maria thinking and she's feeling sorry about him. She says goodbye to Wolfie and goes to the tower to talk with Torro, while Wolfie is protecting the good humans from the evil ones.
- After the battle, wolfie hasn't heard from Torro or Maria.The village was completely wiped out, but fortunately not only good people but also the bad humans humans were killed. One part of the people have rebuilt village and are doing very well, but the wounds are certainly not healed.
- A few moths after the battle, some trolls noticed that someone was about to came to their tribe and warned the king. They saw a strange creature with a skeleton in his arms. Wolfie had been eavesdropping and went off immediately. all the trolls stood around him. It was Torro. Wolfie looked with a gloomy face at a very thin and wounded Torro, who was holding a human skeleton in his hands, and wolfie knew it was Maria. Without permission, she went to him and held his hand and quietly asked what had happened. Torro said that after the fight he went outside into the mist and saw that Maria was hanged, the only one he ever loved. He had removed the rope from her neck, holding her while lying on the floor for several days, so that he could die and be with her. Then he went to another place to find do to die because there were living humans aroudn them. Wolfie could already feel that it won't take long anymore before Toro will die.
She commanded the trolls to create a grave in the cave. The trolls did what was asked and made one. Torro went inside, togeter with the skeleton of Maria, and way his farewell to wolfie. Wolfie then sat in a tree, looking at a bright moon, sending some beautifull and wise words to Torro. A long 23 minutes later, he died peacefully with Maria in his arms.

-After a few years traveling and exploring, she met a human tribe, called avagreen, and she knows that this will be an adventure.


I was originally trying to make the old one, but when I realized that the dreambase didn't have desert background, I abandoned it for the new one. The only real mistake was the hair. The spirit is something she can't really see, it's one of the Gods of the humans


....This is.....beautifull OMG!!!!!! Thank you so much!!Hug Heart

I love this doll!! I love the hair and clothes, the spirit of the god humans is so beautiful!! Luvlove


You're very welcome.

Now, if I can only find the one I made the Midlle Age dolls with, that base is prettier (though I prefer the Dream base, it's more fun)


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As pretty as creative, Startear Smile


Here's the new one Smile


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I gotta love the animals around her!!Luvlove


More dolls


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I love it!!! Thank you so much!! She looks beautiful!!! Hug


W"olfMoonSky looks fab on the Earth base, Startear! It occurs to me that being accompanied by animals starts to become her trademark Happy


Yes, it is. Mostly because of the resemblance of teir's ability. Though the racoon and the dragon was maybe a little too much. But she is a fun character to make dolls for.


Name: Leia
Birth-tribe: Wavedancers somewhere.
Parents: Unknown
Age: unknown but, young.
Appearance: pale skin, Blue/green short hair, silver eyes, 'standard' wavedancer ears, without tail.
Attire: blue/green top with a long blue/green skirt, most of all her clothes are blue and green or blue/green.
Role: huntress and fisher.
Skills: Hunting, fishing and swimming
Personality: she is a very cute and shy lady wich you should not make angry. She is very nice and tries not too hurt someone's feelings, sometimes it doesn't help but, she means well.
Background: Leia was found by Daryll, a human, washed ashore down on the beach. He took her back to his lab and now she has lived in a tub down in the basement

I will add more later.


Name: Goldshine
Birth-tribe: Some unknown tribe (by a mountain)
Parents: father- mortal and alive, mother- Immortal and death.
Father:Sunfast, a nice and funny person (she has a very good father/daughter relationship with him)
Mother: Neoshine, a very lovely person (died when Goldshine was just a cub) (reason of death: when the mountain collapse, she used her own body as a shield to protect Golshine, wich caused her to death.
Age: unknown
Appearance: pale skin, long curly blond hair, green eyes.
Attire: green dress with socks/boots in orange and black stripes (the colors of a bee)
Role: huntress, scout and treeshaper
Skills: Hunting and treeshaping.
Personality: she is a very cute and very cheerfull, she getd suprised pretty easy. She is a very cared person, she cares about everyone and everybody cares about her. She is very nice and always tries to cheer you up. It's hard to make her angry but, easy to make her sad, wich can break your hard.
Background: She lost her mother right before her eyes when she was just a cub. Discovered that she is treeshaper after her mother died. Has met bee (you all know him ^^) and became very good friends with him.


