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The Chronicles of Avalon: New Blood


~as we're inside the bus with Cyrus and Darius on the wheel and the giants (Iago and Raven) running to catch up, Rydia screams at me for abandoning Lilith (my previous wife) for Lyra (who used to be my maid in the 1st year)~

Rydia: So let me get this straight. YOU MARRIED A TRAMP?!?!

Lyra: ~holds up her 6 arms~ I am no tramp and don't talk back to your mother

Hey hey hey! Settle down both of you. Now's not the time to argue. We're having a nice ride on the bus. The sidekicks are in their rooms sleeping after the Dem Bones crap we got through (see Urbaniacs.com Sanctuario pages 4-7 for details)

~Black King gets up from his bed with his sister White Queen.~

Black King: Ughhhh. What's this arguing between you Master Stepith.

Let them talk. They'll get over it soon.

~Skadi approaches me~

Skadi: So you're Stepith. Lyra's husband correct?

Indeed. I'm in charge of them.

Skadi: I look forward to protecting your wife from harm and....Do you got a cigarette I can have

~turns on fan~ Sure ~gives her one~ So what's with the ravens perched on your shoulders?

Skadi: Like them? They watch over me and give me sound advice.



Iago ~while running~ We're tired

Raven: ~while running~ Yeah

Runic: Fine ~he casts a spell. SHRINK!!! ~he shrinks Iago and Raven to a height of 5 ft~ Rest up you two. This spell is temporary as it lasts for 12 hours

~they rest up on a couch elsewhere laying their heads on one another~

Lyra: You think you're his biological daughter do you. Bring it

Rydia: OK you six armed wench

Lyra: ~gasp~ (In Avalon, a wench is considered a slur to Succubi among other words as well) You are going to die! ~they hold hands engaging a slap to slap fist fight. Their eyes go bloodshot red on the intent of death to one another ~

~they go on through the night shouting insults to one another. Elsewhere in the bus Skadi and I go through our 6th pack of cigarettes and enjoying ourselves in beer and sake as well~

Cyrus: Stepith seems different

Darius: More relaxed no?

Cyrus: I think ~steering the wheel~ See what the GPS tells about Genshin City Dar?

Darius: Sure thing ~turns on GPS~ Lets see we got like a day and 18 hours before we reach Genshin City

Cyrus: Ahhh you got to be kidding me. That means we have to spend hundreds of dollars on gas and grocery money.

Darius: You know it buddy. ~smokes cigar~

Cyrus: Roll down the window dude. I don't want my smoke in my system

Darius: Come on Cy. Lighten up and enjoy this day and relish it.

Cyrus: You're probably right. Give me a smoke ~Darius gives Cyrus a cigar~

Darius: Yup.....so peaceful ~tunes in to the ambient music channel~


~I rethink on what happened earlier~


Dem Bones: You can't even protect your damn kids. What kind of father are you if you can't protect them!!! Yeah I murdered them. ~uses his hands to simulate what happened~ I strangled them to death haha

Shut up SHUT UP!!! ~cuing the scene where I snapped his head off with my power~ ~and then came my depowerment by representatives of my clan~

~end of flashback~

You know what they actually did a good thing.

Cyrus: What good thing Step?

Taking away my power

~Mature and Vice come out of the shower~

Mature: Good morning Mast....oh my god what happened to you.

I got a makeover....cool huh?

Vice: Ummmm....yeah. We'll be seeing how this catfight will end.

~they watch as Lyra and Rydia are still fighting after 6 hours while Cyrus and Darius smoke themselves to not realize what is happening~

Hey guys.

Darius: Yo

We'll need you to stop by some kind of super-center somewhere so we can refuel and get groceries I'm coming with you so I can get some sake bottles and some cigarettes

Cyrus: Cool cool.

Mature: But what happened to the airship?

My clan confiscated it. Now its probably back in Japan for all I care. At least I bought this tour bus for a good price

Vice: And that price was...

2 mil

Cyrus: At least there's like no traffic

Darius: That makes our job a whole lot easier Cy. There's a super-center right now. ~we stop by the Wal-Mart esque place to buy supplies and alcohol at best~

Clerk: And the total comes to 1,235 dollars

Hey guys, do you have an extra 500 I can borrow

~they give me the money needed and we put the groceries in the sidekicks' room~

Black King: Ahh you got to be kidding me.


Ummmm more please!Clap


(Will do)

~as hour passes by Runic realizes he may have messed up the spell~

Iago: ~yawn~ ~holds teddy bear with an eyepatch~ Has it been 12 hours already

Raven: ~holds pillow~ Yeah

Runic: Ummmm.....I screwed up with the spell.

Iago: WHAT!!! I'm gonna bash your lights out when I get back to size! (A giant in Avalon is usually 10 feet long, Runic's spell decreases their height in half for a while)

Raven: ~gets out club~ Lets do this Iago!!

Runic: Look...It may have been extended by 8 more hours on its own but it wasn't my fault.

Iago and Raven: GET HIM!!!

Runic: Aaahhh ~he gets to Cyrus and Darius~ Stop the bus quick!!!

Cyrus: We're in a nearby desert and ~sees the two~ alright

~we stop by said desert and the "tiny" giants push Runic out of the door~

Runic: A may be a wizard but that doesn't mean I can't fight. MAGISWORDS!!! ~two swords manifest into Runic's hands~

~the sidekicks get up from their room and see the fight~

Black King and the sidekicks: ~chanting~ Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

~the giants prepare to clobber Runic into oblivion until he jumps out of the way and slices Iago in the chest~

Iago: Braghhh!

Runic: Don't worry you big baby, these blades will not kill you.

Iago: Yeah but they still hurt like hell

Raven: Raaagh!! ~bashes the club to the ground while Runic dodges the blast~

Runic: Too slow!! Immobilizing Sting!!! ~hits Iago in the foot~

Iago: Why do I feel so ~he feels a shock~ Raagh!

Raven: What did you do to him?!

Runic: Simple really. I made his body numb. It should go away in an hour or so

Raven: Why you!!! ~charges at Runic~

Runic: Sleep Sting!! ~hits Raven in the arm~ MAGISWORDS!!! DISPERSE!!! ~they go away into nothingness~

What just happened?

Runic: We had a battle.

Yeah but what the shrink spell you put on them?

Runic: They'll be back to their original size in a matter of hours

Good. Carry them back to bus

Runic: WHAT?!?!

You started this fight. Now finish it. We got a few more hours until we arrive at Genshin City. Now you made us wait for you to finish ~drinks sake~ come on guys. We have to get ya to bed

Black King: Aww but Master...

I said go to bed. I don't want you to be cranky eyed in the morning

BK: OK....come one guys ~the sidekicks go back to their rooms while Runic has to carry Iago and Raven back to the bus~


Yay Thank you Clap Looking forward to more


~Cyrus and Darius are looking at the road until they see a girl and her friends on the road~

Cyrus: Stop the bus!!

Darius: Got it!!!! ~they stop so they don't hit the people on the road~

~I enter the cockpit~

What's going on here?

Cyrus: That

Oh. Lets get her and her posse.

Darius: Right.

~We get out and get them in the bus~

You alright miss?

Girl: Yeah. We just need a ride.

That's it. We'll give ya that. Were are ya headed?

Girl: Genshin City

So are we. So what's your name

Girl: I'm Rukia Medikame and we're called the Soul Battlers

Awkward name for a group don'tcha think.

Rukia: Hey don't blame me, blame it on Kreel over there ~Mature and I stare at the brute known as Kreel~

He has a kind aura inside him

Kreel: Despite the name. All I think about is good karma.

Mature: Good to hear. Might I interest you in a drink handsome?

Kreel: Water is nice. A big jug of it is what I need

Mature: Alright. ~she gets him some water ~ Here you go.

Kreel: Thanks. ~his mouth extends open to swallow the bottle whole~ Ahhhh much obliged darlin'

So who's the dude with glasses anyway.

Rukia: That's Ukyo

Hey Runic!

Runic: ~reads a book~ What! Have you met this dude before?

~Runic and Ukyo glare at one another~

Runic and Ukyo: We've met

Runic: I have known Ukyo for a while now. Blue-haired, four-eyed, kimono wearing freak

Ukyo: Take that back you black haired bookworm. And its not a kimono, it's a keikogi. I'm going to kill you for saying that ~they almost engage in a fist fight until Rukia casts a barrier that separates them ~

Rukia: So what's your name?

I'm Stepith Bloodia

Rukia: Then we'll be partners. What do ya say. Partner?

~we give each other a firm handshake~ (Rukia in appearance looks like Rukia from Bleach. But with light muscles and taller as she reaches my height 6 Ft)

Care for a drink Rukia?

Rukia: Sure. ~we drink sake as we have only a few more hours until we reach Genshin City~

~elsewhere on the bus, the giants grow back to their natural size as they rest, Runic reads his book, Cyrus and Darius are driving the bus with energy drinks to keep them up and at 'em, and Lyra and Rydia finally have settled their differences....~

Rydia: Wench!!! Did you steal my hair dryer!!! ~maybe~


I love this!! Can't wait to see more! Happy


Ditto, I agree with Wolfie Yeah


~as Cyrus and Darius drive through the road, they see a sign that says "Welcome to Genshin City" (Genshin City in appearance is like if New York City and LA fused together into one city)~

Cyrus: Finally!! FINALLY!!! We made it

Darius: Three cheers for us Cy

Now's not the time to celebrate guys. We still have to buy a house or mansion at that matter for all of us to fit in

Rukia: Good point.

~we look in the GPS for directions~

Ah here it is. ~points to real estate agency on the GPS~ Lets go

~we arrive at the real estate agency hoping to find a house~

Agent: Lets see....How many of you are there?

Lots.....2 dozen maybe including the sidekicks

~the agent shows us a house with 24 rooms and enough space to fit the giants~

How much!?

Agent: 15 mil tops

Fine my credit card number is-~15 minutes later~

There all set.

Agent: Good... here's a map ~gives me the map~

What's this for?

Agent: Your home is located in the outskirts of the city. Which is 10 miles away.

Good enough, come on guys


~as we are driving to our new home, we're stopped by a policeman who says he's from Urbanville as evidenced by the cape and mask on his uniform~

Policeman: Your under arrest for illegally smuggling sidekicks into a different city.

Oh right. I forgot about that rule.

Policeman: Either pay that fine or give us your sidekicks.

Black King: Do we really have to go Master?

Unfortunately you have to. I'm sorry BK but you are going to have to go with the man.

BK: ~kicks me~


BK: I hate you for this ~kicks me again~

I have to or otherwise they'll make me pay the fine. In fact let me call someone I know. I'm sure he'll take care of you ~takes out iPhone~ Hello dude, its me. Can ya do me a favor.....great they'll love their new home. 'K bye ~ends call~

~gives the address to the officer~

Officer: Alright kids time to go

~the sidekicks give me the glare as they leave~

Rukia: Damn Stepith, you didn't have to make them feel like crap.

It wasn't my fault. They were close and now I feel damn well guilty for leaving them behind

Cyrus: I'm sure they'll get over it when they get older. I hope.

Darius: Come on Step, we'll drink your sorrows away with a cup of sake when we get to our new home

Yeah...Lets....~we get back in the bus and drive to our home~


~as we finally arrive to our long awaited home we see that the house surprisingly looks clean and has furniture~

Wow...its massive and vacant as well. ~looks around~ that's odd

~Rukia and others enter~

Cyrus and Darius: Whoa!!

~an hour in we quickly gather our things and put them inside our new abode~

~music plays/loops~


???: I see you have made yourselves

Rukia ~gets out sword~ Who said that?

Kreel: A spirit maybe

Possibly someone or something else

~a woman wearing slightly revealing clothing appears in front of us~

???: I am Camillia Black. A pleasure to meet you.

Runic: Based on your appearance, your a vampire correct?

Camillia: Smart boy. Yes I'm a vampire. But I'm not going to "Suck your blood" or any of that stereotypical crap that has hounded us for the last few bloody centuries. I invite you to stay and make yourselves comfy if you must. Just don't get near my room.

Will do. Might I interest you in a drink Ms.Black?

Camillia: No thanks. I got my own. ~she proceeds to go to her room~


~Rukia stops me as Lyra and I go to our room~

Rukia: May I have a word with you Stepith.


Rukia: Lets go outside

~music plays~


~Rukia, Kreel, Ukyo, and I go outside~

Rukia: Ready for a three on one

You got to be joking.

Kreel: We're not joking friend ~Kreel starts changing shape, he begins to grow muscles and his height grows from 6 ft, 11 inches to a massive 9 ft. His voice also deepens~ Raaaghh!!! That felt good.

Ukyo: Its a tradition of ours ~Ukyo coughs up a sword made of blood and his hair turns red~ Damn it, I hate that part

Rukia: My turn. Blood Armor ~she steals the blood of her teammates to form blood red armor. I hope your ready Bloodia cause we are

~I take out my two swords~

Odin. Give me strength!!!


Music for the fight is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_PfeIkfpaE

~Kreel charges at me while Ukyo appears behind me to grab me~

Ukyo: Now Kreel!! ~Kreel's finger starts growing a needle, it launches out like a missile and impales me in the chest ~

Ughhh ~starts to spew blood~ Damn you....~I slice Ukyo in two~

Ukyo: You shouldn't have done that Stepith ~he starts to regenerate himself~ Hahahaha. Now Rukia!! ~Rukia appears behind to slice me~ Ughhhh ~coughs blood~ damn.....~I stab Ukyo in the stomach with one of my swords and kicks him to the floor~ I can still fight ~throws my second sword to Kreel's face~

Kreel: Ruagghh!! He starts shrinking~ Get this damn sword off me!!!

~Ukyo vanishes into a puddle of blood to help out Kreel take the sword off his face~

~they charge at me until~


Rukia: You know blood magic too!?

Camillia: Don't try any smart ideas sister. I could sap your blood if I wanted to but I'm on a no-blood diet

Thanks Camillia...

Camillia: No problem. After all you payed me the 15 mil for this house. That will cover months of bills. As for you three BLOOD DISPEL!!! ~she casts a spell that returns the blood to their previous holders~ Be grateful I didn't shoot you three with Anti-Blood Bullets. ~we come back inside~


~Rukia is seem practicing her blood magic with Ukyo and Kreel~

Morning guys ~I see Camillia smoking a cigar~ I see you're a different kind of vampire are ya

Camillia: Yes I know. I'm supposed to be turned to ash while I'm in the sun. Hehe no. I only take mild damage from the rays. That bleedin stereotype has been hunting us vamps for years now. Even worse so than "vampire hunters" holding crosses and crap. Garlic smells good but never acts a shield despite what people see in the books,movies, and pop culture.

