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The Chronicles of Avalon: New Blood


I finished......WOW.....Now I need to know why Darius and Cyrus want to kill Stepith......Ready and waiting....Yay


(As a reminder. Please note that the new style meaning that it is no longer the First Person Viewpoint kind of narration ~Meaning the story is not in Stepith's point of view.~ So please enjoy and sorry for the great delay)

Just as Cyrus comes closer to finish off Stepith he begins to go in for the kill until....

???: CUT!!!!

Stepith gets up from the ground.

What happened? Cyrus? Did you screw up for some reason?

Cyrus: I don't think so ~scratches his head~.

Lilith: So what's the cut for anyways?

???: He didn't nail it right.

Darius: What are you talking about?

Stepith: Look Wellspring. Just because you're the director here, doesn't mean you have to say cut just when it's starting to get good. We got people to entertain and we've been waiting for too damn long to finish this arc.

Wellspring: ~points at Stepith~ And you're the one that planned this arc from the beginning.

Stepith: Yeah.....that's it. I'm canceling this arc.

Darius: WHAT?! This is like all the other arcs you canceled back in our Urbanville days. We never resolved that Darkstalkers arc and we didn't even finish the Beach Party arc.

Stepith: Look dude. Things didn't go as planned.

Wellspring: Great....just great. Another canceled arc. We were doing so good. You didn't even cancel an arc for months. And then this happens. God.....freakin.... I need a drink.


I like the ending how you made it look like on a set and someone messing up.

Stepith: Look Wellspring. Just because you're the director here, doesn't mean you have to say cut just when it's starting to get good. We got people to entertain and we've been waiting for too damn long to finish this arc.....I like this to funny...Smile



Luca unsheathes his weapons.

Luca: I'll be in my room if you need anything.

Stepith: ~sigh~ Damn it. Another arc canceled.

Lyra: Its not your fault my love. Why don't we do it again. From the top.

Stepith: Look..... What we need is the person who has been supplying us with adventures from the Urbaniacs days to now. We need The Writer!

Stepith takes out his Android phone and proceeds to call The Writer.

Writer's Voicemail: You've reached my voice mail. If I'm not answering the phone, then I am busy with other projects or just playing some video games. The latter is your best bet. So please leave a message after the- *beep*

Stepith: Damn it! He didn't answer the phone. Again.

Gwendyne: Maybe I have another way of contacting him.

Veldyne: You don't mean....

Gwendyne: The Dimensional Transporter.

Cyrus: Well what are you waiting for! Summon this Transporting thingamajiggy thing anyway!

Rukia,Kreel and Ukyo walk by.

Rukia: Hey guys. What's up. Did we wrap up the ar-

Stepith glares at her.

Rukia: Oh.

Kreel: That must have been harsh man.

Ukyo: Should we leave you be then Step?

Stepith: We'll need some help summoning The Writer. Wanna help?

Rukia: Sure!


Writer's Voicemail: You've reached my voice mail. If I'm not answering the phone, then I am busy with other projects or just playing some video games. The latter is your best bet. So please leave a message after the- *beep*......So typical of a writer off playing there games not caring about there people...*Grins with a snicker*

Oh now your teasing me you just had to stop at the good part....Hypnotize....you have me hanging on a thread now, What's going to happen?Razz


Camillia walks by

Camillia: Looks like you need my help too then.

Stepith: Cami, just in time. These two have found a-

Camillia: I know Step, Now lets get to work ~waves fingers~

Everyone stands in front of Gwendyne and Veldyne hoping that their spell will work.

Cyrus: Knowing that the writer likes games how we about we lure him into coming here.

Stepith: Lyra, see what new game is coming out.

Lyra: ~gets out her iPhone~ Lets see....there's Homefront, Dragon Age II, Yakuza 4.....

Stepith: Let's use Dragon Age II as bait. But who will the 60 bucks needed...

Lilith:.....I could......but it will take time driving to the Gamestop and all

Cyrus: I'll go with! I have to get my copy of it too.

Lilith: ~face palm~ Fine but spend that with your own money.

Luca: Wait did someone mention Gamestop? I need to get me some Xbox Live points

Lilith: Ughhhh

Lyra: I should drive there myself if you aren't so inclined to help vampire bitch. I have to get Bulletstorm. I hear its a pretty good game

Cyrus: I didn't know you played video games Lyra.

Lyra: Stepith and I share the same Xbox Live profile.

Stepith: Yeah ~laughs~. Should we play some Scene It tonight after this is all over with?

