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9th Annual Halloween Contest // RL/OC Costume Challenge


Site for this contest: http://katslegends.t15.org/Halloween.html

-- Site probably won't be updated until this is over --

Please post entries here or PM them to me.

What to do:

What you have to do is dress up ANY popular characters up as someone else for Halloween, but still show who it is. And that doesn't mean dress batman up as batman, more like dress him up as a bat or dress wonder woman up as a princess or Supergirl as Hermione Granger or Anita Blake as Alice from Twilight. There are countless things you can do.

Runs: Now -> Oct 31st - Open


* Dolls, sprites or micros, up to 3 entries for the judging, but you can send as many as you want. Be sure to tell me which 3.

* Character must be Marvel, DC, CrossGen, Dark Horse, Wildstorm or Image (or another comic company), TV, Movie or Book, no homemade characters, but who they dress up as doesn't matter.

* Both old and new micros and dolls will be accepted (unless they were in a previous contest)

* There will be several categories for the winners

* Prize is a micro or doll of your choice (female preferred, and only if the winner wants one) & awards, if you've won previous and still need your prize, please let me know ASAP

* Anyone can enter, new micro makers, older ones and doll creators!

* Keep them dressed, no nudes! (that's a different contest that I don't run anymore)

* If a doll, please include the name and location of the base in your email/post/PM

* Taking another persons, or another of your micros and changing the head does NOT count, the micro/doll must be done by you, please avoid frankendolling whole micros. Hair doesn't count since even I can't do hair :D

* Dollmaker dollz ARE allowed for the EDA only!


The fun stuff!!!

Creators in costume!!!

If you're dressing up for Halloween this year, send me your micro or doll for here. I'll probably change who I'm dressing as. These are micros ya'll make and I think it's cool seeing them all together.

Previous years of me Smile

PS: If you know of ANY other active micro boards I can post this on, show me the way!