Ukyo: So what's with the rant. Its stupid and no one gives a damn about you vamps

Camillia: BLOOD TAPE!! ~a puddle of blood shoots from her hand into Ukyo's mouth~ Watch your tongue.

Ukyo: ~mouth muffled~ Mmet Mmis Mmmlood moff me!

Kreel: It seems its temporary Ukyo my man, She cast Level 6 Blood Magic. We haven't gotten there in our training yet

Ukyo: MMMMMmmmm Miitch

Kreel: Don't feel too bad Ukyo my man. It will come off eventually. Just don't fight it or you'll make it worse.

Ukyo: Mmmmmmmm

Rukia: Let me try. BLOOD DISPEL ~she cast the same spell only to discover that it doesn't work~ ~the tape grows bigger~

Ukyo: MMOOOOO!!! MOoop Mleese!!! ~starts crying~

Camillia: Apologize and I'll make it stop

Ukyo: Mever ~grows bigger~ Malright Malright! Morry.

Camillia: Apology accepted. BLOOD DISPEL! ~the blood tape peels off~

Ukyo: Blargh!! ~pant, pant pant~

Kreel: That will teach you not to make fun of stereotypes

Ukyo: Shut up. I'm going to our room


~Rukia sits outside with Rydia, talking about things~,

Rydia: I'm gonna go get us some drinks

Rukia: I'll be right here

~a man appears~

???: You Rukia Medikame

Rukia: Yes?

~he gets out a capture gun and a trap net comes out to capture Rukia~

Rukia: HELP!!!

~we get out of the chair while watching Avatar. As he flies away we get out some guns and try to shoot at him while trying to avoid hitting Rukia~

Rydia: RUKIA!!!

Ukyo: BLOOD HAND!!! ~a hand made of blood tries to grab Rukia but to no avail~

Kreel: Damn it!!! ~hits the ground~

Camillia: What happened ~she's holding wine~

Rydia: Some man dressed in black came and captured Rukia

Camillia: ~sigh~.."They" came

Who's "They"

Camillia: One of Magica Sociadad's Captains came

Runic: I've heard of Magica Sociadad. ~looks at book~ I strived going there

Ukyo: What made you not go?

Runic: Lack of interest and they didn't accept my application anyways.

Kreel: What are we going to do now.

Rescue Rukia. That's what.

Camillia: Now how will we do that? Ask for directions?

Probably. But let's not get too hasty here

Kreel: Maybe I can use our blood pact to find Rukia

Ukyo: You know that is risky.

Kreel: So what. I don't want to abandon our teammate and our "sister".

Ukyo: Alright. For Rukia's sake ~Ukyo and Kreel hold hands to locate Rukia's essence. They are cut off by some anti-magic shield~

Kreel and Ukyo: AUUGHHHH!!! ~pushes them into the ground~

Camillia: Lets try locating Rukia together ~the three of them hold hands, sensing the three the man tries to block the spell, but to no avail as Camillia's blood magic level is more powerful then Kreel's and Ukyo's combined transforming their power into a dragon~

Man: ~sees the dragon~ OH CRAP!!! ~dragon goes inside his mind and learns of the location to the entrance to Magica Sociadad~

Camillia: Got it. Project!!! ~we see the entrance to Magica Sociadad, which turns out to be an old train station~


Alright who's going to Sociadad Magica with me

Cyrus and Darius: Not us.

Cyrus: We went adventuring with you for two years now.

Darius: We want a break from it all. Just this one.

Alright you're out of the operation.

Rydia: I'll go

Lyra: ~has her six arms ready~ So will I. (In Avalon, some Succubi have 6 arms)

Ukyo: I'm ready to join

Kreel: So will I ~cracks knuckles~

Runic: Count me in

Camillia: Then I guess I'll go with you then.

So how will we get the train station?

Camillia: ~Counts the people that is going including herself~ That makes 7 of us. Lets hop inside the Vertigo (which is actually a Lexus painted black and red)

~we drive the Vertigo with Camillia and I at the front, Lyra, Rydia, and Runic in the middle, while Ukyo and Kreel sit in the back. We arrive at the desecrated train station and walk in inside the tunnel~

Camillia: It says that the entrance to Sociadad Magica is right here ~points at the train track~

Alright. Lets go in ~we open the entrance while at first seeing all white, we jump in~

Is this natural Camillia?

Camillia: How the hell am I supposed to ~looks down~ know-AAAAAHHHHH

~we fall screaming into the ground and land on grass~

~Rydia wakes up to see us on the ground~

Rydia: Huh....Father!!! Father wake up ~nudges me~

Whaa? ~I wake up to see the others.

Camillia: Is this the place

Ukyo: I suppose so. My magic senses are off the charts

Lyra: ~gets up~ owww. I still have my swords and guns

Kreel: Ughhh. Damn that was one big fall

Runic: Well lets keep moving guys. Who knows what lurks in this place


~as we wander off to Sociadad Magica, we see a gate guarded by two men~

Ummm yeah...we want in

Guard: Hold up we need to sense your magic level ~he touches my chest~ My gods. You have an outstanding magic level. You and your pals can go in ~as we go in, the guard checks Camillia's chest~

Camillia: Lay off the chest buddy.

Hey do you know where we can find Rukia Medikame.

Guard 2: Are you friends with the traitor of Sociadad Magica?

Ukyo: Of course

Guard: GET THEM!!!!

~all of a sudden guards come out to corner and arrest us~

Camillia: Get out your guns and swords boys and girls cause this is gonna be one hell of a fight ~Lyra gets out her swords~

Rydia: Firewall!!! ~she fires a wall of fire on the enemies~

Camillia: Bloody Shockwave!!! ~the name says it all~

~Lyra and I charge into the fray slicing and dicing the guards while Ukyo and Kreel use their blood magic to do massive damage!!~

Runic: There's too many of them. ~they keep on charging at us~ SMOKE BOMB!!! ~a cloud of smoke appears~

Alright everyone. RUN!!!! ~we run to an abandoned house to evade capture~


~we rest up in the house until~

???: Hey!!! Who are you people and what are you doing here in our house ~he takes out an axe~

~we take out our weapons~ We got you outnumbered and outarmed

Lyra: Is that a word "outarmed"

You got six arms Lyra. So yeah I think that's a word

Lyra: Good enough for me

???: Lets not get too hasty here. My name is Shiryuu Oshiokai and what brings you guys here to Sociadad Magica.

Camillia: We're here to find and rescue Rukia Medikame.

Shiryuu: The Traitor of Sociadad Magica?

Ukyo: Why is she being called a traitor?

Shiryuu: I heard she killed two of our captains out of cold blood. But that's what the rumors say. I can't confirm it myself ~sharpens axe~


~Shiryuu looks at us~

Shiryuu: Wow you're a weird bunch. Elves, a vampire, and a succubus trying to rescue a traitor. I like that. To do that, you'll need to take down 10 of their captains: Hime the Vile, Yamazaki the Insane One, Cuzco Diez Drake, Rosco Stormfire, Javier Rameirez, Aizen and Jeizen Kurokai, Lymselvia Golbez, Algol Soulsword, and Sid Davis. They are Sociadad Magica's finest in terms of combat. I'm coming with you as I want in on all the fun. ~takes out axe~ But first we need to infiltrate Los Fortaleza Grande (The Great Stronghold in Spanish)

Sounds like a plan. Welcome aboard Shiryuu ~we shake hands~

~we get out of the house and run towards the entrance to Los Fortaleza Grande while slicing the others who get in our way~

???: Rosco. Take care of them

Rosco: Yes sir!! ~he summons a skateboard made of fire in hopes of catching up to us. He proceeds in doing just that~ I'm afraid I can't let you do that. FIRE SWORD!!!

Go on ahead. ~takes out swords~ I'll take care of him

Ukyo: Are you sure?

I haven't had a fight like this for a while now. Go! I handle things from here

~music for the fight is here~: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3jDdHiN1qs

Rosco: You are reckless. I'll give you that

I am at times. But enough talk! Have at you!!


~we clash with our swords slicing and dicing until Rosco throws me across the wall~

Rosco: ~Turns into a cloud of fire, then reforming back to normal~ Your distraction cost me time and I hate wasting time. Missed opportunities is what you cost me and you will pay with your life

Screw you! ~kicks him, slices his stomach~

Rosco: Damn you!! Fire Shield!!!

~I hide from him~

Rosco: You can't hide forever fool!

~I charge at him~ ~we use our swords to clash with one another until they break~

Oh no.

Rosco: Flame Fist!! ~uses a fist made of flame to punch me to a wall~ Face it. You have no weapons and you're defenseless. Trying to save Rukia is valiant effort but it gives ya no cigar. First I hear of some idiots trying to get in to Sociadad Magica and yet I'm stopped by you and you're making it worse for yourself. Maybe I can have to chance to kill someone

~kicks him, takes the greatsword from his back~

Rosco: What are you doing!? That weapon can not be wielded by an elf!!

Watch me ~the sword gives out a shock that courses through my body draining me of my energy~ This energy! It feels powerful. Like a breath of fresh air

Rosco: Flame Fist!!! ~I dodge it~ Impossible!! ~I slice his body wide open with the two-handed greatsword~ ~a fountain of blood comes out of his body ~ Huuuuuuk!!!

~I put my newfound weapon on my back and helps him up~

Rosco: Why are you helping me?

Shhh....tell me where your infirmary is.

Rosco: Center left ~coughs out blood~

Talk less. Direct more.

~we proceed to the infirmary to rest Rosco to a bed~

Doctor: I saw the damage you did to him outsider. I'm impressed.

You know I'm an outsider?

Doctor: Of course. The clothes, the hair, your mannerisms. Yup you're definitely an outsider. I am Tira Hestron, what's your name

I'm Stepith Bloodia. Your captain here suffered massive damage and I apologize for that.

Rosco: Hey...~coughs blood~ That was damn good fight ~coughs blood~

Tira: Talk less. Rest more

Better do what the good doctor says Rosco. ~I sit waiting for him to make a recovery~ I wonder how the others are doing?


Rosco: You mean your pals. ~gets up~ After our battle, I guess they are doing fine. They got determination to save Rukia even if she's a traitor. I mean she did serve in my division.

She was in your Division? Wow. No wonder.

Rosco: Say what you will. She was a good soldier. Always got the job done, Was kind to others. Hell she met two of her best friends there

You mean Ukyo and Kreel?

Exactly. I remember it like it was yesterday

~Flashback with Rosco narrating~

When Rukia was new to my squad, She first met Ukyo who was playing around with his sword. They talked about tactics and of the like and they became fast friends. Then Ukyo showed her to Kreel and they became the best of friends afterwards.

Rosco: Well since the three like each other so much I'm gonna put you three in a room you have to share together. Do I make myself clear?

Rukia, Ukyo, and Kreel: Yes Sir!!

I knew there was something special in their friendship. They completed missions as a team and most importantly, they never bickered about a single thing.

~end of flashback with Rosco narrating~

Wow. That was one big story

Tira: Yeah

So why is Rukia called a traitor to Sociadad Magica anyways.

Rosco: That's something even the Council doesn't tell us. We just do our job. Hand me a cigar would you Tira?

Tira: Certainly.


~Tira hands Rosco a cigar~

Tira: Smoking's bad for you Ros

Rosco: Yeah yeah yeah. You've been telling me the same thing for four decades.

So you guys can live longer just like elves like me

Rosco: Bingo. That means I can drink alcohol and smoke cigars and I won't get that crap that humans get like alcohol poisoning and cancer ~smokes cigar~

Damn. I still got a long while before I hit the dust. So Rosco, how can I get to Rukia?

Rosco. That's not going to be easy I'll tell you that. Your friends have to defeat the other Captains to rescue her. I don't know if I qualify as a Captain now that you have my weapon. ~looks at greatsword~

I wonder how the others are doing

~we go to Camillia and the rest running, slicing, and dicing those who get in their way~

???: Hime.....target the six armed one

Hime: You got it. ~she slowly walks away to her target~

~she stops~

Lyra: This fight is mine ~takes out swords~

Music for this fight is this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlYA8HRbq88&feature=related


~Lyra takes out 6 swords and goes into her battle stance~

Hime: Why fight alongside men, They are monsters and should not be trusted. I killed men before and you know what

Lyra: What?

Hime: It felt good. Seeing their blood fall on the floor like water. It was fun and rewarding. It was like opening a Christmas present. It was Christmas every day all year for me. They don't deserve to live. Women shall reign supreme in Sociadad Magica when I'm done with the General.

Lyra: You kill men for fun. Fiend. You are beyond redemption. You are even worse then men. You do this for sport don't you? I can sense it in your red eyes

Hime: I'm shocked ~takes out scythe~ A fellow woman like yourself calling me a monster. Saying I'm like a man ~her grin starts changing from smiling to anger~ YOU BITCH!!! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR SAYING THAT!!!

~She charges like a boar at Lyra and she comes back with a slice with four of her swords slicing her stomach open~

Hime: Huughkk!!!! Hehehehehe

Lyra: What's so funny

Hime: Transform!! Haahahahahahahaha!!!!

~She starts transforming. Her arms start retracting blades. Her face starts forming into a skull. Her voice starts sounding demonic and her hair changes from silky white to full on black~

Hime: Behold Lyra!!! Few people have ever witnessed this form!!! You will die here and now

Music for this fight is here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcaHO9qjKRo&feature=related


~Hime charges at Lyra with all her might, releasing bone tentacles at her~

Lyra: Let me go! ~she slices one of them and proceeds to crack her skull open~

Hime: Urrghkk!! How did you!! ~she attempts to grab Lyra with her hands but she can not as her bones are slowly losing their strength. Her hand turns to dust and so is her entire body~ My power.....my strength......~voice changes to an old woman~ noooo, ~she fades away to dust leaving her skull~

~Lyra comes in and crushes her skull~

~Elsewhere Rosco senses something~

Rosco: hehehehahah! Hahahahahahahahaha! The bitch bit the dust!! Tira get the beer. Hime is dead!!!

Tira: Finally!!!

Hime: I guess you two really hated her huh

Tira: We just despised her. How she became a captain is beyond me

Cheers to that nonetheless




Hey Rosco. Where is Rukia located.

