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Input needed: Known Quests


There's the big quests, like the quest for the palace, the quest to find a new home, the quest to find new kin, and more....

And then there's the little quests, both implied and mentioned or followed. List all that you can think of, don't worry about duplicates, how well known or obscure. These are going to be used as a great part of the content of the game, and I have quite a list already, but we don't want to leave anything out!

Here's a list of examples:

The Quest to find the Palace

Digger Hunt

Send Winnie to a deserted island

Meet new tribes

(lets not forget the Humans and Trolls, and maybe even the Preservers and Two-Edge)

Find a Demon Skull

Trick a Demon

Become an Elf Friend

Spirit Quest

Heal a Sky Spirit

Haul (x amount) of ore

Stand Guard

Refine ore

expore tunnels

Defeat Madcoil

As can be seen, some of these can be done by many different races or groups, in teams, individually, once or over and over again. Some will be played with to make things more fun for everyone. I won't discuss much on my end, other than to offer words of encouragement. I don't want to spoil the game!


not exacrtly quest but maybe tasks similar to use?

Turn the Zwoot stampede / catch Zwoots / hunt Zwoots

Learn new skills
thinking of Pike's lessons in Sorrow's End: agriculture, claywork on the huts, metalwork (forging) ...

Do you remember how Strongbow brought his foamsick wolf home?


In FQ Special there's a scene where Moonshade teaches Chitter tanning, and in Hidden Years, there's a scene where the various elves Ember took with her teach each other skills. You could probably improvise learning skills and collecting required materials, such as dyes from plants for the clothes, and so on, if that sounds interesting.


Sounds good, keep it coming!

The only thing I'm not sure about how to add in is the foamsickness thing. It's a great idea, but I will have to reread the tale and see if there is a specific way to implement it, as well as other things like it, such as when the humans started putting poisoned meat out. Unless an NPC does it, there isn't anything to attach the quest event to. Of course, not everything has to have a reward/mission attached to it. For example, hunting isn't a quest goal. Hunting a bear might be, but killing ravvits is just feeding the tribe.

Here's a list of the quests I have come up with so far with your suggestions added in...:

Digger Hunt
Spirit Bag
Cave Diving
Bring Pike some Dreamberries
Game, Taal
Game, Skin a ravvit
Task, Watch for Humans
Take a Stripeback to the Human's Camp
Bring hide to Moonshade
Find your bondbeast
First time watching Humans
Meet with a Human
Meet with a Troll
Shaman's Command, Adorn the Pillar of Sacrifice
Fail a Hunt
Rite of Passage
Game, Tossknife
Carve a walking stick
Find clean water
Meet with an Elf
Meet with a Troll
King's Errand, Your turn at Watch
King's Errand, message for a prospector
Raid the Kitchen
King's Errand, Take Elves to Tunnel of Light
Explore the old mineshafts
King's Errand, Inspect the Seal
Blacksmith's Apprintice
Miner's Assistant
Meet with an Elf
Meet with a Human
Beat Old Warty at Toss Stone
Kill Madcoil
Elf Hunter
Man Hunter
Troll Hunter
Hunt a Bear
Feed the Tribe
Kill Madcoil the first time
Hunt a Bear the first time
Learn tanning from Moonshade
Turn Zwoot Stampede
Catch a Zwoot
Hunt a Zwoot
Learn Claywork