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What-if Children


This is an open thread for all what-if children. I have seven going so far. This first post will be of my interconnected AUs: Chance, Sprig, Spark and Savol.

When the Wolfriders found themselves trapped in the Tunnel of Golden Light, Cutter's inner reptile brain sprang into action because it sensed a life or death situation, and settled on the most compatible mate available, which happened to be Nightfall. Things went on pretty much the same as before, except that the Wolfrider-Sunfolk Recognition was someone else. Cutter and Nightfall named their daughter Chance.

When the Wolfriders raided the village, there was a Recognition, but the pairing was quite different. Treestump was captivated by a brunette beauty and carried her off. The poor girl was utterly terrified, but when she realized she wasn't in danger, she was intrigued by the strangers. When she realized that Recognition was involved, she was overjoyed because she wanted a child so badly. She gladly made peace with Treestump, and two years later Sprig was born to Treestump and Vurdah.

Once things were settled at the village, Cutter and company set off to retrieve Redlance, Nightfall and Skywise (who had stayed with her for Cutter's sake). Leetah did her healing but things went further than she expected and bam! There was a THIRD Recognition, with Spark as the result. He got a double dose of gentleness from his father Redlance and mother Leetah, and his magic is also very strong.

Rayek and Ekuar did not take the northern tunnel. Instead, they waited until the trolls left and then explored at their leisure. They found the tunnel that Smelt had taken to Blue Mountain and made their way there. Once there, they were in luck because Winnowill was occupied with some scheme which left them free access to Lord Voll. Rayek told him all about the Sun Village and Lord Voll was totally enchanted by the thought of two other elf tribes. He persuaded Rayek and Ekuar to accompany him there and the group set off, along with several of the Chosen Eight. Their arrival caused great excitement, drawing Savah from her throne in her hut. Ever dignified and stately, she came forth to greet Lord Voll, only to be greatly shocked when eyes met eyes. Savol takes after both her parents, being able to fly both physically and spiritually.

When Lord Voll arrived at Sorrow's End he was accompanied by three of the

Chosen Eight, Rayek and Ekuar. Tyldak was off helping Winnowill with her scheme, so he was not there. Dewshine Recognized that day, to someone totally unexpected. EKUAR! It left everyone pretty much dazed, Ekuar most of all. When all was said and done, Ekuar himself told Dewshine he wasn't up to being either a lifemate or a father. He gladly ceded those roles to Scouter, being quite content to be an indulgent uncle or grandfather type after Bekah was born. He also mentored her when her rock-shaping powers developed.

Note: Cutter, Nightfall, Redlance and Leetah are courtesy of cometduster.


This post is for what-if children that could actually have happened in canon.

This is a result of Mender's curiousity, it was not limited to humans! Behold the wonder that is Treasure, daughter of Mender and Trinket!

This is Rayun, son of Rayek and Yun. I'm not quite sure when he could have been conceived, though it was probably time around the Shards War. I have a feeling dreamberries were involved...This is not a happy family group. Rayun has no magic and his personality is Go-back through and through.

This is Cascade, daughter of Treestump and Clearbrook. She turned her back on the Way (but NOT on the Wolfriders or her parents) and chose to live in the Palace after having her wolfblood removed. Like the Sunfolk, she can manipulate the Palace and is tutored by Timmain. She may have other magic that has not awakened yet.



Daughter of Jarrah and Ingen.

Yurin was born from the question "What if Rayek had a little sister who inherited their mother's colours?". She has her brother's levitation power, at about the same strength that he had before training with Ekuar, though for the longest time she hid it because she thought Rayek wouldn't deal very well with the competition. She's maybe 200 years younger than him. Unlike her brother, she isn't unhappy with the traditional Sun Folk lifestyle, but she has always felt the need to be all that she can be.

While Rayek still lived in the Sun Village, she hunted in secret, only for the meat she herself could use, but when the Wolfriders left and Dart offered to teach the Sunvillagers to hunt and defend themselves, she joined in this. When Yurin was a child, Savah had come to her much like she did with Rayek, offering to train her in the use of magic, but Yurin declined and Savah accepted her reason, her wish for keeping the peace and not setting herself up as a rival to her brother. But when Rayek left and she started hunting openly with the Jackwolf Riders, she finally took Savah up on her offer.

