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A Sunvillagers tale


Hi all, just to let you know this is a story about my own character Vaeri as shown below before the tale begins.all comments are appreciated.hope you enjoy it!


A dark skinned elf woman groaned softly as the sunlight streamed in through the gap in her window curtains. She clutched the soft sheets to her body as she stumbled up, yanking the curtains closed, hearing the beads woven into the fabric clatter against each other gentle.”Cursed sun.”, she muttered.

Within the hour, however, she had prepared herself for the day. She grabbed a piece of fruit and ate it quickly as she walked from the underground chamber that served as her room to the ground level. She sat down at her loom as she began to work. A few minutes passed before the first of her visitors walked in.

”Shade and sweet water, weaver! You said last night you would have my new gown ready?” asked Kashila. Vaeri raised her eyes, smiling as ancient gold met young azure. “Of course, kitling. Come, I have it here for you.” She stood and walked to a shelf, shaped from the stuff of the wall by the Sun village’s rockshaper, young Ahdri, and drew out a bundle of rose pink moth-cloth, shaking it out carefully to a full length gown, a beaded halter at the top and two triangles of clothe cut out at the sides, the tips connected to a golden medallion with a sun on it and the medallion had two strips of lighter colored clothe draping to the sides and a long strip hanging down from the middle.

The younger gasped in delight and took the gown, running the material over her fingers.” Oh Vaeri, it’s so beautiful, thank you!”Kashila cried as she lunged forwards, catching the older woman in a tight childish hug. Vaeri only laughed, amused that Kashila could be a century old and yet acted so child like, yet she found the girl endearing.”It will be beautiful once it is on you kitling. Who knows, it may attract a lads eye. Though I think the face is far prettier then the cloth.” Vaeri smiled as Kashila blushed and giggled, then curled the gown carefully over her arm and walked out of the clay hut that served as Vaeri’s home.

The weaver sat back down to her loom, to continue making the cloth required for a new hooded cloak that she wanted to give Savah, the dear Mother of Memory. As she began moving the shuttle, she paused as she felt vibrations through her sandals. She got up once more and walked across the room to the beaded curtain that hung in her huts doorway. Parting the beads, she tilted her head outside, watching the other elves of the village run towards the caves.

She blinked in confusion and reached out, grabbing an elf lads arm.”Wait! What is going on? Is Smoking Mountain grumbling and causing the zwoots to stampede again?” she asked, dreading the answer would be something so terrible.”Humans!” was all the lad said before he wiggled away and ran onwards, leaving Vaeri frozen in place.

This was much worst then anything she could have imagined. Humans in Sorrows End? It couldn’t be possible! Human’s were only a kitlings tale to the elves of Sorrows end. But she could see them, the brute hairy figures covered in frightening war paint, screaming terrible cries and waving clubs and spears around their head as they chased the small forms of brown skinned elves.

She couldn’t think, could barely even breathe as her body reacted. She ran to the caves, already full with many elves, all trying to get back as far into the caves as they could, all trying to get away from the horrifying nightmares come to life. Vaeri felt herself being shuffled around and tried to release herself from the pull, only to have someone unconsciously shove her in their own bid for safety. Vaeri only felt a sharp pain in her head. All went black and silent as night for her.

Vaeri came back to consciousness. Her head throbbing as if she had drank too much cider. She didn’t try to open her eyes until the throbbing had subsided, and after she had done so she sat up, rubbing at her head, the sapphire starburst pendant hanging from her gold circlet felt uncomfortably warm against her forehead. She couldn’t hear anything now, the silence deafening after the screams and noise she remembered happening only so shortly ago.

Perhaps the humans were gone and all the other villagers had left the caves to begin rebuilding. She should be helping, not sleeping on the floor of the caves. She stood slowly, feeling her head pound once more and now she could feel something sticky on her forehead. She touched it and could see by the dim light that it looked almost black, but she knew instantly it was blood. She supposed that it had happened when she hit her head.”I will need to figure out who pushed me and ask for an apology.” She whispered to herself as she headed unsteadily to the front of the caves, looking forwards to the warm sunlight and friendly faces of the other elves.

Then she stopped at the sight before her eyes, the golden orbs widening and overflowing with tears. The scream tore from her throat and she barely felt the pain as her knees hit the rough rock. In front of her lay the countless forms of elves, all still and all staining the golden sands red. She looked, searched desperately for any sign of movement, anything that would show she wasn’t the only elf still breathing, who still had her heart beating fiercely with life.

As she looked, her eyes fell on the familiar faces she had known all her life, the names springing unbidden into her mind.” Seris...Rishen....Halik....oh high ones...oh high ones, not Savah!...Not...no....not young Kalisha...little kitling, no....!” She stared now at the face of the elf girl who had been in her hut only hours ago, alive and vibrant. She turned her head, feeling the revulsion roll inside her, finally gaining freedom on the warm sands. She had to get away from this, she had to or she would die of grief where she sat. Her attempts to stand only ended in failure, and so she had to drag herself, sobbing, across the sands to her hut, to the safety of familiarity.

But even here, everything was different. Her loom had been destroyed, cloth ripped and left on the ground, dirty and ruined. Vaeri curled up there in the shade of her room, and cried till her body could produce no more tears. She lay there miserably, feeling her emotions twist in her stomach. Her entire life was in tatters now. What could she possibly do? Could she even stay here, in this place now tainted with blood?

Then it came to her, and the sorrow was shoved aside roughly as rage took hold. The humans had caused all this. They had come here and slaughtered every one of the peaceful elves that had only tried to survive comfortably in their little oasis. She knew now she could never rest until she could gain revenge. They had spilled Sun villager blood, and She would now have human blood in payment. She slowly sat up, then stood up, and began making plans that would help her to leave Sorrows End and cross the Burning waste. She would find the humans and make them pay.


This looks cool- and I want to read it... but I desperately need it to be broken into paragraphs! Please?