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Name: Aguil
Birth-tribe: Some unknown tribe
Parents: unknown, has a sister: Rhythm
Age: unknown
Appearance: normal skin, little long brown hair in a ponytail, green eyes. Has some green tattoo on his face, from his jaw to his cheeks, three green stripes on each cheek, the reason is unknown.
Attire: brown clothes, diffrent color of brown are in it (design is still unknown)
Role: hunter, warrior, storryteller (knows alot about the hirstoy of two moons and about many tribes)
Skills: Hunting, telling stories
Personality:Can be annoying as hell! he is the comic relief with a life banter. He is also very intelligent and good at inventing ideas and plans on the spot, even if these ideas are not always effective. He tends to be rash, however, and his pride often leads to embarrassment. With this, along with his tendency to over-react in a blustering manner, Aguil sometimes appears foolish. In truth, he is very clever. His sarcastic and absurd behavior can sometimes extend into important decisions.
Background: I will add more of this later



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Are you going to add Aguil too?

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Nice Characers Wolfie.. I noticed them in the doll thread.. wondered who they are.. im glad to read some info about them Smile


Glad you like them BerylSmile
I will make stories about them ^^
not in ''wolfmoonsky's writting'' but I will make a new thread for only my characterSmile stories and art....people here can also make some little storie about them or some artSmile |I wouldn't mind that, I would love that, specialt if someone makes some drawings of them, that makes me so happyHappy because I have seen so many people here who are SOO GOOD AT DRAWING!!!
always, when someone made a doll of them, I feel happySmile
It's like they find my characters intresting and that I have amazing friends here (Wich I have, you all are amazing friends!!Hug )


Sounds interresting :D
I totally understand why it makes you happy when other people draw or doll your elfs


Echoes Beryl - good to see some background info about your elves, paired with dolls to show their face Happy

Go on, Wolfie!


Here is one more of a young Wolfie


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When I saw the outfit I just had to try ... making a gift for you was the best reason for a doll after so long. So glad you like!


Aw, Wolfie looks adoreable. I love how the dress turned out.

By the way... on a unrelated note, am I the only one who thinks Wolfie as Brownskinned as the Sun Villagars? I've noticed that my illustrations have a lot darker skin than most others put on her.


Well ... that IS the dark skin that doll maker provides Wink ... and making her darker blurs the contrasts on this rather small base. For the rest - let's wait for Wolfie.

Thanks faeriegirl, thanks Startear Happy



You are welcome, cubling Hug

When I saw the outfit I just had to try ... making a gift for you was the best reason for a doll after so long. So glad you like!

Hug Hug Hug


By the way... on a unrelated note, am I the only one who thinks Wolfie as Brownskinned as the Sun Villagars? I've noticed that my illustrations have a lot darker skin than most others put on her.

You're not the only one who thinks that Smile

Actually, she has a lighter skin than the Sun Villagars but is browner than the wolf riders Wink . This is because one of her parents is a Sun villagar and one it a wolfrider (not confirmed). I think the color of the base of the Embala is the good skin color. Me, it does not matter is she is browner or not because they're all very really nice and beautifull!!! Happy Hug

Thanks Embala and Startear!! This made me cry a little, I mean it ^^; Hug


*huggles Wolfie* You're so sweet hun.



*huggles Wolfie* You're so sweet hun.

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Oh my... now I got that terribly cliche visualsation of when people have "arguments" of who is cutest. And by the way, you are Kiss



Oh my... now I got that terribly cliche visualsation of when people have "arguments" of who is cutest. And by the way, you are Kiss

Hehe you're not the only one ^^; and no, you are Hug Kiss2


Want another doll? Wink



Want another doll? Wink

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*oops* - cross posting! Nice bad-tempered Aguil complete with tattoos ... you know that the bush seems to look disfavoring at him? Roflmao Good job, Startear!


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Aww my dolling muse is working, finally!! Brave..very brave muse Wink

Wolfie as chief and as a young jackwolfrider

Aguil after a hunt...alone -_-..the idiot Wink

Agul..againWink but then in his normal form instead of the other cool form

Aguil: HEY!!!...


