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Startear's Corner


Error message generator?! Cool!
your error message is awesome!! Grin


@ Underwater (Mania) ... you allow that I quote myself Wink

You captured Darshek very well, Startear - his state between life and death. The mood is just perfect! And you did it so smart - it would adept to any possibile canon developement. Darshek ...
- sinking into the depth after jumping from the ship
- being still on the ship, sinking into the darkness of his fever-clouded mind
- dying ... with the spirit of his father leading him to the Palace
- still alive, weekend by the illness ... struggling to reach the surface - with his father's spirit - or the imagination of him - giving him the strenght to reach it (we know he is rescued)
- the golden hand he imagined being his father's in reality is Snakeskin, coming for rescue
... Love it!


Embala: Hypnotize Okay, seriously, how did I miss this comment when you've posted it both here and in the Grab Bag thread? *looks at the tratious mail.* Hm...

But regarding your comment, I'm so glad that I sucseeded with my atempt to let people decide what they wanted.


Heart of Dreams

Once we were able to adapt the things which the Two Moons threw on us. Some of the youngest generation, the last who were born still posses this gift. But they choose to be with us, the loyalty threatens to bring tears to our eyes. We are grateful, filled with love towards everyone in the group. We all feel it, we devour it as we are embraced with it. Together we are all a creation of a dream.

Two leads us, gives us instructions. There is no force, it is our choice to be like this. If any would wish to break free, she or he would do so. No questions would be asked.

It would be their choice.

This is our choice.

We are finally going home.


very nice Startear, very nice Heart


Embala: Hypnotize Okay, seriously, how did I miss this comment when you've posted it both here and in the Grab Bag thread? *looks at the tratious mail.* Hm...
Probably because I was "slightly" late? Wink

I said it before, Startear - beautiful snippet. "Heart of Dreams" cryptic enough to make me wonder ... with hints clear enough to let think of the Gliders and the building of Blue Mountain.


No, I don't think so... I think it was just my computer.

Here is a banner I made a while ago... it's actually the only banner I've completed in my lifetime... heh.

BTW, do you guys think I should post the dollz I've made the last couple of days here?


Nice banner!
And OFCOURSE you should post those dollz! This thread is for everything you make, right? Smile


Dittos both! Happy


Here is a bunch of dollz. In the EDA group I found a base which I found that even my crappy version of Paint could color. After i discovered how easy it was to make my self-elf, I was looking for a challenge, started on one which was to look like Leetah... and suddenly I was obsessed again.


Leetah (this one was made from the one I saw in Dreamtime in Color, that's why the hair is too brown.)

Silvia (one of my own characthers)


Leetah (with more detail)


I bruised my arm at Saturday, and that Venka doll was my last that day, it was begining to hurt using my right arm. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as i thought, so next day I was back in buisness.

Venka (with more detail)

Uli (one of Vojira's character)

Wolfmoonsky (Wolfie's self-elf)

Sharktricker (a character Leanan created, but owns no more)

Willowgreeen (from Blood of Ten Chiefs)

Aroree (from Shards)

Skyfire (from Blood of Ten Chiefs)

Elmireth (faeriegirls characther)


Very nice banner and beautifull dollz Startear!!Happy


You allow that I quote myself again Wink


Starting with your Startear seems self-evident - bright skin color, strong contrasts in clothing and the "sparkles" on her leggins. Pretty Leetah followed at once - her top turned out well and she even has her feather earring. I love to see the effect the little color change and additions have on the second version.

Silvia turned out fine - great color scheme. The eyecatching long stole with the symbol-like pattern and the the adornements on trousers and shoes make her memorable.

Charming Dewshine - I like the little feathers and legbands. Beautiful Venka - the contrasting top works fine. Once more I love to see the improvement you realized with adding/changeing some lines in the second version!

Uli looks fab - you captured her perfectly! The ragged fur, the bandera and braids ... the characteristic scar and the dreamapple requisite ... all together built the perfect mood. You really have a feeling for Vojira's chars!

Sweet WolfMoonSky - strong colors, clear form and sparse accentuated. Same for Sharktricker - just the basics ... just enough.

I love Willowgreen - I agree that the costume design turned out great. That includes the fine blonde mane and her hair thingie. Aroree is great as well - your increasing skills are obvious Happy ...the red background gives a good contrast but some blue would have fit her char better indeed ...