Lyra: Absolutely my love.

Stepith: Not to mention getting my copy of Dragon Age II as well. Let me get my Dragon Age II t-shirt for a moment.

2 hours later....

Stepith: Well that was a fun trip.

Lilith: Fun? FUN?! We just spent 1000 bucks on useless crap!

Stepith: ~teasing~ Someone doesn't like games.

Lilith: Shut up! Let's just summon The Writer and get this crap over with!


I like how they are all coming together to come up with something to get the writer to come to them so they can talk about the series . I like the gamestop idea!!! going to the store to bye one game and came out with a bunch of crap that cost 1000 bucks...LOL


Stepith looks at the receipt

Stepith: OK....We spent nearly 240 bucks on our copies of Dragon Age II and got one for The Writer to lure him out.......120 bucks on 2 copies of Homefront.....~he gives Lyra Bulletstorm, Cyrus and Darius their copies of Dragon Age II~.....35 bucks on Pokemon Black for Rydia........I put my preorder for The 3rd Birthday(aka Parasite Eve 3).....60 on Bulletstorm....80 bucks on Xbox Live points.....~while Stepith reads the receipt, Camillia goes to where Gwendyne and Veldyne are at~

Camillia: Is it ready yet? I can't stand Stepith reading off a single receipt.

Veldyne:~they nod~ Well yes, yes it is.

Camillia: Good. Stepith! Its time.

Stepith: Great ~puts down the receipt and heads to Camillia's location~

Camillia: Bring everyone here except those four guys.

Stepith: You mean the Monstrous 4?

Camillia: Yes. They creep me the hell out.

Stepith: Alright.

Stepith gathers everyone including the giants.

Weiss: Well...where the Monstrous 4?

Cyrus: Tied up.

Darius: Cool.

Stepith: Alright Veldyne. Begin the spell now! ~puts the copy of Dragon Age II on the floor~

???: You're forgetting someone.

Odin appears in his humanoid form.

Stepith: Sorry my lord.

Odin: It is fine. I did not get here on time. Now let us formally begin and I brought someone.

A woman with hair as white as a cloud comes in alongside Odin.

Stepith: Mistress Yggdrasil? ~he bows at her feet~

Yggdrasil: Its been a long time Stepith. And I see you have grown longer hair for some reason.

Stepith: I think it must have happened when I lost my abilities. ~he touches his hair~

Yggdrasil: I see. Now let us begin the spell

Veldyne and Gwendyne begin holding hands and begin chanting words in different languages. A portal opens up to a room. The Writer comes out wearing glasses covering his hazel eyes, black hair, A Dragon Age II T-Shirt, short pants that have multiple pockets and is wearing sandals.

The Writer: Hey guys.

*EDIT* Forgot to add in the hair and eyes


*OMG* you when to stop and it's killing me.....So what color is your hair and eyes?....What are you going to just leave me dangling here....Camillia: Is it ready yet? I can't stand Stepith reading off a single receipt. Have you meet my husband???? Doing good your keeping me here waiting for more....Smile

*Edit* O.K. now I can picture you cool!!!!


The Writer looks at all Stepith and his friends.

The Writer: So why did you summon me here from my plush room of mine?

Stepith: We need your help.

The Writer summons a chair and sits on it.

The Writer: What kind of help do you need?

Stepith: We want a good arc. And a damn fine good one to replace the one lost.

The Writer: Alright. ~The Writer sees Dragon Age II on the ground~ I'll take that and....sorry suckers but you just saved me 60 bucks so I'm off to become the Champion of Kirkwall and kick some Qunari a-

Stepith: WAIT! You're just gonna take off without giving us an arc to do?

The Writer: Well....yeah ~smiles~


They jump all over him, in hopes that keeping him trapped, he'll submit.

The Writer: Shockwave! ~it sends them flying to across the living room~ You can't keep a good writer down and out. Instead ~puts the copy of Dragon Age II on the table~ YOU JUST PISSED ME OFF!

Cyrus: Don't you have a plan Step?

Stepith: Well I think I have one. But knowing The Writer, he's omnipotent let alone that.

The Writer: ~appears behind them~ That is correct. ~he throws Stepith into a wall and kicks Cyrus to the dinner table~

Lilith: ~takes out a gun and shoots him~

The Writer: A blood bullet ~spews blood while he's talking~ Don't...make....me laugh. Its time to summon some help. Force field. ~The Writer proceeds to sit crisscrossed as he begins to summon his allies~


This is a good start to a fight and the writer is a big Meany.......LOL....Smile


As The Writer attempts to summon his allies, Stepith tries to formulate a plan with Mature, Vice, Cyrus, Darius, Lyra,Wellspring, Rydia, Fenrir, and Lilith while hiding behind a table

Stepith: Alright, how are we gonna stop a god like being?