Dittos Lunakat's plea - my eyes constantly loose track in this big clusters of text.


oops...of course!sorry eheh.ask and thalt shall recieve.i changed it and i hope that's much easier on the eyes.if not,lemme know and i'll break them up smaller


Very nice, VaeriSmile



Very nice, VaeriSmile

thank you so much.^-^



thank you so much.^-^

You're very welcomeSmile


You rather captured me with your tale ... how you described her peaceful daily life ... her little joys ... the traumatic memories ... and the plain horror after awaking ... and her decision to seek revenge. I wonder whether she could be called "sain" right now ... A violent start for a What-If.

Now I'm curious how Vaeri's quest will go, which elves she will meet, how familiar her world will be.

I like her look - the color scheme, the design of her clothing, the jewelry.

btw: the paragraphs were fine to read now Smile



You rather captured me with your tale ... how you described her peaceful daily life ... her little joys ... the traumatic memories ... and the plain horror after awaking ... and her decision to seek revenge. I wonder whether she could be called "sain" right now ... A violent start for a What-If.

Now I'm curious how Vaeri's quest will go, which elves she will meet, how familiar her world will be.

I like her look - the color scheme, the design of her clothing, the jewelry.

btw: the paragraphs were fine to read now Smile

i'm so excited my story goes over so well with atleast one person.*mini joygasm*

no clue what the "sain" thing is...explain please?also i've got the next part written up so i'll post that next after this,and a quick readthrough.and also happy you like the look of her!hehehe..


here's the second installment of my tale.please enjoy!


The daystar burned overhead, causing Vaeri to sweat even more under the thick cloth of the little tent she had made. Panting softly, she grabbed a water skin and opened the cap, taking a careful gulp.”I can’t drink too much...I don’t know how much longer I’ll be in the desert...” she spoke to herself, mostly just to hear something aside from the unbearable silence. She could stand it no longer and crawled out of the tent, hoping to catch even the slightest breeze.

She wiped her forehead and squinted out across the sands then gasped softly.”Are those...cliffs? Oh high ones...let it be cliffs...!”She sat there, staring longingly until she returned to the slightly cooler tent and feeling comforted by the fact her long journey may be nearly over, she could allow her worn body to fall asleep on a small bed of cloth.

She sat on the sands outside her family hut, only a few years old and playing kitling games with a little cup of beads while her mother worked the small garden to the side. She looked up and smiled, standing up shakily and tottered towards her mother.”Momma!” she cried out, reaching up her arms to be held. Her mother smiled and patted her head, smoothing the wild little mane of auburn hair from her grandmother.

”Not now, kitling! I have to tend the garden. You may help if you wish. Come, I suppose I can take a few minutes to get you a little tool.” She put down the hoe and picked up her daughter, carrying her into the shade and setting her on a chair as she began looking through a drawer. Little Vaeri looked around, her eye caught by the beads in the window rattling strangely, and she could feel small vibrations through the chair.”Momma, shake?” she asked and she watched her mother turn, but an answer never came as a sharp shock ran through the ground.

The top of the hut caved in, burying her in a small pile of rubble. She could feel the ragged edges of long dried clay digging into her skin and she screamed in fear. It seemed to be ages till a light pierced the darkness and she saw her mother’s face, haloed by the sun and she cried all over again, clinging to her mother with a child’s need.”Hush, it’s alright my kitling. It’s okay. You have nothing to fear, my little one. Your mother is here. I will always be here to protect you.”

Vaeri woke, feeling tears on her face. She wiped them away, shaking her head. She hadn’t dreamt of her mother in years. She had died by being trampled by a zwoot when she had tried to save a little more food from a stampede. She opened the flap of her tent and looked outside. The sun had set and many of the stars had already come out.

Knowing she was wasting time, she quickly got up and carefully took down her little tent, folding and packing it then putting the makeshift pack onto her back. She began to trudge along the sands, still warm enough to be felt through her sandals. All the time she kept her eyes on the little smudge barely discernible on the horizon. She had to make it. She had to get payment for her slain friends. The rage would push her on.


no clue what the "sain" thing is ...explain please?
hmm ... "mentally stable"? (sometimes missing the fitting vocabulary or grammer Wink)

After all what happened I woulnd not be surprised when she got temporarily insane to some degree.


ohh,sane.okay.well whose to say?i just relate the story to others as Vaeri tells it to me.*grin*


That's an equal follower of the well succeeded start. I love how you tell the story sort of "from the inside" by describing little details, making her feelings visible.

Your dream shows a loving relationship between Vaeri and her mother - despite this frightening incident she had a well-cared childhood.



That's an equal follower of the well succeeded start. I love how you tell the story sort of "from the inside" by describing little details, making her feelings visible.

Your dream shows a loving relationship between Vaeri and her mother - despite this frightening incident she had a well-cared childhood.

i'm glad to hear that the second installment went over so well. i did write the dream to try and accentuate on how she feels so alone and unsafe in this situation with no one to protect her anymore.


Okay,here's the next installment of the story.although it doesn't seem like anyone's really reading it.but atleast i can try to get the whole story down for anyone whose bored in the future.although this part is kinda big...i couldn't help myself.so enjoy


The sun was beginning to rise when Vaeri reached the cliffs, as tall as the Bridge of Destiny had been. She reached out and had to lay her fingers on the rock, just to reassure herself this wasn’t a fever dream brought on by the heat. But it was real, the rock warm and worn smooth by blowing sands.

She felt such great joy. She had made it. Like her ancestors thousands of years ago who had crossed the burning sands to the oasis Sorrows End, she had made the reverse journey. Despite the sun, she had to keep going. She looked both ways along the wall then headed east, her left shoulder brushing against the rock occasionally. Now she began to feel fear prickling at her.

The stories had always said humans lived in the forgotten green growing place. But there were also stories of great dangers in the green growing place. Would she be able to survive it? She sighed and knew she would at least have to try.

