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Chama's Elves


Leiri has been used in an RP.

The Sandrunner Tribe

The Sidehorn Tribe

The Wavejumper Tribe

Random Elves


My self-elf (from the Self-Elf holt xD )

Name: Leiri

Gender: Female

Age: 600-something

Tribe: Glider

Typical clothing: Grey-black leotard, leather skirt, leggings, mismatched boots. If it doesn't look like it should go together, she'd probably wear it.

Appearance: Very pale skin, grey eyes, wild, short brown hair

Reference drawing: 1

Powers: Sending, Rock-shaping

In-detail profile: here

Other: Insanely curious!





I like it. ^^


Typical clothing: Grey-black leotard, leather skirt, leggings, mismatched boots. If it doesn't look like it should go together, she'd probably wear it.
Fits the describtion *lol*

She's cute with her blue+red boots, Nightsea Wink


That's how I could imagine your Highfoot as a High One!

What do you think?


Hee! She's adorable, and keeps herself even as a High One. I'm glad you did it. Thank you Embala!


Glad you like! Happy Of course Weedlicker is there, too ...

... very much the look Nightsea gave her Wink


Highfoot and Weeflicker are looking awesome/beautifull!!! Happy


Thanks! I'm loving the hair there. She so takes after her mom as far as her hair behaves.


Yay I'm glad you like my choices considering the few I know about them, Chama!

*Choice? :/ ... she defintitely demanded this puffy mane!*

Thanks, Wolfie!


I try to leave it fairly open to interpretation on them. And of course she wanted the hair...it's incredibly perfect. Her hair may not be a poofball like her mom's, but it's certainly a bit of a mane. It fits with her name too.


Well ... she's a unusual High One - but I did my best to keep her in-character Smile


XD Her fashion sense improved a little as a High One (but stayed rooted in mismatched socks or shoes of some type). I like it!


*lol* It was the best I could do for "mismatched" parts - I'm soooo longing for harmonic hues. Good luck that there can be slight changes as a High One Wink

It was fun to do your elves!


Very pretty doll, Embala!!Smile


I can understand. XD I'm glad you had fun doing them, Embala, and thanks again.


You are welcome Happy


Updated with new characters. Hopefully I'll have reference pictures of more of them than just Leiri soon.


The Sandrunner Tribe.

A tribe that landed on an island barren of humans. It's a small island, so the tribe has stayed small, at roughly twenty maximum, for its long presence on the island. They do not have metals - all weapons are made from bone, teeth, shell, or wood, by either Rock and Rockfish (formerly by Silverspray as well), or Swiftstride, and the same goes for jewelry. Members of the tribe (with the exclusion of Darkheart and Brighteyes) have the power to 'wavewalk', which is a variant of the gliding ability, and allows them to literally walk on water. They might, if they knew, be able to learn how to actually glide, but at present are limited to this. The life on the island is hard, so Recognition is generally quite high, in proportion to members of the tribe. They live in stone huts shaped by a now dead rockshaper, which lies in a small cove, which is oddly perfect for boats to moor at. (Windsinger makes good use of this when he gets dragged there by Highfoot, as his mother had, from observing humans that wrecked on their island, figured out how to make boats). At some point, their tribe may end up leaving the island (aka now that the world is open to all of them, not just everybody-but-the-chief-and-healer). They're pureblooded elves, but in general, stand shorter than Wolfriders and Sun Folk.

From top to bottom, left to right (from your side of the screen, of course)....

Silverspray; deceased; Mother of Highfoot, Lifemate to Darkheart, Cousin to Spark, Grandmother of Weedlicker

Darkheart; alive; Chief; Father of Highfoot, Lifemate to Silverspray, Lovemate to Spark, Grandfather of Weedlicker

Spark; alive; Cousin of Silverspray, Lovemate to Darkheart

Golden; alive; Former lovemate to Highfoot, Uncle of Swiftstride

Vinejumper; alive; Lifemate to Bubble

Roots; alive; Son of Bubble and Swiftstride

Bubble; alive; Lifemate to Vinejumper, Recognized to Swiftstride, Father of Roots

Clam; alive; Lovemate to Swiftstride and Brighteyes

Swiftstride; alive; Lovemate to Brighteyes and Clam, Recognized to Bubble, Mother of Roots