Angry Skyfire - her costume is well done ... the face edit makes a huge difference! Lovely Elmireth - pretty top.

You really surprised me, girl! Within a few dolls you have not only shown clear improvement but also developed your own style. Sort of rough, minimalistic - but with all the necessary characteristic details.

Don't misunderstand me - I know Paint and never managed to do anything presentable with it - and you definitely found a look of your own! ... reminds me of South Park ...

I like that you kpt the first versions of Leetah and Venka - it's interesting to see how well the little changes succeeded.

... missing Fireseed ... Darkfire ... and the What-If child ... I know there are more Wink


... missing Fireseed ... Darkfire ... and the What-If child ... I know there are more Wink

meep! Here they are!



Wolfstar (What-if-child between Shenshen and Skywise. Name is temporary.)


Smiling Darkfire scares me. XD
Btw,how about Sunstar for a name? Skywise isn't that much of a wolf nowadays...


When my friend on the dorm discovered the dollz I made, she commented them. "Too tight skirt..." or other tips. Then she decided to challenge me. Two challenges to be presicely. Here was the first one.

Make Brill.

Those ears were pain. I never thought that I'd hate making ears so much as I did last night. The hair, which is usually pain to make, was the easiest of all, as soon as I found a color which somewhat matched it made itself.

Only took like 12 hours or so to make...


I said it before in the Dollz thread ...

I like Fireseed - strong contrasts and pretty hair.

Darkfire shows clear change (thanks to zoomWink) - more precise coloring, finer lines and more natural details. I love that you thought of a face edit - she's not the nice type at all!

The What-If child "Wolfstar" continues this step forward - especially the shoes have a new, more realistic quality. btw ... I guess you want to have Skywise's beloved stars in her name ... but each time I look at her I think of the moon.

The differences that began to show with Darkfire and continued with the "what-If" girl are highly visible in Brill. The shape of bra and loincloth, the fine outlines and structures, the carefully "sculptured" ears and webbed fingers, last not least all the tiny details of her rich jewelry adornements - you have improved fast!

Great job Clap ... thanks for investing so much time.


Clap Awesome, they are beautifull!!Smile


Phew, finally got proper time to answer this.

Thank you all for the great comments! It was very fun to make though terribly challenging. And as I said earlier, I've never hated making ears ever in my life. Only thing I can see which is obviously a huge mistake of mine is the lack of leather reins under her bra. But still, I'm very happy with it.

I've also finally found out what to call the what-if child. I've decided to call her Maa, which is Finnish for Moon. Also, two aa's is also a way to write å in Norwegian. And it so happens that my brother has a teddybear called Må. When he got a tattoo in Spain, he asked them to write Maa. So I decided that I'd use that when looking up words in other languages.


Maa ... Moon! Happy Me likes very much ... it sounds elfin ... it has a meaning ... it's fitting for a bridge child (belonging to night and Moon instead of day and Sun) ... and last not least it follows my "feeling".


Please tell me - can she count as Startear?

Not the mood of her I would prefer ... Actually it's supposed to be Startear as a High One. She refused to wear a long skirt, tho :/


Please tell me - can she count as Startear?

EEEHH! *Hugs Embala* Of couse she counts! I love her! Especially the sweet smile on her face while holding a sword in her hand.

Not the mood of her I would prefer ... Actually it's supposed to be Startear as a High One. She refused to wear a long skirt, tho :/

Laugh I can imagine that.


Sounds that I got her right Yay ... thought a certain amount of chaos would fit. Glad you like!

... probably she smiles because she has two swords Wink


*takes a closer look* Indeed she does! I couldn't see that before now. *snicker* The smile just makes more sense now :D



*... wonders whether - ...must take a look!*


Silvia ended up with bright orange hair ... couldn't help it!


*hugs Embala* I love her! Especially her scarf thingie! Thank you! Kiss2


Must admit that I love how she turned out ... Maa is truely the Stargazer's daughter!


Must admit that I love how she turned out ... Maa is truely the Stargazer's daughter!


*glomps Embala*

She really turned out fantastic! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!


Kiss2 I thank YOU !


Very beautifull dollz Embala!!!Smile


I'm not the person who spends a lot of time drawing draws, though I do sometimes doodle in classes or when sudden inspiration hits. I was home for the weekend, where I could access a scanner, so I've scanned some of the things I've drawn since I came into this school.