Aguil: You're saying I'm not cool?!

hmmm...yeah kinda

Aguil: Scream



Brave muse Happy *drops muse treat* Pretty dolls of WolfMoonSky - I like her "warrior-look" and your choice of background ... from the desert into the woods.

Aguil is a cool one indeed ... well, of the messed up kind *evil grin* ... and a nice one in the second pic.

The little "discussion" makes me chuckle Laugh

What do you think of her? Don't blame me for the skin patterns and the pink - I swear she demanded it!


Thank you for the very nice comments Embala!! Hug

..*sees doll* OMG!!..Luvlove I love it!!! I don't mind the skin patterns and the pink Wink Very nice!! I love her, thank you so much!! Hug


Happy you like High One Leia ... and she could be a bit different as a High One! Wink


Name: Musé (nicknames: muse (by me) Miss Knife (by everyone, mostly by cubs) princess (by Musa) Pink hair (mostly by me and Aguil)

Birth-tribe: Some muse tribe (by a mountain with an waterfall)


Musan. Lifemate of Muserunner, lovemate of mused. He was an funny/insane man who was a little grazy, but good. (He reminds me a lot of Musé. He died when she was a cub.) (reason of death: He got drowned while swimming by a strong current (1200). He thought it would give me some good inspiration to go swimming in a strong current and that it would made him stronger, damn what was he wrong.)

Mother: Muserunner. Lifemate of Musan Lovemate of MusedShe was an hyper/cute young lady. She was way younger then her lifemate Musafa. she was very childish but in a good way. After Musan died, she got recognition with there already lovemate Mused, they got a daughter Musa. (reason of death: Muserunner (210) slips and falls unconscious to the sources in the water. She dies by drowning)

Half Sister:Musa. *grins* She is like Musé, and insane/grazy girl but then in an other way. She is her halfsister (same mother, other father) Musa is the younger sister and hates it. She is also mine assistent (she helps with schoolwork and work)


Appearance: pale skin, short wavy dark pink hair, blue ocean eyes.

Attire: long pink top with an black jacket. Long dark pants with long black boots. She has a knife with her (for many reason wich she doesn't want to tell me but I respect that)

Role: Leader of all mine muses, my assistent and helper.

Skills:. giving inspriration, can do many things with her knife, fighting and being an leader to the muses. She is also good in having some good ideas (which or mostly insane)

Personality: She is very grazy and insane but she also can get on your nervous pretty easy. She always have a smile on her face wich looks like an grin. she is not someone who you should get angry with, when she's angry, she will beat the crap/life out of you. She is very mysteric and always tries to cheer you up (in a weird, not good way). It's not easy to make her sad, but she can be. To find out if she's sad, you can see it in her eyes. If her eyes doesn't reach her smile, she's sad. She hides all of her feelings, wich will be harder now my life got worse.

Background: What mostly no one knows is that she saw how her mother and father died. She takes care of Musa since the death of her parents, with a little help of me. Has been mine asisstent for many years (when I got depression)

She has trouble with giving inspiration and helping me in 2010 caused by me and her state of mind. Will add more later.



Musé looks AWESOME!!! O.O!! So in character!!!

Thank you so much!! Hug


Name Musa, abbreviation of Musanna

nicknames: muse (by me) Musa (by everyone) red hair (by everyone) shywitch (by Aguil)

Birth-tribe: Some muse tribe (by a mountain with an waterfall)



Father: Mused

half sister:Musé


Age: unknown.

Appearance: pale skin, long orange/red straight hair with two ponytails, orange/yellow eyes. She has black lips

Attire: long orange top with an black jacket. Long dark pants with long black boots. She has a powerful weapon ( but doesn't tell me what it's called for many reason but I respect that)

Role: assistent of all mine muses and me, and my helper.

Skills: helping, can do many things with her powerfull wapon, being an assitent to me and to the muses. She is also good in having some good ideas (which or mostly kinda weird and confusing)

Personality: She is like Musé, and insane/grazy girl but then in an other way (she is very shy and quiet now, and also very sensitive.

She is the halfsister of Musé(same mother, other father). Musa is the younger sister and hates it.Thought she is younger, she is much smarter and wiser then Musé. She is a thinker, but thinks too much sometimes.