Brighteyes; alive; Lovemate to Clam and Swiftstride

Highfoot; alive; Daughter of Silverspray and Darkheart, Lifemate to Windsinger, Mother of Weedlicker, Former Lovemate to Golden

Rock; alive; Father of Rockfish

Rockfish; alive; Daughter of Rock

Weedlicker; alive; Daughter of Highfoot and Windsinger, Granddaughter of Silverspray and Darkheart

Windsinger; alive; Lifemate to Highfoot, Father of Weedlicker

Flash; alive; Lifemate to Onehand, Father of Moondancer

Moondancer; alive; Daughter of Onehand and Flash

Onehand; alive; Lifemate to Flash, Mother of Moondancer


The Sidehorn Tribe.

The tribe is fairly enormous, numbering somewhere over fifty elves. They're a tribe that inhabits and farms a large section of croplands. (The environment is something like Iowa). The founder of the tribe, like Timmain, bred with a native creature - the buffalo (called Sidehorns), and produced mixed-blood children. At the present, the tribe is quite well split between pureblooded elves and mixed-bloods. A mixed-blood can be identified by the fact that they will have rough brown hair (very few of the pureblooded elves have brown hair, though, so the color is generally an easier mark), and the fact they have small bumps at the side of their head where horns, at around a thousand years of age, will sprout. (Oh yeah, I'm going to have *fun* trying to draw any of these guys...) They operate in a mix of Sunfolk and Wolfrider, to use an example. Many of them farm, but others hunt. Still others trade with the nearby trolls for metal weapons and gemstones. The trolls they live near are uncharacteristic trolls, as they live both above and undergrounds. The troll tribe and Sidehorns have banded together several times to drive off humans who attempted to "settle" the area, and generally share a very good relationship. At some point, the trolls will get their own post, so I can list all of them. xD Anyhow, the Sidehorns have a very Wolfrider-y reverence for nature. They don't hunt their buffalo kin, instead opting to hunt the smaller game, and they generally leave their relatives alone. Mixed-blood elves tend to, as well, be somewhat bulkier and larger than the pure-blooded elves. (Ex: The first mixed-blood resembled Two-Edge, but was taller than a High One). In general, now, they just tend to be taller and thicker boned. The staple product they churn out is corn, and of course, they make cornbread. The chief is signified by an exclusive color scheme, though its implementation varies. Each chief, upon inheritance, wears red, black, and white.

(OOR means Outside of Recognition)

(Family pictures will be replaced once entire tribe is assembled).

Back row: Venia, Berah

Middle Row: Liskah, Trei, Ilia, Olb, Evah, Olainie, Fisk

Bottom Row: Nenlee (chieftess), Hailinn, Mirrin, Kie, Rhist II

Kethrit; Fikreth; Rerel

Back row: Fia; Cavter; Lylyn; Jel

Middle row: Evah (dead); Olainie; Fisk; Oir; Ia; Rhist I/Rift; Miir; Gethrah; Elodia; Kie; Kal; Tenisia; Firrel; Lienah; Jolin

Front row: Rhist II; Miria; Ellel; Mirrin; Ejith; Camt

Back Row: Hila, Olin, Kerah

Mid-back row: Maere, Maeve, Riht, Aele

Mid-front row: Lahski, Laeve, Jia, Iftile, Tanri, Erri, Jali

Front row: Miive, Tavi, Ria

Back row: Kelv, Javi, Evari, Olirr

Front row: Veir, Kerr, Nerrli, Tali, Vahli


The Wavejumper Tribe.

Currently deeply in progress, more information will arrive later. Tribe does not number over thirty.

Bright - Firemaker; Lifemate to Manyteeth; Mother of Dusk

Dusk - Healer; Son of Bright and Manyteeth

Manyteeth - Hunter; Flesh-shaper; Lifemate to Bright; Father of Dusk

Sandsparkle - Hunter

Firewater - Hunter; Mother of Bright; Lifemate to Green

Green - Guard; Father of Bright; Lifemate to Firewater

Rift - formerly known as Rhist and a former Sidehorn; father and chief of the tribe.