Rosco: ~sigh~ if you want to see her so bad follow us ~I go with Rosco and Tira to Rukia's holding cell~ There she is

Rukia: Hey Stepith......Why are holding Rosco's sword

Rosco: He took it from me

We're here to rescue you

~I see the others and I see a big giant blocking their way~


Cuzco: Don't worry my amigo. I'm not going to kill them I'll be sending them to our holding cells at Los Fortaleza Grande ~a circle like projectile comes out of his hands~ Captura Vortice (Capture Vortex in Spanish) ~all of a sudden we see them being sucked into the vortex~

NOOO!!!!! DAMN YOU!!! ~I grab Rosco by the neck~ You're going to help me rescue my friends or you're entire city's going to pay the consequences.

Rosco: Alright alright. I'll help you geez.

Rukia: I'm coming as well. Give me a sword and lets head out

Rosco: Alright ~he gives Rukia back her twin blades~






So.....How are going to get inside Los Fortaleza Grande?

Rosco: I think there may be a way in. Follow me. ~we follow Rosco to the gate to the fortaleza. Once there we see two guards blocking the entrance~

Rosco: Ahhh great....you two

~First Guard of The Fortaleza Gates
Jabali Gantz~

Jabali: Sorry Rosco. We can't let you pass

~Second Guard of The Fortaleza Gates
Erizo Allegorei~

Erizo: Heeheeheehee You lost your sword to an elf? Say it ain't so Roscoot!

Jabali: Hey hey enough about insulting his age. Lets do it again

~Rosco takes out dagger and throws it at Erizo's chest~

Erizo: Soooo we're playing hardball huh? Well two can play that game ~he shields himself with his cape~ Come on Roscoot! Hit me!

~enraged, Rosco charges at Erizo~

Rosco no!

Erizo: Espiga Capa! ~spikes come out of his cape thus impaling Rosco~

Rosco: Ahhhhh ~blood comes out of his body and the blood stained spikes come back to his cape~

Jabali: Haurhaurhaurhaur! Perhaps we should enrage him some more eh Erizo?

Erizo: Quequeque! ~as they charge on Rosco, Rukia and I interfere as I throw Erizo feet first to the ground~


Music for the battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZv3hjJz4NI

Erizo: Defensa Pico!!! (Defense Spike in Spanish) ~he creates a shield full of spikes
to block the blow~


~I use the sword to pierce Erizo's defenses~

Rukia: I'll handle Jabali while you handle Erizo

Got it ~I use the sword to slice Erizo's cape in two~

Erizo: You destroyed my cape! Raaaaahhhhh You know how much cash I spent just to fit my abilities???!?!! That's it!!!! ~he takes out a baseball bat~ Swing

~Erizo's body starts transforming. Spikes start coming out of the bat. His body starts to grow spikes all around. He starts forming a hedgehog like mask around his face~


Jabali: Need help partner.

Erizo: Yeah!!

Jabali: ~takes out axe~ Stampede ~his face starts growing tusks, his body grows hair all over. Claws start coming out of his feet and hands. And his axe starts growing larger. All of a sudden a boar like mask comes out in mid air and he grabs it putting it on his face~


Music for this fight is here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6jKZlDE-6k


~Erizo starts charging at me swinging his spiked baseball bat while I block it with my sword~

Erizo: Why don't you just die!!!

~He swings the bat with full force. Elsewhere Jabali slams his axe to the ground while Tira and Rukia counter it with a slice of their blades~

Jabali: We haven't had a battle like this in a long time haven't we Erizo?

Erizo: I just want to kill this dude!!! ~as he swings his bat, my sword instantly clashes with his bat~

We're equally matched Erizo. But you're just mad that I sliced your cape.

Erizo: RAAAAAAAGHHH!!! ~Swings his bat while I jump out of the way~ I'm gonna use your skin as a cape! ~He gets ready to take a deep breath~ Aliento Pico!!! ~spikes come out of his mouth like the speed of light~

~I get impaled by the spikes~

Erizo: Hehehehehehe! Finally!! THIS IS FOR MY CAAAAAAPE!!!! ~all of a sudden I get my sword and impale him in the stomach~ Auuuugh!!!!! Damn....you ~faints~


~Jabali charges at Rukia, she returns by defending with her swords~

Jabali: ~roars~ You are becoming a pain in my backside!!!! I'm going to stage two!!!

~Erizo gets up~

Erizo: No!!!! Don't go level 2!!! You'll lose your mind!!!

Jabali: Watch me Erizo. I don't care. I'll be doing this city a favor. For King Two-Edge and for Sociadad Magica!!!!! ~he takes out a ball~

Erizo: Aliento Pico!!! ~spikes come out to stop Jabali from eating the ball. It fails and he eats it anyways~ Damn it ~sobs~ My best friend. He's going to lose his mind. He's going to become an animal!!!

~Jabali's human features suddenly disappear, His entire body structure starts shifting to that of a warthog's. His tusks grow bigger, his head grows larger. His human nose morphs into a boar's. His mask suddenly becomes permanently grafted to his head. He loses all of his memories of having spent time with Erizo~

Jabali: Ki.........ll.........you..........all.........~he lets out a roar that sounds like a mutated warthog~


Erizo!!! You have to help us kill your friend!!!

Rosco: Do what he says Erizo!!! Or otherwise we'll all be killed!!

~Erizo sees in his eyes Jabali's suffering~

Jabali: Er......i......zo..........

Erizo: ~sigh~ Aliento Pico!!!! ~he spikes pierce through his heart while we use our swords to slice him~

Jabali: Th......ank.......you......~he falls down~

Erizo: Damn you. There could have been another way ~Goes on the ground while he reverts back~ You could have saved Jabali. I hope your happy Roscoot. You made me kill him and for that I will never forgive you. All of YOU!!!! And Stepith


Erizo: Screw you. I'm going to resign. ~he drops his guard clothing and the keys~ I'm going to tell King Two Edge about you guys. Should be shot on sight for all I care


Guard: My lord. Jabali has been killed while Erizo has resigned.

Two-Edge: Yes, I can see that through the cameras.

???: Familiarizing yourself with technology I see.

Two-Edge: Yes. Ralen, you can come out now

~King Two-Edge's
adviser: Ralen Marrik~

Ralen: How long has it been since you ruled Sociadad Magica my lord?

Two-Edge: 200 human years. ~flashbacks to Winnowill~ Raagh!

Ralen: Are you OK? My Lord?

Two-Edge: I am fine. Just experiencing old memories. ~he hears something~ Show yourself Hime!

~Hime appears as if she haven't been killed by Lyra~

Hime: Why yes my lord. Anything for you.

Two-Edge: I just need you to check up on Sociadad Magica. And tell Cuzco to ready the execution.

Hime: Yes my lord ~bows down~ I want to personally execute the succubus myself.

Two-Edge: Tell Cuzco that. I am not in charge of who is chosen to execute who. Ralen!

Ralen: Yes sir?

Two-Edge: Send a message to all captains to come report to the Meeting Room.

Ralen: Yes Sir. I'll do so right now. ~he uses his powers to send the remaining captains a message to report to HQ~

~Rosco catches the message~

Rosco: I got a message from the King. He says that I should report to HQ

Should we come with you.

Rosco: You'll be captured if they spot me with you two. Tira.

Tira: Sir?

Rosco: We're needed. Your on your own Stepith. And take of the sword for me.


~Rosco and Tira instantly teleport to the meeting room with the other captains sitting in chairs~

Yamazaki: About bleedin time Rosco. ~eats chicken~

Rosco: Why are we all here? I'm supposed to be chillin with my partner. Where is Cuzco anyways?

Aizen: Probably in his quarters.

Yamazaki: Lazy giant ~eats chicken, talks while he's chewing~ Where's the King anyways?

Javier: Probably busy with things. Just give him time to show up. King Two Edge is a kind person. Although we don't want see him angry

Yamazaki: Who cares. He gave me this job because it contains the benefits ~looks at Tira~

Tira: Back off pal.

Algol: So...~looks at sword~ Everyone is here correct?

Lymselvia: ~surrounded by bodyguards~ We are here

Sid: Yeah I'm here ~puts away pistols~

~Hime enters~

Hime: Where's the King?

Algol: The King doesn't come to our meetings remember. He just sends Ralen to represent the King

~out of nowhere Jeizen comes out and bumps into Yamazaki~

Yamazaki ~the chicken bone comes out of hands due to Jeizen's clumsiness~

Jeizen: Sorry sir.....I'm going to pick it up for you ~picks up chicken bone and gives it to Yamazaki~

Yamazaki: You're a good kid, but don't pull that crap while I'm eating kay.

Jeizen: No sir, I won't do it again. I was just late that's all

Yamazaki: I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Now sit down Ralen is coming.

Aizen: What took you so long bro?

Jeizen: I had some errands to take care of brother.

Aizen: I see. Now all we have to do is wait for Ralen


picture of what the meeting room looks like:

~credit goes for Eichiro Oda's One Piece (Anime version)~

~Ralen enters the room holding a folder~

Ralen: Thank you all for coming. Aizen and Jeizen Kurokai?

~Aizen and Jeizen Kurokai
Ages 17 and 18~

Aizen: We're honored to be here sir.

Ralen: Yamazaki?

~Yamazaki munches on chicken~

Ralen: OK Then.....Hime Rudras?

Hime: Yeah yeah.

Ralen: Sid Davis?

Sid: Can this meeting end already. You already know who we are.

Ralen: Yes I'm aware of such Sid

Sid: ~shoots the ceiling~ Whatever, I'm going to sleep

Ralen: Rosco Stormfire?

Rosco: Hmmm.

Ralen: We need to have a talk.

Rosco: What?

Ralen: Where's your sword?

Rosco: I....ummmm.....left at my post

Ralen: Oh really ~he turns on the TV pointing at me slicing Rosco with a fountain of blood coming out~

Rosco: oh..............crap

Yamazaki: Look at you man....~munches on the 6th chicken he has eaten today~ You got your hide kicked by a fellow elf with red hair.

Sid: ~wakes up~ Huh....what did I just hear the part where you got your butt kicked by a lowly dude!?!?! ~shoots the ceiling again~

Lymselvia: Now now. Lets not get hasty here....~cracks up laughing~ Hahaahahahaha. You got your butt kicked by him....hahahahaha

~everyone in the room laughs except Aizen, Rosco, Tira, and Ralen~

Yamazaki: oohoohoohoo.

Ralen: SHUT UP!!!!! This man is dangerous. ~puts folder on table~ Stepith Bloodia is dangerous. He took down Rosco and took his blade. And based on what I understand....YOU LET HIM TAKE THE TRAITOR KNOWN AS RUKIA!!!!!?!?!?!?! YOU GOT ERIZO TO RESIGN AND KILLED JABALI WITH STEPITH AND RUKIA!!!!!?!?!?!.

~sigh~ ~sigh~ ~sigh~

EDIT: Didn't show the picture before


~Ralen takes off his glasses and gives them to Aizen~

Ralen: This is what I do to those who don't do their job.

~Ralen approaches Rosco and punches him in the face~

Ralen: I don't tolerate those who defile their jobs. It makes me sick! ~slams Rosco's head onto the table~ Be lucky that I'm not killing you like I should!!

~The rest are shocked at Ralen's brutality, Yamazaki stops eating to see blood~

Yamazaki: Whoa now. We don't want any violence here. Its just a meeting.

~Algol readies a healing spell and heals Rosco~

Algol: There....Ralen, I don't know what got into you but I don't like it.

Ralen: Into what. He deserves it. He got HIS SWORD TAKEN!!!! I'm not going to deal with this crap. Rosco Stormfire, I hereby strip you of your rights as captain. Get the hell out of my sight.

Jeizen: Wow. You really didn't have to do that. Rosco's a good guy. You really didn't have to slam his head into the table

Ralen: I did what I have to. This meeting is over. ~Yamazaki approaches Rosco~

Yamazaki: Damn Rosco, You want some chicken?

Rosco: I'll need a lot of them to get through my depression.

Tira: Rosco........

Rosco: I'm going to help them. And I don't care if I get arrested. I know I'm doing the right thing ~he leaves taking his uniform with him~


~elsewhere, the others are imprisoned by Cuzco. As Cuzco leaves to check up on things, Runic meditates~

Camillia: What are you doing?


Lyra: Lets just stay calm. Let Runic focus

Rydia ~complains~ They took our weapons, how can we focus at a time like this.

Shiryuu: Listen to your pal. He's focusing and you gotta keep quiet.

Runic ~orbs of energy fly out of his hands~ SHOCKWAVE!!!! ~the energy comes out breaking them out of the cell~

~they approach the lockers, take their weapons, guns, and whatever they need to get out of there and regroup with me~

~elsewhere, Ralen enters the prison~

Guard: Ralen!! Are you supposed to be with King Two-Edge?

Ralen: Nope....I'm free to do whatever I want

~we see Two Edge imprisoned in his own throne room by Ralen~

Two-Edge: Let me out this once! I won't tolerate this kind of treachery.

Guard: Sorry my lord. I can not allow to do that. We are under Ralen's orders now. I apologize for this your majesty.

Two-Edge: Damn ~he gets back to his throne~ What is Ralen up to?

~elsewhere with Ralen~

Ralen: Yup phase one is complete ~behind him are several dead bodies comprised of the prison guards~

Erizo: Everything is set Master Ralen.

Ralen: Excellent. Now we wait. ~he sits down crisscrossed~

~cut to the others escaping the prison~

~Shiryuu sees the guards chasing them~

Shiryuu: Go on without me.

Lyra: We won't leave without you Shiryuu.

Shiryuu: JUST GO!!!!

~Lyra and the others run~


~Two Edge formulates a plan~

~he knocks on the door~

Two-Edge: I am hungry and I beg for food ~groans~

Guard: Of course sir.....Bring him some food!!

~one of the guards dashes to the kitchen to give him some meat~

Guard: My...lord....are you there ~the door closes behind, Two Edge sneaks up behind him, and snaps his neck.

Guard 2: What happened? ~Two Edge come out of the darkness and stabs him in the chest killing him doing so~

Two-Edge: I am sorry but I have to ~sheathes sword~ I don't know what Ralen is planning but I will find out sooner or later

~Hime is walking by when she sees Two Edge. She bows down to him~

Hime: What are doing out at a time like this my lord?