The Tektek and Lunaii maker versions.

Doll Divine: Air Element maker.

Doll Divine: Fire Element maker.


Daughter of Venka and Windkin.

She was born during the eight-eights-times-eight turns of the seasons when the Wolfriders were waiting to catch up with the Palace that Rayek had flown into the future. Windkin had left Sorrow's End to go exploring, ending up finding the Wolfriders' Holt in the New Land, and he and Venka Recognized. Kirva has inherited Gliding/Levitation from both sides of her family, so she can both fly and levitate small objects. Being a mix of all four ( then known ) elf tribes and growing up with influence from all of them, Kirva doesn't identify with any one culture, she walks her own path. She's a huntress and a scout.


Well, for a bunch of these I don't have dolls yet...

HalfElven and Strongbow = Archer (male)

HalfElven and Skywise = Starsong and Wolfsong (twin female)

Wolfsong and Rayek = twin boys

Clearbrook and Treestump = Whisperling (female)

Aroree and Pike = Breeze, a floater with as many moods as the wind (male)

ShenShen and Breeze = Nutmash (male)

Sunstream and Tyleet = still unknown

A bunch of them were developed for the What If story Kings Redux... though Whisperling at least made it into HalfElven's story... because I kinda grew attached to the little girl who was almost as silent as Strongbow and liked to work with beads...


Hi, I have my odd little batch here.

Shreeah, daughter of Maleen and Rayek. She's lived with every (canon) tribe but the Wavedancers, and honestly, that one might happen eventually, since she is a self-shaper. Wanna know who raised her from four to sixteen(ish)? Kahvi. XD I think you can imagine Shreeah's reaction when her Daddy banished the Go-Backs from the Palace, and then dragged her into it with magic... Er, "not good" might just be an understatement... Anyhow, in order of sort of general timeline the outfits occur during:

She's born in the Sun Village, but lives with the Go-Backs from four to sixteen. Then when Daddy drags her off in the Palace, she decides to stay in the Sun Village with her mother, rather than deal with her father, and joined the Jackwolfriders. She ended up in the Forevergreen, too. When everyone got pulled into the Palace after the Shards War, she ended up deciding to live with the Wolfriders - and met her little sister for the second time. Now, Kahvi and Cutter's son, Krot, who she watched for about two years before Venka was born, spends his time trying to get her into his furs. When he finally succeeds, he also succeeds in siring Featherdancer, and right around that time, Cutter hands over the leadership of the tribe to him. And the real reason she didn't give in to Krot a long time before she did? She just wanted to know how many times he was going to try.

Then there's Greenpetal, who was born after Redlance and Ruffel Recognized. When the Wolfriders set off after Cutter, Ruffel remained behind. She had become part of a /fourmate/ (made up whatever) with Redlance, Nightfall, and some unnamed Sun Villager who I spotted in the OQ and am inventing a name for. Anyhow, she and said unnamed-Sun-Villager raised the children they'd had with Nightfall and Redlance - Rochhead and Greenpetal. After the Forevergreen, which she was involved in, she moved in with the Wolfriders as well.

Greenpetal up till the Palace shows up at Sorrow's End; Greenpetal during the years the Palace was gone; and around the time of Searcher and the Sword/Discovery and whatnot.

...she's really fun to design outfits for. >>

Cherah, daughter of Krim and Treestump. Treestump never saw that coming. XD Neither did Krim, to be fair. But the whole tribe enjoys her...and her preserver-spit-gelled hair. She's also friends with Shreeah and Greenpetal, and, later in life, when she ends up as part of the Howling Rock holt, really enjoys teasing her younger brother, Sust. Really, really enjoys it. She's Krim's daughter to the letter, really.

Last but not least, since I decided to use him (with a rename)...

Kahvi had Venka still, but before Venka, she had this kid. She named him Krot, and he spent an awful lot of time around girls while growing up (aka Tyleet, Venka, and Cherah). Really, he was the only male child in the Wolfrider tribe while the Palace was gone. He did make it a bit easier on Cutter though. Not much, but a bit. He wandered off when his mother did, and I really don't quite know exactly what he did (but he did find himself in a cocoon a long time before the rest of the tribe), and settled back into being a Wolfrider when he somehow showed up at the Father Tree. He and Suntop are very interesting brothers. Oh, and personality wise? Well, he's a much calmer version of Kahvi. Much calmer, and much less impulsive. His main goal in life, other than helping the tribe out and such, is to get Shreeah into his furs. At some point, he succeeds, and also sires Featherdancer, shortly before his father abruptly decides to turn the tribe over to him.

