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Beryl's Characters


I'm glad you have continued the character descriptions, Beryl Happy

Silverhand has found her place at the site of the impulsive young chief. And Bloodbirch becomes more considerate and a better leader. I like how you included character developement in their bios.

Your first doll of Silverhand is a lovabe cutie - nice details for this small one. Her recent version is awesome! Not just because of beautiful natural base but because of your developing dolling skills. Harmonic chioce of colors carefully shaded, well fitting clothes and lovely soft-flowing hair! Can't help but love her look.

The grey/red color scheme suit's Bloodbirch - somehow illustrats his name. Is the contrast between the skintight top and the baggy pants intentional?

Now I'm curious to meet their two son here Smile

Almost forgot about Sunburst! The headshot works great for her ... she's a real darling - but good for trouble for sure! Wink


There's something more I have for you, Beryl - Birdwing giving Herbal Lessons Smile


wow Hypnotize

I dont know what to say

your sweet words warm my heart it made me smile to read itHug thank you

That doll was a surprice and i LOVE IT Heart

Thank you so much my dear friend


Beryl, I love the new dollz, and you know it! Wink Heart

Embala, how beautiful! Birdwing giving Herbal Lessons...NICE!Happy


Okay so yesterday i feel over the HeroMachine 2.5 and I made my Characters

Yes he have a name now Yay


Random stalker making a appearance. Wave2


... awaiting a new life to come ... for sure!

First time I saw how you had made them transparent like that, it made me cry. Romantic love has never really interested me, but the love between family and friends is Heart And this is so sweet.


Now I'm touched almost to tears, Startear Hug Never expected those family groupings could have such an emotional effect.

Clap You made perfect use of this Heromachine, Beryl! Looks like you had fun with them. It's stunning how close you came to the original costumes or complemented them.

They are different ... they are warrior heroes ... and as such they personify your elves perfectly.

The forest background is just made for your ForestDwellers!

Malus got her typical outfit - bag included. Seeing her withouzt a weapon males me think she is a healer ... ahwell, she is - sort of Wink *is tempted to give her her apple XD*

ForestFlame is like the sheltered daughter who had to learn to stand for her own. The tattered clothing is a well fitting reminiscence of the original fringes. Heart that you have a Wildcat going with her.

Birdwing is the strong protective father figure - what else Wink I like his new color scheme.

Thornless - determined and protective and always with bow. It really became her trademark. You have chosen her costume well - absolutely recognizable!

Soft Starshine - the braind and costume are totally her.

SwiftAxe - any without doubt!

I love soft-spoken Silverhand being a warrior herself. She really have stone breaking power - great that you added the rock fragments!

The young chief found his preferred vest and weapon. The red cap really suits Bloodbirch! Is this bat just passing by ... or sort of a companion /special interest for him?

So Moonblade has decided on using two blades - why I'm not surprised? His cclosing design is true to his style - tho ... I'd advice him to stick with black pants when he can get them - like this dark appearance!

SquirrelTail is cheerful even as a hero :D The belt suits him well ... completes his outfit. A squirrel ... OH YES! Aaaaand - me liiiiikes the name Happy Is he still a taleweaver?

Is there a chance that the SunVillagers will have an appearance too?


Embala Thank you SO much for you comment Hug made me so happy to read

Malus simple dosent like to hunt or fight at all.. you may give her an apple if you whant that would make her happy Wink

I dont know if the bat is just passing by Bloodbirch or being his companion.

im verry glad you like SquirrelTail name :D yes he is still a taleweaver

here is my sunvillagers


YAY Happy You have completed your cast! The desert background works great for them.

Onyx looks awesome in his new duds. That's something you should consider to make his geneic outfit - at least the belt. The scroll hints that he is a scientist of some sort or a story teller - how about that? This spider is an interesting addition - definitely not a bond Tongue

Sunburst turned out very female and cheerful ... and ready for adventure without doubt. She and her sandcat have something in common.

Strong and ernest Mesrah - just perfect in appearance and attitude. She would so have a Zwoot!

Purish is the born hero Happy ... proud, trusting and skilled. I love his warm color scheme. The Jackwolf completes the scene.


Thank you so much for the great comment Embala Hug
Yes i gave Onyx the Scroll because he is a stpry teller.
I gave Mesrah the horse because i could see her having a zwoot Wink so you are totally right


Name: Moonblade

Birth - Tribe: Forrest dwellers

Appearance: Long thick silver hair, short bangs and moss green eyes.

