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Reserved characters (for NPCs and 'bosses')


Seperate post for each character, location, thing, or whatever, stating the name and purpose.



Most NPCs use templates and whatnot, and while there will be some special characters not open to players, players won't be blocked from naming themselves whatever they want or making their character look however they want.


This thread is now about if there are any FAN characters you want added as NPCs. I don't know how much fan-generated (fanfic) content will be done, but if there's anything you want added, post it here.

It doesn't matter how fanciful or "out there" the idea is, if you feel it fits the World of Two Moons, post it. It may or may not go in, but if we don't know about it, it definitely can't.


As an example, I submit Viking Trolls.

Viking Trolls (actual name unknown at this time) live on the far east coast of Iceholt, at least as far north as the Frozen Mountain Trolls. They broke off from Guttlekraw long ago and now have a cold, salty settlement on the coastline, braving the seas.

There is a small human settlement south of them that don't really like them all that much (think of Gotara Tribe but afraid of green sea-beasts riding boats). The Trolls don't associate with them if they can get away with it.

So, as far as the game is concerned, this would add:

A Viking Troll character template and associated graphics for Male, Female, and Child.

A cold weather, Coastal version of the Human template and assoc.

Boats (need them for wavedancers anyway)

Cold sea creatures



Another example:

Hail's Frost Valley tribe

Adds a modification of Go-Back

Adds Ice-shaping as a skill

Adds a new map area

Adds new quests and monsters.

Does not necessarily add an actual tribe. In this game, Tribes are the EQuivalent (see what I did there?) of player Guilds. In this way, players can form as many tribes as they wish to, wherever they want to.

There will be some seed NPC tribes that, if I can get it to work, morph over time into guild-tribes as the NPCs are replaced by players, but these will be far and few between, with specific purposes, such as getting the game going, or setting up quests.