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Okay, now all she needs is a name!


And here I am. Well at least this is how I see myself as an elf. I am a mix between Eyeshigh, ShenShen and me, lol.

I have made up some names, but they just didn't seem to be right for her.

Any one got an idea?


You have forgotten to mention Joyleaf Wink ... at the very first moment I thought of her.

She's awesome - beautiful, tempting and sassy. The wide mouth gives her a unique, charecteristic look. I like her suntan and the leafgreen eyes - but it's the hair that caught my attention and admiration. Careful, lively shading and bright color ... like a waterfall in sungold.

For me she would be Sunfall. Smile


Pamela Anderson!


How about Shinebright




For some obscure reason, she just seems to scream 'Halo' at me O.ó


Me too Hypnotize

Sunshade perhaps?




Oh ... me likes!


Thx u all. for the great names. Although Pamela is a bitt too human... Smile, she does look like her, now that you mention it.

I agree, her name must be a reflection of her hair, it is her "mark".

And yes, her hair is very bright.

Thinking the outline of her hair should have been less yellow, maybe I'll change it a bitt. But not right now, I am working on a very special project of one of the most important Wolfriders, which has been the least drawn, to my knowledge.

No, I am not going to tell yet, you'll have to wait and see, I promiss you before the end of the week I will post it on this forum.


Maybe even sooner! I'm feeling inspired and I am working hard on my new project.....

Ps. I said "all she needs is a name", but as you can see that is not all see needs. SHe definatly needs clothes too. Any ideas what colors I should use? I like to go with brown, but something more colorfull is, I think, better for her.

Let me know!


"... one of the most important Wolfriders, which has been the least drawn ..."

Wonders who this would be ... a chief? Tanner? Goodtree? Two-Spear? Or just a tribemate I cannot think about now? Looking forward to see your artwork! Smile

About Goldilocks' new clothes ... I actuall think brown suits her- it goes well with her remarkable hair and dims it down a bit. Bright, dominant colors in the outfit might make her gaudy. On the other hand - going with all browns will make her Joyleaf's lookalike.

I was thinking of basic brown - with a highlighting color. A fair pink (rose?) came in mind - like those Japanese cherry blossoms. Or a fair blue - matching the Summer sky.

Sungold- Skyblue - Earthbrown ... a color scheme I could imagine for her.


If I would go for brown and pink/red, she would be more like Joyleaf, she had those combinations too. But who says it is only for her, right. I am thinking about blue or green or maybe three colors? A bit like Leetah in KoBW.

I finished the drawing, now I need to think of a background. It just isn't finished without a good background.

Ps Embala, you are close....


Skyfire? Wink ... somehow I think you prefer to dro girls.


Not this time, although you are right. Drawing girls is some how easier for me.

I have made a drawing of this girl with a mate, it has been in my notebook for years and it is next on my list for coloring.

And again you are close.


Oh, we are going to see Prey-Pacer and Wreath? Or Prey-Pacer and Softfooft? *hopeful*


Well - I could list the chief's line ... try a last guess: Mantricker!


Ouch, very close both of you!

Just wait, I think I'll be finished tomorrow. Making an all nighter, just for you.


Yay *sets camp*


OK here is the winner *Dayglow*


I am narrowing down the list to Sunfall and Shinebright.

Sunfall, because I love the name Nightfall and Shinebright, because I can picture her being born and the first thing her parents see is her bright yellow hair


He is here!

I just uploaded my mistery man to the forum. Tell me what you think.

The background is not what I had in mind, not at all!!! But I just wanted to post him and I rushed things ....



Found him! Happy

My suggestion is in the final round! *happy dance*


...Shinebright is a good name for her! When I look at her, she does look like a shinebright to me, though Sunfall is a nice name too!


She's got a name!!

Shinebright, but she is born Sunfall! I like them both, so this is the best solution.
I am playing her in a revived Holt: http://oceansedgetowerholt.forumotion.com/, posted my first story about her too, lol.


A reminder...
Elf 3



I'm happy she was Sunfall in her childhood :) ...

... but after reading back I'm even happier that comet's suggestion was chosen! Shinebright suits her - she is shining for sure.

Mind to introduce her by name in the Dollz thread? *-:)


Nope. Now that I have chosen the names, it is who she is. Before it was.....a combination of me as an elf, Joyleaf, Eyes-High and a bit of ShenShen.



Nope what? ... I'm afraid I don't understand. She's no longer the one from the dollz thread?


Sorry.... I meant I don't mind. Sorry. Was doing 2 times at once....


=)) ... so easy to understand! Guess I've messed up. Doing kinda 3 things at one time ^^


Haha, try to do that at work too..... messed up telling everybody what to do. End of the story..... 2 were doing the same work and we forgot to do the other thing......