It took a day and a half to find a pass through the cliffs. She walked through the canyon quietly, her footsteps echoing.

She distrusted this narrow passageway, it felt wrong to her for some reason. She drew out the little knife from her pack and held onto it tightly in case she should need it. Right now she desperately wished she had one of the tall sturdy zwoots to ride. It would have given her a much easier way to see further ahead. She mentally cursed her small body now, thinking of the tall and slender Savah.

Then she paused, a sting in her heart to think of the dear old elf woman, one of the first born of the High ones. No, she couldn’t think of Savah, not with the images of blood and sand still so fresh in her mind. She tucked the beloved memories deep into the back of her mind.

Vaeri sat down on a jutting rock, sighing as she felt the coolness of the shadows that felt so good after the cramped heat of the canyon. She took a drink from her water skin and poured a little on her hand, dabbing it on her face to help cool herself down and she smiled at the relief it brought. She felt so tired after walking so far. Tilling the fields had never been as hard as this journey!

It was so different without having the sweet water of the village well at hand, or her dark and cool room under her hut to shelter her from the heat. She smiled to think of the comforts she had taken for granted for centuries and before she realized it, she had fallen asleep against the sun warmed rock.

The soft clattering of a rock jerked Vaeri awake. She looked around groggily, momentarily surprised not to see the interior of her hut. Then she remembered where she really was and grabbed her dagger, standing as she squinted to see by the light of the double moons in the sky. Was that motion she could see in that crack, or just her eyes playing tricks with the shadows?

No, it was nothing. She smiled in relief and sat down again, sighing a little. “Thank the high ones. I’m acting like a kitling, jumping at shadows in the night. How silly of me!” she felt herself laughing a bit, hearing the sounds echoing off the walls. But the laugh soon turned to a scream as she saw the dark serpent slithering towards her, hissing softly and raising itself.

She could see it's dark tongue flicking in and out, and she was sure it could scent her fear. She raised her knife a little then realized what an empty gesture this was.”who could ever hit a serpent with a knife? I need....stones!” her eyes landed on the pebbles and rocks slightly bigger thank her fist. She quickly dropped the knife and grabbed up the larger rocks, throwing them at the evil little form.

She knew when she hit it because each strike would cause the snake to hiss. She grabbed up a large rock that required both hands, looked at the snake and moved forwards even as she felt the fear clogging her throat,making her heart race unbearably. Would she be able to strike the snake before it struck her? She lifted the rock above her head and brought it down with all her strength.

Success! The viper lay dead before her, the head crushed by the rock as the rest of the sinewy body writhed in death throes. Vaeri stared at the creature a moment then sank down to her knees weakly, soon unable to help but laugh. In the village it would of taken at least three males with hoes and slingshots to taken down a viper safely,and here she had done it alone in the dark!

She sat there on the hard rock, laughing to the darkness until her adrenaline rush settled and she knew she had to do something with the snake before something else came along for the meal it would provide. She smashed the head a few more times til it was a mere pulp and lifted the limp body then paused.

She remembered seeing countless birds of prey feasting on a dead serpent. And she worried about running out of food. She looked at the snake, which was longer than her arm and certainly felt fat in her hand. Carefully portioned it would provide a few good meals. But she had never eaten meat before, except when the crop was poor.

There had been a young one who showed promise as a hunter. Young Rayek. He would bring little creatures in and dry the meat during the times of poor harvest.” But little Rayek disappeared years ago..perhaps not even the High ones could say where he is now...poor lad.” but she shook away the memory and looked at the snake, grimacing a bit. After a few moments of debate, she retrieved her knife and slowly began the grim,unfamiliar task of making the body fit to be eaten. She would survive.


I've just discovered this litttle treasure story.... very good, Vaeri!


Thank you!^-^so pleased you like it.


well,here's the next installment of the story!


Vaeri stood, staring out with wide eyes at the open plains before her. The emptiness was nothing to her, she was used to the wide openness of the desert, although the desert certainly didn't have tall waving grasses. What made her stare so anxiously was the sight of the huge trees that faced her across the plain. She had made it, after two eights of days, she had reached the green growing place she had heard of so often in legend, now a reality.

As she walked across the plains the brushing of the grass on her arms and each step she took left her feeling like she were in a dream. She shivered once she reached the shade of the trees. She walked further and further in, wrapping her arms around herself as she looked nervously around, listening to the quietness of the woods, only able to hear the gentle rustling of leaves in a breeze she couldn't feel.

”It's....nothing at all like dear Sorrow's end...it's so cold here,yet there is no wind to bring chill! How large these trees are...they must be old.” She whispered to herself as she walked on. Eventually she found a small opening to a cave in a pleasantly wide clearing that was bright with sunlight. She could see and hear a stream nearby so knew she would not want for water.

Feeling pleased she had located such a pleasant spot, she walked to the opening,almost a few heads taller than her and looked amazed. Who would have though such a small opening could be the entrance to such a large cave? It must have been the size of two humans in height and three of them in length!

She looked around, savoring the feel of familiarity she felt. These caves felt familiar and looked almost similar to the caves that were around Sorrows end. This would be where she would make her new home.

” But first...water,and a fire. Tales say that fire keeps away the beasts that will harm an elf. And it shall keep me warm in this cold place!” she said to herself as she left the cave to begin her tasks.


Very nice!!!

...I hope she hasn't found Madcoil's den! *shivers at the thought*

oh, and one little nitpick: " tree's" should be "trees".


thank you!and i guess you'll just have to see what she finds,huh?i'll put the finishing touchs on the next installment then put it up later today after work.i can promise that this part will be really long,eheh!and thank you for the nitpick!i'll fix that,you're right,it's wrong...didn't notice,eheh.and thank you for commenting!..not many people seem to want to,but eh.


