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Moonmoss's characters

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Name: Moonmoss

Birth-tribe: Wolfriders, possibly Mantricker's or Bearclaw's tribe

Parents: unknown, big sister to Rain the Healer

Age: adult,unknown, deceased long before events in Wolfrider!

Appearance: Frosty whitish-grey mane shaped bit like Tyleet's, part of it braided on the left side with red leather like a cord. Moss-green eyes, whitish eyebrows and heart-shaped face. Beige skin.

Attire: Cold-berry-red cap and short poncho with light olive green trimmings, brown leather "belt" wrapped over torso and similar brown armbands, dark olive green breeches, furry grey boots tied up with brown/green cord. All leather.

Weapons: knife, just dunno where to put it :D
Role: gatherer, herbalist, scout
Skills:plant-lore(plants for dyeing hides, medicinal plants and herbs) bit of tanning-skills and costume design

Personality:Moonmoss is a quiet woman and usually hides her emotions. She loves to wander the forest alone and gathers lots of herbs and nuts and dreamberries for the tribe- as well as occasional rabbit or other small prey. She has deep love for dreamberries, and after eating those, she gets rather mischievous. Sh has very good sense of humour, though doesn't show it out often. She is also very good listener and observer of her fellow tribemates' emotions. Sometimes this quality of hers helps solve difficult situations.

Background: I'm kind of hoping she'd be Redlance's mother...but someone would need to write that story.

Name: Selyah

Birth-tribe: Sun village


Age:about 900 or bit over
Appearance: straight very very long black hair with red highlights, purple eyes and bit roundish face. Very short for a sun villager, petite amongst others. Dark, almost black lips, slightly darker than average sunvillager.

Attire: wears turquoise and saffron yellow(or mustard yellow, whatever) and orange. Usually with skirt and bikini top covered with moth-fabric-shirt. Brown sandals with turquoise decorations.
Jewellry:Gold necklace with turquoise semi-precious stones in it, matching earrings (look for the ref picture, can't explain better) ;D
Weapons:none, utility knife...?
Role: sandshaper, potter
Skills:can shape sand particles also mixed with water- thus she's very good at repairing huts and making stuff out of clay with her magic. Also does pottery and some weaving(hats, baskets etc.) Does beautiful sand paintings.

Personality:Selyah might seem cold and proud when seen from aside, but after one gets close to her she reveals her warm and friendly side. Some think her as proud stiffy for she is not good at socializing and is passionate about her work and art. She's a perfectionist, which is sometimes a big hindrance for herself and makes her to be snappy and demand lot from others too.

Hobby: During her free time, Selyah always wanders to the desert and makes beautiful sand paintings by sorting out differenty colured stone grains -or sometimes dying those. While painting, she lifts the sand-streams into air and the event looks much like multi-coloured sand-storm. Only during these painting sessions does she let all her emotions, creativity and passion show.
background: unknown, maybe had/has kids...


Birth-tribe: ? wavedancers

Parents: unknown,

Age: adult,unknown,

Appearance: Wavy black hair held on a knot on her head with purple, almost hot pink band. Purple sad eyes, very pale skin. Black mermaid tail, with "torn-look" end bit like battle fish. Purple/hotpinkish bioluminence on fins.

Attire: Indigo blue shells/algae for top, silver necklace with purple stones embedded in it, silver bracelet.
Role: waiting for Reef to return, unable to let go- so bit of an depressed outsider with no particular place in the tribe just now
Skills: unknown for now.
Personality: Hard to find out since she's so closed in herself.
Background: Lovemate to Reef before he disappeared, was much more happy and alive then, always eager to hear about her adventurous love's wanderings in the vast ocean. Crashed after he disappeared and closed in on herself.


Birth-tribe: ? wavedancers

Parents: unknown,

Age: adult,elder, definitely has mate and children, those just not introduced yet

Appearance: Shimmering gold-orange scales that cover her body from tail to breasts (covering breasts), goldfish-like see-through fins on each arm plus bigger tail fin. Wavy, extremely long weed-green hair, rather pale skin. Heavy-lidded gaze, looks like having green eye-shadow on her. Quirky smile.

Attire:See-through medusa-like tiara with pale pink blobs/flowers in it - similar blobs/flowers spread across her hair. Pale mint-green straps of algae make a "net or web" of sort to decorate her torso- shape of this may vary.


Role: Tribe elder, can advice people often softly without upsetting them
Personality:Quiet, very wise, has bubbling sense of humour
Background:Lifemate and children, defintitely...but that story needs still to be shaped up..

[Deleted User]

These are the basic costumes for my gals, but I'd love to see variations like :
Moonmoss in Sun Village
Other outfits for Selyah (keep the colour palette for clothes though)
Younger Teartail- she might have been more festive back then- maybe even let her hair down ;D

For more reference pictures, go see all the lovely dollz people have made in EDA gallery! *hugs all makers*


Here are your ladies, Moonmoss, looking for a permanent home after visiting the Dollz thread.

It's self-evident that Moonmoss brings Dreamberry wine ... OH - you think she is ... Hypnotize ... weeeell - she has to test it, of course!

In backview I realized that Selyah's loop of golden sparks can count as sand grains - now I understand why she longed for it! Wink

It would have been a pity NOT to use this gown for Teartail - it screamed for her!

I'm so happy you like their appearance as High Ones, Moonmoss Yay Thanks so much!


SO BEAUTIFULL!! Love both your dollz Embala and Moonmoss. Moonmoss, I gotta love your characters!!Happy

[Deleted User]

Thank you for posting the High ones here- and yeah, Moonmoss does look bit tipsy to me ;D But it's her nature...
And nice of you to visit, WolfMoonSky!


There they are ... hope I've understood you right Happy

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It's been ages since I updated stuff here - people have made awesome dolls and sprites of my girls, and I try to remember to put everything here- if I forget something, please kick me in the head and remind me... and please, be patient, gathering them all will take a while Smile EDIT: Here is all I could find..thank you so much, everyone! Heart

made by katcombs:

background added by Embala

made by Jeedai:

made by Embala:

and lets not forget the awesome ones posted in this thread earlier by Embala herself Wink

made by Firestar:

made by Icemoon:

made by elfeneyes:

made by Nightsea:


For you ... in case you've lost part of those by computer issues and missed others:
(click right on the pictures to get full size view)

LotR Maker

Erté maker

Magical Elf maker