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Troll Quest Online


Hey everybody! I'm here from TrollHammer's Troll Quest Online game project. I'm helping out with the character graphics (elves, trolls, humans, preservers), but it's too much to do on my own, and TrollHammer suggested I look here for people who want to help out. Smile

What we need is lots of character sprites, which are very similar to dolls, except they have to stand facing and walk in each of four directions. It'll be a very simple animation. The graphics will be small, maybe twice the size of the ones in that very old image I have attached. Smile They'll be in layers, so that TrollHammer will have a naked sprite base, and then a bunch of clothes and hair he can attach to them, in the game, to make them look unique (and also not naked).

Unless someone else wants to do it (and that's okay with me), I can draw the naked elves, humans, and trolls, plus get started on hair and clothes. Would you folks be willing to draw hair and clothes to attach to the naked sprites? That would help immensely. It'll go a lot faster, and be more creative, with more people involved. Smile

Jeedai, we do also need someone to make a preserver base some time. Would you be interested in that in particular?

Anybody who's interested: there's no big rush. This project has been going on for two years, and we won't be able to really get started until we've seen what the backgrounds will look like. As far as the character sprites go, I'm all for just doing whatever you can do when you can do it. It is a low pressure (but hopefully high excitement) situation. Smile

I'll post some more info soon.