This is one of my new characters. His name is, as you can see Scatter. I gave him this name because he likes to wander, he never stays anywhere at a long period of time. He is related to Rahnee, and disappeared from the tribe for good short after Prey-Pacer recognized with Skyfire's mother.

And some drawings with faceless elves. I mostly did these for the practice of facial shape, hair and ears.

Sadly, Tyldak isn't among these, though I have drawn him as well. The image is too big for me to crop in a way which makes me see the body or the head properly. So until I can do that, he will have to wait.


Very nice drawings Startear!Clap


I love the way you drew the hair Star! It has a simplistic look, but it's awesome. Reminds me of the 'good' drawn Two-Spear comics. ^^ Keep it up!


Nice drawings, Startear. You made Scatter look at me both curious and confident - and somehow funny. The ears in the first study are rather elfquesty ... the second ones remind me of Whiteghost's Zin.

I echo Vojira about the hair ... the last one makes me think "hair like rain" ...


Ah, sorry for taking so long time to reply you guys. I'm honored that you guys like my drawings, and even more to be compared to the artists who drew Two-Spear, which was my favorite comics outside Wendy's own drawings.


One of the songs of Lilac's own creation. He only sings it when he's riled up, usually when he has done something. As you can probably see, it is in cross language, most in human language. If anyone wants the elfin parts translated, I'll be happy to provide it.


Gotara, Gotara, thou are a friend and foe
Melted into one
Darkness in your path
Shadows us as we raise our spears
And tell thee so


Drums come to me
And color the maa with their bloodsong
Pleased will himan be?


Child of thee I am not
Yet I continue
Cider is a creation of yours
So I continue to do thy bidding


Pishak nalam mian kik, Gotara
I put my life to tokono


Very nice? ... wouldn't be appropriate, right? Wink

Well done - very inventive with the cross language, very cryptic and very dark in translation!

Me likes very much!


Thanks Embala. Yes, it is a rather dark song, but not unpleasant to listent to... most of the time. Fortuneatly he has stopped singing it out of tune, something which is Zarvee's doing, not mine.

Here is the fanfic I wrote to Cleopatra as her Secret Santa. She requested Wing and Behtia's recognition. An intresting challenge, sometimes hard.


Wing chewed a small piece of bread while he watched the dancers who were running back and forward as the time came closer. He grinned as he heard pieces of different conversations mix in the sound of musicians doing last minute practicing.

“Where is your veil?”

“It’s the wrong color!”

“Hold this while I…”

“Can’t they start soon?”

It felt good to know that he was not the only elf who was impatient. The blond elf held back a sigh as he swallowed the last bite. There was next to nothing to do now, so close to the ceremony, which opened the festival. Unless you played instruments or was one of the dancers that was.

‘Or’, he thought as he gathered his legs under him, ‘see if there is more fruits and vegetables to collect.’ If he remembered correctly, the long yellow ones which only grew in Behtia’s garden should be ready today. Even though a little voice told him they were probably already harvested, if they were ready today, he knew that her hut was on the edge of the village. At least he had something to do then.

The grass pushed gently at his naked feet. Relishing the feeling, he did not notice anyone before he suddenly walked something. An “oomph” escaped his lips as he awkwardly stepped backwards. Out of balance, he felt himself leaning a little too far back. He would have fallen if it had not been for someone grabbing him just in the right moment. Pulled up, he a maiden who smiled softly. “Careful, Wing.”

“Thanks Behtia,” he muttered, quickly leaning down to pick up the vegetables that had rained down because of his clumsiness. He could feel pink dots color his cheeks, which grew as this newfound embarrassment. “I was going to see if these were ready for harvest,” he explained to her. “You were clearly swifter than I.”

He came aware of her scent, a mix of spices and sand as she stepped closer to him. “That’s sweet of you, Wing.” He looked up at her. Whatever he was about to say, it was lost as a new sensation came over him. Her eyes were impossibly bright, reminded him of sprouting grass. Her skin spoke of long hours in the sun, her dress was something between blue and her brilliant green orbs. Her hair looked to soft there, almost touching the ground. He came so aware of this, as a name only his parents used caressed him like a soft breeze.



Said this on the santa gift thread:


Yeah I like it. Nicely written.


