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character descriptions


Rika (Firestar rock shaper)

Ehren(Yenhei female tanner),

Ardal (Firefly male Chief)

Eda( Tehaar female non magic healer mother of redspear)

Adoptable characters

Kajera (female huntress orphan)love mate of red spear and Rika

Redspear (male hunter) son of Eda, love mate to Kajera and Rika.

Their relationship is similar to that of Cutter Redlance and Nightfall. My character would be in cutters place.

Coen(male elder and storyteller)

Tamara (Female tree shaper)

Shazan (Male tree shaper/ hunter)

Samara (Female Water breather)

Grub (Male Troll Warrior/weapon smith

decesed charicters:

Bearcleaver(male Hunter father of Rika best friend of Ardal)

Shadowshine(female huntress recognized life mate of Bearcleaver mother of rika)

Della (female life bearing love mate of Ardal)



Bond beast: female snow leopard named Firefrost

description: brown hair,hair style like joyleafs golden green eyes shaped like moonshades, eyebrows like Leetah, , face shape and lips like Trueflight.

Age: Early 20's

Power: Rockshaper

Weapon: spear and small throwing knifes

Skills: Hunting

Personality: strong willed, mischievous, loyal to a fault. playful but a little closed off since her parents death.

Clothing: headband black. black cloths with purple trim. go back attire. arm band with hawk feathers, wrist bands. will update as I have Ideas

jewelery: necklace made from bear teeth from bear that killed her mother and father. gold choker with peacock feather. passed down from her grandmother,

other: scar on shoulder from bear attack

Love mate of Kajera and Redspear until she meets Shazan and they become love mates.
She is a warrior, rock shaper, and huntress. Caring and A good heart but often distant. Due to guilt from her parents death.

Her compassion and drive to protect her people often sets he watching over instead of joining in. Of all elves she mostly resembles Bearclaw but feminine.

Their is only two in her tribe that see her soft side. lovers Kajera (female) and Redspear (mail) who are also her lovers. and her chief of coarse.

She also enjoys a drink with the trolls now and then and uses her powers to trade with the trolls, who wouldn't dare try to kidnap her again.

her parents died when She was a young teen. her parents were killed by a snow bear while trying to save Rika.

She uses her rockshaping to keep the Holt safe and never hesitated to use that power to defend her people.



Bond beast: female snow leopard named Featherfang, (For her taste for feathered prey)

description: short, white hair styled like kirms, purple eyes shaped like leetahs, face shape like moonshades.

weapon: bow and short sword

skill: non magic healer. weather with herbs and potions or fire and heat she can probably heal it.

personality: sweet and loving motherly to all children. takes care of orphaned Kajera and Redspear her own child. loves to explore and often ventures far to find her healing herbs and tools. A panther in the furs!

clothing: colors: white with dark green trim, wrist bands. will update as I have ideas.

jewelry: woven leather choker with gems dangeling, Feather earrings, medicine pouch tied to belt,

Love mate of Coen
Lost her mate (Redspear's father) on the trek through the Frostback mountains. He died trying to save kajera's mother from falling when the icy path they were crossing suddenly broke away and she fell zell (her mate) tried to save kajera mother (Fawn) but the ice he was on broke away and they both fell to their deaths. Eda was devastated but took charge and raised both children who were only 8 turns of the season. She left the main tribe with Ardal and the others too find a home where they could all be happy and she could finally grieve for her lost mate and dear friend.



bond beast: male snow leopard named: koji

description: long, dark grey hair braided like clearbrooks. One long Brade in the back and two in the front one on each side, golden eyes, a scar cuts across his fase from the hairline down to his cheek bone and to the corner of his mouth.
It is a claw mark from koji when they were first faced with each other in the pit. tree stumps build, no face hair.

age: our equivalent of 100

weapon: two short swords

skill:hunter, elder, storyteller

personality: joyful, youthful for his old age, pikes mentality.

clothing: hooded coat and pants, head band with feather on the side, blue cloths with white trim, boots brown. will update as I have ideas.

jewelry and accessories: carries a small pouch for dream berries his bear helps him hunt down, carries a pouch with spark rocks. gold headband like Redlance.

Lovemate of Eda
He is the last of the tribe to remember the day they were separated from their chief and leadership taken by Anke. Though Coen was only two turns of the season he remembers the attack vividly. His parents died when the tribe was caught in a storm two days later. Trying to keep him warm, they huddled together around him, It worked but they died, along with two elders and another cub.