Random Elves

Shreeah - Daughter of Rayek and Maleen

Cherah - Daughter of Krim and Treestump

Greenpetal - Daughter of Redlance and Ruffel

Krot - Son of Kahvi and Cutter

Rockhead - Son of Nightfall and Unnamed Elf

Daniv - Son of Pike and "Unnamed Elf" (now named Eliarah)

Ranyah - Daughter of Pike and "Unnamed Elf" (now named Eliarah)


I love your tribes! I can't wait to see all of them put up! *chuckles* And it's good to know there's a tribe out there larger than mine.


XD Well, they're all a work in progress. When I figure out the ancestors of the Sandrunners, I'm pretty sure a large shot of them'll get put up too. XD
(And omg I just realized I can make trolls. -dies of happiness-)


Trolls of the Sun and Moon.

Yes, cheesy sounding. There's about ten important ones, and maybe fourteen unimportant-but-I-still-like-them trolls. They are fairly different from the trolls as we know them in Elfquest. While they are still greedy, they are more inclined to think of the Sidehorns as close to kin. This does not apply to other elves, necessarily, but they do like the Sidehorns. Maybe because they've driven off quite a few human tribes together? Regardless of the reason, they peacefully coexist. Some of these trolls live above ground, while others work below, hence the "of the sun and moon". The Sun tribe is led by King Whind, and inhabit a troll village right above their mines, and the Moon tribe, which is led by Whind's much-younger sister (yes, sister), Queen Rhain. The trolls take their names from words, but then prounounce them "prettier" in order for the sound. They've gotten a bit elfier than you'd think a troll could get.

Ruling Family:

Back Row:

Sihlver - Daughter of Rhain and Fhire; Twin sister of Diadem; Sister of Ghol and Lhake

Presh - Daughter of Rhed and Ghri; Granddaughter of Whind and Rhock

Rhose - Daughter of Lhake and Ohl; Granddaughter of Rhain and Fhire

Plaht - Son of Ghol and Orahn; Grandson of Rhain, Fhire, Whind, and Rhock

Diadem - Daughter of Rhain and Fhire; Twin sister of Sihlver; Sister of Ghol and Lhake

Upper Middle Row:

Rhed - Son of Whind and Rhock; Brother of Orahn, Yhella, and Phink; Husband to Ghri; Father of Presh

Havl - Husband to Yhella; Brother of Ohl

Phink - Son of Whind and Rhock; Brother of Rhed, Orahn, and Yhella.

Lhake - Son of Rhain and Fhire; Brother of Ghol, Diadem, and Sihlver; Husband to Ohl; Father of Rhose

Ghol - Son of Rhain and Fhire; Brother of Lhake, Diadem, and Sihlver; Husband to Orahn; Father of Plaht

Lower Middle Row:

Ghri - Wife to Rhed; Mother of Presh

Yhella - Daughter of Whind and Rhock; Sister of Rhed, Orahn, and Phink; Wife to Havl

Ohl - Sister of Havl; Wife to Lhake; Mother of Rhose

Orahn - Daughter of Whind and Rhock; Sister of Rhed, Yhella, and Phink; Wife to Ghol; Mother of Plaht

Bottom Row:

Whind - King of the Sun half; Brother of Rhain; Husband to Rhock; Father of Rhed, Orahn, Yhella, and Phink; Grandfather of Presh and Plaht

Rhock - Sister of Fhire; Wife to Whind; Mother of Rhed, Orahn, Yhella, and Phink; Grandmother of Presh and Plaht

Fhire - Brother of Rhock; Husband to Rhain; Father of Ghol, Lhake, Diadem, and Sihlver; Grandfather of Rhose and Plaht

Rhain - Queen of the Moon half; Sister of Whind; Wife to Fhire; Mother of Ghol, Lhake, Diadem, and Sihlver; Grandmother of Rhose and Plaht


I love the concept! And you've corrupted me, you know that? *laughs*


Glad you like it. XD


Updated with most of the trolls. And have some family shots because I feel like I clutter the main thread with them. (Aaaand I don't really wanna triple-post...)

Orahn, her son Plaht, and husband Ghol.

Rhed, daughter Presh, and wife Ghri.

Yhella and husband Havl.

Whind, daughter Orahn, son Phink, daughter Yhella, son Rhed, and wife Rhock.

Lhake, daughter Rhose, and wife Ohl.

Fhire, daughter Diadem, son Ghol, son Lhake, daughter Sihlver, and wife Rhain.

Twins Sihlver and Diadem.


...wait, it won't be double-posting now. Meh, I'll only post the tribe picture and leave these. I'm kinda sick of copy-pastaing everything.


