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The Den of Moonmoss

[Deleted User]

Hi all, and welcome to my messy den..oops, don't fall over now, the floor is full of things and pouches full of nuts and berries and herbs- also drawing materials...ok, so much for staying in charachter... :D

I deleted my ancient art thread and made this new one, for my new year's promise includes blowing the dust of my drawing and painting hobby. Stopping the Perfectionist Ready-Made-Artist from spoiling the good old-fashioned, dazzling, mind-liberating, belly-bubbling FUN of making pictures.

So, every now and then, you might get something in here.

My new encounter with the third kind called "pastel pencils" was engrossing and intense and inexplicably wonderful. I got a pack of those from Santa and was doubtful at first...pencils and pastels..merged? weeeeriiiiiiiid...But those turned out to be just the weird pencils for the weird me Smile I LOVE them. Only lousy thing is that since they're pastel they won't last too long...Tongue

So, here's what new year and new pencils brought with them(though topic is very much the same old as ever <grin>):


EDIT 13.10 12 I changed this to thumbnail size. I don't like the picture at all anymore, but have made a pact with myself as not to delete anything once published anymore. If you want to see it bigger tell me and I'll pm it to you.

Colours look bit off, in reality they are more saturated and tad darker, but still, have fun!

EDIT:I call this "what if Moonshade was human"- for all proportions are anything but elfish...will try elfin Leetah next, actually using reference pictures- this was a spur-of-the-moment work, with no reference- thus the human look and absence of curls. I only noticed that now myself. Headbang3 But most important of all, I had fun drawing her Smile

Wolfie, thank you for your beautiful comment Hug /end edit


OMG!! very beautiful! Heart


That's wonderful, Moonmoss - the pale delicate skin, glowing against the blue shades, framed by dark tresses. The hairholder pearls reflect the moonlight and the flower matches the intense purple eyes perfecly. I love the hair - the contrast between the clearly defined bangs and side tails and the soft brown cloud of the loose hair.

I've read you EDIT right before I wanted to point out that the eyes are slightly too narrow and the iris too small for a Pini elf and especially for Moonshade ... and that I miss some ear tips ... XD
Must be a pain to draw a pini elf when you learned to draw HUMAN portraits. Well ... she's an awesome human beauty! Happy

You had a reason for your decision, I guess ... but I wish this thread WOULD be cluttered. Even messed up to some degree like the old one you killed off Boohoo
This one has no past ... and a questionable future ... *when will you extinct this one* was my first thought after I've read your introduction. I know I'm weird in this point ...


Ah, a place which understands the nedd of mess. I feel right at home.

[Deleted User]

<blows the dust off from the thread and vainly tries to clean few cobwebs away> Yeah, this isn't as cluttered as the name implies, I must get to work filling it!
Dreamcat's and Wolfrider's beautiful artworks inspired me to dig this out too- and of course the fact that I have a drawing tablet again.
Most of the stuff I update are old pictures that you guys have seen before, but there's at least one new among them...
All comments and opinions are more than welcome.

Here's the very first picture of Moonmoss, my self-elf, done some years ago. Her face is bit too elongated aaaand I'd do some other things differently now, so I guess I'll have to update..:D

Then we have the Steampunk Elfquest Fan Friday inspired sketch of Ekuar that was coloured WITH A LAPTOP FINGER MOUSE! Believe me, I won't be colouring anything like that in a hurry again, it was a pain in the butt!

And last but not least, from the base of that Ekuar sketch, a canon Ekuar facial in Art Nouveau shades- actually the first complete picture with the new tablet- it takes still bit time to get used to both it and Gimp as a program...

Hope you enjoy!


^0^/ Yay! More colors to your den! And as far as I see, these fanarts make a good start! Every household or denhold needs pictures of it´s inhabitants! Your sElf-portrait catches a magical mood. Purple night, moonlit spring, moss and mushrooms, and a maiden lost in thoughts. Did she shape the little waterpit herself?
What a nice idea to give poor Ekuar a new an shiney steam-driven arm. The outfit fits him very well, he looks totaly the gentleman he is. The other one is also very nice. I noticed how soft the fur of his hat looks. It makes me wanna touch it... o_o


I've commented on Moonmoss in the first thread you made and killed. Unhappy Don't remember my remarks ... and cannot find new words. It just reminds me of the old thread and makes me sad. Sorry.
Best thing I can do is to second Dreamcat's praise - she gave your girl the love she deserves.
Damn ... I love the nostalgic style and the character plate layout, Moonmoss.

Allow me to quote myself about Steampunk Ekuar ... he looks simply awesome, Moonmoss! I like the miscievous trait in his fatherly, wise expression.
This outfit is something I can absolutely imagine him wearing. Simply love the artificial arm you created for him - a natural solution in a Steampunk universe, I guess. Yet unexpected for me ... havn't thought of this option! All the gear-wheel and pressure pipe details in gold/brass and silver are perfect.

WOW ... again! on Ekuar - this time in his familiar duds. He looks softer than Steampunk style - must probably because of the soft for Dreamcat pointed out. The almost lively brown shading and the blueish accents give a well rounded impression.
I absolutely love how you showed his face ... clearly aged, showing that he had to go through hardship wise wise eyes - and there's still this hint of youthful playfulness and joy of life.

Yes, I enjoy, Moonmoss - very much! I'm so glad for you that you got a new tablet - and inspiration to use it *hugs* And I'm overhappy that you share with us - and revive your art thread.