She is also mine assistent (she helps with schoolwork and work)

Background: No one knows that her real name is Musanna, but because she is most called musa, she kinda forget that her real name is Musanna, so she wants to be called Musa.

In december 2010, both she and Musé were gone. After 7 months, Musa came back but without Musa. When I wanted a talk with Musé, we heard someone in the closet. when I opened the door, came a frightened, weak and crying Musa from the cabinet. She was and still is very pale and she looks like she hasn't slept, eaten or drunk in moths. Then after a few minutes, I found out that musé (accidentally) had locked her in the closet and left. She has been the closet for seven months long! How she survived without food we don't know. She's now very traumatized.


Names: Faelwen and Veryan


Faelwen: fael, wen, sis (by Veryan) mystery woman (by Aguil)

Veryan:Ver, lonesmile, bro (by Faelwen) the relax guy (by everyone, mostly by Aguil)

Birth-tribe: unknown (but they both join The Huntik tribe in the future)

Family:There family is unknown, only known is that they are twins.

Appearance: both are having a very pale skin and long black traight hair.


Faelwen: a white blouse with a kind of symbol on it. black pants with black shoes.

Veryan: has a light green shawl which ensures that it resembles a half jersey, has also Very light green pants.


Faelwen: singer, hunter, worrier, itako (power of ghosts)

Veryan: Hunter, worrier, sotryteller, musican and singer


Fealwen: singing, communicate with ghost (has ghostpowers), fight and making people scared (mostly Aguil, thought not always..)

Veryan: playing gitar and making other calm music, staying calm, singing, hunting and telling stories.


Faelwen:Aggressive and decisive, Faelwen is a pragmatic person who appears cold and harsh. However, she has shown that she genuinely cares for those important to her, especially Veryan. Faelwen can be extremely possessive of Aguil and Veryan, beating them up once there is something they do she

doesn't like.

Veryan: slacker by nature, Veryan maintains a carefree, laid-back attitude about everything. He has even gotten a signature phrase: "everything will work out" as a way of seeing things. He is rarely on bad terms with anyone and always decides to make friends with the people he meets. He is deeply caring for his friends and is even ready to die for them or give up his dreams as seen when Aguil was almost killed. Although he has a kind and caring nature, in a talk with Vermus and Wolfmoonsky, he revealed that he didn't like humans and elves that much either.

Background:will add later..


I'm glad you decided to update your character thread, Wolfie Happy

Interesting description and color scheme for Musa. Sorry that the poor girl doesn't feel well at the moment.
Veryan and Faelwen seem to be rather different twins ... exept in look, of course.

Here are your "older" girls Wink


Let me all introduce you to Masaru, my tird muse! Happy

Name: Masa, abbreviation of Masaru

Nickname(s): Masa, Mas, bro, knucklehead.

Previous name(s): Masaru.

Holt(s): Some muse tribe (by a mountain with an waterfall)

Age: unknown, probaly same age as I.

Gender: Male

Hair: dark flame-colored, middle length (half of the time in a small ponytail)straight hair.

Eyes: orange/brown eyes.

Appearance: muscular, but not in a violent manner. He is a bit....too thin. Although His sisters are kinda pale, His skin color is slightly darker. It's known that he has a black tattoo of an mysterious animal on his back for and now ''unknown'' reason.

Clothes: actually he wears a black shirt with black pants, black belt, black shoes ... all in black, just like his sisters, though he has the color dark red as a shirt when he's wearing his black jacket. He also wears a belt where he keeps his knife and sword down.

Weapon: Spear, sword and knife.

Magic: sending *strong*

Skills: fighting and fishing.

Position: Warrior, adviser, hunter and fisher. Giving advice and helping me and others with there work, is also his duty, but loves every minute of it.

Mother: Muserunner.

Father: Musan.

Siblings: Sisters: Musanna and Musé.

Friends: Wolfmoonsky, Me, Leia, Aguil, Vermus, Skysun and Goldshine. He's friends with everyone, but they are his closed friends. Vermus is his best friend while Aguil is like a little brother to him and goldshine is like a little sister. Both me and wolfmoonsky mean the world to him. Maybe he will treemate with Skysun and Leia in the future, but that's for now unknown.