Two-Edge: Ralen is a traitor. He locked me in my own throne room. What is he planning?

Hime: Damn him. I should have killed him at the meeting.

Two-Edge: What did Ralen do.

Hime: He punched and slammed Rosco to the table. Ralen is supposed to be cool-headed and now I'm beginning to become suspicious

Two-Edge: Then let us go together. Only together we shall find out the truth about Ralen's plan

Hime: Yes sir.

~Elsewhere Aizen and Jeizen are in their rooms~

Jeizen: I have an appointment I have to go to

Aizen: Really?

Jeizen: I have to go to the store to get groceries

Aizen: Fine. But come back when you're done

Jeizen: Yes brother. I'll come back to you

~unknowingly to Jeizen, Aizen is behind him~

~as Jeizen leaves he receives a call from Ralen~

Ralen: Are you coming to the prison?

Jeizen: I sure am, it was easy to trick my brother into thinking I'm going to the store.

Ralen: Good. We don't want any interference with our plans.

Jeizen: So Erizo and the other person are coming to our meeting place?

Ralen: They are. And we will carry out our plans in secret

~Jeizen notices his brother standing right behind him~

Jeizen: Mind if I call you back, I got a little fly that's bugging me.

Ralen: Take your time. We'll be waiting for you.

~clicks phone back to his pockets~


Aizen: So that's it. You have been working with Ralen the whole time haven't you brother?!?!

Jeizen: Hehehehehe

Aizen: ANSWER ME!!!!

Jeizen: You see.......I always hated you for killing Father.

Aizen: It was self defense brother. He abused us. And that's why I had to kill him

Jeizen: Abused us? What are you talking about Father always abused you. Not I as I didn't deserve it ~smiles~ ~his hands turn into ice~ ICE NEEDLES!!! ~ice shoots out of his fingertips to impale Aizen~ Heeheheheehehe!

Aizen: Why brother? ~he's on the ground bleeding~

Jeizen: With Master Ralen's help. I'm going to revive Father ~he leaves with Aizen's blood in his fingertips~ Heheheheheahahahahahahaha

~As Jeizen leaves, Yamazaki is walking by seeing Jeizen and a massive trail of blood~

Yamazaki: Hey kid....what happened to ya

Jeizen: Hey Yamazaki.......I hate you too....ICE NEEDLES!!!! ~he impales Yamazaki to a wall~

Yamazaki: Why kid.......Your bro and I trusted you.

Jeizen: HEhehehehehehehe......trust........it sounds so foreign to me....hehehehehehahaha


~30 minutes later~

Aizen: ~he wakes up~ Ahhhghh!! ~he sees Yamazaki and frees him~

Yamazaki: Damn that kid. I trusted him and he crushes it like a grape ~they hear an explosion coming from the prison~ What the hell was that

Aizen: It must have been Jeizen, Lets go ~they dash to the door hoping to catch up to Jeizen~ There he is!!!!

Yamazaki: Lets stay silent kid. ~hide themselves from Jeizen's sight~

Jeizen: I came Master Ralen

Ralen: What took you so long Jeizen?

Jeizen: I had some trouble to with my brother and Yamazaki.

Ralen: Did you kill them?

Jeizen: I think so....But I haven't use my powers that much the past seven years Master.

Ralen: Fine....Lets head inside. My treasure awaits

Jeizen: Yes sir....~he seals the door with ice~

Yamazaki: What treasure?

Aizen: I'm not sure Yamazaki. But lets keep moving ~as they dash towards the door they bump into Rukia and I~

~gets out my sword~ Are you one of the captains?

Yamazaki: Are you Stepith Bloodia and I see you have Rukia with you

Rukia: This doesn't involve you Yamazaki.

Aizen: Knock it off you guys. I propose we work together. You agree Stepith?

I agree with you ~we shake hands~ First we need to find my friends

Rukia: And mine.

And hers.

~as we run towards the prison we also bump into the others (Lyra,Ukyo,Kreel,Runic,Rydia, and Camillia)~

Lyra: Stepith!

Lyra! ~we embrace~ Its great to see you made in one piece.

Rydia: Father!!!

~the three of us hug~

Yamazaki: Yeah yeah yeah. Enough of that mushy mushy crap lets keep moving

~elsewhere with Ralen~

Ralen: Well well Shiryuu what took you so long? ~takes off glasses and breaks them~

Shiryuu: I am sorry my master, I had some fodder to kill off.

Ralen: Don't worry about it Shiryuu, Bring out my treasure

Jeizen: Yes sir!! ~he brings a tube containing Undine and Nero (in ages past, they were Stepith's wings that could talk and allowed him to fly)

Undine: Where are we.....Who are you?!

Ralen: I am your new master

Nero: We serve only Master Stepith.

Ralen: Then why did he abandon you?

Undine: Uh....ummmm...ehh

Ralen: Didn't think so. Shiryuu! Graft them to my body!!!

Shiryuu: Yes sir.....~He takes out the wings, and forcefully grafts them on his back~


~Ralen goes to the castle~

Ralen: Well well. The King is nowhere in sight.....makes it all the better for me to take over Sociadad Magica

Jeizen: The throne is yours my lord

Shiryuu: Indeed it is Lord Ralen.

Erizo: All hail King Ralen!!!

Undine: When Stepith finds you he'll strangle you and ~he grabs Undine's wing form and holds it~

Ralen: I'm your Master now.

Nero: Don't question Master Ralen.....For he is our new master

Ralen: Good


Rosco: We must get out of here!!


Aizen: Where's King Two Edge?!

~Hime appears~

Hime: I have taken the king to a safe place ~vanishes~

Aizen: Hime wait!!!! Ahhh never mind

Rosco: Ralen has taken over Sociadad Magica for himself!!! You must get out of here!!! Take this orb and get out of here

Aizen: So much for the team up

Yamazaki: But how will we stay in touch with one another

Rosco: We won't.....I'm starting to realize something. Because of Stepith's presence, he may have caused the chaos to happen!!!


Rosco: Yeah. You caused to happen because you came to rescue Rukia. Well thanks a lot for making Sociadad Magica a horrible place to live!!

Shut up Rosco. ~I stab him in the stomach~ Take him to somewhere else, lets go guys

~we use the orb to teleport back to the abandoned tunnel~


~we walked out of the tunnel, got in the car and drove back to our home~

~while driving back home with Camillia on the wheel~

Rukia: Hey thanks for rescuing me guys.


Lyra: I know Rukia but we all need to get some rest and then we will talk about what happened to the others

Camillia: I'm depressed. You want to go to the store?

Sure...But leave me in the car. I don't want to think about all this negativity crap that's in my head

Rydia: Father, you seem different.....you usually like going to the store to get the best sake. ~holds me~ what is wrong?

Nothing is wrong Rydia, It was just what Rosco said....~sigh~

Lyra: It was what happened to Sociadad Magica right beloved?

Yeah It was different when people looked at us. Now we left and although we got Rukia safe and sound. Sociadad Magica lays in shambles

Ukyo: We saved Rukia. That's all it matters. We knew we were going to cause hell to save one person.

Kreel: But that's our style the three of us. Got a light ~Camillia hands Kreel a lighter and a cigarette~ Thanks. ~lights the cigarette~

Rydia: Ugghhh! Roll down the window please.

Lyra: Right ~rolls down the window~


~as we come home from the store, we get out of the car and gather at the dining room table~

Cyrus: So....How was your trip Stepith?

Not good. Although we saved Rukia, I feel like crap for just letting a city go to hell

Darius: Wow that's the first time I ever seen you like this. You didn't feel that way when Angelwood City was incinerated by the Shadow King ~see Urbaniacs story thread Asgard and Angelwood City thread for details~

~I get and grab Darius by the throat~


Cyrus: You shouldn't have pissed him off there D. That was one hell of an event.

And it was worth it killing Shadow King!! ~throws Darius to the couch~

Rydia: It isn't worth it father ~grabs me by the arm~

......thank you Rydia. ~we gather back at the dining table with Rydia by my side~

Camillia: I have an idea. Lets get a psychologist. Hopefully that will help.

I think that will help us

~the others agree with us as well~


~as the night passes, we sit on the dinner table to talk about our new ally~

So... What's her name

Camillia: I don't know. She spoke in a manner of Wendee Lee

Cyrus: Is that a good thing?

Darius: I guess so.

Camillia: She said she's coming right.....~hears flames~ now.....

~we come outside to see a woman made of fire~

(she looks like the above picture)

???: Hello there

Your our new doctor right?

???: Indeed. I am Vivi Oro. Nice to make your acquaintance

~Cyrus attempts to shake her hand only to be burned at first touch~

Vivi: Sorry. But I'm hot enough for you.

Darius show her to her room. Cyrus get her bags.

Cyrus and Darius: Right!!

(EDIT: I wasn't satisfied with selecting Michelle Ruff, so I chose Wendee Lee instead)


~we come inside and we sit down~

So Vivi, Ya want some beer or-~she stops me~

Vivi: I don't drink. I came to help you all from your problem

Cyrus: So this means you'll take away Stepith's sake addiction.

Hey shut up. Its not an addiction..Its been a while since I drank some of this.

Rydia: Yeah, lay off father. He means well but.....~she loses her thought for a second~

Vivi: Indeed.....got any tea?

~Rydia gets the kettle ready~

Vivi: Good. I'll first start by testing you two out

Cyrus and Darius: US!?!?

Vivi: That's right you two. It seems that you were great fighters.

Cyrus: Well not anymore.

Vivi: No excuse. I'll be testing you....meet me outside at nightfall

But will you help us after your fight Doc?

Vivi: Of course. But first my tea ~Rydia serves her tea~ Thank you. But first tell me about you Stepith.

Other than what you know I lived in Urbanville for two years and fought deadly enemies.

Vivi: But what you didn't know is that you caused chaos immediately the moment you entered the city.

I did?

Vivi: Of course. It says on their newspaper, "Crazed Elf and His Friends Destroy Organization"

I did that because they were imprisoning elves.

Vivi: ........eeeeeyeah.....


Vivi: That being said, who's your patron god

Odin. We worshiped him for two years I believe and did many things for him.

Rydia: Its true. I have seen him and the other gods.

Though I have not seen Odin for a while. Where has he been.

???: I was resting

~a man with a long beard appears all of a sudden~

~Odin is the large one on the right~

~Rydia and I bow to him~

Vivi: So you must be his patron god.

Odin: I am indeed Odin. The father of the Norse gods.

Yggdrasil isn't with you. Why is that?

Odin: She's currently performing her duties right now. And who are you supposed to be?

Vivi: Vivi Oro. Doctor for the people in this house

Odin: I see


ClapThis is getting better and better!!


Odin: You're forgetting your duties as always Stepith

What do ya mean my "duties"

Odin: Exactly

You really need messengers Lord Odin.

Odin: That can be arranged ~he takes out a horn, goes outside, and blows it~

~I go outside~

What did you just do Lord Odin?

Odin: I summoned the Valkyries. They shall be arriving any minute now

~the clouds darken as two Valkyries are summoned from the Asgard. They come to present themselves to us and to Lord Odin~

~credit goes to Atlus and Vanillaware for the picture~

Valkyrie 1: You called us my Lord?

Odin: I called you here to keep an eye on Stepith Bloodia as he has been forgetting his duties

Valkyrie 2: I see. ~turns around to me~ I am Gwendyne and this is my sister at arms Veldyne

Veldyne: Hello

Odin: Your first task is to buy me a new shrine. And make it faithful to the gods.

~Rydia, Lyra and I bow down to Odin~

Yes my lord. I shall see to this.

Odin:Gwendyne and Veldyne will stay here. And don't forget this time. ~he vanishes into smoke~


Gwendyne: Stepith, We are assigned to watch over you.

That I know.

Veldyne: That is why we must accompany you to the store.

What does Lord Odin need for his new temple.

Veldyne: The basics really.

Alright then.

~we go to the store to buy ourselves a God-Sized temple and the essentials. Eight hours later, All of us including the two Valkyries and the two giants build the temple for Lord Odin.~

~Odin appears behind us donning his signature armor~

Odin: Well done Bloodia you did your duty well

My friends and family helped me build the temple as well

Odin: They will rewarded one day as well

Gwendyne: But my lord, we need someone that will guard the temple as well

Iago: We can guard this temple Lord Odin

Raven: We want to protect you

~Odin towers the 10ft tall giants as he is 10 ft taller than they are~

Odin: Very well. But we will need a beast for added for added protection

Veldyne: What about Fenrir?

Odin: The Hound?

Gwendyne: He should serve as excellent protection for the temple

Odin: We'll have to keep him on a leash. I'm sure you two giants can handle this beast right?

Iago: Yes sir Lord Odin!

Raven: We will handle him with care

Odin: Fenrir does not believe in that word "Care"


Odin: Now its time to begin the summoning.

~Odin uses his powers to summon Fenrir from his rest~

(in this version, Fenrir is a three headed hound)

Fenrir: Grrraugh!!! Odin!!! We did our duty. Now let us rest or we'll devour you and those around you!!! ~the primary head is the only one of the three that talks~

Odin: Fenrir. We ask of you to protect us

Fenrir: HARHHAHAAHA!! Odin, you can protect yourself. You're a god and you can't be killed.

Then who killed you Fenrir?

Fenrir: SHUT UP ELF!! We know of you. And yet ~sniffs sniffs~ you are powerless. You don't have that energy around you like your fellow clansmen.

I willingly took with pride.

Fenrir: ~sarcastically~ What!? ~stops being sarcastic~ We have never a Bloodia give up his powers. And yet you are the first of such hahahahahaha

Vivi: You must be Fenrir. You look quite different then what they interpret you in literature

Fenrir: You call that an insult? We'll kill you!!!

~she throws a scalpel right between primary Fenrir's eyes~

Fenrir: ~Sees blood come from the primary's head~ I'LL KILL YOU BITCH!!! ~they lunge at Vivi until I block the blow by almost ramming the sword to Fenrir's throat~

You. Hound, you continue at this rate and I'll be sure to sink this sword to your throat and force you to throw up your guts

~Fenrir fearing this halts their attack on Vivi~

Fenrir: Grrrrrr....FINE!! Odin! We accept your proposal but what do we get in exchange?

Odin: We will give meat. But not flesh. We do not want another Tyr incident.

Fenrir: Ahhh Tyr. How we miss him so. Hahaha

Vivi: But don't you miss Vidar?