Rockhead, son of Nightfall and some unnamed-Sun-Villager. The parents went into a fourmate with Redlance and Ruffel, then left the children to be raised by Ruffel and unnamed-Sun-Villager on their supposedly short trip. He also ended up in the Forevergreen with Shreeah and Greenpetal, but elected, instead of going into the Father Tree holt, to join Ember's tribe. His time is spent harassing Cherah, Yun, and Tyleet, but he's surprisingly reliable. He's good friends with Sust though, since he's just as stubborn. (He was originally named Goldleaf, for his hair, but that was quickly changed when his stubborness really showed up...and yes, it did involve rocks and his head).


I've always found it odd that after the kidnapping of the twins, 500 years passed without any new cubs. Here are two that I would have liked to see.

Ranzah (Hope's Light), daughter of Cutter and Tyleet.

Sundew, daughter of Scouter and Dewshine.


Planing to do some listing here


Spiritmaker is the child of Recognition of Strongbow and Winnowill, conceived when he was caged in at Blue Mountain. Strongbow does neither remember the Recognition (ask Winnowill how she made him forget) nor knows about his child.

Being afraid that she would be abused and broken as well, Two-Edge has stolen her as an infant and dropped at the Go-Back Lodge. Urda nursed and raised this baby coming out of nowhere, calling her Snowfawn. During her childhood and youth she was secretly visited and supplied by her big brother who loves her tenderly. You can imagine that with this parents, Go-Back upbringing and Two-Edge's influence she is not really of nice and trusting nature.

Spiritmaker has a "mental shield" that enables her to hide from magic users like Sunstream and keeps her out of reach of Mommy Dearest's black sending. Disadvantage: healing will not work either (as long as she doesn't REALLY trust the healer).

After Urda's death she became a wanderer on the WoTMs, holding contact with Two-Edge only.

I hope her "family" will follow soon. Smile



A canon what-if, Zhantee+Leetah from when his fantasy-life flashed before his eyes in Shards:


This is an awsome thread you started, I love all of the what-if children....Heart


Thank you, cometduster! Do you have any you'd like to add?


O.K. here is Sparklenight Her mom and dad are Shenshen and Rayek


Here is one of my new ones, Sandrunner. Son of Rayek and Nightfall. Don't have much on him yet, except that he loves exploring the dessert. Rayek hasn't allowed him to explore much of the sandy dunes, but any chance he gets is spent in the dessert.


Hehe ... Sparklelight seems to be your identical twin, comet Wink

I already like the bit of background you gave Sandrunner, Startear - a not so compliant, adventurous kid for Rayek Tongue


Here is Ekah, daughter of Ahnshen and Moonshade. Like Sandrunner, her background isn't done, but her personality is.


The what-if child of two what-if children. Featherdancer is pretty lively, but also a complete and utter sweetheart. She's also the Blood of Thirteen Chiefs (counting Ember, even if her father and his half-sister are chiefs of separate tribes). (Backstory there, Cutter decided, after quite a long while, to give up his wolfblood and pass the tribe on (I have yet to come up with any real decent reason for that), so he handed it to Krot. (Remember that part where she wanted a kid with Cutter and some weird dual tribe thing? This is kind of sort of her wish fulfilled...I think! xD )) Anyhow, basically, she's the product of the (extremely) long time it took for Krot to persuade Shreeah into his furs. Nope, not a Recognition baby. (As to why it took so long for Krot to get Shreeah there, she was just curious to see how many times he would try). Uh. Yeah. XD Have older Shreeah and Krot, and their daughter.


I love to see this tread grow Happy

Sparklelight looks very familiar in hindsight, comet Wink

Sandrunner seems to be both a sweetheart and enterprising. Ekah looks a bit stubborn - though she comes much after her Daddy physically she seems to have inherited Mommy's attitude.

