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2013- year of the Flop?


Well, hmm... Dont know what to make of things wheeling this year. Had some fun this weekend, spent a lot of time working on my jeep the last month or so, adding an air compressor, beadlock tires, and a switch console I had worked on off and on the last couple years.

The console (overhead) fell down the first night, and spent the rest of the weekend flopping around on ropes I used to tie it back up. The air system was full of leaks and the oiler I made didnt work. The tires were wider than I had set up for, and rubbed badly. The jeep performed worse than last year, overall.

Still had a pretty good weekend, didnt get stuck or anything... Until the last stretch back to camp.

It was about 2am sunday morning, and I was extremely tired. I hadnt had a good night's sleep in days. Still, most of the trail was behind me, and my tent beconed to me. I had an old cell phone I had set up on a mount for a camera, and had taken plenty of video and whatnot, but in the pitch black of the forest there wasnt anything to record. Instead, I was using it to play music, as my stereo is not installed.

There is a stretch of trail that has three large mud puddles at the base of hills. I was passing the last one and got lax and didnt look at the ground around me very well, and my front tire caught the edge of the mud hole. It sucked me in and I quickly found myself holding myself in my seat with one hand on the steering wheel and my hip on the center console, trying to figure out how I was going to get myself jockeyed around so I could get out of the jeep without falling into the passenger side, which was now a foot under soupy mud.

I finally got my feet under me and stood on the passenger door sideways through my jeep trying to open the driver door, and realizing I was going to have to haul myself through the window, which is tiny. I worked myself out of there after calling my cousin back to get me out. He threw a winch on my bumper and flipped it back over on all four tires, and I drove out of it.

Only to end up getting stopped at the top of the hill with a foot to go. Very frustrating. I usually dont need help like this, but now the adrenalin was making me shake and doubt crept in, and the lack of sleep took its toll... I was makong more and more dumb mistakes.

I ended up killing my cousin's battery as he pulled me up that part of the hill. This made it harder to pull me out of the next thing I messed up in: lockong my jeep on a hill surrounded by trees. Yeesh.

Anyway, Ill post pics later. The card that has the pics is being downloaded elsewhere.

Well, goodnight for now. Working on the 5-6th night with little sleep....