Lyra: Let's see if we can get that copy of Dragon Age II off that table.

Mature: We're going to use a game as a bargaining chip?

Vice: ~gets out her Android~ a game that has a score of 80 something on Metacritic?

Stepith stares at Vice. Intent on punching her lights out when this is all over.

Vice: I'll shut up now.

Cyrus: ~stares at The Writer~ Uh guys.

Wellspring and Stepith: Yeah?

Cyrus: He's done. There's two people next to him now.

Wellspring: All that summoning for two people?

The Writer: Apparently those two people I summoned were all the help I can get Wellspring.

One stands next to the left of The Writer is a man with red wavy hair, wearing a gray shirt and orange jeans with a boa constrictor on his shoulders.

???: Lazlo Paradox at your service Mr.Writer.

The one standing next to The Writer on the right is a woman with white and blue spiky hair wearing a tank top and medium sized black pants.

???: Sheena Paradox at your command Mr.Writer.

Lazlo: So tell us Mr.Writer, Why did you summon us from our retreat in Cancun?

The Writer: Well....

Sheena: Go on Mr.Writer, tell us.

The Writer: Could you put down the snake please ~the snake glares at him with hypnosis like eyes~

Lazlo: Sure....Sorry Mr.Writer. Samael, go "play" with your new toys ~he points at Stepith and his allies~

The snake begins to grow bigger and jumps at Stepith baring his fangs at him


Vice: ~gets out her Android~ a game that has a score of 80 something on Metacritic?She pulls out a game now that's funny!!!!

You gave the two people a good description but what kind of Boa and what color is Lazlo Paradox tank top? I just need to know.......And the Boa even gets bigger cool...More, More


The Boa immediately wraps itself on to Stepith and Wellspring as it was told to do by Lazlo.

Stepith: ~squeezed~ Damn it. Too tight.....and yet...it..feels too scaly. Now I know what a snake feels when it's usually turned into a purse or shoe

Wellspring: Don't....~coughs~ just sit there Stepith! Get us out of here with your abilities!

Stepith: I lost my Raezaegan energy remember! ~as the Boa attempts to swallow Stepith and Wellspring whole Lyra stabs it with two of her swords~

The Writer: ~unaware of what's happening~.....and that's you summoned you two here.

Sheena: So you summoned us so you could get back to playing your game? Typical gamers and their typical urges. Its like dealing with Lazlo's comic book addictions ~face palm, then looks at him~ Lazlo?

Lazlo: Ughhh! ~he falls down in pain~ Samael is hurt! I must get the bitch or bastard who did this to him! ~his eyes turn into those of a serpent's~

Lazlo begins dashing out of the force field and proceeds to choke Lyra while his body begins to become snakelike.

Lazlo: ~angered~ I'll be sure to give your soon to be carcass to Samael when he wakes up! ~Lyra sees that his head but not his hair has turned into a snake's~

Sheena: Uh oh. Looks like he's in that stage again. It always happens. Always, always, always. ~sigh~ I have to do something about this. ~her arm starts to glow~

Mature: We must do something Vice! ~the two are hiding behind the couch~

Vice: Oh like what? Give him a rat to feast on?

Mature: You know what? That may work but how are we going to find one at a time like this? Lyra is going to be snake food to that....

Vice: Man? Let's just charge at him.

Mature: Right.

Mature and Vice proceed to charge straight at Lazlo with Vice jump kicking Lazlo in the face, freeing Lyra from his grasp.

Lyra: Thanks Mature. You saved my hide back there.

Mature: Save it for later. We have to deal with Serpentor first. ~points at Lazlo in his snake form~

Lyra: Right. ~she gets Stepith up on his feet~ Come on love. Let's make him into a pair of snake skin boots!

Stepith: You read my mind Lyra. Wellspring, you ready? ~Wellspring gets back up~

Wellspring: Right...behind ya Step.

Stepith turns to Cyrus and Darius who are standing next to a wounded Rydia and Fenrir.

Cyrus: We read ya Stepith.

Stepith: Alright then. Let's go kick some serpent ass.

Rydia: Indeed father.

Fenrir: What he said.