Fenrir: SHUT UP!!! We don't want to recall that!!

I will give you meat but not human meat. Just as Odin agreed on.

Fenrir: Deal elf. And you two Lord Odin ~he lays down beneath two trees~ we'll find someway to deal with you woman.

Vivi: You want another scalpel on your head mongrel. Cause I got plenty more where that came from. Or rather I burn your little paws

Fenrir: You wouldn't grrrr

~Vivi summons a little flame to target one of Fenrir's legs~

Fenrir: ~demonic yipe three times~ Grrrrrr.

Vivi: You want another one ~hand instantly sprouts fire~

Fenrir: Damn you.

Vivi: Hehehe

Odin: You have done well Vivi Oro. Proving yourself to Fenrir is a rare feat itself for that we will give you a weapon for that alone.

~bows to Odin~

Vivi: Thank you my lord

Gwendyne: The weapon will appear in room at dawn

Odin: Now I shall rest ~he walks to temple, sits crisscrossed and sleeps~


~at dawn, Vivi wakes up to see her new spear~

Vivi: Awesome. ~she puts her spear in her hilt and goes downstairs~

Morning Vivi ~drinks coffee~ I fed Fenrir the first five pounds. They seem excited to see you

Vivi: Greaaat ~I hand Vivi five pounds of meat~

Have fun ~I continue to drink my coffee at 6 in the morning~

~Vivi goes off to feed Fenrir~

Fenrir: Ahhh the one has returned. We were waiting for you woman/

Vivi: So ~throws a pound at meat at Fenrir~ Fenrir, Tell me about yourself ~sits crisscrossed~

Fenrir: What's not to know. We have a sister who never visits us.

Vivi: Garmr right?

Fenrir: You've done your research girly. But why did Odin sent me instead of her

Vivi: To make amends perhaps. ~throws the rest of the meat~

Fenrir: ~munches on it~ We haven't spoken to each other in more than a thousand years hahaha.

Vivi: How do you know Stepith's clan anyways.

Fenrir: The Bloodia Clan has always worshiped the Norse gods. ~lays down~ Just that simple.

Vivi: Oh...wow

~I come in~

I didn't expect beauty and the beasts to be talking to each in calm demeanor

Fenrir: Grrrr shut up. It has nothing to do with you.

Oh ok. Carry on, I'll be training

Vivi: I think I shall leave you three be as well

~as Vivi and I leave the temple, Garmr appears (Garmr is a two headed hound in this version)~


Garmr: Brother. Its been a while (the two heads speak as one keep that in mind.) I sense that Lord Odin tasked you to guard this temple am I correct?

Fenrir: Indeed you are sister. The pay is good in the form of meat. And we get to sleep all day. Life is good

Garmr: I can sense that. But you know the purpose of this job do you brother?

Fenrir: Other than its the best job ever?

Garmr: Close, but no. You see brother, Odin made you his guard dog as punishment for your actions during Ragnarok

Fenrir: So?

Garmr: Stubborn as always brother.

Fenrir: But what do you mean by punishment?

Garmr: I already told you brother. And yet you are stubborn.

Fenrir: Come on damn it, We want the answer!

Garmr: I'll give you the answer when you feel my 1000 year pain! ~mist engulfs the plane and she vanishes~

Fenrir: Sister wait!!! Damn it


~Mature and Vice get a call from an old friend of theirs~

Mature: Hello?

???: Hello Yuna, its been a while

Mature: I changed my name to Mature at one point Weiss.

Weiss: Sorry, is Zielle with you as well.

Vice: My name is Vice now Weiss.

Weiss: Wow you two have changed. But that isn't important. I need you to come back to Grailvan. Things have changed gone to hell ever since you guys moved.

Mature: We need permission from our employer.

Weiss: Fine. Call me back when you're done

~clicks phone~

~They approach me~

Vice: Hey Stepith?


Mature:We have some urgent business to tend to. We'll be back in five days

Fine with me. There's a car you can use free of charge at the garage. Just be sure to come back safely

Vice: We will.....Master

(For the next arc, the story will be seen through Mature's perspective not mine)

End of Sociadad Magica Aftermath Arc.

Beginning of the Innocent Nightmares arc


(as said in the previous post, this arc will be seen in Mature's perspective. So please go with the flow for this arc. Thanks)

~As we leave Stepith's house to get in the car, Vice questions me about our friend Weiss~

Vice: So why did Weiss call us all of a sudden M?

Beats me V, Maybe he forgot about us after ten years and decided to call us.

Vice: Nah impossible, He must have found a way to contact us

Yeah I think so too. Man the wheel, I'm calling Weiss

~we switch places in the car and I call Weiss~

~phone rings~

Weiss: ~yawn~ hello?

Oh hey Weiss

Weiss: Yuna?!

I told you to stop calling me that, its Mature now get it.

Weiss: Fine "Mature", Why did you call me

Why did you call us, We're putting you on speaker

Weiss: Well....I tried to find your number and lucky me I typed your number by accident on the phone.


Weiss: Believe me any way you want but that's the truth.

So what happened to our hometown while we were away?

Weiss: It happened to fast. One moment our mayor got killed and the next a new one took his place. And then you can guess what happened next.......


Vice: What's wrong buddy?

Weiss: Chaos......~sigh~

Vice: Give me the phone M,

~I give her the phone~

Vice: Hey Weiss, We're on our way.

Weiss: Oh thank God. Hey listen, I have to go so see ya in few hours bye ~hangs up~

Vice: There's something odd about Weiss

We'll have to see don't we V?




~We arrive at the entrance and we see the town as it was ten years ago~

Huh....Weiss said this place went to hell. Maybe he's wrong

Vice: Weiss usually lies about everything.

Weiss: Not all the time Zielle,

~Weiss Gaspar
Childhood friend to Mature (Yuna) and Vice (Zielle)~

Vice: Weiss, its been a while ~she punches him in the stomach~

Weiss: ~oof~ Damn Z, You didn't have to do it that hard.

So why did you say this place went to hell since we moved Weiss?

Weiss: Well.....Its a long story, so lets get in the car and I'll tell you along the way

~We get in the car and Weiss starts telling us the story~

~starts car~

Weiss: One month after you and Zielle moved, A man named Ray Iiyago (eeyago) was elected mayor, and then all of a sudden a gang called The Children of Inti started growing their presence here in the city.

So Platino City has went to hell right?

Weiss: Uhhhhhh did I say hell? I'm sorry Z I meant harmony

Weiss the Liar. You're still one after a decade

Weiss: ~sigh~ (why are they still calling me that geez)

Vice: Its also pretty fun to say after all haha

~we travel through The Children of Inti's and we're stopped by four of their members~

Gang member 1: <hold it>

What language are they speaking?

Weiss: Spanish, why

Vice: I don't care what language their speaking, they're holding guns and they are going to kill us if we don't do anything about it

Gang Member 2: <What language are they speaking>

Gang Member 3: <English>

Gang Member 1: <Should we get them before they get us>

Gang Member 4: <Come on, lets just shoot them!>

~they get out their guns~


~as they shoot their guns,Vice, Weiss, and I go behind a trash can~

Gang Member 3: English speaking idiots, We were speaking Quechua!!! Quechua!!!

~Vice throws a lid to one of them~

Vice: Will you just shut up!

Gang Member 4: Quechua....not Spanish idiots

Vice: Yeah yeah yeah. Weiss!

Weiss: ~panicked~ yes

Vice: Find me some glass to throw at them

Why glass?

Vice: It blinds them don'tcha know

Fine ~I find a broken alcohol bottle and give it to Vice~


Vice: Great ~she runs to another trash can as well as throwing the bottle to one of the gangster's eyes

Gang Member 2: <Damn you cow!> ~he shoots blindly~

Damn where did they go to practice their marksmanship

Weiss: Lets just go!

~we run like hell to somewhere safe like a nearby antiques shop~

???: Oh its you Weiss

Weiss: Hey Luca. Its been what....damn it....2 weeks since I visited your shop

~Owner of Heirloom Antiques
Luca Silfer: Age 32; Gender: Male~

Luca: Yuna! Zielle! My god you two have grown into fabulous ladies

Vice: We just need a place to stay Luca, do you got room?

Luca: I have a spare guest room but the three of you will have to sleep together tonight to save up room


~we spend the night and in the morning, the four of us sit down on the table~

So Luca, how's life?

Luca: Aww you know, After dad died, I took over the family business and its been downhill from there.

Vice: ~smiles~ I remember back then your dad was one of the most popular people in town, and people flocked to visit him and his antiques.

Your parents were famous explorers and they were well respected

Luca: Ohh don't remind me. He and mom died while on a cruise five years ago. Since then no one has visited the place ~sigh~ sucks to be me

Aww Luca. ~I hold him~ What's your current job then?

Luca: Looking for artifacts although I'm too chicken to look for them anyways. I mean I don't want to get chased by wolves and get eaten by giants. Not the life for me.

Weiss: Luca, you were never artifact hunter to begin with

Luca: Yeah I admit I was scared of going when I was a kid. Even the butler left after he got tired of me and the fact that I didn't pay him like I said I would.~sigh~ My life is joke.

Maybe Stepith could give let you stay with us.

Luca: Wait a minute. You mean that crazy elf who attacked an entire organization in a city somewhere. No thanks

That happened two years ago, its all the past

Luca: Whatever


Luca: Your employer may seem like a nice guy but I'm not working with that white haired freak

He dyed it a while back

Luca: Whatever......Should we get your car Weiss?

Weiss: Ahh crap I forgot about it, lets go get it guys

But we are unarmed

Vice: Yeah, we need weapons

Luca: Just use the swords I got around the shop. No one buys my stuff anyways

~The three of us each grab a weapon, I grab a longsword, Vice grabs two katanas and Weiss finds twin daggers~

Vice: See ya around Luca.

Luca: Don't be a stranger you hear.

~Elsewhere at Sol Palacio (Sun Palace in Spanish)~

Follower: <My lord, my scouts spotted three people. They could be dangerous>

~Inti sits in his throne~

(what Inti looks like) (original artist: Mauricio Herrera)

Inti: <lets send eight of our men to deal with them first. Who knows if they are part of my adversary's forces hmhmhmhm>


~Weiss, Vice and I fight off the men and go inside the palace~

Vice: Whoa, look at all these artifacts

I know, these remind me of something in a story book.

~elsewhere in Inti's throne room a woman comes and comforts Inti~

Inti: <Hello Quilla>

~Inti's Wife Mama Quilla
Inca Moon Goddess~

(Original Artist: Genzoman)

Quilla: <Hello love. What troubles you, you look like->


Quilla: <They must be skilled yes?>


Quilla: <What is that English saying? Oh yeah, "Don't judge a book by its cover">

Inti: <Whoever made that saying must have been a genius in his own right>

Quilla: <Such a world we live isn't it?>

Inti: <Indeed Quilla>

~they kiss~


~as Vice, Weiss, and I enter deep into the palace, we are stopped by the mayor of Platino City, Ray Iiyago~

Weiss: Mayor? What are you doing in a place like this

Ray: I do business with Inti, How else can he make this city prosper.

Vice: ~she runs and grabs Ray by the neck~ Talk! Why do you do business with a crime lord?

Ray: I...uh-

Vice: ANSWER ME!! ~she throws Ray to a pillar~

Ray: Lets try to reasonable here.

Fine, Tell us your reason for doing business with Inti.

Ray: I sure will. You see ten years ago, This city was no more then a cesspool of crime and death. And then our savior came along.

~flashback told in Ray's perspective~

We all thought that he was a loony who believed in God and was a good man. His name was once Arturo. His family died when he was young and my family looked out for him and usually fed him food daily. One day he proposed to the previous mayor Sonny Valdez that if he can rid crime in a day, He becomes the new "Lord" of the city. He laughed at him and spat at his face. As I walked Arturo back to his house, he found an ancient headdress. Out of amusement he wore it to cheer himself up. Then it happened.

Arturo: ~screaming~ Get this thing off me!!

He was transformed into a god like being.

"What did you do with Arturo?"

???: You mean what I gave your friend? I gave him the power of the sun!!

"Who are you?"

???: My name is Inti, and I am reborn!!! I apologize for taking over his body but it shall do nicely. But fear not he is in heaven watching over us

"So honor Arturo by fulfilling his wish to rid the crime in this city"

Inti: I shall do so for Arturo since he gave me this body after all

~a woman screams~

I see Inti run to the thug, grab him by the throat and melts his entire body using his powers.

"He didn't deserve to die Inti, he could have had a family or relatives."

Inti: Those who do evil in Inti's eyes die regardless.

In a single day he killed every single person that did crimes, petty or not they payed the price. He came to the Mayor Sonny's office and he was cowering in fear

Sonny: ~whimpers~ I'm sorry I called you crazy. Forgive me!!

Inti: I do not forgive those who let crime run rampant and thus you will die

Sonny: No! Please I- ~his skin and body melt to the ground~

"Why did you kill him, he didn't do a single crime!"

Inti: He let crime run amok in this city! ~breaks the desk~ And that I do not forgive.

Afterwords, Inti announced that he will be the "Lord" of Platino City and thus began Inti's reign.

~end of flashback~


Ray: Now then, Shall we proceed to see Lord Inti?

Just as long as he doesn't kill us for taking out his guards

~we go in to the throne room only to see Inti sitting in his throne room with Mama Quilla next to him~


Vice: What the hell is he saying

Ray: He's speaking Quechua. Allow me to translate for you

Inti: You do not need to translate for me Ray. I can speak both languages.

Are you Inti?

Inti: Indeed I am, Why have you four come, your presence is not needed here.

Vice: What do you mean by that?

Inti: You are bringing a powerful enemy.

~someone opens the door~

???: And that enemy is me


Vice and Weiss: Luca?!?!



(please play this music when reading this one. Thanks.)

Luca: How long did it take for you guys to figure this out ~he carries swords covered with blood~

Inti: You are tainted with evil. How did you get in devil?

Luca: Your boys left the door open. Your guards are dead and so are your women.

Vice: Monster

Luca: Its what the women called me in their native tongue. Heeheeheehee ~facepalm~ Hahahaha

Inti: Vile fiend, why do you do evil?

Luca: Because no one had time for me. As a kid, I was ignored by everyone. My parents, my friends, EVERYONE!!! I fell in love you Yuna. You were my angel of the night


Luca: Yes. And then you and Zielle moved. And to make it worse, my parents thought I was trouble so they threatened to send me to an asylum. So I "Sent them on a cruise". The butler saw what I did and so I killed him too. I found killing to be fun and I did it often.