Personality/Behaviour: Personality-strong and wise, he appears to be pretty laid back. He is the brother of Musa and muse. Like them, he's crazy, but then in an other way then his sisters. Although he often argues with both Musa and Musé, the relationship between brother and sisters are very good. Strange but true, he is the most emotional of the three, and it's often seen.

His personality can be said as a happy-go-luck kid by many people, but little do they know. He's pretty sarcastic wich can be annoying but also funny. Although Masa is also pretty loud, he can be very quiet and calm in many situations. But, if he gets pushed to the edge, he'll do whatever it takes to protect his family and friends from harm. He's someone who doesn't forgive someone fast, but actually he's someone who can't forgive himself. He fights from heart and never gives up. He loves and is really good at fighting. Though he love to fight, he will never attack or hurt anyone just by intent. He always believes that Attack, Defense and Stamina don't matter in battle at all, but your spirit. That belief has also helped in out in bleak situations. When some troll said something bad about his deceased father, Masaru has gone mad, his eyes turn red and dark energy can be seen forming around his body. He became so angry that he almost lost all control of himself and coudn't keep his emotions under control, which made him dangerous and caused some friends to be injured.

Likes:Fighting, relaxing, having fun with his friends, hanging out, giving others adice, telling stories, walking, watching sunset and sunrise.

Dislikes: trolls, water (because of what happened with his parents), losing a fight, being trapped, Veryan (seriously, I have no idea why..) they are not ennemies, but he doesn't feel safe around him for some reason.

Fears: locked up, small places, losing his friends, me and sisters, losing control of himself and his emotions, hurting his beloved ones, not being able to save someone.


- Saw both his father and mother drowning. He tried to rescue them, but it was impossible. He was the one who found their lifeless bodies. He has never forgiven himself for not being able the rescue them.

- Has been my muse since my birth and helped me with schoolwork when I was little. Because we both got a big mental breakdown, he had to stop helping with my schoolwork and started to base himself as a wise man, who give me wise lessons, This make musé laugh like grazy at first, but started to understand that her brother is a wise one, and that he is at the good place.

- It's known that he has claustrophobia since he was young. No one knows what happened but it had been a traumatic effect for him. A long while ago, he was along with vermus, trapped by humans, and they put them in a small prison.

- We have recently discovered that he has a big tattoo on his back, a mysterious creature. It looks like a dragon, but that is not certain. We do not know why, but he has it since several years. If we start talking about it, you can somehow see the anger in his face. He says it's just a tattoo, but it has to do with some kind a curse that only he knows of.

- Masaru rescued Leia and the scientist from the trolls near the lake. The scientist has ''thanks to Masaru'' survived, and returned to his hometown. After that, Leia officially belonges to our tribe.

- The tribe and the trolls got into a big argument after the war between an unknown human tribe. The argument flew out of hand when one of the trolls made an nasty comment about the father of masa. After the troll finaly stoped with his nasty comments, ad huge fight came down, wich made most of both tribes injured. A little later, both tribes have settled. Masaru said to everyone that he was sorry for the fight, his scary and dangerous behavior, and that most of him were injured because of him. They all fogive him, now only he has to forgive himself for what happened. The troll 'Heim' and Masaru became enemies after this.



Race: Owl

Age: 5 years.

Gender: Male

Appearance:Mowise has a very different look then other owls. His body is brown while his wings are black. He also has black stripes around the body.

Personality/Behaviour:like his name, he is wise. It's a calm and peaceful animal, but can also become hostile when someone hurts his owner. He loves Masaru and does everything to make him at peace.

Other: He's called Mowise, because he's wise and the sound he make's says ''mo''. It's also an strong owl who can fly very high, even higher then normal owls.


Nice to meet you, Masaru Happy

I like this red crest - chosing black and red suits him well. *seems to be a family habit*
He seems to be a fierce fighter though he looks like a nice guy!


Masaru: It's nice to meet you too Smile

Thanks Embala! Hug

yeah, it's is a family habit Wink you're right about that, not that he isn't nice, he is, though he is a very fierce fighter indeed.