Stepith: Then lets do it!


I like where you are going with this....So what happened to Lazlo's boa? Did it get killed or just hurt?

There is a little typo: he Writer: ~unaware of what's happening~.....and that's you summoned you two here., How about this: and that's why I summoned you to here. but other that that good good....Smile


Stepith and the others charge at Lazlo, unaware of Sheena charging up her hands

Sheena: ~as she watches Stepith grab Lazlo by the tail and Lyra stabbing him with one of her swords~ Good good.....keep him distracted

Lazlo and Stepith simultaneously grab each other's necks and they attempt to choke each other

Stepith: Stop choking me you freakin lizard!

Lazlo: Stop choking me black haired pretty boy!

The full intent to kill was in the minds of both Stepith and Lazlo. The breaking point reached when Stepith and Lazlo finally stopped choking at each other's necks by throwing themselves across the wall, breaking a window in the process.

Stepith's back was covered in blood due to the glass shards and Lazlo's lower body was bleeding as well. Lazlo saw this as his time to strike.

Lazlo: For a person who nearly tried to kill me by choking his opponent, he is both stupid and smart for it! I'm impressed. And now dinner time.... ~Lazlo ponders to himself~ or maybe I should leave some of his body for Samael to feast on.....feh, it doesn't matter cause I'm going to enjoy it either way.

As Lazlo attempts to grab Stepith's unconscious body, Lyra throws one of her swords at him. Stabbing his tail once again in the nick of time. Screaming in pain as well

Lyra: Get your slimy hands off my husband creep! ~Lyra slices him again with two of her swords~

Lazlo: Out of my way bitch! ~he uses his tail to push Lyra into some bushes~

Rukia: Blood Wall! ~she forms a wall in an attempt to slow down Lazlo while Ukyo and Kreel try to drag him to safety~ Get him back to the house.

Ukyo: But Rukia-

Rukia: Get going now! While I keep the wall active, Serpentor here won't be able to reach you guys in time. ~while Ukyo and Kreel drag Stepith, Lazlo punches the wall to the point that it breaks, ruining Rukia's concentration and draining her of her willpower~

Lazlo: ~Grabbing Rukia by the head while Ukyo and Kreel watch~ Admirable effort. Now back with you! ~he throws Rukia into a bed of flowers~

Ukyo: That bastard! I'm gonna kill him! ~he runs after him in sheer rage~

Kreel: Wait! Damn it. Too damn stubborn. ~face palm~

Ukyo charges at Lazlo with all of his might

Ukyo: Blood Ball! ~he throws an energy ball made of blood into Lazlo's eyes~ Blood Sword!!! ~he stabs Lazlo in the gut~

Lazlo, in blind rage uses his tail to slam Ukyo to a wall, knocking him out in the process.

Rydia: ~rushing out with Fenrir in an attempt to help out~ Is Father alright? ~she sees the trail of blood~

Fenrir: He is still alive...just barely.

Rydia: Let's help Kreel out anyway we can.

Fenrir: Right.


Fenrir grabs Stepith's shirt with his teeth while Rydia attempts to fight Lazlo

Rydia: I will protect my father! Bring it! You damn snake....thing

Fenrir: The hell are you doing? Don't risk your life like this!

Lazlo: A daughter's love for her father is strong alright....~he pauses for a moment~ But not good enough! ~with one swipe of his tail, he slams Rydia into a nearby pond. The pain that Rydia felt also affected Fernir as well~

Fenrir: ~reeling in pain~ Ugghhh...Stupid stupid stupid!

Lazlo: A bond huh? Foolish.

Fenrir: Oh crap. ~Lazlo grabs Fenrir and throws him into ground~

Lazlo: Hmhmhmhm. Finally I can have my vengeance! ~As he grabs Stepith by the neck, he hears a familiar voice~

Sheena: Enough!

Lazlo: Love?

Sheena: Put him down right now! ~she looks at the bodies that are on the ground~ You did all of this!

Lazlo: I can explain, see they were-

Sheena: Enough Lazlo! ~her fingers start growing claws~ You almost killed these people! And for what?! Just to eat the elf who hurt Samael!?

Lazlo: I had a perfectly good reason for this-

Sheena: ~wings start to grow on her back~

(More will be added tonight or tomorrow)


Sheena: ~She slices into Lazlo with her talon~ And now it is time to pay!

She lunged into Lazlo with vigor and anger, As she was going to do the final blow, Stepith woke up from his bed, screaming at the top of his lungs. His wife Lyra mildly annoyed, told her husband groaning in every sense of the word. "Love? What time is it?"

