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Worse than Spam...


What could be worse than a spam.thread run amok?

How about a spam thread without any rules of any kind?

Its not a lounge...

Its not an off topicism...

Its not even an attempt to be funny, random, or individualistic....

...Its just a lot of wasted space, strictly "because its there"



Guess waht I had for breakfast?!?

Not liverworst!

The white cieling looks grey.

Yo mama is such a yo mama that her yo mama jokes get told to yo mama.

Brown skys, nothing butt purple skys...

Owww. My anurism.

Oh we dont eat wood we dont play fair but we like to play with our food.


Derf. Its Fred backwards. It was also what someone was called in one of my classes.

Another guy named everyone in the class, using names of famous "bad guys". All the other classmates agreed that this one class mate would be known as Charles Manson. I dont know what that person looks like, but they said this guy looked like him.

Wireless on my phone takes a lot of power.

The sun has a lot of power. I wonder if it knows.


bleeding ink can be mopped up with a blotter, but it is uncertain if blotters are still available

Now available: K9 Krunchies! Now with bones to make them actually crunchy. Made for 100% pure road kill. Yup, Scruffy goes down smooth with a glass of warm milk.

Oh, by the way, you left the milk out last week, but I figured you had a plan and left it.

On your left, you will see a *censored by FBI*, which is where you can *also censored*.

Arduinos like sensers, but not water.

Water makes things grow... Inside your brain....

Batteries dont last long under water.

But a can of Spam lasts forever.