As promised,i just got off work and here is the next installment!Time to see what Vaeri will find in her strange green-growing place


It had been days already since Vaeri had arrived at her new home in the forest. She sat next to a fire, gently picking apart a large fish she had speared from the stream and cooked.”mm..i must find seasonings...perhaps I may be able to find some sort of salt...or fruit. Fruit juice is a wonderful flavoring for any food...” she paused, hearing a long drawn out sound that sent shivers down her back.

”What could make such a sound...? It sounds like a jackal...well,whatever the strange beast is, it will not get me!” she said to herself as she looked, seeing the sharp wooden spear she had carefully made with her little knife leaning against the wall and smiled a bit proudly. “And I thought only little Rayek could be a hunter...now I am a weaver and huntress myself!” she laughed a bit then stopped, hearing a loud bawling sound.

It sounded like the type of noise those strange branch headed creatures made. She moved to the entrance of her cave and peeked out, then stared in amazement at what she saw. A female elf, as pale as child’s teeth corn and with long flaming red hair that had a bunch held at the top and a large flower tucked behind her pointed ear rode on a large,fierce and shaggy beast,waving a much better made spear.

The red-haired elf let out a cry that sounded like a jackals cry but..more musical somehow. Then more appeared, answering the cry and all riding the same strange beast! Vaeri shuddered as she watched two of the pale elves turn to each other but neither said anything, instead seeming to communicate with their eyes.

Vaeri winced and brought a hand to her head, feeling a strange kind of buzzing in it suddenly but ignored it in favor of concentrating on these strange elves but not elves. The group let another jackal like cry and disappeared into the forest on their mounts. But three had lingered behind for some reason. Vaeri withdrew as one of the males urged his mount forward, the large creature sniffing the ground. She couldn't help but stare.

He was lithe and toned, with slightly long silver-brown hair that was held back in a loose kind of ponytail and had a single strand in front of his face as a kind of mini ponytail. But she more intrigued with his pale aqua eyes, so much the color of a deep container full of cool clear water.

One of the elves, another male, called out with an impatient voice.”Come along,water eyes!the hunters are making the kill without us!” the male elf with the clear eyes turned to the impatient one.”Go on without me,Foxwood. There's...something here...i can feel it in my bones.” the elf named Foxwood scoffed,blowing the long bangs of pale gold hair in his face.”Alright then. Don't expect too big a share then.”

He and the other elf rode away on their wolves as the brunette elf watched,then turned back,looking around.”What is here...?....i must be imagining things....been feeling funny for a good eight of days....” he spoke to himself softly then sighed and dismounted from his wolf.”Wait here, Chaser. Let's see if whats gnawing me is here...” he said to the shaggy beast who buffed his acquiescence.

He began sniffing around the clearing, while Vaeri could only watch, moving back into the cave a little,then she couldn't help but come forwards again. Soon he disappeared from her view and her face scrunched up in a little irritation. She leaned forwards more,hoping to catch a glimpse of where he was, then suddenly,there were his eyes in front of her.

Now they were no longer like containers of water, but like looking into the deep well that sat in the middle of her village, so deep and blue and enticing. Suddenly a sound came to her mind, and almost without willing it,she breathed out the sound.”Rlyn.” She shivered to feel the force of those words, like a strong breeze standing at the top of the Bride of Destiny. She saw how the male,how Rlyn tensed and his beautiful eyes widened in surprise to hear that sacred word from her lips.

He reached out, gently touching her warm tanned cheek and let out a shuddering breath.”It's you.” he whispered softly.”Your what I’ve been looking for all these days...I've found you at last.” Vaeri stared at him, falling into his eyes.

Then suddenly she was snapped back and she reared away from his hand,gasping as her flailing hand knocked the spear she had been trying to grab fall to the ground, and she began to follow it. But then she was in warm arms and found she had been caught by Rlyn. Now she never wanted to let go, and she let herself fall completely into Rlyn.


oooooohhhh.... sounds good!!!

now who's Rlyn?? And Foxwood??


*laughs*lucky for you faeri,i've got the next bit written up.a bit short,but it explains one of your questions.enjoy!


Vaeri and the elf laid together, him with his head on her chest as she tenderly twined a few strands of hair around her finger. They both breathed a little sigh of contentment.”In all my years...i never dreamt recognition would strike quite so suddenly,my Rlyn...”Vaeri spoke,almost whispered, as if this were a fragile dream that would be broken by words too loud.

He nodded,then looked up.” You know my soulname...but I cannot find yours. Why?” he began to look a little worried as he asked this, looking into her beautiful gold eyes. She blinked and paused in playing with his hair,looking at him a bit confused.”Soulname? What is that?”

she couldn't under stand what he was talking about, but she grew more worried when he sat up quickly, cupping her face gently and just looked at her.*Lifemate, where is your soulname, why can't I find it? Beloved, please answer me!* he sent to her, but all that happened was her face scrunched a little.

”My head hurts for some reason...” He sat back on his heels, staring at his new lifemate who couldn't seem to send or have a soulname. Then he knew what he had to do.”Beloved, come with me. I will take you to Skysong, my tribe's healer. She will make you better!”

He got up, quickly tugging on his leathers then brought her the strange,soft clothes she had been wearing.”Please beloved...” He started then paused,blinking.”I do not know your tribe name...what is it?” Vaeri paused in getting her clothes on, looking at him confused.”I do not know what you mean by tribe name...but my name is Vaeri.”

She watched him pause, as if absorbing the sound and he smiled.” My name is Raincatcher” “Raincatcher? But...I thought your name was Rlyn? Isn't it?” “Yes but...that is my soul name...a secret name, one only you and my family could know...you can't say it around any others. But if you must, you must locksend with me.”