While I was busy with the background of my self-elf, I thought about making a Wolfie generation with lunaii dollz. So, here it is! I've made ​​eight pictures in one image. under the image stands information about how old she was and a little history behind it, also my own reaction to it.

First picture: Wolfie as cub!
Here she was a little girl who was raised in the sunvillage! Only the sunvillagers and jack-wolfriders have seen her as a little cub. Her birthtribe left her there while they were on a quest. This is the only look of her that the sunvillagers and jack-wolfriders will see because after Dart and the others where gone to the wolfriders, and basically the sunvillagers abandoned her, and she wasn't a teenger there yet!

What I love is that hairband with bow in her short hair, it's cute. She wears a dress, cause likely every female wears a dress there. Perhaps this is just me, but she looks kinda like a mean and arrogan little girl. Don't know why, maybe the hairband and dress together give that effect to it. She was very a sweet, quiet and shy girl who was very curious and loved exploring. She also had a lot of questions and didn't understood many things. She doesn't really look so sweet here, but it's not like she was a angle or something Wink

Second picture: Wolfie as teeneger!
Here she was a teenerger, meeting her birthtribe for the first time! I have to say that this was a very confusing time for her. The way her tribe lived was different, didn't understood the rules, didn't understand her tribemates, doesn't get why they left her at the sunvllage while her little sister could stay or better to say, why pregnant mom went with the quest. She feels and is abdoned and doesn't know who she is after knowing she has two different names!

I'm glad with this one. Her hair grew a little and she did her hair in a ponytail,
I like that. She looks kind of cunfused, wich is perfect.

Tird picture: Wolfie with the Cave trolls!
To say is short: After the tribe got attacked by different kinds of creatures, a injured wolfie got captured by the trolls. She got healed, yet abused by them. Caused by so much abusing, it doesn't mentally hurt her. Maybe that's why she looks so calm?

The cloths are perfect on this. This is how that sweater, or rather dress, looks like. Her face seems calm, while she wasn't in the beginning. Because she has become calmer, well she was getting horrible abused, she seems calm on the outside. Therefore this facial expression.

fourth picture: Wolfie and the half troll-half human!
This is still in the time with the Cave trolls but in the middle of that time, she met a half human-half troll in the human village near the troll caves.

She looks mysterious and lovely in this, actually what I wanted. The reason she wears this is because she needs to hide herself from the humanst, so that they won't find out that she is an elf instead of a human. With wearing this, she can come into the village safely.
Fact: She still wears this when she is on a mission or something.

fifth picture: Wolfie, in Avagreen!
This is the time that Wolfie met the human tribe, avagreen. She became an sort of leader to them while to her, she is a protecter. She also met a new troll tribe and an wolfpeck. This is like the best time in her life.

THe face she makes is brilliant for this picture!! There were many times when she was like that while watching the humans and the trolls. This is actually her old look! So basicilly, I had to make this one!

sixth picture: Wolfie, in Avagreen nation!
This is not just avagreen, this is a whole nation She has to protect! She does long hair in a ponytail, and looks like a real warrior. She feels for the first useful, that's why the face looks like that. She doesn't look weak or soft and is ready for the battle.

This was actually the first picture of this image I made. I love the top. It kind alooks like her teenage picture, but then older, and that's the perfect effect!

seventh picture: Wolfie, with the elves!
Like you see, she cut her hair. Now this was NOT in the time her wolffriend died, that happened between picture five and six. At that time, she didn't cut it THAT short. This is after the the whole war in the avanation. The battle made her cold and hard, wich was very weird to see when you're not used to see that.

Like I said, she got a cold personality, you can see that. To say the truth, she got kinda emotionless. After much pain and loss, it gave her this result. She's even glad with this, because her feelings are too strong and should be a bit slacken. Unfortunately, she behaved like this and she was not happy with the result, because she almost began to sound mean.

eigth picture: Wolfie, in the now!
This is how she looks like now. Instead of white, she has green! I love it, it stands good on her O_O! the hair got longer in a few moths (Damn, I'm jealous of my own self-elf! I wish I could grow my hair so fast!) She looks softer and sweeter, like how she really is. She might look very sweet, she also looks sad, and is sad. She's Depressed. Hope she will ever have a family: lifemate, children, ect. Hope she gets healed by her friends and try to enjoy her life now.