I'm glad people think so... it was incredibily hard to write it. First of I had no idea who she was so when I got the request I was "WTF?" Then I read Hidden Years once more, and fell in love with them. Usually that is a bonus, but it made me fear it would turn into baklava, which is disgustingly sweet.


The moonlight dips through the space between rustling leaves while they dance to the rhythm of bloodsong. No word or sending pass between them, nor is there any need. Their movements are attuned. Because they have lain for many turns, not together but still long enough. The only true difference is the knowing. This joining will, in some mysterious fashion, change the Wolfriders – and The Way for all time.

And though it will be the last recognition for both...at this moment the knowledge bring naught but indescribable pleasure!

**Fahr... sweet love...** the chieftess sent. **You finish me...!**


I have to be honest and say that paring makes me shudder. XD Awesome idea tho.


There is something terribily creepy about Cutter's soulbrother recognizing the female version of Tam's father, isn't it? Even though in this twisted alternative universe where this would be possible. It just striked me as a loltastic idea.

And it has to be said that Skywise is not a little cub in this story.


mmhm. But it makes me wonder who Cutter get's as his soul-brother/sister?
*Muse screams 'FOXFUR' for no reason*
Shoooo, go back to drawing Winnowill.


Something Wolfie requested a long time ago. Originally it was meant to be a Skywise/Leetah but I forgot all but one prompt, which was jealousy. It didn't turn as I planned, but it does not matter.

Hope it was worth the long wait, Wolfie!

You are someone else, I am still right here

He knows he is unfair, to her and Cutter. He tries swallowing it, wants the cool water wash away the bitter taste it leaves in his mouth. Yet, it blossoms within him every time the soft moans wakes from his slumbers. She is there, always a step in front of him. Her hands glow in the den, impossible to ignore.

That is what the stargazer envies, what hurts most. They all are distant to him these days, but none as much as he is.

Or so it seems until he sits on the cliff, the roar of the sea pounding in his ears. Cutter is covered with cuts his soulbrother has inflicted on him. Holding hands just like they did a lifetime ago while beautiful maidens were dragging off him.

“No matter what, you did not let me go… did you?”


“No matter what.”


Omg...I LOVE YOU *glomps*

I love it so much, the end made me almost cry of happines. You have no idea that this little story made me so happy! Thanks so much!!Hug


You're welcome, Hug Wolfie. I'm glad you liked it, despite that it wasn't really how I think the original prompts etc was. It is odd how you can sometimes sit staring at the screen for month and then suddenly inspiration comes. Or when a story has a lot of well rounded words and you love every minute of writing but suddenly it stops.

Anyways, you're welcome once again Smile


I don't like it..I love it!!Happy I'm very glad with this. I have always odd moments with me starring at the screen for ages and then finally, the inspiration comes. Wink


Here is a drawing of how I think Cutter would look like if Bearclaw and Skywise were his parents. I experimented with style this time. Turned quite nice if I can say it myself.


That is soooo Skywise's kid!! Roflmao awesome!


So I take it that the hair is poofy enough? Wink


It's mostly the facial expression, I think... but the hair is beautifully poofy!


nice Startear!! ^^

it does look like that it is a child of skywiseLaugh


It was quite simplistic figurine. The shape was of a man, with two dots for eyes. Else, there was nothing more special with it than the two markings on each foot. The young girl knew very well that there was better pieces of art. Moreover, younger stuff which was prettier. However, it stood out to her, almost calling her name.

When she tried speaking the name it had been given, it tangled in her mouth. Of course a small part of her knew that it was in an old language which had never been spoken before, but it still frustrated her. Therefore, she would try to copy it in the ancient one and the sort of translation until she was satisfied.



Bah. I've been introduced to something called Infected Mushroom, which is basically physcadelic trance. And gorgous cut of Winnowill. This was born after it. I might make something multi-chaptered out of this. Hopefully y'all enjoy this as much I did when writing it.

Heavy Weight

He whispers to her, words she cannot decipher. Her mind is filled with images of green growing thing from another time, much to her displeasure. It brings only memories she wants to forget, things she once had put behind herself. Her rage touches him, and for a moment, he wavers, almost gone. When he comes back, he is more insistent, tries even harder.

Her strands of black hair shines in the dim light of the moon, and he seems somewhat pleased. She comes to the point where she stands in the forest, feeling the leaves touch her pale skin.

