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Christina R.'s artwork (2013-onward)


Here are my newest artworks Happy I don't know if the old ones are still somewhere on the forum - sadly I lost a great many files in a backup crash. But since I've been away for so long, I'll just post new works here if it's not a problem with mods Smile

Drew these in the last couple days - hopefully I haven't got too rusty and my elves still look like elves! Wink

Two Hearts Big
AKA my take on Brill and Skimback's "first date", as they realized they were falling in love with each other. Dedicated to Embala for reawakening my muse to do WaveDancers art! The title comes from the Ask Elfmom column where Brill describes her feelings for Skimback ^_^

Quick sketch of our beloved little mermaid ^^

My take on Redcrest's lifemate and the mother of Kroosh and Strand. Yeah, Strand takes a LOT after his mommy in looks and personality ^_^

Swim with us!
Darshek, Krill, Sandsparkle and Kroosh about to embark in an adventure of their own Yay


Really nice, Christina!


You've made an art thread! Yay Allow me to quote myself, please.

Two Hearts Big
Look at Brill's face - a little shy, a little dreamy, a calm happyness . I can see the love in her eyes. Skimback - a little daring, very tender, very happy and handsome. The "old-fashoined" look and coloring that is so famliar for me. Brill's rich heavy tresses and the delicate, shining-through quality of the fins, the shiny wet skin and the red glow of the coral mask.
I love it, Christina!

She has a kinda cute, rounded face ... quite a contrasst against Haze's edgy features. And there is this soft loving smile. Farbright for sure Smile

... Where's Haze? They don't want to be without each other!

Pearl ... what a beauty! I love how you've pictured her, especially the short, curly hair. Lovely, dreamy expression. Your thoughts about Strand's heritage make sense .... and one more mertail is a great idea.

Swim with us!
This is awesome, Christina! So cheerful and bursting with activity.
Kroosh, the bolt one, in protective pose: Stay away from my kin! Krill, the fierce, ready for another challege while having fun, noble Darshek hurries away where his curiosity leads him and gentle Sandsparkle - I love to see her so cheerful!

The colors are lively and harmonic together, I love how you've captured their different skin tones and made their hair glow. The blue outlines give a good underwarter feeling.

Can't wait to see more! Clap


YAY!!! You're back. Smile Really nice drawings Christina.

[Deleted User]

Your art is awesome- I'm so glad you post it here for us to enjoy. My definite favourite(for now ;D ) is the sketchy Pearl- she looks so peaceful and content there..



You know the only thing I can really think of right now is 'Oooh! Shiny!' Which makes a lot of sense since these guys and girlies being Wavedancers live in water. So they're all slick and shiny and... *spots Skywise wearing a dirty grin*. Yah I think I'll keep this PG-Rated. *Shoos away the flirty elf Casanova*.

Awesome art!

~ Pyre


Thanks you so much for the encouragement, folks :)

So this long overdue puppy is (one of the things) I've been working on!

Proud Grandparents - just because it had to happen, even if just in fan art realm.

(And yes, if W&P ever read this, it's a shameless that Haze and Farbright would be an excellent pick for mom & dad of Brill and Krill ;) ) *whistles innocently*

(link to fullsize; http://s29.postimg.org/4uo3ol1vr/Proud_grandparents.jpg)


These are splendid!


This is amazing, Christina! and dreamy ... beautiful ... full of love.

The floating poses in their water realm, especially Brill and Farbright ... the ghostly shine-through effects and the water shine on the living ones ... most of all the characteristic facial features and the speaking expressions.
Little Korafay obviously can feel the prescence and love of her grandparents - actually feel them enough to cuddle in their embrace. That's so touching.

It mirrors the loving family bonds as much as your love for the Wavedancers.


Very beautiful <3


Thanks so much! I worked hard to get it to look right and I'm so glad you all like the result ^_^

@Embala - Tee hee! Little wonder that Korafay, with all her family heritage, can "make out" the loving spirits of her grandfathers even more than most other elves ^_^

Any suggestions or requests for what I should draw next? I have a couple ideas I'm already working on but I'm always up for more artage ^_^


These are gorgeous @ChristinaRaibert!


Thanks @Thornbrake!

Shameless cut'n'paste from the thread for Skimback and Sandsparkle's baby...


ChristinaRaibert said: So, since EQ still hasn't given Skimback and Sandsparkle's baby a name, I went ahead and made my version. Until we see the little tyke's spirit swimming in the Palace, for me it's...

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

... Pip all the way! And yeah, I know it's a dumb name, but I wanted to make it a pun on the fact that s/he was unnamed in the series, so I gave him/her a not-name. I also drew Pip purposefully androgynous - you can imagine him/her any gender you want, really :) Appearance wise, I gave this little gold fish his father's beautiful golden skin and his mother's sand-colored hair (I know that Sandsparkle's hair is technically ginger in Discovery but I always envisioned her with the sand-blonde hair she had in WD#1, soo...)


The golden child ... *hugs and loves*


These are wonderful!!!


these are some of the most wave-dancery Wavedancers I've seen. Keep on dancing! >:>