He found his bond beast trapped in a human pit trap. nearly got mauled trying to save him but gained his trust after getting him out of the pit.



bond beast: Male Sow leopard named: Starchaser pure white with blue eyes marking very faint.

description: long, straight blond hair, dark and light blue eyes shaped like Timmain's, body type like Newstar's,

weapon: bow and two daggers one in a boot sheath the other at her waist.

skill: huntress, making jewelry, master archer(strongbow good!) .

personality: a stargazer like skywise, energetic and free spirited like dewshine, delicate for a go back. likes to learn a little bit of everything from the tribe members always gets her way like tyleet.

clothing: white with blue trim, as close as you can get to a dress in the snow. will update as i have more ideas. carries a pouch for collecting shiny things and mettles, and other pretties for jewelry.

jewelry: gold hoop earnings, chain male choker that dangles down her cleavage. all metal she found and molded herself, learning by trial and error.

Unrecognized life mate of Redspear and love mate and best friend of Rika
Lost her mother when she was 8 turns of the season and was taken care of mostly by her mate (Redspear's) mother but the whole tribe raised her.

Learned how to make metal things from her father who learned it for the short time their tribe and the trolls had been "Friendly" her father taught her enough to make jewelry and help armor the cloths Ehren makes, and adding jewels and such on them.

Dabbling on her own she has learned to make arrowheads, knifes, spearheads, etc....



bond beast: Male snow leopard named: Shadowcast
Female white owl named Windraider. Eats mice and other things. Tamed using his powers when they first left the tribe.

description: short red hair, with one small long brad on one side, cutters body type, green eyes.

power: communicates with animals

skill: hunter, scouter.

weapon: spear, small throwing Axe, kept in his belt

personality: fickle as skywise but his soul belongs only to Kajera though not recognized they hope for it ever since Rika's parents. tender and loving as Redlance, fierce and fiery as Scott.

clothing: black with white trim, boots, will update as i have more ideas

jewelery: gold necklace like cutters, and a gold armband

Unrecognized life mate of kajera, and friend and love mate to Rika.
After the death of his father they young elf fiercely guarded his mother and best friend Kajera. constantly training and out hunting most of his elders which is how he got the name Redspear.

Much like skywise he was and always will sly and fickle, more than enough love in his heart to go around. However on a rainy day while still with the first tribe Kajera and Redspear ventured away from the tribe to fool around they came to a cave red had found on a hunt earlier that day taking shelter in the cave they began their passionate embrace and suddenly humans from within the cave took her they fought and killed many but to no avail.

They took her he sent to his tribe but got no answer, they could not hear his call. He silently crept in and found her caged awaiting sacrifice. he rescued her and in almost losing he found he loved her much more than he thought he did. He still fools around with the ladies but kajera is always happily at his side. They have been with kajera and sometimes Ehren but not usually.
Last update on August 24, 2011 2:17 am by FireStar.


Ehren(Yenhei female tanner)

bond beast: Female snow leopard named: Freeflight, named for her joy of the chase and exploring. Much like her elfin rider.

description: Long brown hair, loves flowers and designing cloths. loves to hunt and spend time with her friends and keeping a grumpy chief in a good mood. Spends allot of time with Kajera sharing materials and making cloths and jewelry. (since Kajera discovered a little bit of metalworking)

skills: Tanner and Huntress.

weapon: bow and arrow and short sword

clothing: wears skirts when possible, elegant and extravagant forest wear.


No love mate
her mother was as much obsessed with revenge as their mad chief Anke, she was furious with Ehren for leaving the tribe with Ardal and abandoning their duty to their fallen loved ones but after seeing her father die in a fire lake on their long travels she just didn't want that anymore she wanted to be free to see without hatred in her heart.

Now she loves scouting out and exploring their new home and finding new things and animals to make cloths with for the tribe. more concerned with her new found freedom than with love she feels no need for a permanent love mate and usually sleeps alone but sometimes joins Ardal, Rika, red and kajera, and sometimes all three. but only in celebrations.

She spends allot of time trying to put a smile on Ardal's face. she was a friend of Della's and her and the babies death was hard on both of them but nearly killed his spirit. she strives to bring him back from his pain.


Ardal (Firefly male Chief)

bond beast: Male snow leopard named: Stormtreader. For his timely rescue of Ardal from the storm.

description: white hair, pale green eyes, pale skin, gorgeous of corse, likes dark Earthy colors, and blue feathers.

skill: hunter, tracker, chief.

weapon: long sword and bow. gets crossbow from trolls later.