Vaeri scrunched her face again in that way Raincatcher found so adorable.” What is locksending?I have never heard of such a thing..” Raincatcher shook his head and took her hand.” Come. Skysong will fix everything.”He swept Vaeri onto Chaser, despite her protests and carried her back to the holt, back to healer and friends and family who would make a to-do over the newly arrived tanned elf who couldn't seem to send,and that had recognized the young gatherer.


Like this story very muchSmile


i'm glad^-^thanks for commenting


You're very welcomeSmile


Silly me... Headbang for some reason I thought Vaeri found the Wolfriders! THAT'S why I was so confused!!

Anyway, great new chapter!!! Though I do think Raincatcher is being very 'easy' on her not knowing anything about sending or soul names. The fact that that's very, very strange to him could be made more.
But that was just nitpicking a bit, I really do love your story!


i thought it kind of showed how panicked he was about it by the fact he was taking her to a healer to try and "fix her".oh well!i've gotten the next installment written up anyway.lemme reveiw it then i will post it.


okay,next part of the Sunvillager tale!i warn...very long one!and it explains some things.


Vaeri lay curled up in Raincatcher's den, a small womb like room high in a tall,large tree that was riddled with similar dens. She was laying alone in the furs that served for blankets and bed, staring blankly at the wooden wall as she clutched them gently. Yesterday was a day that still haunted her, and the things she had heard had turned her world upside down.

“She isn't one of us! She doesn't even LOOK like us! She looks more like a short human, all brown and ragged!She can't even send like a normal elf!” shouted Stormwind, a tall strong elf with shockingly black hair riddled with small braids that seemed to absorb light and never let it out, and dark blue-grey eyes that resembled the clouds before a terrible storm, his wild appearance heightened by the beginning facefur on his cheeks.

“Bite your tongue,that's my lifemate you're calling a human!” Raincatcher started forward, as if about to throttle the tracker for his words. But Chieftess Flowerheart, the elf with the bright red hair and flower tucked behind her ear, had held back the gatherer.

”Stop! Raincatcher, control your body...and Stormwind, control your tongue! This brown elf is welcome to the holt, even if she is different. A tree and bush are different but still plants all the same...and it is the same for us and her.” She looked around fiercely, her pale green eyes flashing.

One of the little cubs stepped forward, young Sunholder who was the first child of Quickblade, the Chieftess' half brother and his life mate, Skysong.”I like her brown color..it's pretty!” he piped out, causing the gently healer to smile and lay a hand on her son's pale silver hair.

She gently drew him back to join his younger sister. Stormwind growled under his breath at the open acceptance of the strange elf, and he bared his teeth a little. Vaeri stepped back and Raincatcher put his arm around her protectively. He whispered softly, “Don't worry. Flowerheart's word will keep that old growler in line.” He kissed her gently and she nodded. That resolved the disagreement for now

She had sat apart from the rest of the elves, looking a little horrified as she watched all of them, even the gentle young kitlings tear into the carcass of one of the branch headed creatures, what they called a stag.

They didn't even cook it! Vaeri nearly gagged when Raincatcher offered her some flesh, and she turned her head aside. But the worst was yet to come,though Vaeri didn't know it. Chieftess Flowerheart stepped forwards and cleared her throat.

”Long,long ago, before the wolfriders had begun,there was a small group of lost high ones. They were weak and starving, until one brave elf by the name of Timmain learned to shapeshift. She took the form of the strong wolves and hunted with them. Because of this her brethren grew strong!"

"She gave birth to a wolf-elf crossbreed who was named Timmorn Yellow eyes. He helped elves and wolves come together. He recognized and so sired his son and the next chief, Kafir. He led and recognized, siring Chieftess Tarleh. Then Chieftess Shapesearcher who couldn't tell if she were meant to be elf or animal."

"When she died, her brother Hawk was chief until his healer niece Lifegiver could take the chief's topknot. Her daughter Nightstar because chieftess, then her treeshaper daughter Leafwhistle, who passed it to her son Tamer, then to my father, Arrowhand!”

As she spoke the last name, the rest of the elves tilted their heads back and let out a howl,so similar to their wolves and now Vaeri knew why. These strange elves were kin to the wolves they rode!”Don't forget yourself, Chieftess! A howl for Chieftess Flowerheart, blood of ten chiefs!”called one elf from the crowd gathered to hear their history told for the benefit of the strange new elf.

the wolfriders howled again,but Vaeri barely even heard them. She had a child in her belly who would carry the same blood, and her new lifemate was no different! Vaeri was more than relieved to be able to retreat to Raincatcher's den and even then she could barely stand to touch him now.

Vaeri choked back a sob and buried her face in the furs, wondering how she would ever be able to accept what tainted her new family's blood. She heard the howl of the wolves on the ground below and wondered if someday she would have to join them, in howling and running through the dark of night, in killing creatures and savoring the blood warm flesh. Vaeri curled up tighter and this time, a soft sob escaped her.


Very nice new chapter!!


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thank you,thank you*bows happily*i hope that explains some things for you faeri.these are The Wolfriders...but kind of alternate ones.sort of like WingThing's Swiftverse.


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And of course ... what will happen when Rayek reappears? will he be his very self? How will he react to the destruction of Sorrow's End? ... I'll wait and learn ...


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Vaeri sat in front of Quickblade, her eyes narrowed a little as she stared hard at the chief's brother.*Good Vaeri! How are you holding up now?* Quickblade sent, able to lean back on his arms, watching the tanned elf as she struggled to respond, the thought still rather garbled but just discernible.*I think alright...Quickblade....* she replied then shook her head, bringing a hand up to her forehead as she let out a soft hiss.

”Ah! How my head throbs! How much longer must I continue these sending lessons, Quickblade?”

“Until you can send as easily as my cubs do. Sending is vital to survival here Vaeri. It's quicker to send than to yell for help when you're in trouble. And High ones forbid I get my hide tanned by your lifemate because you got eaten up because you couldn't send! We'll take a break for now.”