[Deleted User]

Oh, now I*m the one blushing in front of my computer...Dreamcat, Embala, I don't know what to say at recieving such praise. It sure means lot to me that you are enjoying these pictures. And it's funny that both of you think the steampunk costume fits Ekuar so well Smile So a biggest thank you I can imagine and a big hug to you both. This really inspires me to draw more!

oh, Dreamcat- Moonmoss didn't shape that basin, my other selfelf Selyah(Sunvillager) is the sand/soilshaper. But I'm glad you saw the athmosphere in the Moonmoss picture that I aimed for- bit magical, glinting mosses etc.


You are welcome, Moonmoss *hugs* I'm looking forward to see more pretties and awesomeness!


oh, Dreamcat- Moonmoss didn't shape that basin, my other selfelf Selyah(Sunvillager) is the sand/soilshaper. But I'm glad you saw the athmosphere in the Moonmoss picture that I aimed for- bit magical, glinting mosses etc.

*facepalm* my bad! Wink

[Deleted User]

I made a quick colouring play of light and shadow of an old drawing of mer-Moonshade. Since it's world of Two Moons, I decided that they have extra-glowing jellyfish that won't sting :D

I*m also re-drawing and colouring old drawing of Moonmoss with dreamberries..

So here's "Searchlight"


What a spooky atmosphere! She must be somewhere VERY deep. "Searchlight"? What is she searching for?

[Deleted User]

Dreamcat, I don't know what she's searching for, but something that means lot to her, since she's descended all the way down to the bottom where pressure is high and lanternfish and other creatures of the deep dwell...or then she just wants to meet Jeedai's merpeople who live there Laugh

I got around playing with the picture a bit more and wanted some REAL contrast in it...


Unusual coloring - mysterious like the dark depths of the oceans. It's definitely Moonshade - beautiful and well adepted to a varient environment. The coral chest adornements remind me of the mossy decoration from the lovemates character and the red and violet tail follows her look from SatS. Much more lively than just hues of violet - giving an idea her of sparkling colorful beauty even in the shaded abyss.
The living "searchlight" is a neat idea - very appropriate.

Eerie mood and striking light effect in the second one! I imagine her being even deeper now, where absolutely no light is left. Frightening thought to be down there - it must be really important for her.

Fantastic sight both, Moonmoss!

[Deleted User]

Thank you, Embala! You know that your comments always mean much for me Hug

I was so happy to get the suprise- beautiful avatar of my self-elf -today from Dreamcat that I got into work myself and finished colouring an old sketch of Moonmoss. She's my self-elf, and I've made her big sis of Rain the healer, thus aunt of Pike...though otherwise very calm and peaceful, she has a love for dreamberries and those make her mischievous...Wink


Must I still tell you that I LOVE the picture? *chuckles*

Moonmoss "dreamy" expression is prizeless. Her purple cheeks prove that she had gathered clearly more dreamberries as the big basket can hold. I can see her filling her mouth with one handful after the other. Wink I like the fact that she has to support herself on her palms - Perfectly chosen pose.

The berries are actually glowing ... an almost hypnotic sight. The dreamberry bushes look appropriate blurry and floating - sort of mirrors Moonmoss' mind and sight Laugh Very well thought out and wonderfully done.


She really looks satisfied and relaxed. The bushes in the bg create a nice atmosphere, almost psychedelic. As Embala said, the berries really look delicious and juicy. I want some too! e____e

[Deleted User]

Awww, thank you Embala and Dreamcat! Hug Your comments bring me great joy- and I'm glad that you enjoyed the "psyche-berries" bg Smile

Here's a hint what might be coming next- though I don't know when, I don't have much time for drawing at the moment...


A hint, hm ... hard to judge from this sketch! Wink Kahvi in new Winter duds and fur puffs braided in maybe? Missing her grin, tho ...

That's very promising! Looking forward to see it finished, Moonmoss Smile


Seems more like Winnowill to me.

[Deleted User]

DJ Immoral Hands, you were correct...here's the finished thing.

EDIT: uploaded the correct picture now, first one was too big and had a thing or two missing... Headbang
EDIT2: tried to make it smaller for the forum page....DJAF, I think I recall this kind of rainbow-eyes on Winnie in some cover of EQ magazine..or then I just made that up in my head :D


O,o interesting eye color!


Embala found my old thread, thank you so much! I'll post the Alphonse Mucha's "Emerald" inspired Ember here too. Going to colour this later.

Ps. after commenting Night_Tanen's art today I wanted to use pen and paper too, no digital in this one O:-) *heeheeheee, just HAD to use that smiley*

And BTW, if someone got that impression I'm against digital art then: No, there is absolutely nothing wrong doing digital art, it's usually even more time-consuming than pen/paper. Digital is just one medium to use just like any other.


Great new start, Moonmoos! Ember going Mucha looks fantastic. I'm glad you've posted the uncolored version. I enjoy to concentrate on the lines and the different and the different style for a first view. Looking forward th see her in full color.
And a joyful remeeting with familiar "old friends" ...

I still like this old "character plate style" Moonmoss so much. It was the first impression I got of her and your art, Moonmoss. She's so at peace in this picture. The silvery moons create a mystic mood ... their light turns the water in an enchanted well.

EDIT: You could quote Delhya's comment and bring it here!


@Moonmoss Sorry there was no poncho or good hats. So I just incorporated more maroon. Hope you like! ^_^