Attire: He pefer to wear colors like grey, blue and brown. His current outfit is a blueish dark grey long sleaved baggy shirt, long reddish brown tights, dark brown boots and a dark brown fabric belt.

Background: He grew up feeling, that something were weird between his parents. When he was 5 turns of seasons, things changed between his parents. They recognized again, and his mom gave birth to his brother SuirrelTail.

Personality: Moonblade is Verry much a pleaser towards his dad. He often dosent say verry much, and he likes to observe his surroundings. He is kind and loving elf, who wanna do everything to make sure his tribemembers is happy. He try hard to satisfy his dad, but in the end he feel closer to his mother. He feel a close bond to his brother, yet he feel a verry big distance between them.

Role: chief to be and hunter

Weapon: Twin blades


Mother: Silverhand
Dad: Bloodbirch
Brother: SqirrelTail


Name: SquirrelTail

Birth - Tribe: Forrest dwellers

Appearance: Medium long, verry curley, light red / orange hair and moss green eyes.

Attire: He pefer to wear, light cheerfull colors. His current outfit is a light green shirt with a deep V - neck cut, long light yellow tights, light brown boots and maybe a light brown belt.


Personality: SquirrelTail is a silly, and lightheaded guy. He is often friendly and funny, he never judge annyone. He know his dad isint really pleased with him, but it dosent bother him since he dosent really care what others think of him. He feel a distance between him and his serious family, but he still feel verry much love from his mother and brother.


Weapon: slingshot


Mother: Silverhand

Dad: Bloodbirch

Brother: Moonblade

Bond Animal: a squirrel

My dollz of him

My first doll of him


Nice characters Beryl!!Luvlove


Thank you Wolfie Smile


you're very welcome! Smile


I have to say Moonblade is very handsome looking elf and even cutter as a cub....But I can't take any credit for him this was all Embala....Smile

Squirreltail is just the funniest elf around. He has so much fun with the story's he tells and joking with the tribe members....Smile)

Sooooo sorry Embala edited the details with Squirreltail....Smile


they look AWSOME I love them Luvlove
Thanks Hug


You are right, Beryl - Moonblade definitely prefers twin blades Wink

I had fun making up details for Squirreltail, the Taleweaver.

The slingshot is a useful weapon - and comes handy to tease his tribe mates. The nuts are ammunition and food for his squirrel friends. Last not least he might spread nut trees this way ...

The necklace is supposed to be made of dried Dreamberries. This way he always has an "emergency ration" - and some seeds for sure.

Happy you like Yay

The Recognition


The Chief's family through the years ...

A timid Stoneshaper recognised the young, rash-minded Chief - to the surprise of both.

A son is born, considerate and loving ... and soon Recognition gifts them again with a boy, silly and carefree.

With time passing the family grew together - Squirreltail, funmaker and taleweaver - Silverhand, softspoken advisor and gifted artist - Bloodbirch, listening to his tribe members as he learned to listen to his leatherwinged friends - and Moonblade, skilled fighter and levelheaded chief-to-be.

The unlikely, but loving and trusting brothers are fully grown up and ready to face their own challenges and adventures.


wow Embala Hypnotize I love how cute ForrestFlame and Onyx look together Luvlove

I love how you made the chief family thruth years Heart

You made the two brothers, look so cute as children - and verry true to their styles.

I noticed the things you changed in Bloodbirch outfit.. I think the bandana looks verry good on him Yay

Thank you for all those wonderfull gifts Hug


Okay so quite a while ago, i came up with a new female Character.

She is a sunvillager, and i named her Honeybum.

Here is some doll maker dolls i made of her


Honeybum is so darling, Beryl! Happy And you made so many dollz to enjoy!

I really like the first one - guess it's this doll that triggered her "birth". She has a look between delicate sweetness and a strength showing ther's more behind as a simple desert flower. Moth fabric in skyblue and sungold, a dreamy desert night ... and yet her headband and the more practical pants make her look ready for an adventure.

A charming portrait

The "Elements" series proves her preference for shiny, delicate fabrics and gold and blue combined with white - sun and sky and clouds to bring water ... very appropriate. Despite the variant color scheme the "Fire" girl is may favorite. It shows again the strenght and hidden wildness I've spotted in the first doll. And she has the headband I fell in love with.

Lovely Princess ... she's showing all her characteristics - "headband/diadem" included.

I love the last one - she looks ... actually elfquesty!