Vaeri watched the much younger elf walk away and felt a small pang of loneliness. How far she was from Sorrows end here! All she could see were pale elves in leathers and not a single one of them were any match for her in age. Even the eldest among them, the chieftess' mother Fawn was only four centuries. Though here, it was called a forests age for these elves had no word for a hundred years.

Even her own lifemate was a mere stripling at barely one hundred. She sighed then rose up, looking down. Now she was dressed like them in leathers, and all the remained was an altered version of her old tunic. Then her eyes fell on her stomach. All that showed of her pregnancy was a gentle little bump. After all, it had only been perhaps a month since her joining day with Raincatcher.

She smiled a little now. A stripling he may be, but that didn't change the fact that now she had a lifemate and child, and a new home. She moved away from the root she had been sitting on, looking around idly until she had seen the two children of Quickblade. She smiled and walked over, watching the younger Moonkin swinging from a branch while her brother Sunholder watched.

Vaeri noticed the irritated look on the young girls face.” Why kitling, you have such a sour face. What is the matter?” Moonkin heaved up and sat on the branch, pouting. “I have no wolf friend yet Vaeri! Sunholder has his and he's only two eights! I’m almost eight and six! But none of the wolf cubs like me!” Vaeri did her best not to wince.

How had she forgotten? Not only had she a new home and lifemate, but this was a strange lifemate. Raincatcher was, like all his kin, bonded to wolves not only as riders and mounts, but the elves carried drops of wolf blood in them. The notion still scared Vaeri and she tried her best to push it into the back of her mind.

” Well you know kitling, in my village or..my holt...no one was bonded to wolves. Or any kind of animal. It was even rare for us to need to ride the great zwoots we had.” she smiled at the amazed look on both the children's faces. It has obviously never occurred to them that elves could exist without mounts to ride often.

“Vaeri,what is a zwoot?can you send it to me?” Sunholder asked, looking up at her slightly. Vaeri smiled a bit wryly. Here now was a test for her slowly growing abilities. So she remembered what the great brutes looked like and sent the image to the child as best she could. “Oh! It is...huge! But your sending is...fuzzy.” he made a slight face that made Vaeri laugh. “Yes, I need more practice kitling. I suppose I will go find your father to continue the lesson.” she walked away as both children chorused a goodbye to her back.

She followed along the path she had seen Quickblade walk, her hand coming up and touching the shorter jawlength hair she now held in a ponytail. She remembered now how in a fit of rage at having it caught in a branch for the umpteenth time, she had snatched her dagger and simply cut off her hair after she'd caught it in a fist.

Raincatcher had been a little sad to see her beautiful hair chopped off, but she had to do it. Suddenly she was brought out of the memory by a sending that came from ahead.* Wolfriders gather at RiverTear creek! There are humans! Fawn,keep the cubs safe!*

The thought of humans sent chills down Vaeri's back and her eyes narrowed as she ran onwards now. She bumped into a back and quickly moved to the side and crouched as she realized it was Stormwind she had bumped into. He glared at her silently then looked on ahead from the spot they were behind the bushes.

She looked ahead as well and froze, her eyes widening as she saw the forms of large hairy humans trodding along the path. Everything disappeared from her mind and she lunged forwards, drawing her dagger. All she could think of was getting at those humans, at hurting and killing them as they had her village! A hand grabbed her waist and covered her mouth as she opened it to scream and a sending came to her mind.

*Vaeri, beloved! Don't be foolish you cannot take on that many humans!* she knew who the sending was from but she didn't care. She struggled against the strong arms, her enraged screams muffled by the hand. Raincatcher carefully carried his lifemate away with the help of Moontouch.

Vaeri remembered the ability she had gained and began screaming mentally, making Raincatcher wince a little from the dark, pained sendings that now came through clear and sharp.*Let me go! You son of a jackal let me go, they all deserve to die for what they did! I'll slaughter every last of them like they did Savah and poor little Kashila! I'll kill them, I’ll kill them! I'll have blood for blood from the beasts!* Vaeri sent and sent until Skysong could be brought.

The healer touched the dark elf's forehead, whispering softly” There there now. Calm yourself. All will be well now, friend.” Vaeri slowly stopped struggling, tears of frustration,anger and sadness running down her cheeks. Finally she went limp, only her shoulders moving as she sobbed quietly. Baffled and worried, Raincatcher looked up at Skysong.

” Why did you stop? She's not better....healer please,make my lifemate better! She's in pain!” he begged the woman, who merely shook her head. “Her pain lies in the soul, where I cannot touch it...she must heal herself in time. I will let her sleep though, if it will soothe your worry.” Skysong bent down again, and with a gentle touch put Vaeri into a calm dreamless sleep. But this did little for Raincatcher, who could only carry his lifemate to their den and hold her close and worry.


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Vaeri lay near the entrance of the den, her arms crossed on the rim of the entrance and holding her up as she stared in the distance, eyes slightly narrowed. She could see the smoke in the sky that signaled where the humans had set up their temporary camp. She had forgotten why she had came here when recognition had hit and she had begun to work to join into the tribe.

But the sight of the humans had brought everything back so vividly in her mind, she wasn't sure if she was looking at bright green leaves and brown limbs of the forest, or the blood stained sands and limp bodies of Sorrows End. More than once in the past few weeks, Skysong had to be called to subdue Vaeri, to put her to sleep so she could sleep off the majority of her rage.

But it always came back, and always Vaeri knew she'd have to get revenge for her friends and family. The question was, how could she pass by the guards set at the holts borders,to protect the holt from the humans and to keep her in? Usually it was sharp eyed Thornclaws and swift Breeze who stood guard, and well they knew of Vaeri's mad desire.

She stared and tried to figure out what tree held the two elves as Raincatcher came up to the den,carrying a chunk of clumsily roasted mean. He had had to learn to deal with his lifemates desire to burn the meat, or cook it as Vaeri saw it, when she distinctly refused to eat raw meat with the pack. And he had hoped the gesture would bring his lifemate out of the strange madness she had slipped into.