Heheh, some of them are really prolific! I especially love the twins!


XD Yeah, these trolls are pretty prolific. And I've been wondering forever if there were any troll twins, so of course I made some. =p


Nice work on creating and designing your Trolls!



PS: You can triple post in the main thread, every doll is welcome

there. Brief intros or names are fine too, of course, so we know

what we are looking at a bit. It is the details, extra info.,

stories, backgrounds and whatnot that belong in your group thread.

Grouping them into family shot images also is great for your thread


PPS: Again, cool to see some non-elves pop up!


Thank you, Nightsea.

More family pics, this time of the Sandrunners.

And lovemates...and lifemates, too.

(Yes, Roots, Weedlicker, and Moondancer are lovemates for quite a while. They're probably eighteen by the time they really get to meeting other elves and all).

Contemplating putting some pieces of my stories with them all in this thread...


Chama Wow Your Sandrunner family looks great.....I love the one with the mohawk.


Thank you.

Bubble's a silly guy. And his hair seems to stick up naturally. xD It amuses me.


You were busy developing your tribes! I totally like how you have arranged the "family ties information" here - easy to follow!

Kethrit is definitely the softie in his family, is he? Fikret (the carrot Wink) is easy to remember and to recognize - I love her hairdo.
Kal looks like he has some stress to keep his family members in check ... miscievous looking Miria might have to do with it. Tensia seems to be haunted ... like her design, tho.
Will be a massive update to bring all the other Sidehorns in! Looking forward to them Smile

Bright has a unique family for sure! The Wavejumpers must be happy to have two strong healers - guess those know what they are doing? Sandsparkle is a charming one for sure.

Interesting and inventive What-If children ... both in parents' pairing and design.

Your Troll families are impressive! They seem to be as fertile as Trolls can be *snickers* Original idea for name building ... gives them their own touch from the beginning. Same with the medival/historic style you prefer for their clothing - I love the look of the royal couples.
Rhed with his scrubber hair and the sour face is alway an eye catcher. The twins couple makes me giggle ... cannot help but hear them whisper: Come on, let's catch a handsome elf.

I love your family shots. They are nice to look at and makes it easier to get the relationships. The tribe shots are impressive anyway. Clap Looking forward to get more!


I tried Lhake.


Oooooooo, thankies, Startear! He's nice.

@Embala: Yeah. =p They need the healers, though. Small tribe, and well, living almost entirely underwater in an area far more hostile than the Wavedancers...an awful lot more of them die.

Family pictures of Sidehorns (will get lovemates up at some later date...):

(Yes, this tribe is huge!)


Great groupings.

This tribe is HUGE indeed ... you mentioned something about Sidehorn blood and fertility Wink And Cavter is almost everywhere!

Just noticed that Lhake has won a fan - well done, Startear!


And just think...there are MORE of them. Right now I seem to be stuck on the dead ones. (There are more that go into that family, actually. Working them in will be fun!) And yes, the Sidehorns are extremely fertile. I got that idea from the fact that the old herds of buffalo were absolutely enormous. And he's not in five, at least. XDD

And a ton of lovemate pictures and stuff. xD Group pictures are fun.


More pictures. >> I doublepost a lot in this thread.

The second is an edit, to include a dead guy.


I don't know if I've said this before, but I love your horned elves! One of the best ideas I've seen here!


You are missed, Chama. Hope to see you more often - and with new dollz Wink - when life runs smoother for you again. Happy Easter!

Mother and daughter together - enjoy.


Thank you Embala! They're very pretty together. And you should be seeing quite a bit more of me, now that school's out. =D


I'm happy we have you back on the Scroll ... and in the dollz threads! Happy

... Highfoot changed slightly


Thank you, Embala! They're adorable.


Aaand we have MORE sidehorn family and lovemate pictures and updated tribe stuff. I'll update the tribe post itself tomorrow or something.




I always love to see these group shots, Chama Clap And you will need tjhem to keep track of your family tree for sure Wink GREAT job once more!


Good thing you like them, because here come even more... XD




You know you have problems when you give what-if characters a what-if child.


More Sidehorns, because I clearly needed to make more. We're up to 62 of them, by the way.




Just...making this show up on my page. ^^;; That way it'll be easier to get to when I start going nuts with this stuff again.