Again, he seems pleased.

Nevertheless, he refuses to leave.

**Curse you!** She snarls openly. **How much can you bear?** Words from the past echo in her mind, everything with him is in the past.

Hesitation is his reply.

She closes her eyes, enjoying a moment of stillness.

**Follow…** her eyes snap open as the first word she has heard him say for countless years. The egg twirls in front of her, and she wonders how it came so close. **… thoughts…**

Her eyes widen.



I love you.




Someone might have noticed that I wasn't online yesterday. That is because I took a trip on a whim to visit my grandmother, who lives one hour and forty-five minutes away by train. There I met two people who I haven't seen in a long time. My muse and the storyteller. They ganged up on me during Eurovision Song Contest yesterday, and forced me to write this.

It is a twisted AU, so be warned.

The Four Rooms

Our beloved King had many rooms in his palace, for it is proper to be thus. It is no secret, that some of them are for his eyes only. I shall be honest enough to tell you that no one my family I have been fortunate enough to gaze upon what he has claimed as his treasure. But I have heard the gossip that the servants tell, and through it, I have learned what is in four of the king’s hidden rooms.

In the first room, which is situated very close the wine cellar; you will find three creatures huddled in the farthest corner.

Yes, many of you have heard of them, yet no one has truly seen their form. They say that torture has twisted them into shapes beyond recognition, but none has seen more than lumps of flesh wriggle slowly out of the sacks which serves as clothes. But what is even harder to conceal is the rotten smell of maggots whom are their best friends.

The second room is supposedly at the third floor, right beside the stairs. A pointy-eared beauty has her quarters there. Rumor has it that she is from the lands covered with sand. Had it not been for her power, then our King would be in the grave by now. The service has earned her the best treatment, or so they say.

No one knows where the third room is, yet the briefest word about her brings shivers wherever you go. I can see it in your eyes; you all know whom I speak of. Even our brave King fears her, for without touching the victims put in front of her she inflicts the greatest pain imagined. People tell that she was once a pointy-eared Lady who was disgraced. No one dares to speculate how she became the King’s treasure, but many say that she plays with him for reasons unknown to all.

The fourth room is not far from our King’s bedroom. It is the place where the unholy alliance between a pointy-eared man and a bat lives. When night has fallen, it stirs restlessly until he enters that room. He returns after several hours, heavy breath coming out of his mouth and expensive clothing soaked in sweat.

Yes, that is what our King‘s servants say is hidden away from our sight. Of course, they have come with tales of what is in the other rooms, but since all were unreliable after sips of strong wine by then, I will not pass them on. And even if they were reliable then I would not dare to say more, for I too fear the Lady in the third room, which I would meet if the King learned what I have told you tonight.

So I bid you all a pleasant night and a safe life.

I suspect you need it more than you think.


So no visit in a while... not surprised actually, haven't been writing much. But I have indulged myself in some art. Some ElfQuest, and other, which I hope ya'll will enjoy.


Minyah the bodyless flying zombie

New-Bond (digital coloring)

Donald Duck

Feferi Peixes (Homestuck)

Landscape (not done)

Terezi Pyrope (Homestuck)

The Disciple (Homestuck)

Andrea (Sister of Armand the maskmaker)

Eridan Ampora (Homestuck)


I really love the picture of Donald Duck. He's one of my favorites Laugh The landscape picture is also good. Are you gonna post it when it is finished? It would be nice too see it. Smile


I will post it. Smile Glad you like Donald, he is so very fun to draw and read about. My first successful coloring as well. I have one of Dolly too, a little less successful with that one. Want to see it?


Yes Smile


Here she is, in the pretend to be bashful pose. The swimsuit was supposed to have stars, but I can't make 'em. Or more precisely, when I make stars, they are David stars, and i wasn't sure if that was appropriate.


That swimsuit is perfect for Dolly Smile


I find your noses nomable. (In regards toAndrea and Eridan Ampora's.)


The Disciple (Homestuck)

I loooooooove this woman's design.
Awesome work!


Very nice art, Startear!Smile


Funny thing is, that I seem to be unable to do noses unless they're from the side. From the front noses turn weird. The Disciple is my favorite of my drawings, it's one of the few images of my own which is on my wall.


Here ya go. =)



WOW!!! Who's that elf?


