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Dollz as card art?


Staring a new thread, which can be used as its own jumping-off point among artists.

Quoting a PM:

I noticed you are in the doll group and was wondering: if we ended up using dolls for the card images how long is needed to set up a recognizable "chest up" image? I have come across around 200 characters so far, and that doesnt include all of the wavedancers, wolves, gobacks, and gliders (only some of those) and there are some wolfriders from the earlier times left out. If we cant use origional art, its going to take quite.some time to make them all, though we dont have to do them all at once.

This could work! With the support/permissions of the other dollers, of course. If you are talking about strictly using Microheros (what else has 200+ characters?) the main issue would be missing templates. There'd need to be male and female trolls, AND boy / girl models. I did some Digger/Troll hybrids for World Of Danen which may work as Teenager Trolls.

Two-Edge I think has always needed his own base, and maybe one for Ekuar as he's too frail for the regular base. And I've seen Gliders on the regular base and the High One base I photoshopped. Maybe a new midline would be in order...

The initial microhero elf base BTW would be credited to Joffre Roda. Katcombs/Tynami could tell you how to get in touch with him if need be. But I think a shoutout in the credits may suffice.

I dont know if I have *everything* that was once up on Kat's site, and I dont think that everything by everybody has been reposted on the scroll since.

And, not that I'm short of Preserver dolls by any means, but maybe they need a Micro base too... Hmm...


Just a point: while I get a rough idea of what you mean, I dont have any frame of referance for various concepts. I understand that there are (2D ot 3D) tempates or models of.the figures body, that can be colored and have clothes drawn or applied (not sure), but I dont know how lon this all takes compared to drawing all tgis by hand. Also, I dont understand how much posability is available, though as it is just head and sholders, not much is needed I suppose.

Anyway, Embala is also in the group and knowsbmore than I do, if we go this route itll probably be your guys' deal. Id still like Pini art or clips from the stories, as I feel that half the reason for a customizable game is to play with origional story elements, but thats not up to me, of course.


All I can say is it takes ME less time to deal with a doll. I take FOR-EV-ER to draw a decent humanoid figure, but do OK adding clothes and the like to a template. My general tactic (when not modifying a template for a set of clothes or hair) is to take a template and draw over that in pencil, then scan THAT, and do another trace in pixels or vector lines.


Posibility would definitely be a drawback to the doll concept, tho.


One thing I think would be for sure: if dolls are used and we have multiple members making card profiles the same style of doll should be used for each character, but the characters should be posable if possible, meaning that each card image should appear unique, but the stylong roughly the same (it might look wierd if you had an elgant conehead with long graceful lines on one card and a chibi cutter on the next) not to say that the same exact model has to be used throughout or anything, and a guess therr could be as many as two or three different but similar styled models with out it looking too chaotic. I dont know what Im talking about so its hard for me to explain.

Anyway, i just saw some sheets of doll heads that were based on the same face, but were all of different characters and it pointed out to me that certain forms of uniformity are good, but carbon copies are bad.

Anither way to look at it is if we were going to use different styles of dolls for every character we could just as easily see how many characters are already done as dolls and as drawn fan art, and save some time. Does that make sense?


OMG put some hair and clothes on me! ::blush::


Its ok, it doesnt count, theyre aliens!


I think, at this point, dollz would be a great idea to get the ball rolling

Ill be posting a new thread for the details, but for demo Im going to use the character profiles in "who's who" on this site, since they are already there and cropped, but thats barely enough to demo an expansion for a CCG. Many more would be needed, especially if the expansion would be playable on its own.

Im being vague about expansion of what, since its only 80% nailed down and I want to hear from others.

Sorry if I didnt jump in with a goahead right off, Jeedi, its a great idea, and makes it simple for people to get their ideas out, or in the case of Embala, use pre-existing dollz for personal cards.

At this point Im throwing uniformity out and goong for "getting anything to work". If we want to update and revamp it later, so be it.