Looking forward to her character description and some background information.


thank you so much for you comment Embala Im verry glad to read that you see in her what i intended to :D

and she will keep the headband Wink


Oooooo Beryl I like your Honeybum.....LOL....Thats funny that you like the first one because I like the last one the best because Honeybum is wearing the delicate flower in her hair, And the nice designed blue top with a high waist belt over her skirt. Oh yeah the cute little shoes with the blue bow on them.......Smile


OMG!! I love Honeybum!! Very nice character!! Clap



Cometduster I forgot to add that its the first AND THEN LAST ONE that is my favorite.. Honeybums outfit will be inspired by the last doll.

Im verry glad you like her Hug

I hope you allso will like this little sweet girl..

She is Forrest Flames and Onyx's daughter Raspberry Heart

Forrest Flame and Raspberry in the sunvillage

Doll maker

Doll maker

Doll maker


allmost forgot to introduce you guys to my halftroll Tinker.. a character based on my boyfriend.

Embala edited the doll for me so he could look right


Raspberry is so cute!!!! I like her as a young teen and the shoes she is wearing look a lot like Dewshine's shoes. What doll maker did you use?

halftroll Tinker turned out great!!!! I like how his hair turned out shaggy but blond...Heart I like his purple cape as well.....Smile


Thaks for your comment Cometduster Im verry glad you find Raspberry cute, and glad you think Tinker looks great :D

I will add the doll makers to my post


Awww Raspberry is so cute! Luvlove

And I LOVE your halftroll Tinker!!Heart


Thanks Wolfie Hug

adult Raspberry

Made with This dollmaker


you're very welcome! Hug
Love adult Raspberry!! Happy


OH WOW!!!!! She turned out great as an adult.....I love her whole outfit.....Heart


Presents for you, Beryl! Smile


Thanks guys Hug


Forest Flame and Onyx.. sometime in the future..



Very nice Beryl!Happy


Just a bunch of dollmaker dolls made on the RPG heroine maker.

Forest Flame (Still cant figure out her main outfit so I threw some green in there and i think it looks good)







Honeybum (Thinking about chaging her name)
Couldent make Mesrah


YAY *whirls Beryl around in happy dance* I love to see your girls alive and kicking! Smile

It's so okay to play with details, Beryl. No one wears exactly the same and restricts herself to the same color palette. The dark forest green goes harmonic with ForestFlames generic look.

Malus, Thornless and Silverhand are spot on. Starshine is the gentls darling I remember.

Raspberry grew up as a true ForestDweller, taking pretty much after her mother. It's a pity that her pretty hair is hardly showing against the dark woods.

Beautiful festive Sunburst and teasing, tempting Honeybum. Hm ... think this name suits her mood Wink

This dollmaker seems to be made for your characters, Beryl. Smile How about ... Mesrah?

... knew she must be there, too! Wink


Thank you verry much Embala Hug
Im glad to hear what you think Smile

Cant belive I forgot to add the elf ears to Starshine, but I quess it no big deal

I tryed making Mesrah, because I allso thought she should be there. I think my main reason for not making her is that the hair bothers me.
But YOU made a verry nice mesrah Luvlove Thank you


Missing ears are no big deal indeed, Beryl. Smile

Already thought that the hair is not really what you were looking for - just wanted to demonstrate that it IS possible nevertheless. Just imagine she tried a new hairdo with longer locks Wink
But when hair bothers you therre is a solution, too ...

- hide it!

btw: Your example inspired me to make Embala Heroine - ... and Spiritmaker! Smile

EDIT: What happened with the dollz that are missing in your thread? Missing much too many ... Unhappy


Oh yeah that helps Smile

I would love to see some dolls of Embala :D

Missing dollz? do you mean dollz that I havent posted?


Beryl said

Missing dollz? do you mean dollz that I havent posted?
No ... broken links in your thread *sniff*


Awww okay I will try to fix it Hug
Thank you for telling me


*wide happy smile* Most of the broken links show again - including the friendship doll of forest Flame and Embala! Yay

Do you have problems with finding the rest, Beryl? I might be able to help.


sorry I'm in your conversation girls Wink but I just wanted to say you have beautiful dollz, Beryl! Also nice to see you girl! *hugs*


Oh im glad it made you happy Embala Hug
I had trouble with some of the doll maker dolls but i think i fixed it with most of my own dollz.

Dont apologize Wolfie, you are verry welcome in our conversation Smile thank you for the compliment Hug


I fully agree with Beryl. You are welcome in our midst, Wolfie. *group hug*

All your handmade dollz - the precious ones - show, Beryl, and most of the dollmakers, too. I'll see whether I can find the missing heroes.


Thank you Embala Smile