It was almost as bad as the foaming sickness but worst for the fact Skysong couldn't heal this.”Lifemate?Vaeri?I’ve...brought food...you've been eating poorly as of late. I'm sure it's not as good as you could make it,but..” He held out the meat hopefully, struck by the coldness of those golden eyes as she looked at him crouched on the branch outside their den. She reached out and took the leaf holding the meat and began eating it, turning her eyes back to the smoke.

*Thank you* she sent,maybe a little too curtly. Raincatcher winced to feel the rage and despair roiling behind the still fuzzy sending. He moved into the den and slipped behind Vaeri, drawing her into his lap and wrapping his arms around her slender waist, placing them above the little swell of her stomach.

”...Lifemate?Are you...alright?” He leaned forwards, putting his chin on her shoulder with his cheek resting against her warm,tanned neck. He felt the muscles moving as she nodded in reply, still eating.”Vaeri please...don't let this consume you. Going against the humans...it can only end badly. You could be killed, along with the cub. They could seek revenge and find the holt and kill all of us.” Vaeri winced now to hear that.

She didn't want a repeat of Sorrows End in her new home. But still the need for revenge lingered and hovered and nagged. Raincatcher waited a few minutes for a reply then sighed and just sat quietly with his mate, watching the sky dance with colors and slowly grow dark as the sun sank away.

Vaeri stood before the dark and menacing tall human. He was surely a good two or three heads taller than her, but still she stood bravely, holding a spear with a strange spearhead that looked like brightmetal but seemed to hold the radiance and fury of the sun itself. The human laughed deeply and spoke, somehow his words making sense though they still were rough to her ears.

” You think you can take me point ear? You are no threat to me and you never will be!” he lifted a leg and kicked her. She cried out as she flew through darkness, much further than she should have. She could see the sun headed spear flying from her hands and she tried to grab it back, knowing somehow that that spear was the key to getting her revenge.

But it flew away, disappearing in the darkness. She turned her head and body slowly in the air to see where she would land,and cried out to see a wolf with Stormwind's face. He grinned maliciously and opened his maw wide, swallowing Vaeri whole.

She landed somewhere then looked up, startled to see tall and stately Savah. But this couldn't be the gentle near High one! She stood there, covered only in fur like the great shaggy wolves and she bore the same fangs and eyes full of fire.”Little one,the humans!i will tell you what you must do! Come close!” Vaeri shuddered at the sight of the dear face so twisted,but driven by hate for the humans,she moved forwards towards the larger than life figure.

”Tell me Savah! Tell me what I can do!Savah!” She cried out and saw Savah opening her mouth to answer before the tall one faded away abruptly. Vaeri stared in shock then screamed out.”No!!Savah, come back! Tell me what I must do! I know you'll tell me how I can have my revenge!Savah! Saavaaah!!”

Vaeri woke with a jolt, panting softly as she looked around. She was no longer in some black empty space, but the darkness of the tree den with Raincatcher. A dream. Everything had merely been a dream. But yet Vaeri felt indescribably frustrated. What had she been about to be told? Surely it would have been information on how to get back at the humans for what they had done.

Vaeri broke out of her thoughts at the gentle shuffling and muttering from the ground below. She crawled to the den entrance and leaned out a little, seeing Flowerheart and Wolfbite below.”-old me just now. The humans are gone. We no longer need to hide like rabbits in our den.” said Flowerheart softly, looking up at her lifemate who gave a little sigh of relief.

”Good. Let them go far away then. Perhaps now, that lifemate of Raincatcher's will settle down...never seen an elf so eager to kill a human since old Staghorn. Never though the brown elf would be the type. She seemed gentle when we all first met her...maybe even sheltered.” Flowerheart nodded and leaned into her lifemate as they walked away, continuing to talk softly as they headed to another tree and their own den.

Vaeri was left,unknown of, above in her den, numb. The humans had left? Vaeri could feel the rage and despair rising up. She had missed her chance for revenge. And who knew when she would get another chance? She moved away from the entrance and sat, pulling her legs close and put her face in her knees. How could she have failed her Sorrows End so miserably?


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Raincatcher sat on a tree limb high up, looking down sadly as his lifemate who sat numbly next to the river. He thought when the humans had left, maybe she would wake up from the strange consuming rage she had fallen into. But how wrong he had been. She had become distant and much stranger. He could understand being fearful and angry towards the human, but why couldn't she see the wisdom of avoiding them? Especially now.

At this thought, his eyes went to the growing swell of her stomach and felt a joyful sting in his heart. No, he would not allow his lifemate to run rabid and hurt herself or the cub. He jumped down and came next to Vaeri,sitting down with her as he looked down at the water. After a moments silence, he spoke out.”You never told me much of your homeland...your...Sorrows Ending was it?” he looked towards her hopefully, hopeful that this would bring her out of her shell at least a little.

Vaeri paused, blinking a little at the question then smiled a bit sadly at the mistake.”No... Sorrows End. It was....very different from here...but very beautiful just the same. Sometimes...if the sun hit the sands just right, it looked like rolling waves of pure gold. We never had water that ran all over like here...but we never wanted for water either. Our well kept us so full...but we were still careful with it. But oh...when the brief rains would come....and the desert flowered. I don't think even the forest could compare in beauty.”

Raincatcher sat silently, absorbing this. He realized now how much she must miss her homeland, perhaps as much as he would if he were to be driven away from the forest. He moved closer and wrapped an arm around Vaeri, rubbing his hand gently over her brown arm, feeling the warmth of her dark skin.