"Huh? Oh....its 3 AM in the morning."

"Ample time to go back to sleep darling." She was fully clothed, making sure that nothing else showed. She looked at Stepith annoyed at the screaming. In her mind, it made him sound like a hyena that had just lost its tongue. "By the way love? What was all that screaming about and that dream by extension?" Lyra said to her husband as she looked at him bemused.

"It was....let's just say...that it sucked. Hard" Stepith said to his wife while eagerly awaiting the chance to go back to sleep. It was by that point, that they both heard knocking. At first it was plain knocking, the knocking then accelerated to furious knocking. Stepith opened the door to see the line of people lined up with their daughter Rydia lined up first along with her bond hound Fenrir.

"Father." She yawned. Do you have any idea of what time it is? It's like 4 AM in the morning and we are all trying to get some needed rest.

"You may as well listen to her" Said their mansion owner Camillia Black." She let out her Vampire wings to show off any and possible anger. So please, unless you want to invoke everyone's wrath, I suggest that you get back to sleep. "

Stepith nodded at Camillia and Rydia and closed the door. He went back into his queen sized mattress and turned off the lights.

"Love?" Lyra asked. "What was it really about? The dream you had?"

"It was....weird, we did not act like ourselves and we were attacked by some weird giant man and his bird woman wife. Then they turned on each other and some shit like that. When everyone gets up and at them, I'll tell you the long version over some coffee." Stepith said as he finished the description of his dream.

Lyra nodded to him and they proceeded to go back to sleep. Everything flashes three years from then. The year, 2014, as the years went by, several people came and went and everything in Genshin City advanced in time and tech. By this time, only Stepith, Lyra, Rydia and by extension her bond hound Fenrir, Camillia Black, Mature, Vice, Rukia, Ukyo, and Creel were the only ones that stayed beside each other. What happens next will change their fates and by extension, the world they live in as well.


Stepith and his friends lived in an apartment complex as the cost of running a mansion was very high during the past few years. As a cost cutting response, they sold the mansion and went to live in an apartment complex in Genshin City's lower class. It was enough money to get them by for the next three years but now their money is running out. At Stepith and Lyra's apartment, their landlord came in. The intent to collect on this month's collective rent was in his eyes. He was a dwarf, but he wore pajamas with hammers on them. Stepith summarized to his six armed succubus wife that their landlord is a fan of the Norse god of thunder. Their Dwarven landlord said to them. "Where's the rent for this month elf? Don't tell me you spent it on fine living again. And I've had enough of letting a hound stay in this apartment complex. Have you read the rule. No dogs allowed." He was furious, Stepith could tell, he knew of the perfect solution though to soothe the savage dwarf. "Um. Mr.Landlord, you know that Fenrir is not a dog right?" Stepith grinned at him. "Oh no! That trick won't work on me again Elf!" "Seriously, if I wanted to trick you, I would have said something outright. But tell you what, I'll give you some additional money in addition to our rent." There was some content with the dwarf as soon as Stepith mentioned more money. "That seems fair. I'll leave you be for the day and possibly the month." Stepith closed the door and slumped in his couch. "Gah, glad to be rid of him, at least for the month. " "But its for the good of us all right love?" Lyra asked Stepith. "I suppose so Lyra,"

Elsewhere in Genshin City, a portal spawned from out of nowhere into a beach. the portal spawned out unknown beings which included a ninja, a robot, and some humanoids. "Finally, being in that dimensionless void and I'm free." said the unknown humanoid. He had black and white fusion hair and he was standing right next to a woman with horns and a younger woman carrying a big nodachi. "Love, are you sure this world will be a 'piece of cake' for you?" "Compared to our old world and the one I left behind, this will be fun." The fusion haired elf said to her as his eyes glowed bright and he let out a zweihander from his back. "Something is not right about you... sir." The ninja said quietly regarding about the fusion haired elf. "Phobos, let us go and find out more about this world." The mech only had one word about this, he understood everything that the ninja said to him. "ROGER." The ninja went to the fusion haired elf and said to him. "I'm going to scout this new universe. If I find anything out, Phobos and I will tell you sir." There was some hidden discontent within the Ninja. He could feel that in his mind something went wrong in the fusion haired elf ever since what happened years ago. Nonetheless, the Ninja and the robot vanished like the wind while the rest of the fusion haired elf's comrades set up a small tent in a cave somewhere.