The last one is Cone, Cleopatra, one of my characters. You can see her CIS Here.

Oh dear, it looks as if I ignored you. Must make this up. By copying my comments. Erhem.

First off, Rain

He is very awesome. A truly great healer as well, maybe not as strong as Mender, Willowgreen or the other healers, but as I've said before, he gave his heart in the art of healing, and ALWAYS tried as best as he could. What more can one expect? Have to echo Treefox. He has a mysterious air in this image. I think it is the eyes which does it. But yes, I LOVE IT.

And then Cone.

This is way too awesome. First of all, I like of her hair turned out. It is pretty much how I envisioned it. The expression is so good too, it really reflects how she feels of the majority of them, and a good snapshot of sideglance glaring. (Is that even a word?) And about her eyes, I love that the shading gives a hint of her not having an easy time.

The rope around her wrist is a nice add as well. She holds a knife, almost as she is ready to cut maggot holes in their bellies. Or at least like she WANTS to.

Rather like that she is wearing the wolfpelt. However, Cone would not wear it on a daily basis, fearing it being torn or destroyed in a way. (Which would be healthiest for her, but I'm only saying that because she isn't spying on me. She'd kill me or anyone destroying Rill's pelt for even thinking about it. Besides, when did a Wolfriders listen to logic? Wink That and I can believe she stood like this at a point, wearing his fur, being absent minded, then notice that they are talking about her.)

But what I love most of all, is the wolfhead in the background, a well reminder of what sets her most apart from the rest of her tribe, the one she loved most, and whom she grieves.

A lovely image, and thank you so much for this!


I think I've failed massively. The multi coloured fur has just knocked me of my cliff. XD


I'm just gonna dump this here. While I am busy working for exams, I have learned to seperate home and school, so. I have time to do what I like, and so I got time to draw lately.

 photo applelaugh_zps263500c8.jpg

 photo apple_zpsfce8528b.jpg

Apple, one of my characters. She lives in a modern, quite dark Elfquest gone modern. Here as younger, more carefree, and the older, more bitter elf tired of living under human oppression.


 photo updatedekah_zpsd8c59ef9.jpg

My character, Ekah. I initially gave up, hence the weird eyeshadow. Then I decided to graycale it, and I liked it enough.

 photo graydump_zpscfc19d68.jpg

Sketchdump. I wanted to add Freetouch, Crescent and Strongbow too, but I ran out of room.


 photo sunisbright_zpsef014718.jpg

Ekah is back home, and exploring everything.

This was also when she learned that sandstorms may come swiftly.

I feel a bit meh on the shading and inking, but it might be because I worked two days at this.


You've absolutely found your own style, Startear!

Your OCs have a very own appeal.
Cheerful young Apple ... these simple lines for her mouth are so effective. The colors and woven pattern of the background add to the lightness ... like it's symbolizing her dreams and hopes. I love the closed eyes.
Adult Apple ... you call her bitter. Her face ... eyes, mouth and body language show. And the yellow aura is more like a limiting wall.

The big Ekah Portrait shows so much character ... and it's a bit scary. Don't get me wrong - it's d*mn good scary! The thick, heavy braids are fab - great to see Eka how you really envision her. The greyscale works fab. *chuckles*
Why do I have a mind picture that he recently met Beyond ...? ^^

The canon portraits show the charactereistic details to identify them ... drawn in your own style. I like your view of Moonshade. Dart turned out surprisingly cute ... and Ahnshen actually has a longing trait. Your Ekah looks so pretty ... it's a pity you ran out of space for the rest of the family!

HA! Ekah back at home turned out fab! She has this carefree laugh again ... a very happy, miscievous espression. She wearing her lucky charm proudly. I like the shading, Startear. Bold bright colors nicely shaded. and I can see the sunshine on her *loves* It looks like you had fun ... and the art shows.

You've gone a long way since you showed artwork regulary last time! More, please.


Ah, thank you @Embala! I remembered what you said almost a year ago, when you saw a sketch of her in the sketch thread, wanting to see her seductive. But Apple has spent many years being bitter, so the only way to do that is to draw her young. No one is born bitter after all. :) And I love the interpretation of the yellow aura is a wall she has set around herself!