He leaned forwards, brushing his lips gently over the point of her ear. He whispered softly, not wanting to hurt her head with sendings.” You're so brown beloved...but it's so beautiful and rich...like the dark wood of a tree. Your hair is soft and sweet like a flower..” he pulled her closer, and removed the soft band that held her shorter hair back, running his fingers through it. Vaeri couldn't help but smile as she listened to him, after a moment she turned and wrapped her arms around her Rlyn as she let herself forget about the humans and her revenge for now.

Vaeri sat in her den sullenly, glaring at the back of the guard to her den.*Curse you for this Raincatcher! I don't want to be trapped in this den!* she sent to him angrily. Raincatcher only smiled to himself, though he dared not let Vaeri see for fear of her getting even angrier. *You're too close to your time to be running around Vaeri. If I didn't know better, I'd say you'd gotten some wolf blood in you...* He sent to her.

The elves down below winced as they heard Vaeri yelling from higher up in the father tree.”How dare you say that to me, I'm not going to be riding around on those furry things and eating raw meat and-and smelling like whatever they had just rolled in! Unlike you who've came into our den smelling like a lizard eight days dead because of your Chaser! And I wouldn't want one of those things of my own to jump up on me and get me covered in mud and-!” she continued to rant and rave at her lifemate, who could only try to look abashed or at least keep a straight face in front of her.

Within a few minutes however, she exhausted herself and hid under the furs. Raincatcher stayed until he realized she had fallen asleep. He smiled and climbed down the tree, being stopped by Wolfbite and Quickblade who looked at him knowingly. “Well, at least you can take comfort in the fact it's almost over now, Raincatcher. Flowerheart was certainly a she-wolf when her two years were just about up. Isn't that so, brother?” Quickblade looked at Wolfbite who smiled and nodded.

“Oh aye. She was as bad as a rabid she-wolf even.” he said. *I heard that, growler!* Flowerheart sent and Wolfbite looked a bit sheepishly over her, locksending with her for a few seconds before he looked over to them and shrugged smiling. Raincatcher smiled back when suddenly a cry came from above.

“Raincat.....catcher! Call Skysong! It's the kitling, it's time!!” Vaeri cried down, holding the etrance of the den and her large stomach as she winced.


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Raincatcher stared up at her numbly a bit before Wolfbite shook him a little.”Raincatcher, wake up! Get up there with your lifemate and help her, I'll call Skysong! High one's song, get moving cub!” Wolfbite said, his words eventually sinking in and having the desired effect. Raincatcher nodded and quickly climbed the tree as Wolfbite sent to the healer.

” Raincatcher...what are you doing here? The kitling is coming....menfolk aren’t...allowed....” Vaeri gasped out, laying on the furs now as she held her stomach, as if she could rub away the pains. Raincatcher stood there dumbfounded now at her words.”But.....but don't you want me here? I want to help you...” he said, almost a bit hurt.

“I'm the one carrying the child, Raincatcher! How can you-ahh!” she was cut off as another contraction hit just as Skysong was climbing into the den. “Raincatcher, get her undressed but cover her with a fur. I'll do my work.” she said,stern but calm as she moved towards Vaeri.” But...she doesn't...” he said unsure before the older elf looked at him.

”High one's sake's, take her hand!” she barked out, making him jump as he sank down besides Vaeri. He paused then grabbed her hand, holding it tightly.”Please beloved, let me be here for you and the cub...the-the kitling.” he whispered to her. Vaeri panted as she looked at him, then after a few moments she squeezed his hand gently and nodded.

Skysong smiled as she looked down, seeing the little brown form slide into her hands at last. And felt the relief when she heard it's strong cry and could feel the vitality in its tiny body. She wrapped the baby into a soft fur and offered it to the exhausted brownskin.”Your child, Vaeri. A girl. May the High one's bless her.” she said, smiling widely as the new exhausted mother took her baby, holding her close.

”Ohh...my kitling...more precious than water in the desert....” Vaeri said softly, staring rapturously as the crying subsided and her tiny hand caught Vaeri's finger,not even noticing as Skysong left the den.”Beloved...what a wonder we have created...she's beautiful.” Raincatcher said, holding his lifemate closer as he looked down at his daughter.”D-does she have a soulname? Like me beloved?” he asked a bit hesitantly now, looking at her.

“I'm...not sure. How do we know?” Vaeri asked, looking up to him. He paused then gently took her, pressing his forehead to hers carefully. After a few moments, he relaxed and smiled happily”A soulname...my cub has a soulname! She does Vaeri-oops!” he blinked as the baby began to fuss from his happy shouts and he quickly gave her back to Vaeri.

She smiled and took her, holding the child to her breast gently.”That is good then I suppose...but what shall we name her? Sunvillager or Wolfrider?” she looked up at him as he looked a bit baffled now. He sat down next to her as they began to talk quietly.

The tribe milled about below, questioning Skysong about how the baby looked and if anything had gone wrong with the birth.”I've told all I think I should...now high one's,give me peace and wait for the parents to come down with her!” Skysong laughed out, sitting down next to her lifemate. The other cubs were standing together, discussing the birth in their own way.

“A new playmate,and it's a girl! Now I'm not all alone anymore against you!” Moonkin said to the two boys in front of her. The older cub Scouter rolled his eyes a little.”So what? Bet she's not gonna be fun either,just like you. What girl is?besides, little anklebiters are a pain anyway! I hope I never recognize and have a cub!” he said and smirked some before he ran away to his mother Moontouch before Moonkin could retaliate.

She looked at her brother who could only shrug a little.”Scouter's like that. I think it's nice to have another cub in the holt to play with” he said to her. Then they turned and were delighted to see Raincatcher coming down with Vaeri and the baby. They ran over, joining the crowd as the new family did.

”So, what's the anklebiter's name then?Spill it water eyes!” called out Foxwood, grinning as he tilted the fox fur hat on his head that complimented his name. Raincatcher looked to Vaeri, smiling with her as she spoke out to the tribe.”Her name is Mothsilk, for the precious stuff we made in Sorrows End.”


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awwwww..... super cute!!!

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