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Alpha Testing...


This is the thread for organizing, notifing and discussing alpha tests of the fangame (whatever it ends up being)

Here's what alpha testing will look like:

I'll compile a version of the alpha test game, do a write up, and post the client file on a server.

I'll then post a link to the client file, instructions, and a brief description of what is being tested or looked at in the current version.

Depending on how things with the game work, I may only be able to run one version at a time. If this is true, only the current client will be available for a testing period, lasting until the next version is ready. When each new version is ready for download, the old version will need to be deleted from your computer, as it will have nothing to connect to. I'll state otherwise if we can have several different versions running at one time. This would look like:

Last and current version of:

graphics testing

mechanics testing

other features

other types of things that need tested.

The way the program works is there is a client and a server package. The server would be hosted on my home server, and the client would be downloaded by the tester and installed/opened. the tester then plays the test program to explore the new aspects of the game we are trying out. When they find an issue or get an idea, it gets posted to this thread or to the propriate thread.

Usually, we will try to have specific times for testing, so that we can have several players on at the same time to test interactions (eventually).

Additionally, one of the testers (possibly me) will post screen shots for those who want to participate in developing but do not have the ability to download the game.

For now, there is no current version. I'm working on getting the first elements together for the first look (will be HORRIBLE), but if you want to be notified by PM or just want to subscribe to the thread, reply below, if you please....


I'd like to see how this comes together. Maybe I can help with some of the graphics too.


It would be welcome!

Posted an image of what a map COULD look like with the available open source graphics.

I realized, though, that I need even more terrain after trying to make my own composite. Flat stone patches like roads wont be enough variety. One thing that would help this would be "hill" tiles and stream tiles. As well as mud/dirt patches to make a firest look more like a forest. Will also need to make a version of the cliffs without vegitation for the cliff face in the desert later on, as well as better sand tiles, and more.... What did I get into? The good thing is we are getting quite a graphics crew finally.