Vice: You had us Luca, We are your friends.

Luca: What kind of friends were you? Oh yeah I know, the kind that moved away. I'll enjoy devouring you my angel of the night.

Inti: I feel an aura that weakens me.

Luca: Heeheeheehee. You are correct Sun God. But now,

~we see him taking off his clothes to reveal something sinister~

Oh my god.

Weiss: ~screams~ What the hell is that

Vice: I think I'm going to be sick

Luca: I know how strong you are when the sun covers your entire body. I think I can fix that ~he summons a giant orb that immediately covers the outside of the palace~ That's better


~Inti starts clutching his chest as he weakens from from the sunless darkness~


(please use the music in this link for an authentic battle experience thanks)

Luca: Heeheeheehee. ~he starts to strike Inti until Vice and I kick him to the ground~ Awwww....my angel of the night and her friend don't like me anymore....~he gets up~ I'LL KILL YOU!!!!

~I sense the memories between Luca and I shatter in his mind. I take out my swords to stab Luca in the stomach. To my horror, he is unfazed by the slices I put on his body. I sense him paying no attention to Vice or Weiss~

Luca: I don't care about the injuries in my body. I will take you with me in death!

Luca please ~he grabs me intending to choke me~

Weiss: Target the eye on his chest!!!

Vice: Right!!!

~They stab the eye multiple times in an attempt to render him blind~

Luca: ~kicks them~ Stab all you want fools!! I don't want your deaths. I want hers ~he crushes my neck more until I use my blade to stab his eye chest~ ~he screams in agony as the eye on his chest~

~I finally free myself from his grasp and stab his chest some more~

Luca: Arrrrghhh!!!!! ~he feels his eyesight fading~


~enraged, I kick, punch, and scream at Luca who is cowering and crying at this point~

So Vice, what should I do with Luca

Vice: Do whatever you want. If he deserves it then so be it.


Weiss: Kill him. Monsters like him should be put down like the scum they are.

~I remember Wellspring(Stepith's old nemesis in the Urbaniacs stories) becoming Stepith's servant long ago~

Luca: Come on....what are you waiting for?!?! Kill me like your friends said.

No.....you will become my servant whether you like it or not

Luca: Feh. I am not going to become a servant to a woman like you

~I come to Luca and break his arm~

Luca: ~screams in pain~

Defy me again and I'll break both of your arms into oblivion.

Luca: Fine.....I....accept you as my master.

Inti: Making the devil obey someone weaker then him. A fitting punishment.

Ray: Indeed

~the darkness spell vanishes from the palace~


Luca: Ow ow ow ow ow!!! Fine!! I accept you as my master. Just don't hurt me!!!

Inti: The monster is now afraid of his would be victim? Hmhmhm hahahahaha!!!

ummm Inti?

Inti: hahaha-yes?

Our car was taken from a gang called The Children of Inti.

Inti: They are a fierce gang believing themselves to be under my favor while they are truly not. I myself will confront these.....these....what's the word Ray?

Ray: I believe the word is hooligans my Lord.

Inti: Hooligans. I will confront them at once. Quilla! Tell the Accla to brew my beer. I'll be right back

~at the Children of Inti's HQ, Inti uses his powers to melt a gang member who shoots him~

Inti: <Now show me the way to your leader.>

Gang Member: <Y-y-y-y-yes sir!>


~five hours later~

Guard: <Lord Inti has returned!!>

~We go outside to see that its not Stepith's car~

I believe you got the wrong car Lord Inti

Inti: Hmmm. I guess that will do for a vehicle.

Vice: Stepith usually drives an SUV most likely to fit the six of us. ~looks at the Hummer H2~ But I guess that will do.

But how will we tell Stepith?

Vice: How about "We traded your Ford for a Hummer H2"?

Works for me

Luca: So I finally get to meet Stepith myself.

He will be training you the same way he trained us for battle.

Luca: I guess it won't be tough.

Vice: You'll see how tough it is.

Luca: Your words don't scare me Zielle. I may be Yuna ~I look at him~ I-I-I mean Mature's servant but I can handle myself

Your arrogance will be your downfall Luca. Even the powers out of nowhere will save you.

Luca: Whatever

Weiss: So I guess we part ways then.

Vice: Don't be so over dramatic Weiss.

Weiss: Aww I was hoping it would work.

Where do you live Weiss?

Weiss: In an apartment why?

Vice: Yeah you're coming with us.

Weiss: What?! I didn't even say yes.

Vice: You either want to stay in a cramped up apartment complex with a landlord asking you for rent every month or you stay with us with no rent at all. Your choice

Weiss: I'm going with the second one. Drop me off at my apartment and help me pack my stuff

Luca be a dear and help Weiss pack his stuff.

Luca: No bleedin way your me- ~I grab his wrist and break it~ ow-ow-ow-ow! Fine! I'll go unpack with him

We'll be watching you Luca.

~Luca grumbles while he helps Weiss pack up~


~two hours pass by as we wait for Luca and Weiss. Finally~

Luca: ~puff puff puff~ How many bleedin things do you have!?

Weiss: I need all of this stuff ya know.

Luca: But do we really need to carry a mattress?

Weiss: We can just leave it. And ya know what. Lets just leave the forks and knives here as well.

Luca: Fine fine, lets just hurry

Well they're taking their sweet time

Vice: I thought they would be done a half hour ago

Hey Vice?

Vice: Yeah Mature?

Do you remember why we left Platino City?

Vice: We were 18, you said to me "Lets move to bigger and better places" I called you crazy and you still insisted on moving. So I went along with you and then....well you know the rest

Yeah..... ~we see them putting Weiss' stuff in the back~

Got everything guys.

Weiss: Yes.

Luca: Indeed. Now come on lets go already!

~I punch Luca in the stomach and Weiss and Luca go to the back~

Alright guys now sit back and enjoy the ride

Luca: ~sigh~ I will.

Weiss: Same here

Vice: Lets turn on the radio

Good idea

~Vice turns on the radio and we drive into the night~

End of Innocent Nightmares Story Arc


Here is Luca's normal look:

Q&A for The Chronicles of Avalon: New Blood will be posted soon so stay tuned!!!


****Beginning of Innocent Nightmares Aftermath Breather Arc****

~point of view now switches to Stepith's~

~Lyra and I see a Hummer enter the driveway, Mature, Vice, and two unknown people get out of the car~

Mature: Well Stepith we've returned

Good good. Now who are you two supposed to be?

Weiss: I am Weiss Gaspar. Do you have a spare room?

We can make room. And who are you my white haired friend.

Luca: I am not your friend and my name is Luca......and I am also.....Mature's servant.

Lyra: That's a girl's name right and you're her servant? Damn that's harsh

Luca: SHUT UP!!! ~He gets punched in the stomach~

Mature: That's what you get

~thinking~ Reminds me of my earlier days

~Rydia goes outside~

Rydia: New people. Father do we have room for two more?

Of course we do ~whispers to Rydia~ just go along with this. I really don't have room.

Rydia: Well make room. We can manage right?

I hope so


~we go inside eat dinner and chill out in peace~

Mature: Umm Stepith?


Mature: Will you please give Luca the training you gave Cyrus and Darius?

And why is that Mature?

Mature: I want him to protect me as they have protected you.

Call your servant Luca

~Mature drags Luca to see me~

Luca: Hey hey hey! Lay off the clothes, kay?

Luca, you will be given training to better prepare you in battle

Luca: What training?!

~I point at Cyrus and Darius as they begin their nightly sparing~

You will be given their training. And they enjoy the skills I taught them.

Luca: All I sense is bloodlust.

Exactly. But they contain in the heat of battle. There will be a no for an answer as your training begins tomorrow.

Luca: ~gulp~


~6:45 AM, A time where I usually sleep in but Luca's training is a special case~

~Cyrus and Darius are standing side by side at Luca and Weiss' room~

(Note: Luca and Weiss share a bunk bed with each other)

Cyrus: Alright! Trainee Luca!! Wake up

Weiss: Huh.....what?

Darius: Not you. Back to sleep dude. As for you Luca ~he drags Luca from his bed and drags him to me~

Morning sleepyhead. ~Lyra is there serving me coffee~

Lyra: Did you sleep well?

Luca: No! I only slept for six hours and I could have more if you didn't wake me up early.

Too bad. For the next month I will be training you in combat. Cyrus! Get me the training music.

Cyrus: The music you got from a game?

Yes that music. Get the Boombox too.

Cyrus: Yes sir. ~he goes to the garage to get the dusty boombox and inserts the CD~

(here's the music in case you want to hear it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n3_7vdp7Lo

~I give Luca the traditional training uniform~

Luca: Can't you give me sleeves that are short? I'm dying out here

Dude. Its like 8:30 and your complaining about clothes? ~face palm~ Deal with it.

Luca: But- ~I punch him in the stomach and falls to the ground~

Build up your reflexes next time


~7:24 PM, sunset is approaching and we see myself and bruise soaked Luca~

Well that was one hell of a workout. Lets call it a day shall we?

Luca: You call it a day?! It's not even daylight!

I'll tell Vivi to patch you up.

~at Vivi's room~

Vivi: Sorry but I can't fix you up. Orders are orders.

Luca: Aww come on!

Vivi: Well....I could ask my "friends to help"

Luca: Please I need all the help I can get

Vivi: Meh....suit yourself but don't say I didn't warn ya ~she gets out a treasure box and out comes small imp like creatures~

~They look at Luca and circle him. One of them comes out wearing a doctor's garb~

~They speak a language unpronounceable to both humans and elves and begin operating on him~

I told you not to heal him.

Vivi: Oh I'm not doing the job Stepith, They are

Who's "They"

Vivi: My imp buddies


~They patch up Luca to an extent but it came with a price~

Luca: What the hell did they do to me!?

Vivi: They gave you their "medicine"

Luca: ~spits it out~ It tastes like crap!!

~The imps come out with anger in their eyes~

Luca: Never mind. I'm going to my room.

~Skadi comes back from her trip~

Lyra: Well you went off without me knowing

Skadi: I had things to take care of.

Lyra: What kind of things?

Skadi: Family matters. You know how families bicker hehe.

Lyra: Fine. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. And we used your room to house Luca and Weiss

Skadi: You freaking......ugh. Just get me a bunk bed

Lyra: We'll see what I can do.

Alright everyone off to sleep.

~we go to bed with Cyrus and Darius already fast asleep watching TV~

~12:45 AM. A man is standing there wearing blue. We will now go to his point of view~

~I go to the entrance and ring the doorbell, waiting for my attack to commence~

~ding dong~

Cyrus: ~yawn~ Who could that be in the middle of the night. ~he opens the door and I hide in the bushes~ Strange....Hey Dar, wake up

Darius: Ughh why did you wake me up at a time like this?

~This wasn't part of the plan. Oh well. I come out brandishing my wooden sword to KO the dude. His friend is next.~

Darius: Cyrus? Cyrus! Come on wake up buddy!

Don't worry, I've been ordered not to kill. So your friend is knocked out but is A-OK.

Darius: I don't like the sound of your voice. Now its time to fight!

~he attempts to punch me but he misses. At the moment of weakness I use my sword to bop him in the head~

~my target comes out of his room and goes down the stairs~

Stepith: I don't know who you are but if you mess with my friends, I will give you a nice stomping


~I see my long haired target readying his stance And I do the same. I counter his skills with mine and he is worn out from the fighting~

~I go behind him without him looking and hit him in the head with my club. As I grab my target's unconscious body and put it on my shoulder, the blonde grabs my leg and would not let go~

Cyrus: I will not let you leave!

Let go damn it! LET GO!!! ~I use my leg to stomp on his head. I get out my cell phone~

Its me. I got my target.....uh huh......good....get me a ride badly......one of his friends tried to cling on my leg.......yeah....no.....OK ~I go outside waiting~

???: I see you have invaded our house

~a vampire?! But why would this person live with this soulless being~

???: I am Camillia Black and I will stop you at all costs.

Why is a vampire living with an elf. I thought you were bitter enemies?

Camillia: Didn't you humans read the newspaper? We ended our rivalry years ago.

Enough talk ~I take out my sword and she leaps towards me. My shirt is sliced and she has some of my blood in her hands. In desperation I take out my gun and I shoot her in the arms and legs to slow her down. My ride finally comes and I put my target (Stepith) into the car and we drive away~


~Now we go to Camillia's perspective~

~I crawl back to the house and store the kidnapper's blood in a jar and I crawl back to my room with the jar in my hands I put it on my desk......and then I faint as I get out of the room~

~I wake up on my bed as Vivi and Rydia look on at me~

Rydia: Can you hear me now Camillia? How many fingers am I holding?

Umm six or seven?

Vivi: Close enough

Is the blood in the jar still there?

Vivi: Yeah. Its there waiting for you

Rydia: And speaking of blood you left a whole lot of it in the carpet.

Damn. How many hours have I been KO'ed?

Rydia: Eight hours. Its like 8:35 right now.

I need blood, alcohol, and Rukia, Ukyo, and Kreel here now!

Rydia: Yes mam!


~And now the perspective will go to Lyra who will be the protagonist for the Kidnapped Arc~

~After hours of rest, I call everyone to the living room to explain the situation~

OK. Is everyone here?

Camillia: Loud and clear,

Rydia: I'm here

Cyrus and Darius: Yo!

Runic: Yeah

Iago: Yeah

Raven: Right here

Mature and Vice: Here

Skadi: Yeah I hear you

Weiss: Present

Luca: Yeah yeah I'm here.

Gwendyne and Veldyne: Here

Rukia, Ukyo, and Kreel: Yo!

Vivi: Present

Alright everyone's here so we'll start with you lazy giants ~I point one of my arms at the giants~

Iago and Raven: Us!? We're not lazy.

If you weren't lazy then you would have prevented Stepith's kidnapping!

Iago: Well you know we giants are very heavy sleepers so we got an excuse.

Raven: It's natural for our kind so don't put the blame on us.

Runic: Lay off the giants Lyra.

~sigh~ Enough already I'm sorry guys. Camillia, do you have some kind of spell to help us track down the kidnapper?

Camillia: Well Rukia, Ukyo, Kreel, and I are working on a spell to track down the kidnapper by using the blood I got while fighting him.

I want it done in 1 day

Camillia: You got to be kidding me, it will take two days at the least. Don't rush us or the spell won't work.