*WOW* Wolfie this is so fricking AWESOME sweetie, I love how you were about to break down each age and tell what is happening to her at the time and explain why with her expressions.....I love her new look with the Green under the brown tops. I can work with this when I can get to my drawings again.....ClapYayHugHeart


Beautiful dolls wolf, I like the last one with the green to it makes her eyes stand out better.


I love you "WolfMoonSky through the ages", Wolfie!

You described her different ages and the changes of life lively and touching. And the single doll pictures go perfectly with the life periods. Clap

Hard to pic a favorite - each one is perfect for this very moment. I still love "original" WolfMoonSky - the young chief. And the design of the young warrior ...

The "after war" shot reminds me of Clearbrook after her loss and during the Troll war.

The new green suits her well ... there's a thought: white for innoscence (lost) and green for hope (blossoming)? I hope to see an ninth picture somewhen - smiling again.


Aww thank you so much, Embala!!Hug

yeah, The "after war" shot reminds me of Clearbrook after her loss and during the Troll war too.
White for innoscence (lost) and green for hope (blossoming)? That's PERFECT!! Happy
Yeah, I hope so too....Smile


It's been a long time since I posted here...it's time for putting some dollz again!

There is a lovely dollmaker on dolldivine. Of course I just had to use this one...for all my woman characters:

Faelwenn, Goldshine, Skysun, Wilde, Musé, Musa, Leia and Brightglance.

Some of them, like Skysun, don't look correctly, but I like the way they look....and they choses how they look like with this dollmaker.

The only missing female on is Wolfmoonsky! Don't worry, of course I made my self-elf too! I even made four versions of her!:

I guess you know the first four characters Wink

Who are those other four you ask? that's...me!

I made my self-elf and me! How cool is that! I did this to try out something.

You can see wolfmoonsky's normal outfit and three other ones. Soem of you might know: she changed her hair and cloths A LOT! Not only because of wanting to look different, heck she needs to, to have a new start over and over andoverandoverandover AGAIN...

As for me, I questioned my self: How would I really look like if I turned into an elf?

Here, you see four versions of me. Do I look like them?....no, not really, of course, but I dare to say a bit XD I'm going to explain my versions.

The colors for me are:green and lavendel-purple. My favorite color is blue, yet I gave myself this colors, I think they fit me more. In real life, I have short hair. The first two versions have short hair. Version 1 & 2 are both me as an elf with short hair. The onlt difference is this. Version 1:born as elf, Version 2: suddendly became an elf. The same goes to version 3 & 4, but then with long hair.

Ithink you all get the point now.

The next and last set:

Who the heck are those, you think....that my friends...are my sisters! all eight?! HECK NOOOOO!!! thank the highones..nooo...just four versions of my older sister as an elf and four versions of my younger sister.

Why I make them also as elves? I will explain later. I will, like my self versions, explain their versions. It was hard to make bith my sisters, I had to chose two king of colors what fit both of them or are like their element. They don't *ofcourse* not look like them, but they do alot. So first: my older sister.

My older sister would have the color: Red and orange.

Version 1: if she was born as an elf, and had short hair. She does now indeed have very short hair, so I wouldn't be suprised if I will make her dollz all like these.

Version 2: if she was suddendly an elf right now, with short hair. These cloths..doi fit here. She is in real life thick (not really nice to say but it is true, not a bad thing or anything).

Version 3: if she was born as an eld, and had her long hair. There was a time she had long hair XD. I chose these kind of cloths and with hair cause I liked it XD It would stand her good.

Version 4: if she was suddendly an elf right now, with long hair. Not going to give a comment on this one.

Now my younger sister, she was harder to make then my older sister.her colors would be: Blue and yellow.

Version 1: if she was born as an elf. I knwo you see the color purple, it needed to be yellow but was not in the mood to change it.

Version 2: If she suddendly was an elf. Dark blue...and BLACK?! ...What? I know but she would look like this if it would happen!

Verion 3: second version of 'if she would have been born like an elf': AGAIN the colors, I KNOW! that was a mistake...the green must have been blue, but it didn´t look that great so I used green. I think she would use this as outfit is she was an elf.