I found that shorter braids just looked better when I tried to draw Ekah so I'm thinking she just cut her hair when she thought it too long, and started doing it more regularly after moving to Sorrows End. XD

I'm glad you like the canon portraits. They were much fun to do, especially Dart! Those wings are so strange, haha!

Again, thank you! Yes, she really got a load of her chest when moving to what she considers her birthhome. Not that she doesn't love the forest and the wildlife there, but it isn't home as the Sun Village will always be.


Wanna see a Bowki with facefur? Also wanna see me having fun with coal? Of course you do!

 photo bowki_zps24a33906.jpg

True to Blair's spirit when it comes to hair, I let him keep it flowing and long. He also kept that thingie because I wanted to see how it was to draw with coal.


Aged, bearded Bowki looks fab, Startear! This drawing shows character - distinkt features, good contrasts of curly hair and smooth skin. You really give this "lost child" a life.

Do I see right ... and he behaves naughty? :P


Thank you Embala! It was fun to mix and match. Yes, he does behave naughtily, what else would you expect from someone as highly loved? !Dewshine


Speaking of love... has any of you seen this gem of a thread? Lovely declarations of love to different characters. Inspired me to give my own. Some of this is headcanon... we see so little of her, and we only knows she is alive, so I filled a little in with my personal headcanons. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

My Serrin

Is born to a land and a folk which was still healing after horror and bloodshed. She learns what that means early. Not by experience or sendings. But by catching soft cries in the night that have nothing to do with pleasure.

Does not look like her parents. Her skin is paler than mothers and her hair’s darkness can rival the night sky. Is theirs by scent, softness and prowess in the hunt.

Was scared of recognition. The feeling was too intimate, too scary to comprehend. Knows what she must do. But it isn’t before Talmah winks at her, and tell her to “go get that lad” that she picks up her knife and descend the stairs.

Emerges with two lifemates and a growing life inside her. Loves them all equally.

Watches how much Bowki resembles her. And Dart. And Talmah. And the desert.

Lets Dyrr go, knowing that no one can give him what he needs.

The death of her son came quickly, in a hunt gone wrong. She spent the following night howling her grief to the moons, and the wolf within remembers. That night she feels things she did not know that she felt.

Watches a grandmother, grandfather and eventually a father die of old age. Misses them all.

But they are around her in spirit, just like her kitling. Keeps the task of filling the jars, waiting patiently for the Palace to return.

Feels almost empty when it finally does.

Meets many new faces… one of them belonging to those who attacked them before she was born. Finds herself looking at this Chot, thinking of how the violence he brought with him has affected Ahnshen, Minyah, Ingen, Jarrah… how it affected Dart. Thinks unkind thoughts, thoughts no elf should feel towards another.

Especially one that looks so lonely when no one else watches.

Is still glad when he goes away.

Has known the aftermath of violence since she could walk. She has heard it in the cries coming from Ahnshens hut every night. She has observed it in Minyah’s shaking hands. Has felt it in a recognized lifemate.

But it is different to seeing something that close to what an elf looks like running towards you, wishing to inflict violence. She shivers in the dark shelter when it is over, worrying about Savah. Grieves over Ahdri.

Lives in the Palace now. Recognizes that she is not the same elf as she was, knows that Dart knows too.

Is still alive. And that is all that matters.


That's lovely!


This ... is touching.

Only by using common knowledge you give her a depth she never had before for me.


Thank you! I love giving dept to characters we barely know, it's so fun and challenging! And I was looking through the FQ issue where Serrin was mentioned. And you know, the Sun Folk just went through a traumatic experience in New Blood. They lost their home, lost friends, partook in another war, and almost lost Savah! And so I was thinking that yeah, they are changing because of the Palace but I think it's more than JUST that. :)


I can relate to this well!


This year I contributed to the Fan Art Calendar! Just posting a ling, because it is so big, but I hope you enjoy anyhow!



Congrats to the contribution, Startear! :)

She looks so happy in her desert home. Unexpected features but very likable in her sunny mood and cheerful espression. The coloring of her dress caught my eyes - it's like wearing the sky. And I love how you did the brooch.


Thank you @Embala! After studying his art, I concluded that Blair didn't do facial features that well. So I kind of drew the conclusion that it was more open to interpretation. B-) Just tried to keep in mind her black hair, style of the top of the dress, and the headband. I too loved the way the brooch came out, it is me first serious attempt at coloring gold, and it came out wonderfully!