Rydia: Stop treating the giants like crap Lyra. They don't deserve your verbal cruelty

Cyrus: Who elected you as leader of the team.

Darius: Yeah, you can't go prancing around electing yourself as leader despite being Stepith's wife!

~I see their anger roaring through me. Screaming at me and telling me to behave. I break down~

STOP IT!!!! ~hands on face sobbing~ ALL OF YOU STOP IT!!!! ~I run to my room closing the door and locking it~

Mature: I didn't see that coming

Vice: Yeah,

Luca: At least you are not like Lyra right Mistress Mature?

Mature: Indeed

Vice: Alright now who wants to go out for Chinese Food. My treat.

Camillia: I'll drive, you big lugs have to walk ya hear?

Iago and Raven: Yes Mam.

~I open the door slowly to see them all happy and cheery going out of the door to get some Chinese Food. I wait for all of them to get out of the house and I run to Odin's Temple to cry~


~Now we go to Rydia's perspective~

~I eat my fried rice with the others when all of a sudden I get a text message~


~The message reads "Hey Rydia, your father here. Can't talk as I stole this phone from a goon and its on low battery and he's gonna kill me so gotta go bye"~

Guys! ~They stare at me~ This message's from father!

Cyrus: ~eating BBQ pork~ Really?!

Darius: Let me see ~he takes the phone from me~ Let me text him back using your phone

Alright ~I look at Iago and Raven who can't fit inside eating chow mein noodles~

Iago: What's wrong Rydia?

Raven: Yeah.

Its just that I'm worried about father that's all.

Iago: I'm sure Stepith will be alright. I hope

Darius: Guys! I just got a message from Stepith. It says here "Yeah I beat him up but I don't have time to explain where I'm at so I'll call you in two or three hours...." and then it stops

Vivi: Well at least Step is OK ~she looks at Luca who is eating at the other table with Mature, Vice, and Weiss~

Weiss: Why don't we do this often

Vice: I have to save money somehow.

Mature: How about this guys. I'll treat all of you to buffet so we can all be happy

Can it be after we get father back?

Mature: Yes Rydia, it can be when we get Stepith back ~she eats all of her broccoli~

~I see Camillia, Ukyo, Rydia, and Kreel eating together talking about their tracking spell~

~I approach them~

Rukia: Hey Rydia. What's wrong?

What are you guys talking about?

Kreel: We were talking about our blood tracking spell

Ukyo: ~slurps up his noodles~ We're gonna test out the spell when we get back provided that bitch Lyra doesn't pester us into "doing it faster"

Camillia: We don't like being rushed so we got time guys

Ukyo: Cool cool


~after we are done eating and having fun exploring the city we drive back using father's Hummer and Camillia's Lexus back to the house~

~as we go inside I notice that Lyra's missing as well~

Cyrus: Strange......She's usually sitting down watching TV like she usually does

Darius: Lyra! Oh Lyra! Where did you go

Gwendyne: Odd...Maybe Lord Odin can tell us where she went. Lets go Veldyne

Veldyne: Right behind you ~I see them go outside and close the door~

Camilla: Well I guess its time we got back to work come on guys ~I see the Camillia, Rukia, Ukyo and Kreel go inside their room~

Weiss: Well Luca and I should go back to our room and sleep like we usually do.

Luca: Uhhh yeah....sleep ~I see them go into their room

~everyone goes back to their rooms while the giants are sleeping outside~

~sigh~ ~I follow Gwendyne and Veldyne to Lord Odin's temple

~elsewhere in Odin's Temple, they spot me~

Veldyne: What are you doing here child.

I'm not a child! I'm 17.

Gwendyne: Oh......you're still a child regardless.



~I see a statue of Lord Odin come to life~

Odin: Hello my children, and the daughter of Stepith Bloodia.

Lord Odin.

Gwendyne and Veldyne: Father.

~the three of us bow down to him~

Veldyne: Father, Stepith Bloodia was kidnapped by a strange assailant. And we were wondering if you could help us?

Odin: That I cannot grant you.

Gwendyne: What do you mean father?

Odin: He was taken to a place that nulls my Aesir powers.

Rydia: But what about Fenrir? Can he help us locate father?

Odin: Fenrir, though he may be this temple's guard dog he guards your father's house as well.

Fenrir: Someone called our name.

Useless mongrel.

Fenrir: Who are you calling a useless mongrel ~growls~

Odin: Fenrir. I sentence you to be sent back to Hel.

Fenrir: For not fulfilling my duty as a measly guard? Don't make us laugh. Stepith didn't fulfill our part of the deal.

Father never agreed with you.

Fenrir: La la la. Can't hear you.

~I see Odin conjuring a spell~

Odin: Enough!!! ~he shoots out an orb that does something odd to Fenrir~

Fenrir: What did you do to me!! ~he is shrunk down to a 6 ft tall hound, his tail and heads were taken away as punishment~

(Fenrir's fur color is black)

Odin: You have a choice Fenrir, Hel or a pact with one of these girls

Fenrir: The pact.

Odin: A wise choice. Rydia Bloodia, step forward

~I follow Lord Odin's words~

Me?! Make a pact with this mutt.

Fenrir: Who are you calling a mutt?!

Odin: Silence!! Rydia, stand next to Fenrir.

Yes my lord.

~Lightning comes out and zaps us both. We scream and howl in agony~

Odin: The ceremony is now over.

That's it?

Odin: That's it

~I faint~


~hours pass by and by the time we wake up, its 6 AM~

Fenrir: You're awake partner.


Fenrir: Don't you remember, thanks to the ritual you and I are linked by fate by Lord Odin.

Mangy mutt, you need a bath.

Fenrir: I don't need to take a bath. I can bathe myself just fine

~We hear Camillia's voice and we walk down the stairs~

Camillia: As we all know, Stepith and Lyra are MIA. Using the blood I obtained from the kidnapper, We now know where he lives and who he is. His name is Richard Miller and he lives with the kidnapper in a castle somewhere near Setsuna City.

Where is this Setsuna City?

Good question Rydia. Its 25 miles away from here

Skadi: (They know, I must stop them from doing this) ~takes out dagger and jumps at Camillia~

Camillia: Blood Shield!! So you're a spy for the kidnapper after all

Skadi: I took up the bodyguard job by my mistress Lilith just to keep an eye on Lyra and Stepith. And now I have no choice but to kill you all in this room

Fenrir: You are outnumbered witch. How can you kill all of us?

Skadi: Mutt....you are about to find out

*EDIT* Had to fix an error


~we look on as Skadi gets out a gun and shoots Cyrus and Darius with an unknown bullet~

Cyrus: ~Uggk!!!~ What is this sensation? My blood is ~I see blood come out of Cyrus' mouth like a waterfall~

Darius: Cyrus!! ~the process repeats as Darius feels the same pain Cyrus is having vomiting blood as well~

~She shoots at Vivi, and the others as well making them vomit blood violently~

You bitch! What did you do to Cyrus, Darius and the others

Skadi: I shot them with blood bullets. Your blood mage friends here are knocked out so they'll do no harm to me.

Why are you doing this!

You see my mistress Lilith is Stepith's ex-wife. She sent Richard to kidnap him to make sure that he suffers for leaving the mistress. As I speak he is being tortured right now. His friends are extra credit so you guys are next. ~I see her take out the gun~ And I'm not an elf. ~takes off disguise~ I'm a vampire

Fenrir: Can you hear me Rydia?


Fenrir: I am speaking to you in your mind. Now listen carefully one of us has to sneak by her and knock her out. Distract her for me

OK. Hey bitch! Shoot me!

Skadi: You are agitating me! ~She begins to fire her gun~

Now Fenrir!

Fenrir: Roger! ~I watch him jump at Skadi and begins to bite her head off and falls to the ground~

~Camillia, Ukyo, Rukia, and Kreel wake up~

Camillia: Damn that blood bullet. It stopped our blood flow causing us to be knocked out temporarily......that's a lot of blood

Ukyo: What shall we do Master Camillia?

Camillia: We clean it of course and return the blood to their rightful owners

Kreel: Well this is gonna take long.

But one question Camillia

Camillia: Yes?

Is Skadi dead

Camillia: I don't sense her blood flow so she is deader than a doorknob.

So that's how you kill a vampire.

Camillia: Back in the old days, holy water, garlic, and stakes to the heart were the only way to kill us. Nowadays a vampire's head must be decapitated like so. After we do the blood operation, we will study Skadi's body to see where this Lilith person lives at.


~A few hours later Camillia calls all of us to the living room. Fenrir is sitting right next to me~

Camillia: ~smokes cigar~ Well....the kidnapper's blood lied to us about where the Lilith lives but Skadi's however pinpointed the location to us.

Darius: ~drinks beer~ About damn time.

Cyrus: Easy on the beer intake Dar, We wouldn't want ya to be sent back to the infirmary again.

Darius: ~Sigh~ Today is usually Beer Night. And-

Cyrus: Don't say it.

~Mature, Vice, Luca, and Weiss enter the scene with Lyra~

So you came back "Mother".

Camillia: The leadership position has been taken already.

Cyrus: Not gonna cry are you?

Lyra: Shut it. I'm back to help you locate my husband and your friend/leader and I brought you some guns

Cyrus: Guns?! Are you crazy!? You know Stepith's rules with guns. They cannot be allowed in this very household.

Lyra: I want you to use those guns to kill that bitch. She manipulated Stepith for years and may have killed Leon (Stepith's adopted son and Rydia's older brother)

Brother!? How did you learn this?

Lyra: I talked with Lord Odin before finding the answers I seeked

~Lord Odin appears in a cloud of smoke in an interesting form~

Cyrus: What the? Lord Odin?

Odin: I don't use this form that much but this is an exception to the rule. At this form I can't access my Aesir powers but I can walk freely with mortals.

~He looked at me and Fenrir~

Odin: Child of Stepith and Offspring of Loki. I sensed your teamwork well ~he raises his spear up~ Excellent job you two.

Myself and Fenrir: ~bows down to Lord Odin~ Thank you my lord.

Now on to the task at hand


~Fenrir and I watch as Odin sits on an armchair~

Odin: So this is what an "armchair" feels like. Quite relaxing. Lyra Bloodia, tell them who you have recruited to help us locate Stepith.

Lyra: I will call her right now. Fortuna! Show yourself to the others

Fortuna: Coming Lyra!

~Out of nowhere a person wearing strange clothing appears, levitates around us, and has tarot cards around her~

Cyrus: ~whispers to Darius~ Dude, she looks hot!

Darius: ~whispering to Cyrus~ Oh please.

Lyra: She will be assisting Camillia and the others locating my husband and your leader.

Fortuna: Please to make your acquaintance to all of you.

~She looks at Lord Odin and bows down to him~

Odin: I am flattered Fortuna.

Lyra: Be sure to use the guns I have supplied for you all.

~Fenrir and I watch as Camillia touches the pistols~

Camillia: So what are the bullets made out of?

Lyra: Holy water

Camillia: Ahh yes holy water. It was originally thought up as a way to kill us vampires faster. But that's just a myth. It only paralyzes us temporarily.

Lyra: What do you mean myth?

Camillia: Looks like someone has been watching too many vampire movies. Scared of garlic? Stakes to the heart? All just racist stereotypes one person made up to sell more books....well until the Red Eclipse but that's a different story for another time. Fortuna, Lyra, Rukia, Kreel, Ukyo, you guys are coming with me to plan out the siege.

~as they leave to make up a plan to rescue father, Fenrir stops me~

Fenrir: This Fortuna person intrigues me.

Doesn't she Fenrir? But you may have to be careful considering that there's like (counts the cards around her) 22 cards. You're gonna get one hell of a paper cut if you want to get near her.

Fenrir: Good point


~30 mins later, Cyrus, Darius, Fenrir, Lyra, Camillia, Mature, Vice, and Luca are in the Hummer with Fortuna on the roof of the car acting as our GPS. Just don't ask of how a mutt like Fenrir got in the car~

~as we're driving~

Lyra: How are you holding up there Fortuna?

Fortuna: ~doing a meditative criss-cross pose~ So far so good Lyra. We are about 15 mins away from Lilith's house

Camillia: ~driving~ Great.

Cyrus: You could drive a bit better if you're not holding Stepith's sword.

Darius: You're killing us here.

Camillia: Shut up. Without me, you'd all be walking to Lilith's place

Lyra: Good point

Luca: So why did you bring me with you guys?

Mature: Be lucky you're not on the roof Luca.

Vice: Or in the tiny backspace.

Luca: Damn.

~12 mins of reckless driving later we arrive at Lilith's.......wow~

*EDIT* I had to change the mansion picture after seeing a copyright.


~we go inside the mansion hoping to find Father. We see someone and we follow him/her. As we follow him/her to some kind of basement~

Lyra: Freeze!!

???: What the!? I didn't do anything and who are you people?

Camillia: We should be asking you the same thing

~we stare at the four mysterious beings~

There's someone behind them

Father: I believe that someone is me.


~and now we switch back to Stepith's POV~

~After I hug my daughter I kiss my wife Lyra as well~

Lyra: I missed you love.

As did I Lyra.

~I see that some of my friends have come to rescue me~

Cyrus: Its good to see you again buddy.

Darius: The same

~Mature, Vice, and Luca look on~

???: Who are these people Stepith?

I think you should introduce yourselves first.

~They see one of them introducing himself~

???: My name is Joker and its good to meet you all

~he bows down to them~

Joker: And the guy right next to me is Nyarl

Nyarl: Hello there

Joker: And the big guy in the center of us is Victor

~Victor looks at us shyly~

Nyarl: ~whisper~ Come one big guy at least say hello to Stepith's friends

Victor: H-h-h-hello ~waves at us and looks at Rydia~

Joker: And the fourth dude next to Victor is- ~vanishes into smoke~ Oh. She'll introduce herself later ~grumbles~

*EDIT* Had to fix picture error with Victor

*SECOND EDIT* Had to change the fourth person into a woman. I wasn't satisfied with the name I had planned


~I look on as I see a black canine next to Rydia~

Care to tell me how you got that hound Rydia?

Rydia: That hound's name is Fenrir and we are linked together by Lord Odin

Fenrir: It's true Stepith, Your daughter and I share the same fate with one another. Should I die, she dies as well

So my daughter is going to be one of those Wolfriders I always read about in the history books.

Rydia: You are pretty close on that one father.

