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Spam Quest: The Adventures of a Can of Spam!


These are the adventures of a Can of Spam.

Anyone can have fun with this story! You can have the Can of Spam do anything or do anything to the can of spam except destroy it. If the can is opened or damaged it is automatically resealed and returned to origional three posts later.

Have fun!

The Can of Spam sat on the shelf doing what it had done best up to this point: collecting dust. It had a fine collection, a few hairs, some skin cells, and a dust bunny even decided to make the small space between the Can and the wall its home. It lay curled up nice and cozy in its den.

The Can's siblings had all left over the years, and now only this lone can remained, awaiting its destiny. It had begun to wonder at its fate as of late, and had started to get frustrated, as it seemed that no one love it....

It began to get the feeling that something amazing would soon happen, that its long wait would be over soon, and what awaited it was far different than those of its kin.... Something that lay beyond the frying pan....


It flips

It flops

Oh what it does when the top pops off.

They call it meat

Oh what a feat

and its a treat

They call it Spam

or is it ham?

Nay, it's a can of Spam


The lone can of Spam summersaulted from the shelf, singing a tune. It hit the floor and tumbled on its side, flopping in the dust....


You can bake it or fry it. Spam in a can.


The can rolled out of the dust and into a nice hot frying pan....


Slice me and fry me is all Spam could say.


But he knew there was a bigger purpose to his existance... And he began his adventure by leaving the stockroom for the first time. There had been stories of what lay beyond the great door, and now he set his sights on the kitchen beyond. Being one out of a case of twelve he had not see such things when he had been bought and brought to the stockroom.

Gleaming metal shined from on high, and unseen footsteps grew closer...


The can rolled, or rather flopped, under a nearby cart. It ended up laying on top of a discarded napkin with a piece of gum in it.

Spam Can now has a cape!


The can of spam is flying through the air dodging the pop pellets from here to there.


It sails through the windowt into the blue sky...


And off into the wild blue yonder! Off to fight spammers where ever they may be!


Then, one day, everthing changed.

He met Spamela.


Spam and Spamala moved to Spamalot, and started a shop...


Spamala took Spam's picture....


But the Spam Canera broke...


The picture came out anyway.

Spamala then takes Spam to a company picnik that Spam was explocitly forbidden to attend, but Spamala's parents also worked there, so Spam had to go to work on his day off.

But tradgety struck at the cannery. And now Spam and Spamala have a six pack of single-serving cans of spam keeping them busy.

They only have one bedroom, and a small bed at that...