Version 4: second version of 'if she was suddendly an elf': Damn she looks spoiled! thsi is not the kind of clothes she would like to wear but I just had too XD...what? Atleast the colors fit this time..

That's it! Hope you all like them. NOW a question for you: How would you name me and my sisters if we were elves?? I would like some name suggestions. Names that have a meaning and fit to their looks. Thank you all for reading and for giving suggestions!


WOW ... that's a great collection, Wolfie! Clap

I love to see all your girls in row - niclly posing together!
Faelwen is her cool self, elegant in black and white!
Goldshine ... cute and lovely like beesweet
Skysun looks fine for me ... what's not correctly?
Wilde shows a feral/fairy (is this possible) design ... gotten a makeover?
Musé could have hardly turned out better - these stockings are made for her!
Musa prefers legangance befor fanciness - it suits her well.
Leia made herself comfortable for the seas ... locking at her again NOW makes me snicker ...*
Brightglance has a very exotic look in blue and green - her "well-behaved" style is a nice contrast

WolfMoonSky got even a row for herself - the more festive sunmaiden, generic "old" and "newer" clothing ... and her pretty, forest-style new duds. Very fitting and recognizable - love to meet her again after so long!

So this is our Wolfie sElf! Each outfit is well chosen and will serve well for different opportunities. I love the greens and purples for her - it's going well with the brown locks.
A name ... hard to suggest one for a self-elf, Wolfie. The look makes me think of leaves and blossoms:
Whisperleaf, Leavesdance, Petalscent, Lilacglade?

Meeting your sisters is a surprise!

Strong reds and black contrasts for Elder - good-looking as an elf, though there is a taste of Winnowill going with her ... especially with the fourth outfit. Alluring, but not the nicest one to deal with ... how about:
Nightshade, BitterCherry? Look up "Belladonna" to catch my thought.

Younger is a real beauty! Actually I like the fresh yellow and lightgreen for her - a lovely sight. Going with what you told about her not nice and loving as well ... makes me think of Wreath, Skyfire's beautiful, but cold mother.
Springwind for her? ... like a fresh breeze at Newgreen ... and volatile like the wind. The double meaning "to spring/Spring" is intentional.

*will tell you why later Wink

There is something I must tell you, Wolfie Happy ... your "girls" in row" inspired me!
After long months I have dolled my Embala again ... not only once or twice, but a whole bunch! I have achieved an old, almost buried plan - making "Embala through the Tribes"!

Thanks and huggles! Dancin' *turning with you in a happy dance*


Uhm ... there's only one bother - they are tiiiiiiiny! Id like to see bigger versions to recognize details ...


I'm suprised to see your commenting here, Embala. Thank you for your lovely comment.

The problem with Skysun is that: she had a red skin and light blue short hair.
I make that kind mistake a lot when it somes to Skysuns design.

I made a row for her, because of the many versions of her design. Glad how it turned out. About my self, it doesn't really look like me, but that was the closed to make me, so were my sisters. I think Whisperleaf is a great name for my real self-elf! Thank you for the name! Nightshade, would be a perfect name for my older sister, and Springwind for my younger sister! Again, thank you for the names!

I'm glad that my "girls" inspired you! I really am.
you thanking me?? no..don't....I'm thanking you Embala! *gives bucn of lovely hugs*



Uhm ... there's only one bother - they are tiiiiiiiny! Id like to see bigger versions to recognize details ...

I tried doing that, but it kept saying '' Toooooo much KB!!!!!''

so I had to make it tinny.....and then even more tinny, because it kept saying it was too much KB. This was the only size it accepted. I don't know why, but it was a hell of a pain. Glad it got atleast accepted though.


Ouch ... hoped you would have the single pictures somewhere in an album. Unhappy

A tip in case you have upload problems again:
Saving as .png is good for clear pictures, but it's KB heavy. When you are not able to upload a picture in reasonable size, save it again as .jpg. Most probably it will function now - just being a bit blurry, tho.

Why surprised, Wolfie? It took me long enough to get here, but I was determined to look in and comment.

Looks like I've helped to name some elves again - glad you liked my suggestions Happy


This needs an update! Wink