Hard on the outside soft on the inside. Was good friends with Rika's parents. Lost pregnant mate to crazy chief. Nothing is more important to him than his tribe though he is often with them he is a world apart often he feels Della's spirit watching over him has close relationship with Ehren who often shares his furs.


Samara no bond beast as of yet.

Description: Black slightly curly hair, green eyes, webed toes and small fins on the back of her legs and arms. medium light skin. likes the color blue.

Skills: water breather/Huntress specializing in fishing.

Weapon: spear and dagger

Another slave of the trolls. She was made personal attendant of the troll princess and servant to the cooks. Missing a pinkie that was cut off for trying to escape.

Smart, can talk her way out of anything. Which is why she is still alive being that she cannot use magic. She was taken from a group of sea dwelling elves when she ventured onto the cliffs to look for seabird eggs. Can breath under water.


Tamara: bond beast none presently

Power: Tree shaper

Personality/description: Old as she is beautiful, This tree shaper is strong on the outside soft on the inside, always willing and ready to help. years of slavery by the trolls has made her harder than she used to be before she was captured. falls for Ardal instantly and warms his heart a little since his life mate died. Taken by the trolls from her jungle home.


Shazan: no bond beast as of yet. Son of Tamara.


Skill: Tree shaper. hunter (was made to hunt meat for the trolls as payment for not killing him.)

Weapon: sword and throwing knives. (Has also used his gift to his advantage while hunting as long as it would go unnoticed)

Grew up in slavery with the other trolls that were slaves. Best friend is grub a troll he works in the pit with and also the only troll to know of his gift. He is brave and strong. good since of humor, charismatic. Good hearted and straight like cutter, he always cuts to the heart of a problem and does his best to help those he cares about.

Has never seen another elf besides his mother, who is rairly allowed to be seen, but knows that their are other elf slaves. He and Rika instantly fall for each other.


Name: Glittergrub


Personality: She is a breeding slave of king Grey warts trolls. Used to be a happy fun loving troll who loved to care for others, now she is hardened and grief stricken from losing so many children to Greywarts madness.

She was picked from the female slaves to become a breeder because of her blue hair ( the king has a fetish for blue hair). She met and fell in love with hammertoe who was the kings other favorite for breeding qualities, when she became too unstable to breed with anyone because she would attack them. He was brought to keep her calm.
She then got more of herself back. Dreams of the day she will rip Greywarts heart from his chest.


Name: Dagny


The daughter of king Greywart charged with finding magic elves to bring back for breeding. Her mother was picked for her blue hair but was killed when she refused to mate with elves.

Personality: Dagny was only a baby and doesn't remember her mother but knows how she died, regardless she loves her father and wants nothing more for his love and attention. She would do anything for him and even though she has lost a few fingers always returns to her father.

Her devotion to her father aside she does not agree with his treatment of the slaves so she takes it upon herself to try and make it as easy for them as possible. magic users are well taken care of if they behave and others are tolerated if only for the fathers love for his daughter. She saved Shazan, and Samara from being eaten. Negotiates well.


Name: Hammertoe


Slave of king Greywart, taken from the mine slaves when he was a teen and brought to breeding because of his blue hair, left behind only surviving relative, a brother grub.

Personality: strong, greedy as Picknose but not quite as ruthless. Madly in love with Glittergrub, good heart under it all. Would do anything for his brother but they often butt heads as brothers do. likes to tinker.


Name: Grub

Description Troll, green skin, black hair, brown eyes, regular troll features but as handsome as a troll can be.

Weapon: Big troll sword and crossbow.

Slave in gem mines, has been trying to find a way to kill Greywart for centuries but has never been able to convince the others it was possible since they keep the women separate except for certain days and would kill them if they were to rebel.

Adventurous, loves to cause trouble with Shazan who usually does the dirty work and gets in trouble but grub takes the blame. Good since of humor and has good armor and sword making skills that he learned from his father as a slave in the forge.


Name: King Greywart


Ruthless, murdering king of the trolls. Has been obsessed with trying to breed trolls with elves to get magical Trolls, mostly he desires a rockshapeing troll after seeing his father die from being crushed by a rockshapers powers.

His curiosity bloomed and he began making her mate with the troll slaves as punishment but secretly to see if it were possible. She became pregnant but her and the baby died at birth. Then the hunt began.