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Items... if you want to see somethong in TrollQuest or FanQuest games, post it here.


Post lists of items you want to see in an gane we put together. You can just simply list the items you want to see, or go into greater depth describing what the item does, how it is made, how rare it is, or anything else you think is important. I will fill in the blanks or interpret this information as best I can into what the game understands.


Hammer of Two Edge
chunk of brightmetal


Picky's pickaxe: well made pickaxe that was apparently lost or stolen from Picknose. He probably wants it back. (unique, cannot be reproduced, study results in 20% boost in ability to forge a pickaxe, breaks down into 2 units brightmetal and 2 units hardwood. Moderate value, especially since Picknose might want it back, but might also figure you were the thief who took it.

Medium forge furnas: Used to heat metal for hammer forging. Can also be used to cook or refine ore, but is not as good at these things as other devices might be. (high value, worth several swords. Requires 15 units of flawless cut stone and stonework skill greater than 8 to make. Uses coal, coke, or wood fuel (x units per use, up to x number tools or blades per use.)

Drill hammer: stout hammer used in conjunction with a hammer drill to produce holes in stone. Not as good for forging or as a weapon, but can be used for such things. (made using metalworking skill (medium) and carving skill (low), as well as 2 units metal and 1 unit hardwood. Value: 3 gold. +1 strength when used as a weapon. Produces 1 unit metal and 1 unit wood fuel if broken down.

Shirt: crude woven garment made from root fibers and dyed red. Doesnt protect much, but shows a little better status than a nude pauper. (value: 1 gold, requires 4 units dried roots and weaving skill to produce. Breaks down into 1 unit wood fuel.)

Basically, all items (with exception of a few raw materials) have value, a list of contingencies to produce them, a list of materials or items that are produced if broken down, skill requiremebts to use, skills or research gained by studying the item, health or skill points gained by using or possessing the item, and any other thoughts for the item.