Your elves are really productive, Chama - as is your imagination. I like Featherdancer! She comes after her grandfather indeed - all three do! I so see Bearclaw and Rayek now that the other two are matured.

This one was made just for fun ... but now I wonder:

What would have happened when Surge had not seen Shuna at the very first meeting - but Savah. And eyes met eyes ...

- Marisol, daughter of Surge and Savah


Here is Kanzee, daughter of Venka and Chot. The idea was from one of Kathleen's stories, where both were nearly killed by Zey. And most easily acsessible when making one for the Are you my Moomy? Or Daddy? thread


Chot and Venka Surprised -now that would be a mix! Rough but harmonic look, Startear.

Another child just made up for the game thread - Nh'ekari, daugher of Ekuar and Longfin


This is the cub of Ahdri and Wing....Smile

Gri is her name


Just for fun: Winnowill's and Rayek's twins - conceived by healers will, not Recognition

Darken and Ahray

btw: Darken is male XD


So the unnamed Sun Villager lady that Lonetree once did a Subeta of has finally gotten a name (Eliarah)...and now kids. xD Both by Pike, both outside Recognition, and the second born only three years after the first. My exposition from the post of them in the group...
There's Daniv, who she has outside of recognition (much to her surprise) with Pike, and Ranyah, also with Pike, basically in a year of Daniv - another surprise. xD I will fully admit that Ranyah was inspired by Ekuar and thinking that bald elves look awesome. She likes to take inky-ish sorts of things and do what basically amounts to say, drawing on yourself with a sharpie, with them, and has certain favorite patterns. She gets lost from the Sun Village in a sandstorm, wanders her way to the lodge of the Go-Backs, after they'd been scattered by Rayek, and stays with them for quite a while. At some point, something happens (still figuring that out) and she leaves them to wander again...and at some point after that, she stops having hair so she can be an awesome bald elf, and somehow winds up with the Wolfriders. I'm still working out which tribe of them she joins, or if she goes back to the Go-Backs or what... As for her older brother, he's a Jackwolfrider and goes off with his dad and Ember's part of the tribe, after the Palace thing. He and Cherah have a bit of a rivalry over who can be the cooler older sibling to Sust.

I'll add family images at some point, maybe.


Clap Beautiful dolls everyone! Thumbs_up


The daughter of recognition between Two-Edge and Venka.

I call her emerald. named by her father whose devotion is unmatched by elf or troll. he crafts wonderful jewelry and armor for her his prize jewel of him and his fair maiden.

Her power is healing and the ability to push back the black snakes magic.

I did two versions one more elfin than the other considering she would be more elf than troll.


It's always fun to visit this thread and see the gathered what-if children.

Unuexpedted pairing, Startear - Kanzee takes after Daddy ... with her mother's calmness showing through. Lovely golden appearance for Gri, comet. Daniv looks like a carefree, lucky guy - I like the bushy hairtails he inherited from Daddy. It's great to follow Ranyah's developement, Chama. Once more your unique ideas and courageous design made an outstanding character, Chama.

LOL ... I had to laugh when Emerald appeared, FireStar! Perfect name for the daughter of Venka and Two-Edge - and a perfect costume design as well. You captured all of Venka's colors, gave her Daddy's hair and love for gems ... and a touch of trollish temper! It's mostly this expression that makes me prefer the first one.

You wonder what's so funny about it? The fact that she has an older brother Wink - made for the Mommy/Daddy thread some days ago and forgotten to bring here. Meet Glowstone, the Healer!


Very nice Embala! I like the mix of the parents hair colors! The eyebrows are perfect two edge has similar ones.

My goal was to mix sun villager, go back and troll. I used Shards in the tower for my baseline of both parents since it has them together in many scenes.

I still think it may happen, I hope so for two edges sake! It would be wonderful for him to find love or at least have someone to love him even if Venka didn't their child surly would. crazy yes but he would be a good daddy.


- couldn't resist to group the "siblings" Wink

Glowstone by Embala - incl. minor edits and a size change, Emerald by FireStar


LOVE IT!!! Their parents would be very proud!


Another one I forgot to post here - Greenwave, daughter of Yun and Wavecatcher


YaySweet! It looks gorgeous and i especially love the hair and feet!Clap