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If you could have just one superpower, what would it be?


This is trickier than it sounds. You can only have ONE superpower, and it cannot imply another.

Example: if you choose superspeed, you dont get super thinking, super agiloty, or invulnerability to keep you safe from running into things.

What would you have, and why?


Personally, Im not sure what I would want, having a hard time choosing. Its narrowed diwn to:

Invulnerability (lots of job opportunities)
Mental control of electicity
Telekenisis at any scale (though yes, this implies that nearly any other power could be mimiked with it)
Wolverine healing (though nit as good as invulnerability in some ways, but might live longer)


Kin, I believe you just came up with the best super power...ever...of all time.

I think I would have to go with old school super strength. So many cool things I could do , plus if things didn't work out I could always join a circus.


Wow, good topic. There are so many possibilities and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Immortality for example: What if the earth is no longer habitable? Would you be spending eternity suffocating but unable to die? (A rather depressing way to look at the power of immortality, I admit, but that's always the first thing that comes to mind.)

The underlying question, for me at least, is: To what purpose would I want to use a superpower? It's closely tied to one that I've had since I was younger: What is my purpose in life?

When I sit down to ponder things like that, I inevitably discover that what holds me back most is fear. An unnamed fear, not a fear for something specific to happen, but just being anxious about making the right choices. Even though I cannot say for sure whether I would have made other choices if I had not been worrying about things like insurance, paying rent and buying food, it would be nice to not have to worry about what may or may not happen. Yet, being without fear, may also mean that the drive to achieve things will disappear. Or perhaps the wish not to lose that drive also stems from the fear, and it would be very peaceful not to have to push myself hard.

The best moments in life are those moments when everything just comes together. Not in the large sense, but in the small things. There are times I feel very connected with innermost self and although I'm still not sure what I want in life, I'm fine in the moment.

The now of wolf thought might be a blessing. Maybe it's not a super power per se, but it's the only thing I can come up with that is meaningful to me.


Putting a curse on someone that whenever they are unkind to another living thing without there being any need for it, they will immediately suffer some minor bad luck that, in the long run, re-conditions them to be nicer. Examples: A tire of your car blowing whenever you cut someone off. Tripping and falling whenever you cut in line. Biting on the inside of your cheek whenever you insult someone.


Good point, I didnt explain why I thought what I did. Great diacussion so far!

Im a little twisted about invulnerability: trying to be semi-realistic about the unrealistic "one power" rule, I sometimes consider it separate: the ibability to be damaged and the inabiloty to feel pain. For example, a slap in the face doesnt actually damage or injure a person, but it hurts.

Nevertheless, all this would change for me is career choice from "moving targe for the military" to "ultimate stuntman"

Just for kicks, either way.

I would consider joining the local "heros" group, though. i do want to help people, though Id be messed up if I had to decide between saving two people.


Sorry for the double post, on my phone and cant edit right.

TK would be a potentially bad one for me. Though I dont want anyone hurt or whatnot, I do have a tiny bit of roadrage bottled up when someone is being an idiot. There are time it would be extremely difficult holding myself back from aiding someone in their painfully slow turn off the road, or their inability to decide what speed they wish to travel, or their torn attention between their pbone and thwir car, or thwir additional indecisiveness between driving and parking (half speed limit)...

Yeah, powerful TK would be a potential bad one for me.

Mild TK would be almost worse. Similarly to the above, a pinched fuel line or a mental nudge of the ABS system would solve many problems... Or perhaps a temporarily pinched nerve to divert them out of my path when they block the isle in the store?

Dont get me wrong: the power would be used for "good" if allowed, to sort through crime scenes, fix "sealed box" issues, and the like.

Milder, but similar, the electric control would be fun, especially with the interest I have in electronics, tesla coils, and whatnot, i could have a lot of fun with it.

And besides, brains are computers... All electrochemical and stuff.... Could work on them too...


My brother and I actually used to have this conversation a lot, so I know my answer.

I would like the ability to 'sense' (see and hear, mostly) backwards through time and space (of my choice) and back at will. I kind of imagine it as a holodeck. I'd be there, but I wouldn't actually BE there, so nothing in time would be changed, but I'd know what happened.


I would like to have, the power to control plants.I LOVE plants and this ability would be verry usefull in my job as a gardner. I would be a gardner HERO Hypnotize
I have allso been thinking about, the ability to control fire or to fly. But I feel like controling plants, is the one I will be most happy about in the long run.


Beryl said

I would like to have, the power to control plants.I LOVE plants and this ability would be verry usefull in my job as a gardner. I would be a gardner HERO Hypnotize
I have allso been thinking about, the ability to control fire or to fly. But I feel like controling plants, is the one I will be most happy about in the long run.

Thats what it comes down to for anything: what makes you feel useful and happy. No point in doing a job if you hate it.

There was a time that I would have said flying myself. I had dreams of flying many nights, and the feeling while I flew was indescribable. I could go on for pages about my flying dreams, but I just wish I knew why they stopped. I digress.

Control of fire would be awesome. Depending on what degree of control you had, it is one power that can be adapted to nearly anything: protection from flame, flying (shape the flame into a jet and propell yourself), control of combustion engines, and perhaps even control of living things, as most biological processes are the result of the combustion of oxygen with fuel (carbohydrates vs hydrocarbons, they all burn). the exception, though, would be plants: they run on the opposite of combustion, using energy fron the sun to reverse the combustion process.... Though really its just how creative you are with your power...