Lyra: Oh crap! I forgot about Fortuna!


Lyra: I'll introduce you to her later, lets go.

~we go outside to see my torturer holding what appears to be Fortuna hostage~

Fortuna: Help.

Lyra: Fortuna!

Richard: I don't think so fellas. Stepith, ~grins~ what are you doing out. And you brought your friends and the rejects to me? Cooool.

*Richard is the dude with the gun in the right of the cover*

Nyarl: Who are you callin rejects

~Richard points at Nyarl, Victor, and Joker~

Joker: Even if we're rejects we can take you on with our-

Richard: Fists, I got a gun. And I could kill this bitch if I wanted to. In fact ~he prepares to reach the trigger~

???: I don't think so ~she appears like behind Richard and stabs him in the stomach with cleaver~

Way to make an entrance Claire

*Picture of Claire*

Claire: What can I say Stepith? I always wanted to do it to Richard ~she grabs Fortuna and vanishes right next to Lyra~

Darius: You've met some interesting people in these guys ~eyes Claire~

Cyrus: Yeah ~eyes Fortuna~

Richard: Ughhhh ~coughs blood~ You meddling bitch! I'm gonna strangle you!

Claire: How can you strangle me if I'm way over here. So Stepith?


Claire: Lets have our revenge

~Nyarl, Joker, Victor, and Claire stand right beside me~

~Camillia give me back my sword~

Thanks. Now Richard, Time to give you a beating to remember


Richard: You know what? I'm gonna need some help. ~whistle~ Come here Cerberus.

~We hear a howl followed by two more. We see the hound standing right beside Richard. The size of a lion and the heads of three Doberman Pinchers~

Victor: Uh-oh.

Joker: Oh crap.

Nyarl: It's gonna eat me I know it!

Claire: But it doesn't look threatening this time.

Hold on...there's something in the middle of his neck. ~I look closely~ Its a shock collar!!!

Richard: Yeah so?

It followed your orders prior but....why? It didn't do anything to you.

Richard: It didn't follow my orders to beat the living crap out of you and your friends. Besides I don't care what this beast thinks of me, I only want it to maul and devour you.

Cyrus: Why can't we enter the fight and kick this Richard dude's ass?

Darius: Its his fight and we're only here for support. But should it get out of hand we will be ready

~Richard gets out a device~

Richard: Cerberus! Maul him! ~points at me~ ~He presses the button and the hound is roaring in agony~

~I hold off their fangs and manage to take off the collar while receiving some of voltage in my body~

~it looks at me~ That look reminds me of my old friend.

Cyrus: Old friend?

Darius: I think he's referring to the dog that always followed him in our early adventures.

~Cerberus stands right besides me~ You know Richard. You gave me another reason to beat the crap out of you. Because of your abuse towards Cerberus, I will make sure that your death is long and painful!

*EDIT* I wasn't satisfied with the end result for Cerberus so I changed the design entirely



(This will be the music for this battle so please bear with me with this one)

~The six of us charge at Richard. Kicking, punching, and (in Cerberus' case) biting him in the process until he falls over dead~

Joker: Did we kill him?

Claire: He deserved it.

~Victor looks at us~

Nyarl: We finally defeated that son of a bitch

Vice: Stepith! Guys! Something doesn't feel right.

Richard: ~blood is all over his body and he starts charging at us~

Camillia: Guys! Move out of the damn way!! ~they get out their guns~ Aim......FIRE!!! ~Their bullets soar like hellfire into Richard's body and he falls to the ground once more~

Mature: Luca, check to see if he's dead

Luca: ~grinning~ Yes mistress. ~he comes to Richard's body only to see that he's grabbed on to Luca's leg and throwing him to the ground~ Aww come on! ~he's kicked back to Mature~

Richard: It takes more than punches,kicks, fangs, and bullets to kill me! ~He takes out a syringe with blood inside it~ Thanks to my Mistress, I can finally use this gift.

What gift? You don't deserve any praise from no one!

Richard: That's where you're wrong. My mistress praises me for killing random people

Stepith: (That's not the Lilith I know and why would she have a psychotic madman at her service?)

Richard: I get praise for the things I do. I get rewarded for it and this is her greatest reward of them all ~he injects the syringe on himself~ Now I have the powers of the "Old Creatures of the Night"!!!! I will use them to kill you Stepith Bloodia!!!!

~His body transforms into a winged bat looking fiend~

Richard: I have the power of the ol-~the sun comes out~ Damn it. I just got this form!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! ~he turns to dust~

Thank you. All of you, for coming to my aid. ~I look at this house~ So how about it guys? Should we take this luxurious mansion for ourselves?

All except me: Yeah!!!

Then prepare the move.

*EDIT* Stupid me and my mistake of not adding in the music


~I call the others on Lyra's iPhone~

~Runic picks up the phone~

Runic: Y'ello?

Yo Runic, Tell the others to pack their bags, we're moving to a bigger and better place.

Runic: I'll tell the others immediately but Vivi vanished.

She left?

Runic: Without a trace, but she did leave a note for you Stepith.

What does it say?

Runic: You'll have to read it and see.


~1 hour later~

~Iago and Raven hug me and almost squeeze me while Runic gives me a firm handshake~

Runic: ~Looks at the Monstrous Four (Joker,Claire,Victor, and Nyarl)~ Who are they?

They are some of our new allies. Anyways where's that note

Runic: Right here ~takes it out of his pocket~

~I open it~

Runic: So? What does it say?

I'll tell you later but come on dude, lets explore this mansion to see what wonders it contains inside

*EDIT* It seems to have copied itself numerous times fixed it though

*Second EDIT* Fixed some other mistakes


~We go inside the mansion to see what wonders await~

~Cyrus texts me on Lyra's iPhone~

Cyrus' Text: Dude, There's like a gym inside this place

~Darius texts me on Lyra's iPhone~

Darius' Text: So many rooms, endless possibilities.

~As they explore the mansion, I go to the master bedroom with Cerberus besides me I lay on the bed while Cerberus lies down on the floor~

Ahhh. Fluffy bedsheets, too damn long since I've slept on this kind of softness.

???: I'm glad you are enjoying it

Who's there? Show yourself.

???: Its me Lilith

*Picture of Lilith*: *Please bear with me on this one this was the tamest picture I could find a swear*


~Cerberus walks over to Lilith~

You're not mind controlling him are you Lilith?

Lilith: I am not. Honest.

Cerberus, are you sure you can trust her?

Lilith: He trusts me Stepith as I'm his owner.

Why did Richard put a shock collar on him

Lilith: ~grabs on to a lamp~ HE DID WHAT?! ~breaks it in two~ That son of a bitch!!

Easy Lilith. I want to know why did you send Richard to kidnap and torture me for two weeks?

Lilith: ~Gasp~ Richard did it? I didn't order him to do such thing.

You are going to answer all of my questions in the den

~I gather everyone at the den while Lilith is sitting in an armchair~

*Imagine this but bigger, with more chairs, and a bigger TV*

~Rydia and Fenrir come down to see Lilith~

Rydia: Mother?

Lilith: Rydia?

~Rydia punches Lilith in the face~

Rydia: You have the damn nerve to send a psychopath to kidnap and torture father! Why mother? Why?

Lilith: Please understand I -

Rydia: Save it. I don't even know you anymore. ~a tear comes out of her eye~


*My apologies if it has been late for me to post. "Issues" with making the stories at least good and experimenting with my style at Tree and Lobster. Schedule for it will be irregular until Winter Break where I could go back to the near daily schedule. Thanks for the views COA's been receiving. Thank you all for the support*

Rydia: Why did you vanish.

Lilith: Sweetie please. I didn't mean to disappear without telling you or your father

Luca: You people don't even look alike.

*BOP!* ~Luca falls to the ground~

That's because Rydia was adopted by Lilith and I Luca. And hold your tongue before you say anything else

Lilith: Otherwise you'll be socked to oblivion.

~Fenrir sits next to Rydia on the couch~

F.....never mind

Fenrir: Yes go on.

Rydia: I guess Father was going to tell you to get off the couch

Fenrir: And he expects I would get my fur all over it. Hmhmhm

*Sigh* go ahead Fenrir. I'm not stopping ya.

~Cerberus sits next to Lilith on the ground~

Alright Lilith. Tell us why you sent Richard to kidnap me?

Lilith: He was like a super obedient hound that took orders seriously and Richard took my thought of doing horrible things to you a bit literal.

Lyra: ~Has a coke bottle in her hand~ But what about Skadi. You sent her as well.

Lilith: She was Richard's wife. But....did you kill her Lyra?

Fenrir: No I did. I cleaned her head right off.

Camillia: Its true. We watched it all

Mature: I had Luca sweep the carpet afterwords

Luca: Yeah.....bitch *Swoink!* OAWWWWW!! My...ugggh ~falls to the ground~



~We go inside the mansion to see what wonders await~

~Cyrus texts me on Lyra's iPhone~

Cyrus' Text: Dude, There's like a gym inside this place

~Darius texts me on Lyra's iPhone~

Darius' Text: So many rooms, endless possibilities.

~As they explore the mansion, I go to the master bedroom with Cerberus besides me I lay on the bed while Cerberus lies down on the floor~

Ahhh. Fluffy bedsheets, too damn long since I've slept on this kind of softness.

???: I'm glad you are enjoying it

Who's there? Show yourself.

???: Its me Lilith

*Picture of Lilith*: *Please bear with me on this one this was the tamest picture I could find a swear*

I love this...she is so cool.


Lilith: I didn't expect a hound to kill Skadi.

You mean that bodyguard you hired Lyra?

Lyra: Yes. I was absent during that time.

~Fenrir is asleep while Cerberus looks on to the conversation~

You're not telling us anything Lilith. Spit it out! ~I grab Lilith by the neck and slam her to a nearby wall~

~Cerberus growls at me while doing so~

*Sigh* ~I throw Lilith across the room~ I need a drink.

Cyrus: Hey Dar?

Darius: Yeah

Cyrus: Something must have changed Stepith when Richard captured him

Darius: How so?

Cyrus: Don't give me that. We saw that brutal beating he gave that Richard creep. There was some kind of killer intent inside of him

Darius: Now that you think about it I have seen it in his eyes too. He seems to be more prone to violence like he used to back at Urbanville.


~July 18th, 2009~

*Darius:I remember it clearly Cyrus. The sidekicks were playing on the Wii and then Stepith comes home from robbing a bank*

*Cyrus: I remember we were tending to the coffee shop when Stepith comes in*

Stepith: ~bruised all over~ *pant pant pant*

Black King: Master! Master! Your home!

Stepith: Get away from me. ~smacks BK across the room~ I just need a bleedin drink

*EDIT: More of the Flashback will be added in another post*


*Cyrus: Stepith was always like that back in the old days*

*Darius: Remember the Grand Cell Massacre?*

*Cyrus: Yeah. With that Raezaegan power he had, He was like a god incarnate. But he drank, smoked, and drank more and more with that power*

~Darius turns around to look at me sitting at the table looking at the group photo of me and the sidekicks~

*Cyrus: I think he misses them*

*Darius: I think he misses the good old days when he wouldn't give a damn about the world and its problems*

*Cyrus: And then came Rydia and how she entered his life*

*Darius: Don't forget Lyra, Lilith, among others*

*Cyrus: Should we tell Stepith our secret?*

*Darius: Nah. He can't hear us. Our thoughts are like a cloud of smoke to him. He can't hear it nor feel it.*

*Cyrus: One of the abilities that makes elves like us blessed*

*Darius: And the one ability Stepith Bloodia lacks*

Cyrus: Hahahahaha!

What's so funny?

Cyrus: Nothing Stepith. It was a joke that Darius told me the other day.

Oh OK, Carry on. I'll be in my room sleeping this off


~The next morning~

~I drink coffee with Lyra while Rydia is playing with Fenrir. Runic is practacing his spells, Rukia and her friends are busy with Camillia studying magic, Cyrus and Darius are practacing, Luca and Weiss play poker, Gwendyne and Veldyne are nowhere to be seen, Mature and Vice are sitting outside alongside Lilith and Cerberus,the Monstrous Four are doing something unknown even to me, and the giants are sleeping~

*Cyrus: Lets proceed with the plan.*

*Darius: Roger. * ~takes out phone. Luca picks up~

Luca: Hello?

Darius: Proceed with "The Plan"

Luca: ~ends the phone call~ Weiss?

Weiss: Yeah?

Luca: Its time.

Weiss: ~Gets out a pistol~ Right.

*Cyrus: I think he got the message*

*Darius: Call the others and tell them to execute the plan*

*Cyrus: You got it. What are you gonna do buddy?*

*Darius: I'm going to add a "pal" to help us out*

*Cyrus: Fine by me*

~I watch Darius go outside~

*Darius: Here's my target*

*Cyrus: What Fenrir?*

*Darius: No. Cerberus*

*Darius:All I need to do is have this abomination come to me*

*Cyrus: Is it working?*

*Darius: Yes. This mutt won't know what'll hit them*

Lilith: I guess Cerberus likes the way you pat their heads

Darius: What can I say. I love dogs.

*Cyrus: Yeah real nice excuse*

*Darius: I had better excuses but this one was better suited for me*

*Cyrus: Riiiight*

*Darius: Did you tell them?*

*Cyrus: I sure did*

*EDIT* I forgot to add the Monstrous Four. I need to keep a cheat sheet regarding the loads and loads of characters


*Cyrus: So does Stepith expect a thing?*

*Darius: He does not*

*Cyrus: What's Stepith doing?*

*Darius: He's watching TV with Lyra, Rydia, and Fenrir*

*Cyrus: Oh. Typical of him to daze off into nothingness*

*Darius: He's always stares into the idiot box too much*

*Cyrus: Should we proceed Dar?*

*Darius: Yes. Now its time*

Rydia: This show's boring

~I see that Fenrir is sleeping~

Alright. I'll hand ya the remote if that will make ya feel better. ~I see Weiss~ Hey Weiss. Wanna watch TV with us?

Weiss: Sorry Stepith. I got orders from Cyrus to shoot you.

Shoot me? Is this some kind of a joke. Seriously who you up to this.

Weiss: I'm not kidding. *BANG!*

Urk! ~Blood comes out of my throat like a geyser~

Lyra: A blood bullet! Rydia! Get out of the room now! I'll fend him off

Rydia: Right! Come on Fenrir!

Fenrir: ~Yawn~ Oh...right! ~I see them run out of the house~